Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Born


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom. Today’s degree in the 1-40 asks why was Yacub so successful in all his undertakings. Success is the Wisdom Born degree. Success is the action of doing something until it brings forth a desired outcome. That is Wisdom Born.

When I think of success, I have to ask the question, who is success defined by? Internal or external? Is it you that determines whether something you do is successful or do you let other people determine our success? If you say you 100% make the determination of your own success you are a liar. We all, at times allow other people to make that determination.

I consider myself successful in some things and unsuccessful in others. I have 2 degrees, one of which is a doctorate. Am I successful? Some would say yes. I would say no. I’m not happy in the field I have the most expertise. I drive Jeep. It’s almost paid for. I like it. I bought it brand new. Am I successful? I would say yes. My mother would say no. She would point out that I owned a Jeep 2 cars ago. And my last car wasn’t a step up, it was a step over, just as this one is. So who is defining what your success level is?

My above examples would seem to prove that self-actualized success is more important than other people’s opinion. But then where did you get your ideas from in the 1st place? Who told you that home ownership was something that was to be aspired to? That if you don’t have a college degree you ain’t shit.. OR… That a college degree will solve all your problems? Who said that weave or natural hair is what you should have on your head? Who told you that thinness is synonymous with health? Who told you that all your children should be with the same person? We get our ideas of what it means to be successful from others.

Well, now that I have thoroughly confused you with the reasoning of this Build… I do that to make you think. (1) What are your ideas of success? (2) Where did you get them from? (3) Who specifically are you looking to for validation? (4) Is your validation alone sufficient? These are questions that it is important to have answers to when making any decisions or choices about your future.