Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Understanding Knowledge


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge. It is the terminal of TSM. There is no month with more than 31 days. So this is as far as TSM goes, this is it. But is it?

When folks cap 120 and proclaim it on the internet for the world to see, I understand why they do that. Capping 120 is a big accomplishment. Especially if you’re older. I bear witness that learning something new grows more difficult at one ages. But my standard answer for folks is 31:36.

And then what happened.

Finishing 120 is wonderful, but it’s not the end. It is just the beginning. This is when folks stop babying you and ask you what you are doing in your Cipher. How many students are you teaching? What are you doing for the babies? When you’re walking through you are a newborn and G’s and E’s tighten ranks around you to keep you safe. But when your done it’s time to be one of the ones on the front lines.

You see your neighbors behaving savage…. 31:36? You are a civilized person and if a civilized person does not perform his duty what must be done?

You see an Earth in your Cipher getting her ass kicked by her God….. 31:36?

You see babies at the parliament not connecting to what is going on….. 31:36?

You see a need in your community for tutoring in a filed where you have high levels of competence….. 31:36?

The local Cipher needs some gold to plan their next activity and you happen to have some laying around…. 31:36?

The local Cipher is planning an activity and you have planned activities like that before and are well aware of….. 31:36?

What I am trying to impart, is that there is no such thing as “the end” unless you are speaking of death. Whenever you get to the conclusion of something, be prepared to add a cipher and get back on the good foot.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Understanding Cipher


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Cipher abbt Understanding. I cee that to mean that as one matures in this Culture, Understanding must be added to Ciphers. And where as Ciphers implies growth, Understanding is the best part. I know that sounds discombobulated but follow me on this….

In order to have Understanding, a person must first KNOW and then act based on the information gleaned from the KNOW. That will ultimately and hopefully lead to Understanding (though not always). Anytime you see a Cipher being added, it means you are about to go back and do it again but better. When you are in the 5th grade, you start in the fall (or summer in the south) and you learn and study and test until you master the 5th grade. Then what happens? You get promoted and start all over but at a higher level in the 6th grade. And so on and so on.

Here in metro Atlanta, GA, we have 2 Ciphers: Allah’s Garden and Strong Mountain. I ain’t mad at that. It is human nature that some folks don’t gel. I UNDERSTAND that. Sometimes your differences cannot be overlooked. I respect those of the new Cipher who could not deal with the older one in forming their own. I don’t see it as division. It gives folks options. There is more than 1 sorority. More than 1 football league. More than one soap opera. More than one bar. More than one most every thing. Why shouldn’t there be more than 1 Cipher in the metro Atlanta Area?

We Understand in families, folks don’t always see eye to eye. That’s what keeps the species going. When I lived with my mother as a young adult we could not get along. That propelled me out of her house and into my own. And it’s what keeps me out of her house as an adult. Sometimes it is the way it should be. Am I mad at the new Cipher? Heck no! At the end of the day we are here to further Allah’s World manifest in this wilderness. So I don’t care that they exist because in Allah’s Garden we are going to keep things moving forward. And do our duty as civilized people.

Peace to Strong Mountain.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Born


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom. Today’s degree in the 1-40 asks why was Yacub so successful in all his undertakings. Success is the Wisdom Born degree. Success is the action of doing something until it brings forth a desired outcome. That is Wisdom Born.

When I think of success, I have to ask the question, who is success defined by? Internal or external? Is it you that determines whether something you do is successful or do you let other people determine our success? If you say you 100% make the determination of your own success you are a liar. We all, at times allow other people to make that determination.

I consider myself successful in some things and unsuccessful in others. I have 2 degrees, one of which is a doctorate. Am I successful? Some would say yes. I would say no. I’m not happy in the field I have the most expertise. I drive Jeep. It’s almost paid for. I like it. I bought it brand new. Am I successful? I would say yes. My mother would say no. She would point out that I owned a Jeep 2 cars ago. And my last car wasn’t a step up, it was a step over, just as this one is. So who is defining what your success level is?

My above examples would seem to prove that self-actualized success is more important than other people’s opinion. But then where did you get your ideas from in the 1st place? Who told you that home ownership was something that was to be aspired to? That if you don’t have a college degree you ain’t shit.. OR… That a college degree will solve all your problems? Who said that weave or natural hair is what you should have on your head? Who told you that thinness is synonymous with health? Who told you that all your children should be with the same person? We get our ideas of what it means to be successful from others.

Well, now that I have thoroughly confused you with the reasoning of this Build… I do that to make you think. (1) What are your ideas of success? (2) Where did you get them from? (3) Who specifically are you looking to for validation? (4) Is your validation alone sufficient? These are questions that it is important to have answers to when making any decisions or choices about your future.


Monday, October 28, 2013

I see y'all looking....

But y'all ain't saying anything.....?

Today's Mathematics: Wisdome Build/Destroy


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Build/Destroy abbt Knowledge. My actions should be to either Build my Cipher/Nation and Destroying bullshit that affects said entities.

I love the Wisdom Build degree in the 1-40. It is one of the “mountains” of 120. There is so much in that 1 degree that I consistently see. It’s a lot. I also like the Wisdom Build degree in the 1-36. When you look at both degrees, together, What I see across lesson sets is you have to be mindful of the company you keep.

28:36 says the devil lied and 28:40 says that your own people will sell you out. So if you can be marginalized by both your own people and the devil what should you do. Turn to Knowledge of Self. All considerations should come from a perspective of importance of Knowing who you are and the people around you.

I Know me. And I Know the devil is grimy. Will I trust even the sweetest of words that slip between the devils lips or the kindest of gestures? No I will not. The devil is all about the devil and what benefits himself. He may do something nice for Original people from time to time but don’t get it twisted. He’s not doing it to aid us, he’s doing it to get a tax break, some pussy or appear to be philanthropic.

And our own people are so shell shocked from centuries of abuse that they just lay down and take it in the rectum. They hold their babies down for sodomy too. 28:40 speaks of doctors nurses ministers and cremators. Guess what? Those people where Original people running games on their own people and THEMSELVES!!! Original people so far gone that they were willing to destroy each other and the planet.

This happens daily. So what must be done? First trust no one. Seriously. Folks need to show and prove who they say they are. If you are true and living then it should be evident. That doesn’t mean that we need to be besties. But it does mean that that I should be able to see in those qualities of a civilized person; Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Refinement and not savage in the pursuit of happiness. If you don’t, then you know that person is NOT true and living. And never, Never, NEVER trust the devil. And if you do, you get what you get.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today's Mathemtics: Wisdom God


Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom God abbt Born. The Wisdom God Degree in the 1-40 states… and I am paraphrasing because I don’t like writing whole degrees out in this blog…. The devil was manufactured in Pelan which is the same as Patmos. I Cee this to mean that the devil wasn’t so much manufactured in a place more than he was a mindset.

Yacub and Original Black Man with KOS (7) brought forward (9) the devil through grafting (2). But he didn’t HAVE to do that in Pelan. He could have done that anywhere. He didn’t choose Pelan because it had magical properties. The only properties it had was it was isolated yet close enough to Original civilizations that when it was ready to return and reek their havoc they could. That’s not so different from today.

In this North American wilderness, we have extreme political parties that are really very loud and very public. They spew ideology that is ridiculously skewed in the direction that they think this country should go. Ideology that is completely untrue and easily disputed. But the fact that they are lying doesn’t stop them from spreading their propaganda… and it is believed by many. Do you know there is poll, where 30% of the respondents blamed President Obama for the government’s response in Hurricane Katrina. He wasn’t even a senator then! These right wing conspiracy theorists want creationism to be taught in public schools instead of evolution. Bill Maher depicts it that the republicans put themselves in a bubble and refuse to listen to facts and reason. That bubble is Pelan.

Religious people will flat out tell you to never investigate other religions. To stay away from other religions. To stay away from people who are in other religions. Those religions are Pelan.

Have you ever been in a relationship where people seek to separate you from other folks? That person doesn’t want you to have friends of your own. That person wants you to spend all your time with them and no one else. That person expects all your money and decisions to be run through them before you are allowed to act. That person is Pelan.

The degree also says that Pelan is the same as Patmos. So that would mean that Pelan = Patmos. When you add up the SA for Pealna it borns Culture. Culture is a way of life. A grouping of activities that distinguish a group of people different from another group. When you add up Patmos it Borns Knowledge. Knowledge is information/foundation or the mind. So Culture = Mind. I see that to mean that you don’t have to go anywhere to Born the devilish mindset that leads to the devilish Culture. You can do that in your desk will sipping your morning coffee. You perceive that a particular race of people is causing you problems and instantly the entire way you act towards them changes. And you pass this mindset on to your friends and family. How is that different from what Yacub did?


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Equality


I'm writing this from my iPad. So I won't be long. Today's reality in the Supreme Alphabet is Zig Zag Zig. That really could mean anything. In my opinion, It was one of the most confusing degrees in the curriculum. But finally it made some sense to me.

I see the degree to mean that everything comes back full circle. You start off Zigging then you Zag, but then you come back to the Zig.

How many times have you ever embarked on a search for something and came back to the first place you looked? When I got married, I swear I looked at almost every venue un northern NJ, but you know which one I went with? The first one I looked at. Zig Zag Zig.

You always end up back home.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Power


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Power abbt God.

When a Black woman utilizes her own Power, she will always be her best self.


It's good to be breviloquent.....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Culture


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Culture abbt to Equality.

The 24:36 says “they were made blind deaf and dumb when they were babies” or something like that. You know how I feel about quoting degrees in a forum like this. You have to ask yourself is it real or is it Memorex….

Making someone blind, deaf and dumb is an action or activity. I am hesitant to call it Wisdom because it’s not necessarily Wise. And the way we use Wisdom implies that the actions are Wise.

People can fall victim to foolishness is they continue to accept the okeydoke.

We as Black people struggle with our identity because we don’t have one… per se. We are not African, we don’t get to be Americans like white people do. Our history essentially starts when we arrived in this wilderness. So when you see that our new Culture began around 500 years ago compared to people who have thousands upon thousands of years of history, that makes us (US Black people) Culturally babies does it not? We have no Culture outside of what we have defined for ourselves. That’s disturbing.

“African-Americans” as it popularly today to call us (we can’t even keep a consistent designation) are a sub-Culture within the major US Culture. We do things differently than the devil. The thing that is hilarious is Black folks Know all about the devil’s Culture, but they know little or nothing about ours. In 2013, devils should be well aware that Black people don’t wash their hair every day. We hold our mother’s sacred. We Know potato salad is supposed to have mustard in it. We Know what "the look" means. We Know the date and meaning of Juneteenth. We Know what and how to do the 'Holy Ghost' dance. We find a jokes about posters with MLK, Jesus and Kennedy funny, when devils have no clue. Our men Know how to do the handshake. And all of us Know how serious it is when a Black woman gets her hair done. We Know at Black funerals to be prepared for jumpers and shocking announcements. We know family is family because we say so, and we get what ‘soul’ is. But all that is recent and not ancestral.

When you do the knowledge to other ports where slave ships dropped off our people… because African enslavement occurred wherever there where devils, with the exception of Russia. Go figure…. There is a difference in American slavery vs. slavery elsewhere. In the US, slaves were stripped of their Cultural identity and indoctrinated with the devils culture, as it is. I suppose they intended to keep us. It is cheaper to breed than replace. In other countries they planned to work slaves until they dropped and died so they didn’t really care if they kept any of their cultural identities. Therefore they were allowed to worship, dress, birth, die in their own way. I am still figuring out how I feel about this. South American original People have a closer relationship to Africa than North American Original people. It is reflected in their traditions, religion, food, clothing, etc.

When AA try to emulate other countries… and we do it all the time… we are met with derision and scorn. They know we are faking the funk. When we wear African printed clothing we get the fish-eye from Africans. They Know we have no clue. We go amongst Latinos, and some of us can speak the language, we get quickly told that we are interloping. It’s hard to be without an ancestral link to the past. It’s kind of like tossing a fishing pole over the side of a boat into the ocean. You might catch something, but what do you do with the fish?

North American Black people did retain small amounts. But you have to search to see it. I am currently studying to be a midwife and the program I chose honors the earliest of traditions from Original ancestors. This is one of many reasons why I chose this particular program. The director has encouraged us to study birthing traditions of other cultures and religious and of course, me being the pro-Black person I am, chose Original Cultures. I have seen so many similarities across the Diaspora that the only way to science it up is Cultural memory. And these traditions are 180o different from what the devil does in the same situation. It’s sobering.

I guess the purpose of my Build is to say that even though I lament the loss of a Culture that is my ancestral right, I can find a bit of comfort that many of the traditions are still here, though hidden. And that I have a semblance of Equality to other Original people on this planet.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Understanding


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding abbt Power.

The path to Power coming in many forms. And one of those forms is from Working from a point of Understanding.

It may seem like I’m beating a dead horse. But there are soooooo many people who are zombies. They act without Knowledge or Understanding. I cannot impress upon you how ridiculously foul that is. These are the people who you see doing a job the same way every time. And should something come up where they have to think and figure out an alternative… they can’t. Because they never Understood why they were doing something in the first place. And that is dangerous…

If you are in the car with a driver and that driver doesn’t understand how the traffic patterns work, you will get lost if there is a detour. Say you are meeting a plane and miss it because of the driver’s lack of Understanding? Now that costs you money.

I applied for a job where the minimal requirement was for a master’s degree. I have a doctorate but no master’s. Y’all know a doctorate is better, right? But the chick who was doing the sorting didn’t Understand that my doctorate trumped a master’s. She sent me a rejection letter based on my not having a masters. Me being, well me, called the facility pissed and looking for an answer. She kept giving me the speech like I was thick in the head. Finally I went over her head and spoke with her supervisor who Understood why I was pissed, and told me that he would explain to the sorter the difference. The job had been filled at that point but I missed an opportunity because of another’s lack of Understanding while performing an action.

What happens if a surgeon does this? I bear witness that is more than possible. I have seen doctors misdiagnose patients with colds when they actually had cancer. By the time the cancer was caught it was too late to treat. That’s some bullshit when you are told repeatedly that you have a cold or maybe bronchitis when in actuality you have lung cancer.

So it behooves us as civilized people to make sure that we act in Understanding. Because it is not fair to screw up someone else’s life.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Wisdom


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Wisdom abbt Culture.

Wisdom are wise words, ways and action. It’s also the Black Woman. I cee the degree to mean that the Black women through her wise words and ways manifest the Culture.

When you look at the things that are considered to ‘make’ a Culture, those things are traditionally defined as “Women’s Work.” Examples….

Culture is learned from infancy. Who is a child’s first teacher? His mother. Culture is a collection of customs and traits that define a group of people. These customs include food preparation, language, dress, language, location, and certain physical characteristics.

Am I saying that men do nothing to promote Culture. No. But this work in maintaining it is generally the work of the women.

I think every 22nd of the month should be a woman’s holiday!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Knowledge


Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge abbt to Understanding. I like this TM. I see it romantically…..

Wisdom Knowledge in the Supreme Alphabet is You/Universe. It is the only degree to have a true reflection in Knowledge Wisdom which is Love, Hell or Right. Both Born Understanding.

I draw this up to mean…. If You allow me to be your Universe, I will reflect that back in the image of my Love… the Highest form of Understanding…..


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Cipher


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Cipher. In the Supreme Alphabet, today’s coordinate is Truth/Square.

The Letter “T” whether capitalized or lower case looks like a cross. A lot of folks want to think that some words BELONG to certain religious dogma; and crosses tend to be thought of as a Christian icon. Jesus did die on a cross…. But so did a lot of other people. Crucifixion was a Roman form of capital punishment; not just the way Jesus died.

A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two lines or bars perpendicular to each other, dividing one or two of the lines in half. The lines usually run vertically and horizontally; if they run obliquely, the design is technically termed a saltire, although the arms of a saltire need not meet at right angles.

Another definition of a cross is a burden that a person must carry. And that is the purpose of this day’s Build.

Everyone single person has a cross to bear. Seriously. And to that person, it is a big deal. It is human nature to think that your problems are all encompassing. They are to you. And since you have to live in your shoes they are the most important. But everyone doesn’t live in your shoes. And the problems that they are dealing with are everything to them. We need to be mindful of that when we interact (Wisdom) in other Ciphers. Yes we have problems, but so does every one else on this planet.

A personal cross is that I cannot seem to maintain employment that is comparable due to my needs and educational status. Even though I have been consistently employed, I remain UNDERemployed. Seriously. I have NEVER worked, officially, in my field. It’s not from lack of trying. I strive so hard to obtain proper employment, that I have become proficient in application. I have even aided folks in getting their dream jobs, while mine keeps slipping through my fingers. I scramble monthly to meet my responsibilities. I’m a bill McGyver. I also struggle with my weight. I have done some truly extreme things in order to lose weight. I have flirted with anorexia and have been full on bulimic still to no avail. My family is lightly crazy too. Those are my crosses. BUT… I have always been good at school. Learning and retaining information has always come easy to me. I have never wanted for male companionship. And though this may sound conceited, even with my weight, I am not hard at all to look at… at all.

I look a one of my cousins; she has been employed in her field and at the top of her field since she entered the work place in the early 80’s. She had a master’s degree back then when they weren’t common. She should be balling right? RIGHT? Wrong. She has never been unemployed or underemployed, but she cannot manage her finances to save her life. She has even lost a few homes and cars. Why??? She is not a crackhead or anything like that. She is just absolutely horrible with money and will ruin the credit of anyone in her Cipher. That is her cross to bear. BUT, she too has always had a man when she wanted one and she is super smart. (Hmmm… I see a family trend)

Some folks develop cancer. Babies develop cancer. Some folks have substance abuse problems, some folks gamble. Some folks are midgets. Some folks can’t seem to stay out of jail. Some folks always choose the wrong man or career. Some folks have really bad children. I already made my Mathematical point in this Build but I will state it again…

Be mindful when we interact (Wisdom) in other Ciphers that everyone has problems.

We all have crosses to bear. We have to stand perpendicular on our Squares to deal with them. ….And that is the Truth.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Born


Today's Mathematics is Knowledge Born abbt Knowledge. A popular turn of phrase in my Nation is "to make Knowledge Born." Which means to tell someone something they don't Know.

19:36 Asks about Original Muslims. The way I got the 1-36 in my current incarnation (because in my last I got it differently), it was my 1st lesson set where the term "Muslim" was introduced. Yes, 120 is an updated version of NOI's Supreme Wisdom. And NOIs are Muslims. But I see the word "Muslim" to be a generic term for religious people.

So if you tell me you adhere to the belief of a mystery go, to me your a Muslim. Christians are Muslims. Hindus are Muslims. Jews are Muslims. Santarians are Muslims and so on. The 1-10 states the definition of who is Original and who isn't. So Original Muslims are indigenous people...folks that aren't devils, who follow the teachings that include mystery gods are Original Muslims.

Just thought I'd share with you something you might not know.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Build/Destroy


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Build/Destroy abbt Born.

Today's degree in the meat asks, What is the duty of a civilized person. The answer is teaching the savage what we already Know. Our duty is to the savage. Those who have lost all KOS and living a beast way of life. So who exactly is that?

I have the Cee that I only teach a certain demographic. Some folks teach everybody ala 2:14. My 2:14 says that teach 1 and 2 to human families of the planet Earth. Some folks I don't consider human.
Loss of humanity is possible. Serial killers have lost humanity. People who rob old people of their life savings have lost their humanity. 10%ers have lost their humanity. People who purposefully spread HIV have lost their humanity and so on. Then there are some people who have NEVER been human. I don't feel the need to share my Knowledge and Wisdom with these people.

Some folks say they teach everybody so that that person can have a ripple effect in the world as a whole. That by civilizing devils they become something else. How can that be possible? Devils can't be civilized. That's not his ownself.

Yes I have had occasions in my life where the devil has done me a solid. Even for no apparent reason. But even the kindest and friendliest of devils have ALWAYS reminded me that they are just that...

I had a good she-devil friend in grad school who went all out for me when I was threatened to have to repeat a year. She made it possible that I continued with my class... Then she refused to come to my wedding because it was in a Black neighborhood. I had a devil I didn't know pull behind me and protect me from oncoming traffic when I was stranded in the middle of the interstate and stay with me until the tow truck came... He also followed me to my house and demand that I have sex with him. My boss.... betrays me daily. I took a class where I was one of 3 Black student, but I was the darkest and the one who was just truly about the class. I was the only one (out of all the students, Black and white) to pay for the class in full up front. I was asked to leave because the 30 white people in attendance didn't feel safe around me. Did I had a weapon? no. Did I threaten these devils in their own neighborhood? No. Was I disruptive? No. Did I fail tests and no t turn in assignments? Hell no. And I was promised my gold back, but you already know I 'm still waiting. And my experiences go all the way back to childhood. I was playing with children of my mother who called me nigger to my face. Not to be mean; just very matter of factly.

It ain't in them to be civilized.

Does that make me wrong? It's not really my issue since I don't care. Why would the Earth care to cast pearls before swine?


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's Mathematic's: Knowledge God


I’m a just jump into it this morning. I cannot believe that I am on the other side of this. I will let you know I am getting tired. Not of the Building but of the pressure to post something daily….

A Queen (17:SA) is a woman who AcKnowledges (1:SM) that the Black man is God (7:SM). And that’s it. No specific color, religion, orientation, etc. Just because someone calls you a Queen, doesn’t make you an Earth. All Earths are Queens. All Queens are not Earths.

I really feel like I could end here. But I won’t.

I have seen, heard, been involved with many Builds where men want to argue that all women are Earths. I find that insulting. All women are NOT Earths. Earths come with requirements….

1. Earths are ONLY Black/Original. The 1:10 asks who is the Original man. I Cee the term ‘man’ to be an inclusive term like mankind. It was super common, especially when T.H.E.M. was drawing up these answers to use a masculine all encompassing term in that manner. Also the 2:10 firmly describes who the devil is. If your brother fits the description, you do too.

2. Earths follow all the rules, regulations and traditions of this Nation. I know folks call what we do ‘self-styled’ but even in that there are rules. We don’t eat pork. We require all our members to be straight. We don’t do religion. Earths somehow display 3/4ths.

3. A true and living Earth lives out this Culture to the best of her Understanding

4. Earths do NOT have to have children to be Earth. Feel how you want about that. Yes the planet is fertile and in that fertility the planet can bring forth life. But it doesn’t have to if it doesn’t want to.

5. Earths do not have to have a God to be Earth. Nope. She doesn’t. This is why it’s important for Earths to have 120.

A lesbian woman with children is not Earth. Even if she 1 7’s. A white woman is not Earth. She is a devil. She can be a Queen, but still devil. A she devil can birth children by an Original man, she is still a devil. It’s life…. Deal with it. Your mystery god fearing mother is not Earth. Yeah you call her your “old Earth” but ask yourself if that is really an accurate term. She is only your true “Old Earth” if she is righteous. Ask yourself if anybody else would call your mother Earth but you? If the answer is no, then she is not Earth. Your Original girlfriend is not Earth if she doesn’t live out the Culture. If she puts on a head wrap to come to a function with you, but answers to Judy, goes to church, hooches it up at the club on the weekend in 1/4th and still eating pulled pork sandwiches she ain’t Earth.

I don’t buy that let every God decide for himself who Earth is. That is insulting BULLSHIT. Every man doesn’t get to call himself God just because he wants to. Wait… that’s changed now hasn’t it? Y’all can’t stop jay Z from wearing our Universal flag now can you. LOL!!!! Man doesn’t just get to point and click any woman to be Earth.

So if I see a woman at a righteous function, she gets a “Peace Queen” until I can discern if she is in fact Earth. I worked hard to transform myself from 85er to Earth. I’m not just going to bandy the term around improperly.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Equality


Back when I was a church going Christian, the denomination I was part of had such a thing during the service as the “Affirmation of Faith.” It had to be recited at a scheduled part of service. I went to Catholic school and they recited a very similar version during mass. I assumed all Christian faiths had this as part of their services. But Precise said he never had to recite this as a 7th Day Adventist. Hence the prelude….

The purpose of the Affirmation of Faith was to publicly profess what it was about your faith that you firmly believed. I can’t speak for all Christians but most of the people I knew just blindly recited it without giving much thought to what they were saying. I’m not saying that folks didn’t really believe the words and phrases, but they didn’t think about them as they spoke them every Sunday. I realized this when I was asked in Bible study what did I specifically believed as a Christian. Everyone else gave these flowery vague answers, but when they got to me I recited the “Affirmation of Faith.”

As a righteous person with 120 on cap, I see other righteous people blindly recite degrees. And I get that… to a point. I get that in order to put them on cap and keep them there you must recite them and recite them relatively quick. But you should know what your repping and not just mindlessly parrot degrees. That is what religious people do.

When you get to the Knowledge Equality degree of the 1-40, it is a definition of who we are as 5%ers. When someone asks me, “Who are the 5%ers?” my answer is based on the Knowledge Equality of the 1-40.

When I recite my degrees there are 2 that I change for personal reasons… I change 1:40 and 16:40. But I’m always mindful that I did change them. I don’t teach my changes, but I do share them. When someone asks me to quote one of those degrees I do so slowly to mentally put the degree back in its original form. Traditional folks (who question the Earth’s ability to retain 120) don’t like you messing with their degrees, even if there your degrees too.

The changes I make to 16:40 are similar to the Affirmation of Faith. The AF starts with… “I believe in god the father almighty…” I answer 16:40’s question… “WE are the Poor, righteous teachers…” I speak the entire answer in the 1st person, because that is who we are and what we do. And when I am reciting my degrees to myself, I slow down so that I can reiterate my mission and purpose as Earth in my beloved Nation.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Power


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Power abbt to Equality. I see that to mean Know what your abilities are and that is were you will find your proper place.

Have you ever noticed that people always want to do what they aren’t good at? I have always been in awe of that phenomenon. People who can’t cook and/or have questionable cleanliness habits always want to be on the cooking team. People who can’t sing want solos. People who are bad with money want to be in charge of another people’s money. People even go into careers that don’t suit them because of money and pay no attention to what they are naturally inclined to do. It is beyond me. B.U.T. Mathematics never lies. Those very same people never find success in those endeavors that don’t suit them.

On the flip side, when you find people doing what they excel at or what they are passionate about, they just thrive…..

Equality is a swing of the pendulum. It swings one way, it will swing equally the other way. No matter what you do, how you do, the essence comes back to you. So if you do something that does suit… Doesn’t suit results come back to you. That is what is SUPPOSED to come back to you; therefore your EQUALITY.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Culture


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Culture abbt Power. Today is also Columbus Day. A day where Italians celebrate their hero, Christopher Columbus. And you know what? I am not mad. In this country, many ethnicities get a day they like to celebrate. Jews have their holidays, Black folks have MLKJr Day-also a federal holiday, and so forth. I would have liked it even more if I had the day off paid! But today is all about acknowledging one’s Culture.

It is so important for folks to Know their own Story (14:36). Not in any religious sense but so they can made logical choices for themselves and their Ciphers. Don’t let yourself be bamboozled by those that stand to profit on your ignorance. I shall a share an embarrassing ignorance that I had.

I really bought into the “Jungle African” thing for a long time. I was a grown married woman before I realized that all of Africa wasn’t jungles, tribes and huts. I had no idea that there where cities that I would recognize as cities where all the people looked like me. Because I didn’t Know that, I looked with disdain on folks from Africa. I even passed up a free trip to Africa. I assumed that when Africans came to the US or wherever they migrated to, it was their 1st time in civilization. No wonder I used to get the side eye from them. But as I learned more about the continent, I started feeling differently about Africans and eventually myself. That makes me a more Powerful person.

I still don’t like being called an African-American though. Not because I don’t like the people or the continent. I’m over that. But because it discounts the 10+ generations of ancestors that were born, lived, worked and died on these shores. The US is as much MY country as it is anyone else’s. since becoming righteous and studying, I would feel comfortable on any of the 196,940,000 miles of the planet I go.

Taking this discombobulated Build back to 120…. The Knowledge of who I am (1:10) and where genetically I descend has helped me to realize and feel better about myself as a member of the Original population (3:10). The devil lost his mental control of me since I realize I am not different than other Original/indigenous populations (7:14). I know who my ownself (14:36) is. And I know who the opposition is (4:10).

That is all… But that is enough.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Understanding


“What is his own self?” that is a damn good question and the impetus for Today’s Mathematic Build. Knowledge Understanding abbt culture.

When you sing in at the various social network sites, they have a spot called “about you.” They give you 500 words or so to describe everything that you are at least well enough to get people to know enough about you to stay interested. Here is my standard response….

” 3/4th covered with water, 93 million miles from the Sun, 24,896 square miles in circumference, 196,940,000 square miles in area and rotating 1037 1/3 miles per hour on my own axis”

That says about as much about me as I wish to make public. If you speak my language, you know my gender, my orientation, my relationship status, my religious views, my race, my motivations, how I dress, and that I am employed. That is giving you the 1 on me. But you would have to Know about my Culture to interpret what said. You have know all the rules and regulations that were not written in the lessons. You have to Understand me to truly Know me and vice versa. And I would dare say, folks who have known me the longest don’t even Know me like they think they do because they don’t Understand my Culture and what it means to me.

Example: I have told my mother for the last 5 years that I am a 5%er. To her that means I’m a Muslim. Does she Understand me and my Culture? Does she have to? My cousin took on my mother’s erroneous information and told me he didn’t Know other Muslims. I looked at him funny and said I wasn’t a Muslim, but a 5%er. He said, “Oh. I’m sure I don’t Know any other 5%ers.” Then we laughed. His daughter was listening. She said nothing. But she proceeded to Google NGE and ordered a bunch of books I wouldn’t recommend. Then, 8 moths later, she began to ask me questions. We Know have a healthy conversations from time to time with regard to my beloved Nation. Who Knows and Understands me?

So, my point with this Build is just because you are acquainted with me doesn’t mean you Know me.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today's Mathematic's: Knowledge Wisdom


Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom abbt Understanding. Basically, 1,2,3. Neat and tidy like that. I Cee knowledge as information. I have had Builds with other folks about what exactly Knowledge is. I say it’s information. Other folks say it’s USEFUL information. But information is neither useful or frivolous. It just is. The individual gives it that designation. I have been told that “trick-knowledge” is bad Knowledge. That’s just crazy talk. Let me s&p.

Example: I found out, via the internet, how to make crack from cocaine. I confirmed with some people with that particular expertise to make sure that that it was true… Don’t want to take anything on face value! Now, some would call that frivolous information and perhaps dangerous information. But what happens if I’m on Jeopardy and Alex Trebeck has a category? Not so damn frivolous is it now? I have learned to not judge information. I just take it in. You would be surprised how many times silly information has aided me in my life.

Wisdom is actions rooted in Knowledge. This one does have a qualifier. There is wise action and there is foolishness. And yes some actions can be good or bad depending on the context, but there are some actions that are ALWAYS stupid. Examples: (1) Planking. Planking on a car is stupid. Planking on the floor to improve your core muscles is smart. (2) Religion. Religion is just always bad. I am not a person who can do something without a reason. In religion you do a lot without answers because that’s the essence of religion. Faith. Faith is moving forward without prior Knowledge; sometimes none at all. Sometimes it works out for you, sometimes it doesn’t.

I admit there are times that I have, “Stepped out on Faith.” Even since having 1’ed 120. It is something that you have to do sometimes. I have showed up at strange car repair places with no money and have gotten serviced. I paid them back but they weren’t guaranteed of that. They didn’t know me like I didn’t know them. But that isn’t how I normally work in life. I tend to move with some type of information on board. How many people have you witnessed just pack up and move to a new location where they don’t already have a job and they don’t know anybody? I have. I’m certain you have too. But I don’t’ drive around without a destination; the instances of me doing are usually born out of desperation. Doing something without a reason is the true definition of trick-knowledge.

Today’s degree in the 1-40 asks, “Why doesn’t the devil teach that?” And it is a legitimate question in this Build’s line of thinking. Why doesn’t the devil teach that religion is unfounded? And the answer in that degree answers it. Folks have a vested interest in telling you what to do but not telling you why. And when but that hook, line and sinker, they got you.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Knowledge


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Knowledge abbt Wisdom.

I Cee that to mean, do the Knowledge twice before you act on it.


Hey! They don’t all have to be dissertations!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Cipher


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge. I was at the library this morning dropping something off in the book drop and I had to take me a moment. That’s when this Build was Born.

It is Very important that we pay attention to our surroundings. Not just in the righteous arena but everywhere. I rest in the Bankhead section of Atlanta. If you know anything about Bankhead… you know it’s hood. A man was found dead across the street from our house. We don’t live there because we don’t have other options. I like our house and it’s in is actually a nice area. We did the Knowledge before we moved to that Cipher. Collier Heights was the 1st planned subdivision in Atlanta for Black people. Most of the homes were designed by an Original architect back in the 1930’s.

As it is with devils they manage to juxtapose bad neighborhoods for Original people next to nice ones. It’s how they do. They will put a project next to a college. I wonder why they do this. Probably to lure striving folks to debauchery or remind striving Black folks that they think that are shit. IDK… IDC. It seems that only Black neighborhoods will show you a range of folks on the same block. You might have 2 or 3 bombed out houses sitting next to seriously fly crib with a Benz in the yard. It’s how we do…..

But this morning, while at that library with the sun still not up, As soon as I got out of my truck and took the steps to the drop off, I instantly went to scan mode. Making sure there were no homeless around. Homeless in the hood are a bit more dangerous than outside the hood. They know the cops aren’t coming. They know you aren’t giving them any money. So I am prepared to guard my physical against whatever. I had my knife and pepper spray.

What made me notice was how prepared I was to do something that should have been an after thought. It made me wonder how often I tense up and prepare for drama. I recognize I do this at work. I do this when faced with white people. I do this a lot. I remember reading an article that said that American black folks had higher instance of stokes compared with any other demographic. And I thought, “Wow! These white people are really stressing us out!”

There is nothing wrong with being cautious. Nothing at all. And I advise folks to be more cautious in all the Cipher’s they traverse. But allow yourself a bit of relaxation. And that is only possible with not only Knowledge of Self, but also Knowledge of the people you are with.

Doing the Knowledge to your Cipher only shows you that this is always more Knowledge to be done.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Born


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Born. Born means bring into existence.

I don’t have children. I probably won’t have any. I have made my Peace with that. Things happened. But does that mean that my life is barren? Absolutely not. Because I bring forth much.

I have guided women to and in this Culture.

I do the work that is necessary within my personal Ciphers and my Nation.

I have many hobbies that keep me active.

I keep adding on to my abilities. I have 2 degrees and am currently training to be a midwife.

I and my 7 maintain a functional, satisfying and downright fun relationship.

I have a full and happy life.

I Birth a lot.

For some reason women have internalized that their lives are failures if they don’t Birth children. I disagree with that. There are a shitload of women who have children and cannot or will not care for them. That does not make them the Supreme pentacle of womanhood. Plus I daresay the majority of women who get pregnant, didn’t do so on purpose…

I have a coworker who “accidentally” had a daughter. She said the child ruined her life. Because she could have been so much more if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. She said because of the child she couldn’t finish high school and go on to college. So she ended up on assistance and proceeded to live a savage life until she found white Jesus. And somehow white Jesus convinced her to clean herself up and change her life. OK. I have questions about the validity of her ‘story’ because e I know how old she is and how old her daughter is. She would have been 21 when she birthed said child. And if you are still in high school at 21, you weren’t going to college…. And abortion has been legal since 1971. But this woman blames that child for her life. That child is now 22 in college and does everything in her Power to keep from coming home. That little girl will be successful. She is smart and went to college on a full HOPE ride. All her mother gave her was a place to live and guilt. Trust me that child will get a job, on her feet and my coworker will never see her again.

I have known a few women in this Nation desperate to procreate. And I get that desire. It’s what keeps the species going. But I have often wondered if that desire is true or stems from the people in their lives telling them that it is their duty. It’s not a duty. It’s a choice. Women are some of the biggest advocates that OTHER women should have children. Why? It’s no one’s business what folks choose to do with their uteruses and lives. Don’t be forced into thinking that you MUST have children… that you are less of a woman and not a True Earth if you don’t.

And don’t let folks force their children on you either. People think that if you don’t have children there is something wrong with you and you will feel comforted with their children. That’s crazy talk right there. Think about it this way… If you were in fact desperate to have a child, and these folks drop their kids off in your lap, what’s stopping you from abs combing with their kids? It’s not anyone’s responsibility to love children other than the parents. It’s actually creepy. I’m not saying I don’t like other people’s children, but I feel no responsibility whatsoever for them. That doesn’t mean I won’t tell you if I see something amiss, or even try to pull them back if they get to close to the street. But I’m not doing anything I don’t want to just because they are children. I visit, I’m out.

I’m not knocking motherhood, but just because one doesn’t breed, doesn’t mean she is a bad person and has no function in this Nation. A Mother OF Civilization is not necessarily a Mother TO a Civilization.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Build/Destroy


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Build/Destroy. I find it interesting that in Everyone’s Supreme Math you find Build/Destroy. Some folks Math has Culture/Freedom, some have Power/Refinement and some have God/Allah. Some don’t. the only combined degree my Math has is Build/Destroy. But everybody has Build/Destroy. Must be because it’s necessary.

Build means adding, Destroy means subtracting. One isn’t better than the other. It’s a matter of perspective. Build may seem like a more preferable attribute. Like Building a house is great, while destroying a house may seem bad. But What about Building debt? Does that sound good? Does destroying debt sound bad? Like I said. It’s a matter of perspective.

What I take from this consistent combined degree is that you are either doing one or the other. You never do nothing.

If you are adding on in your local Cipher; that’s Building. If you are actively working against your local Cipher that is to the people working for Destroying, though you may see it as Building. If you’re standing back in the cut, doing the Knowledge, You are clearly Destroying, because you are not adding on in any capacity.

Destroying is not always bad. In 10:14 there is a discussion of killing 4 devils. I don’t see the destruction of bad habits as something that is bad. In the process of Destroying you Build new more positive traits to take their place.

Build/Destroy is like Yin/Yang, anabolism/catabolism. In the human body tissues have to be Destroyed in order for growth to occur. People must die to make room for new people. It’s a dynamic process that acts on every level of existence.

So as always when you Build on degrees…. Make it applicable to Self. What are you Building and What are you Destroying? And always keep in mind that one lead to the other.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Today's Mathematics: God


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is God. It’s the only degree that is the same in the Supreme Math as well as the Supreme Alphabet. I have heard that women should never apply the God degree to themselves. I Cee God to be a Supreme being. Cannot the Earth be a Supreme being? I am the Supremest Earth I Know! I am the Earth I Know best. And… My line number is 7. Oh I’m all over this coordinate!

I have some questions….
7:10 Do only Gods live on the 23 million miles of Useful Land??? If that is true, y’all can have it because it probably smells like sweat socks and the only food served is pizza
7:36 You probably thinking that I am asking questions that have already been answered.
7:14 Why Do you want to set me apart from my righteous brothers? We are different but our goals are the same.
7:40 Do I not have my own work to accomplish? Why are you thinking I want to do yours too?
7:AF Is my only function to climb Mt Everest and then provide God degree?
7:SF You probably think I am just crazy like Uranus… Rotating backwards and sideways… But nope I’m just being me.

Not all Builds have to be mean and super serious. Humor can still be thought provoking. But I am serious. I am NOT god, but I can still aspire to be my best self. And because of that, this Earth owns the God degree!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Equality

Today’s Degree is Equality. The Equality degree in the 1-36 says… “He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.” Truer words were never written.

I, as many of us, work for a devil. I strive to not work for devils or in areas where I am the only Original person, but when I applied for this job, he was the only one… And I REALLY don’t want to hear the argument that I should be self employed. That is not an option for most people. If every Original person had their own business, who would work them?..... And my boss is the only one that matters.

He shit on me. I didn’t see it coming, simply because I didn’t think he would. That was my mistake. Let me explain….

I have worked here for 9 ½ years. After working somewhere that long, you get a certain level of comfort. You think that you Know your boss and coworkers. If you are on a job for that long with a person you’re not screwing or related to you MUST be meeting expectations. But this job has never been satisfying to me. The work is mind numbing, the pay barely covers my expenses, it’s a crap shoot if we get paid on time, there is no room for growth, he doesn’t provide health insurance, no 401K and we have to take vacation when he does but… it is familiar, reliable and beats being homeless and broke. I liked my bullshit job because it gives me nothing. I work = I get paid. For the work I do, I am compensated. So he isn’t GIVING me anything.

I decide to take the bull by the horns. No changes in 9 ½ years means none were forthcoming in the next 9 ½ years. I decided to totally change things up and get a NEW vocation. One that will ultimately take me from this office and possibly grant me a better life. But new said vocation will require me to attend school and grad schools require references. I have worked for this devil for nearly 10 years; it would look odd if I didn’t have a reference from him.

This devil writes a reference…. If you could call it that. In 1 paragraph, he states my job description, and then calls me “entertaining.” I admit, I have a jovial side. But I am ALWAYS professional. Oh, and he also sent it late. Had not I already built a rapport with the head of the program I probably would have been denied entry based on that reference.

Now, what could he have said? He could have said in my 9 ½ years I have only taken off 1 day due to illness. He could have said in 9 ½ years I have only been late twice and both those times were due to car accidents and I came to work after each of them. He could have said that I routinely stay late and work through my breaks and lunches without complaint. He could have spoken about the office protocol that I authored, all the programs that I administrate and keep afloat. He could have spoken of the programs that I represent this office to positively. He could have spoken about my professionalism. But all he could say is that I’m entertaining. The Black woman who is the head of the program asked me if I “coon” at this office. I do not.

It was wrong of me to deal in Equality with this devil, because the devil is weak and wicked. Because he is wicked, he is incapable of dealing in Equality only iniquity. I didn’t have to tell him. I have access to his stationary. I could have written that reference myself and had someone else sign it. But I assumed, erroneously, that he would deal in Equality with me. I am not his slave, bound to work for him until he tires of me. I am entitled to get up and grab a career for myself. White people never let you forget they are white.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Power


Today’s Mathematics is Power. Power is the ability to do something. Simple as that. The word has also come to mean something strong and awe inspiring. But if you do the Knowledge to how the word is used, you will see that the word is still used the same way. It is always the ability to do something. I think focus more on the ability vs the thing being done. If you have the Power to lift a pencil vs the Power to lift a motorcycle; you still are doing something… lifting. But the scale is in the ability.

The Power degree in 1:14 asks about taking Jerusalem back from the devil. The Power mentioned in this degree has everything to do about “we” and not the devil. A woman asked me this week when were Black people going to prevail. She didn’t say against who or what. But I assume she meant against the devil and Yacub’s world manifest. My answer is the same for both for individuals as it is for groups…. When we decide to. Simple as that.

The devil does not have Power over anyone. Folks give the devil Power and then he uses it.

I am reading a fiction book that has to do with fairies. What? I can read whatever I want and sometimes I read fantasy romance. G’s and E’s aren’t hard all the time… anyhoo… according to this book, fairies can commit suicide by doing nothing. They can just fade away. I cee that to mean that you can die in estimation if you don’t utilize said Power. If you claim our nation and Culture and no one knows you, nor have you taught anyone, then do you really exist? Let me take it out the righteous realm….

If you beget children (I couldn’t think of a better word) but they never see you, will you have the Power to claim anything parentally from them? I was listening to the radio this morning and LeBron James’ father is a bit salty over being left out of his life. Didn’t Shaq have this same problem? Had these men hadn’t tried to be part of their children’s lives when there was no money in it, now that the babies are balling they expect some love but they don’t exist, because they didn’t DO anything.

What are you doing… or not doing?


Friday, October 4, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Culture


As I was going through my degrees, something jumped out that had never occurred to me before. The Culture degree of the 1:14 asked, “Why did we run Yacub and his made devil from the root of civilization…..” It just occurred to me that Yacub could NOT have been with them! So why does the degree say that?

According to 22:40 Yacub was 6 when he came up with his idea to make devil. That’s not old enough to move on it. I assume he was a grown man before he got to work on things…. But children can be remarkable. So I’m going to give it age 6 for when Yacub actually started his 28:40 program to make devil. And 25:40 says it took 600 years. So In order for 4:14 to be accurate, the youngest Yacub could have been was 606 years old! Ah….. no. So what are they taking about?

Religious people keep the names and ideas of their deities with them at all times. Christians are always talking about Jesus this and Jesus that. Take the name of Jesus with you. What would Jesus do? Jews speak on Moses like they met him last week. And Muslims Speak on Mohammed like he was their uncle. And those jokers are ANCIENT! But look even closer…. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad only returned to the essence in 1975. That was almost 40 years ago, but folks act like he is around here walking and talking. And the same goes for Allah. Yeah, I said it. Allah has been dead 40+ years.

And that is the Culture of religion. Nothing is wrong with remembering where you come from. But to make everything that a person… and they are all people… does something that should be adored and edified is making that person a god and creating religion. Yacub had developed a system of ways and actions that he did not explain to his followers. Yet they still followed. Even after he was dead, they continued to follow his orders. And when they got off that island, 27:40, they brought his name with them. So when it asked about Yacub and his made devil, you know the what’s and how’s behind what they are talking about.

Ask yourself if you are part of my beloved nation if you are being “religious” with our Culture. If you do things without Understanding. Or if “doing the Knowledge” is something that you adhere to daily.

If you are NOT part of my Nation, ask yourself if “faith” is more important than proof.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Understanding


We as a nation do not have very many hard and fast rules that we ALL agree upon. I have even heard arguments of the Gods on why eating pork is not really all that bad… SMDH! But not living up to your full potential or falling into savagery is all stems from lack of Understanding.

There is a God in my local Cipher who has spent his fair share (and a few others) of time in prison. He stated at a parliament that there are men from the NOI in prison. But they usually get converted in prison and when they are through with their bid, they don’t come back. Unlike many gods who have KOS, and don’t seem to know what to do with it. There are Gods who don’t take care of their children for whatever reason. There are some so called Gods that beat their women to death and molest children.

There are a lot of angry Facebook 85 women who have nothing good to say about the Gods. And when confronted with a good God, they refuse to believe (because that’s what 85ers do) that they are true and living. These negative are not just for the Gods. Earths are capable of grimy behavior too. I bare witness that there are able bodied Earths who refuse gainful employment so they can chill on assistance. I have seen Earths lie on the parentage of their children. I have seen Earths steal money from the coffers of the NGE and I have seen Earths partner with their grimy 10% so called Gods to defraud our people. With almost 30 years on the periphery of this nation I have seen a lot. But you expect people who claim to be righteous to live so much better? Lacks in the perceived integrity and lifestyle is do to a lack of Understanding on both parts.

Understanding is popularly defined as a clear picture in one’s mind in the presence of Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is the information and Wisdom is the practice. So what that definition mean if you have some information and you’ve done it a few times you should Understand the intricacies of a situation. That thought right there is pure swine. Just because someone has some information and is doing something doesn’t mean they Understand. When I was 16 ½ I had taken my written test and gotten my permit to drive. All I needed to do was drive right? No. I mean I had seen all the movies, read the books and observed my parents driving. I should have complete Understanding at this point. No. I hit more doors, fire hydrants and drove in oncoming traffic. My mother ended up on valium. No one else would teach me to drive. I eventually ended up at Taggert, but totaled that car on my 1st road test. See? Absolutely no Understand of how to drive even though I had Knowledge and Wisdom on board.

Folks can and do fake the funk for many reasons. A lot of so called G’s and E’s like the revolutionary status that being a part of this nation imparts. They would have been happy as Moors and Panthers but they came here 1st. A lot of us were looking for someone or something to latch onto so that we’d have brothers and sisters. But you know as well as I do just because someone comes in the name, doesn’t mean s/he is getting keys to my castle. Some folks just like our names and do the bare minimum to keep their NGE cards active. They either don’t Understand this Culture or…. Understand it enough to not add on. But those of us with true Understanding should constantly keep our 3rd eye open for the pretenders in efforts to not get gaffled.

If you want to know if folks have true Understanding, look at how they live and the situations going on in their lives. I’m NOT saying that we all need to be rich and uber successful. But everything we do ought to make sense because that is what civilized people do. We should be in chronic teaching mode. And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but we should learn from said mistakes so that growth and development takes place

“It’s Queen to make it funny.”


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom


Wisdom is defined as actions based on prior Knowledge. As 1 + 1 = 2. If there is a preponderance of Knowledge present that should propel one into activity. Wisom is also the Black woman.

A lot of folks will see that the Black man is synonymous to “1” and the Black woman is synonymous to “2” and think that the Black woman is somehow less than the black man. Think that if it helps you sleep at night. It’s not true. That type of thinking is prevalent in this Nation because there aren’t enough women who truly Understand that this Culture is for them. But that’s not for me to just say and they accept. They must come into Understanding for themselves and then take their own seat at the table. Not wait until it’s granted.

But just as Knowledge is a noun… A person place or thing. Something tangible. Wisdom is a verb…. A word of movement, of activity. And that sounds about right to me….

If you look at most coed organizations, the men are always at the helm. BUT… if there are more women than men that’s when stuff gets done. Men pontificate. Women do. I have never been in a situation where there were men doing more than women.

Look at sororities vs fraternities. Being Greek, I see a lot of what other grad chapters do. They ask for my support in their endeavors and vice versa. There is more going on amongst the grad sororities than the occasional men’s activities. And when men do plan their activities, you can see their women’s hands all over it. I came out in an alpha Phi Alpha cotillion. You think them men planned a cotillion?

I have never been a member of a church pastured by a woman. Women tend to outnumber men in church 20:1. I did once attend a church where the ratio was 50;50. That was an interesting experience. And guess what? That church did NOTHING in the community. Men were in charge of everything and it never occurred to them that they should do something. Now the men took care of things in the church. If they couldn’t fix/build something they threw money at it. But the church had no outreach because the men held the purse strings. All the walls were white too.

It makes sense. Evolutionarily men are hunters, fighters and protectors. And women do the family thing. I was watching brain Games on TV and they showed 3 different shades of red. I saw it, I instantly knew there were all different (they were). The 7 said they were all the same. We are just designed differently. Men don’t have the time for the little nuances that make a family or an organization dedicated to outreach or the social niceties work. It’s like the singular focus men have in the grocery store or mall that I will never Understand. You come in to buy socks or a cantaloupe; that’s what you leave with and nothing else. No browsing, nothing. Neither one is better than the other.

BUT… If you call yourself a community outreach organization, you better have some women who can put the activities in action. And if you say literal babies are your primary focus, then you need to make sure their mothers are on board.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge


I hear women of this nation complain that they don’t see themselves in Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120. Now I might have Built on this before but it bares repeating…..

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence. It is also the Black man who is the foundation of a family the way the sun is the foundation of the solar system. Do I see myself in this degree? You damn skippy!

Who is the Original Man? Well, who is the Original woman? If it is important for the Original man to have Knowledge of Self then it is equally important for the Original woman to have Knowledge of herself. And that is why it is answered the Asiatic Black man or in my case, woman. ***And this is an aside for some of y’all…. I don’t do white earths. They are She-devils. The white woman is NOT Earth no matter how you science it up. You got a problem with that? Then we will build on it like civilized men and women do.***

The maker the owner the cream of the planet Earth…. I cee this to mean the 3 different familial phases. Men and women can only have family relationships with each other. Because in order to generate a family, you have to have all the parts. Maker refers to father and the childhood phase. Owner refers to Husband/consort and that is the relationship phase. Cream refers to children and that is the motherhood phase. I have searched…. But it seems once a woman goes into mother phase, she stays there forever. IDK….

Father of civilization = Mother of civilization. I take this to be the responsibility that one has to the community. We have a duty to teach this culture once we have been taught. And that can take many forms. It can be to your children, students, politics, blogging, etc. Being a Mother OF Civilization is not necessarily being a Mother TO a civilization. Our Role in this Nation goes beyond breeding and feeding. But it is up to each woman to come to that realization for herself. I can say it all until I’m purple in the face, but that does not mean people truly Understand. I have noticed that it can get on folks but not in folks. See why the correct preposition is important?

God of the Universe = Earth in this Universe. There is only 1 Earth. Oh folks have their theories about life on other planets, but the only planet that we KNOW there is life on, and in a way that is useful to humans is this one. So until something else is shown and proven, the Earth is EVERYTHING to everything on it. That includes men. Men and women don’t serve the same function, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t Equal and that one role is more important than the other. If the Sun does extinguish, does that necessarily mean the Earth will perish. Yes life as we know it would be over but the Earth wouldn’t necessarily go poof. There would be a rock out there floating. See where I’m going with this metaphor?

So in a nutshell, this degree means to me, that a/n God/Earth needs to 1st Know who they are, then define their relationships with their families before moving on to the community and the planet.


Sapphires Grave


I don’t normally do this. I recently re-read a book and I wanted to share my review with you…

I’m a reader. I suppose the daughter of a librarian is destined to become a lover of books. I have read a lot of books in my life and I continue to do so. I enjoy time spent alone with books. When I read a book, I and only I get to envision the scenes that said book will paint for me. I will usually draw an individual up as Original unless the book specifically says they aren’t. I envision the places and I put myself in the story as well. It is a real vacation for me. When I pick up a book, I will see it to the end unless it somehow offends me. And it is rare that I am offended. And when I am finished with the book, I really need a cigarette and a snifter of brandy because I have TRUE afterglow. All the scenes just rolling through my head.

This book… Sapphire’s Grave was awesome and it would have to be in order for me to re-read it. I don’t do ‘re’. there are too many books to read to waste my time reading one I already know the ending. I was in the library and this book caught my eye. Maybe it was the cover. I read the synopsis and something seemed familiar, but not enough for me to put it back on the shelf. I was there for a meeting and I held on to the book, sneaking glimpses of passages the entire time. I decided to check it out.

I’m not giving you a synopsis of the plot. Should you decide to read it, I won’t spoil it for you. But what I do want to impart it is a book for Black women.

As a Black woman, I have had the experience of being indoctrinated to be ashamed of certain aspects of womanhood and aspects of Black womanhood. I have been taught to guard against ordinary things that other people get to do and be freely. I have been taught that there are 2 kinds of sexuality for women. You are either a slut or a paragon of virtue. I have been taught that I am not allowed to proud…. Of anything. I have been taught that Black people don’t have mental issues. I have come to realize that we aren’t allowed to have them. There is a difference. I have been taught that anything other than Christianity is debase and I should be ashamed if I’m not a proper Christian. As a Black woman I am not allowed to have any hobbies other than that which can bring money into the home. I am not allowed to be artsy unless it’s profitable. I have been taught to expect to work several jobs until I expire form a debilitating disease. That to do anything less is lazy. And I have been taught that it is my duty to birth children and not expect a Black man… because it would be shameful to birth children from any other kind…. To aid me. If he did, I was lucky. If he did not, oh well. This isn’t just me, other Black women have been taught these lessons too… if you are honest with yourself.

This book touches all that. This family with its subsequent generations of Black women of various shades and sizes have all been taught these same lessons, yet have decided that they would through off the shackles of this miseducation and be the women they wanted to be. Yes they had to deal with people in their Ciphers trying to keep them on the expected paths, but these women boldly choose to live their lives on their own terms. Yes! Some would call that generational curse. But I call it a generational blessing and feel re-empowered to live more authentically Serenity.


And…. If you don’t have a library card… get one. They are free and remain free as long as you keep your word and return books when they are due. Libraries are supported from your tax dollars whether you own a home or not. Libraries are public facilities and are more often than not transit accessible. You can get one even if you are an ex-con. There is just no reason to not have on. It’s just stupid to not have a library card and I consider you as such. You didn’t like what I just said? Get a card!