Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Understanding Cipher


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Cipher abbt Understanding. I cee that to mean that as one matures in this Culture, Understanding must be added to Ciphers. And where as Ciphers implies growth, Understanding is the best part. I know that sounds discombobulated but follow me on this….

In order to have Understanding, a person must first KNOW and then act based on the information gleaned from the KNOW. That will ultimately and hopefully lead to Understanding (though not always). Anytime you see a Cipher being added, it means you are about to go back and do it again but better. When you are in the 5th grade, you start in the fall (or summer in the south) and you learn and study and test until you master the 5th grade. Then what happens? You get promoted and start all over but at a higher level in the 6th grade. And so on and so on.

Here in metro Atlanta, GA, we have 2 Ciphers: Allah’s Garden and Strong Mountain. I ain’t mad at that. It is human nature that some folks don’t gel. I UNDERSTAND that. Sometimes your differences cannot be overlooked. I respect those of the new Cipher who could not deal with the older one in forming their own. I don’t see it as division. It gives folks options. There is more than 1 sorority. More than 1 football league. More than one soap opera. More than one bar. More than one most every thing. Why shouldn’t there be more than 1 Cipher in the metro Atlanta Area?

We Understand in families, folks don’t always see eye to eye. That’s what keeps the species going. When I lived with my mother as a young adult we could not get along. That propelled me out of her house and into my own. And it’s what keeps me out of her house as an adult. Sometimes it is the way it should be. Am I mad at the new Cipher? Heck no! At the end of the day we are here to further Allah’s World manifest in this wilderness. So I don’t care that they exist because in Allah’s Garden we are going to keep things moving forward. And do our duty as civilized people.

Peace to Strong Mountain.