Thursday, December 22, 2016



It's the holiday season for most folks. It isn't for me, though. But somehow I think you knew that. Gods and Earths don't celebrate Christmas.... or we shouldn't. I get the xmas has 2 sides: the religious side and the secular side. We aren't religious people but the secular side is no less religious. You just exchange Jesus for Santa Claus. Santa has a back story and there are practices. How is it different from Jesus? That being said.... I stopped celebrating Christmas long before I went under instruction...

My mother and I have issues.... But she always got the gift giving holidays right. Birthdays and xmas were awesome in our house. I was very lucky to have parents who had their finances in order. Except for when I asked for a Walkman... that cost $700 back then.... I always got whatever I asked for. Lucky little girl I was!. Mommie was good about keeping her secrets so you really didn't know what was happening until it did. One xmas, she was in the hospital and still managed to pull off wrapped gifts, breakfast and everything!

B.U.T..... As I got older, xmas fell off. Xmas is really time for children. At least that's how it's always been for me. I was the youngest and once I was too old for the childish celebration, it stopped entirely. My mother would decorate the window instead of putting up a tree. And she would return a gift if you didn't buy her one of equal or greater value. We didn't even share a meal as a family anymore. Christmas is for kids. My 1st xmas of being a wife, my husband and I put up an elaborate tree. I bought a ton of presents to make xmas morning exciting. He bought 1 gift. It wasn't exciting to me. Again, I was slapped in the face with the fact that xmas was for kids. My late husband did buy me a nice and expensive gift but it wasn't his nature to do up the holidays or birthdays like my biological family. We got into the habit of travelling on xmas so there was no need to decorate.

After H1 died... I still remained a dutiful christian for a few more years. I only put a tree up once. I had a xmas party so you need a tree for that and a man I was dating decided to give me a real tree after I told him I never had one before. It was kinda cool... until my cat peed on it. That year I had 2 1/2 trees and only 2 gifts for me under any of them. This is not my idea of xmas so I gave it up. I knew I probably wasn't ever going to have children so I'm not going through the effort.

Now that I'm a righteous, true and living Earth.... I hardly think of xmas. I don't celebrate it. I would love to work through it and get paid time in a half! The God and I literally stay in bed all day and eat Chinese food for dinner. The only gift I buy is for my mother. So she doesn't tell folks her heathen daughter doesn't love her. She sells that shit really well because I don't go to church with her... and I'm not. That's xmas for me. New years looks pretty much the same... I don't stay up anymore. I love being this age. The age of "I really don't give AF!"


I earned my flag on Christmas Day in 2009!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge Equality


A couple of days ago, I visited an old friend. This woman and I share a profession. She actually practices said profession, where I just hold the degree. Still and all it was a pleasant visit. We had been cool in the past and quickly got caught up. BUT.... there's always a but right? She, in her way, judged me for not pursuing my career.

This judgement is not new to me. My godmother said for all in the cipher to hear that I am a huge disappointment to my mother. I mean she said it as casually as one would remark about the weather. And she wonders why I don't call her. I'm used to hearing this over and over again. But on Tuesday, it kind of pissed me off.

I don't get why folks feel comfortable judging other folks. I'm not going to say I don't judge folks... But I don't really. I mean if I see someone I don't know wearing something shady, I will in a passing, wonder where her friends are. But when it comes to people I know, I trust them to make their own decisions. Because at the end of the day.... Their decisions really don't have any affect on my own life. I can show and prove it.... I have a friend who makes soooooo many poor choices. But that's her life to live. Not mine. I mentally support her through the consequences of her actions; but I have no dog in her race.

So my professional friend in her effervescent pity of my life had to get them words. I asked her how her husband was. She said fine. I let her know my husband was fine too. I asked her how her family was. I let her know my family was fine as well. I asked her when her last vacation was. She said she hasn't had one in years. I let her know where I had recently visited and where I'm going next. I asked her about hobbies that I know she likes. She's too busy to busy to do any of them. We used to belong to the same book club, so I asked her what she was reading. She's too busy to read. See where I'm going with this? But after about 30 minutes, she got the picture I was throwing. In a last ditch effort she strived for shade and asked me about my finances. She knows that I had a period of unemployment. I let her know that at no point in my extended vacation did I miss a meal or want for something I needed. I also reminded her that in our 15 year friendship, never have I asked for a penny or a ride to the airport. I just wanted to laugh with an old friend.

But this is a righteous 5% blog. So I should be able to draw up the situation in degrees right? Well..... I can. I counteracted her judgement by forcing her to acknowledge the Equality of our lives. Yes she is working the career that we went to school for. But is she living better than I? I've been to her mansion. She has to work HARD to pay for that. My home is modest in comparison, but even after being unemployed for 8 months, I was able to meet my financial responsibilities. She couldn't do that if the tables were reversed. But that is the Equality of our lives. She's not living better than me. And she needed to be shown that.

There's a reason I haven't seen her in 6 years.....


Thursday, November 24, 2016



I celebrate Thanksgiving. I fix a big vegetarian meal with far too many starches and a ton of desserts, I assemble some friends (because my family ain't shit when it comes to Thanksgiving) and we EAT! I know a lot of G's And E's stand with the indigenous people of this wilderness and fast. Well...... I don't see it like that.

When I 1st went under instruction, I found it interesting in the Student Enrollment, that when numbering the Original people in the US, they added the Native Americans separate. Hmmmm..... Are they not our brothers and sisters in the struggle? Did not the devil do devilshment to them as well? Should we not be ALL counted as one?


I don't hate Native Americans... perse'. What I have for them is nothing. Feelings of concern have been counteracted by feelings of animosity. him/devil has shit all over Native Americans... giving them diseases, out right exterminating them, stealing their land, putting them on reservations.... that should earn my sympathy. And it would. If the Native Americans hadn't shown and proven themselves to be hypocrites.

Native Americans held African slaves. For reals. They treated their slaves the same way white people treated slaves. When slavery ended in the US... the Native people kept their slaves since they were considered separate country within a country. When the developed their treaty with the US that would absorb them into society proper, yes they freed their Black slaves but refused to let them be included in the concessions the US government was giving Natives. I suppose they didn't want the Black folks to dilute their benefits. As if there wasn't enough to go around. We like education and healthcare. And if we were living on reservations.... Life would be LIT AF!

Fast forward to today... Native Americans refuse to let folks who have the appropriate DNA play in their reindeer games. What the fuck is the government giving them that they need to keep it so close??? I get them not wanting people to appropriate their culture, but when you keep it secret, you don't give folks the opportunity to care about your issues. But you can't hold folks responsible for caring about something they have no Knowledge of. As I look through civil rights footage, I don't necessarily see them. I know they were probably hiding in plain sight, but if you don't formally stand for the cause... and I mean stand with your body, money, time, children etc... just not standing in your living room and on the internet... then you didn't do shit. YET... they want us to care about their plight. If it wasn't for the Dakota pipeline issues, I would be unaware of their presence. Until they start protesting Thanksgiving. And this goes for all they different groups with their protests.... stop stealing Black folks ideas. Set your own precedence. We would like to be able to bite every now and then, rather than having to come up with fresh ideas all the time.

So yes, native people are Original people. Just because they're brown, don't make them kin...

Enjoy your Holiday.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge God


I know its been awhile since I built. Y'all know that I HATE typing from home. There is just no comfy place to sit down and really get my thoughts out. I think it's because I see building as a scholarly pursuit and scholarly pursuits should happen at a desk... outside the home. That's just me. Home is for me to take off my headwrap and chill.....

But I got a gig! A Justice Cipher Born! It's part time, but it's laid back. and I can pay my share of household bills with the money I earn. It will be tight, but I think I can manage. If I can't.... that's what the God is for! My boss is an original Black man from Africa. I mean directly from Africa. Ethiopia actually. I've never worked for a Black man before. I've worked for a Black woman... not pleasant... But never a Black man. That sounds crazy when I say it, when I type it... But it's true. The closest I've ever worked for a Black man, that wasn't my father, was in college and grad school. And that didn't really count. Those jobs were just a work study exploit.

So far, so good... When I interviewed, I wore my headwrap, as I did to all my interviews. He didn't bat an eye. At other interviews, they would openly stare at my head. I kind of expected that, but what can I do? I'm a headwrap wearing Earth! There was a discussion about how I don't wear pants and my coworkers were shocked. But the boss said that was an honorable decision that I, and American woman, has made.

Even though my new boss is a Christian, I will still work for him as I've worked for no other. I want to see this man succeed. Because he employs only Original people and the patients are Black. I don't know if that's by design... I've been here long enough to get a paycheck that cleared. He comes across as a caring person and he's not made a power move on me. I don't think I'm Halle Berry, but that is a recurrent problem I have and I don't know why.

So keeping with Today's Supreme Math of Knowledge God abbt Build/Destroy.... I see my boss as having God potential with low God probability. He is not ever gonna go under NGE instruction, but remains eligible. And where as I have little Knowledge about the expectations of working with a Black man I will give him my best to Build this practice.

And since I'm employed again y'all.... I'll be posting more!!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2016



My mother is old. She's 78 but acts 108. I'm not saying that to be mean. But it is what it is.

Mother and I have never gotten along. We love each other because we are related. But we wouldn't be friends without that connection. She doesn't like anything I've done with my life. But I love the life I've crafted. I find it fulfilling. But to my mother, I'm a great disappointment.

My mother isn't going to change. It's impossible for her to change. Not only has she set in her ways... That set is about circa 1998. When she looks at me, she doesn't see a grown woman, she sees a 14 year old child. For some reason she refuses to accept that I'm grown. She makes demands on me that are really ridiculous with complete expectation that I will comply. 

Example: She, for some reason, can't stay alone in her home where she has lived for 20 years at night. So she pays someone to stay with her. It's a sweet gig too. Someone gets paid $300/week in cash to sleep! But when the babysitter can't make it, it's my job to sleep here. That might seem reasonable if I didn't live 4 hours away. She expects me to drop everything and come here to sit on a couch all day. That is some bullshit.

The 14 year old thing comes into play because I have to tell her where I'm going and when I'll be back. Again, that may sound reasonable until you realize that if she thinks I shouldn't go she expects me to not go. No reasons given. I'm just supposed to not go. Incredibly frustrating. She'll steal items that she doesn't like me wearing. And she buys me clothes I'll never wear. 

There is also no food for me here ever. I've been a vegetarian for 17 years. Is there fruit and veggies for me when I'm summoned? No. And when I go and purchase them she gets offended. She expects me to eat the food she provides. And the provided food is meat and swine laced.

I suppose this sounds like I'm whining... And I might be. But what most bothers me... And this is so selfish... She's no longer a mother. I can't call on her for advice. Her advice is antiquated and not useful in this technological age. The job market is different... Relationships are different. The world has left her behind. She's not a useful parent anymore. And it's not that I need one. But it would be nice to have....

I just needed to vent.


Friday, July 29, 2016



I'm telling you right now that this is a rant. I'm pissed and I feel like sharing. If you think I'm talking to you.... I don't fucking care. What are you gonna do about it? Any ways.....

I'm an Earth. True and living. I display 3/4ths when I'm abroad. It's what I do. It's what I CHOOSE to do. I always wear something on my head. I always have most of my body covered. I don't generally wear pants. That's Serenity. 

Just because I do it like this, doesn't mean I'm open to your commentary. 

I'm old school. When I was a teen, this is how Earths I saw/knew displayed themselves. I wasn't Earth back then, but I built with Earths and was truly impressed with the ideology behind 3/4ths. When I went under instruction, I covered my head and never looked back. I stopped wearing pants 4 years before I went under instruction and stopped eating meat 10 years prior. I say that to say that I was already in the civilizing mindset.

There are Earths that want to argue me down that I'm doing it wrong. That 3/4ths is in the mind. That my God would prefer a pretty Earth. Ummm.... Fuck off and mind your business. 

I don't see 3/4ths as a fraction. I see it as both are are applicable. You know the way when people say "and/or" they mean both. I don't need to diminish my Understanding  by Culture. Both Understanding/Culture manifesting at the same damn time leads to my outward appearance. And I stand on it like my heels were attached with gorilla glue.

This Nation doesn't ask much of its women. We aren't required to learn 120. It's nice, but not required the way it is for Gods. But we get the privilege of being the public face of our beloved Nation. When I walk next to the God, only I look different than the 85. The God doesn't. My Refinement and wrap set me apart. I even have my head covered on my drivers license! I had to get permission to do that. I'm prepared to proclaim to the government that I'm a 5%er! But other Earths ain't feeling it. I wonder why? Seriously. I can't imagine not wanting to represent. 

Now here is the rant... It pisses me completely he fuck off when other Gs and Es have something to say about me!!!! Really? Like all the fucking way really?!?!?!?! I don't call Earths on their display. That's between them and their Gods. What the fuck do YOU care how I represent? I'm not your Earth. Jokers done talked to Precise about me! Man..... Some people are lucky I don't always carry my God You Now.... Again.... Mind your fucking business. I'm minding mine....

Notice I didn't say Peace....

Friday, July 22, 2016

To know, to Dare, to Will and to Keep Silent...


The said title refers to a Wiccan phraseology. Don't worry. Serenity ain't about to jump ship. It seems so appropriate to the times in which we are living and jives with 5% ideology that puts knowledge before you act.

I'm thinking about the times we live. There are 2 Americas. White people have come out of their racism closets to be loud and proud. The media would have you believe that half of the country is homosexual. Police brutality have reeked havoc on the Black community and we are told to ignore it. Our politicians are lying to our faces and breaking laws but are still being forced upon us. Folks working square 40 hr/week jobs can't afford to support themselves and families. Education is robbing us by not teaching everyone fairly or costing us our livelihood with student loans. 

We have decided to fight back... But publicly. Meaning, we are organizing and sharing plans via social media. And this is where my problem lies...

How tf are you gonna tell the devil your plan to undermine him and dont think  he's not going to thwart your plans??? If you are going to boycott something... Don't tell them up front. devils know how to handle boycotts. It's not new. It was new in the 50's. Today... Not so much. I support the boycotts but the ones that appeared on my phone rather than discussed on Twitter and Facebook. And really.... Boycotts? Time for innovation. Boycotts, marching and protesting was last century. How about suing the shit out of folks for mistreatment? You probably won't win, but the other party will have anty up for the representation. Supporting Black banks is admirable... But who CONTROLS the federal reserves of which the bank is amenable? I've had the experience of having funds in a Black bank that failed. You lose money. How about coordinated destruction of.... Well I'm a let that one go. The NSA us real and looking at shit. 

My point is this... 1950's & 1960's tactics didn't work then and aren't going to work now. If they did... Then we wouldn't have problems now. We need to come up with new unexpected strategies and.... We need to keep our plans QUIET.

I can Build on anything....


Monday, July 4, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Culture

You celebrate Independence Day but think Juneteenth is stupid? GTFOH!!!!

Know your Culture!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today's Mathematics: Understanding Cipher


I know it's been awhile. I hate blogging from home. It never feels comfortable to me. But I love sharing my thoughts and views far too much to just stop blogging. It's just that I'll probably be doing it less....

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Cipher. I feel it's apropos for a Build on this Jessie Williams controversy. Oh I'm not really going to comment on what he said, nor am I going to get into the light skin biracial debate. Those are internal convos for Black only audiences. What I am going to comment on is white people's response....

I saw a post where Mr. Williams was called a "nigger" by every white person that responded. Hmmm.... I know white people call Black people niggers. I don't like it, but I can't fight every white person that says it. They don't like it when we call them devils and beckies. becky.... a simple term that is an insult, but actually quite entertaining. Anywho.... Why are white people having an issue with what the God said? Every word was true. But it is their nature to cause discord so him/devil is doing what he is designed to do... Causing trouble amongst the righteous people.

Another question I have is, why are white people watching the BET awards? It ain't for or about them. We aren't watching the Country Music awards. No white person has ever won a Lifetime Achievement Award from BET. So they can't be watching the show to see their own excellence. They are spying on us. Lurking in the dark to rob us of our Culture. And as soon as we say that publicly... They mad.

Another sneaky tool of the devil is validation. Many Black folks look to white folks for validation. These sleeping black folks want white people to agree and cosign with their activities and views. Stop it.

White people have their own spaces and actively work to keep entry restricted from said places (unless we are doing menial work). But when Black people do the very same thing, they have a problem with it. Why? Black people don't need 'help' from the white man. White people REFUSE to leave us to our own devices. 8:14 speaks on this. him/devil fear that we will will excel without them. and even if we don't excel and just maintain, that means that we never needed them in the 1st place. And for people who are as ego driven as devils, that is a thought that is unacceptable to their borg collective. That one concept will cause them to self destruct.

I, an original Black Queen, I Understand the devil and his Cipher. I absolutely do. I have no choice. We all do. We live in his wilderness... We buy his food and products... We have been educated in his institutions... His face is on our money... he forced us to Understand him. But the devil doesn't have the same Understanding of who we are. Therein lies OUR power. That's why they have to observe us in our personal spaces. He knows that if we know he's watching we will flip the script.

When slavery ended, white folks didn't give us a thought outside their own comfort. And you know what we did when left all alone? We created our own communities, businesses and culture. I still remember that scene for the old Roots miniseries, when white people broke into Alex Haley's father's home and were struck by the high level of civilization of the surroundings. Even saying that they don't live that clean. And it's true. I've been to enough white people's homes to know they don't live better than Black folks. But that's not information they want you to have. I really love how white folks can't find "Black Twitter"!!!! Even went as far to say it doesn't exist. HA! And every single fucking time we excelled... white folks ruined it. Black Wall streets... destroyed. I would dare say every race riot was caused when Black folks decided they were through with the devil. Even integration has destroyed Black Culture. Integration gave Black folks the ability to use white services... At the expense of our own services. The subliminal pin that got lodged in our heads was, white stuff is better than Black stuff. Example: HBCUs. 1 + 1 = 2 no matter where you go. But white folks want you to believe their spin on knowledge is superior. Today HBCU enrollment is way down. Down to the point we are beginning to lose them even though tuition is cheaper than at PWIs. SMH.... another example is busing. Black students were bussed and integrated white schools and not the other way around. Have you ever seen a picture of white people being escorted into a Black school? No. It didn't happen. So the message is that all Black schools are inferior to all white schools. You have no chance in life if you do everything Black. You have to leave Black communities and go white to be successful. Actually that's the measure of success. Big. Fucking. Lies!

I done took the devil off my planet. I'm Blackity Black y'all. I want that for all of us.


Thursday, April 21, 2016



Prince died today! I'm a moderate Prince fan. I had plenty albums... yes albums! But for some reason, folks made you choose between Prince and Michael Jackson and I chose MJ. It is what it is. I stayed following Prince because he never got any stranger than he already was. Even through those "Artist" years. We all know that MJ went way to the left...

But the point of my build is this.... DEATH is the true litmus test to how much of a 5%er you are.

My sister-in-law and I had a conversation a few years ago that crystallized this for me... She asked me where did 5%ers believed they went when they died? I said we don't have an afterlife and when you die your dead. I also pointed out that we don't have a mystery god to give us the illusion of comfort. She got super quiet and said... "I don't like that!" Folks know religion is a gaffle but they find comfort in the illusion. a lot of us, talk the talk... but when shit gets real... we flip flop. If that's you... we aren't alike.

When my father died, I was new in this Culture. About 3 months along. I was looking for comfort something that never came. Finally I had to accept that my daddy was gone and I will never see him again. That shit hurt. But I didn't break. When my brother died.... I was years into the Culture. I already knew. And I was okay with it, because I had to be. Death is inevitable and there isn't a damn thing I can do to intercede. When you're gone... you're gone. Be respectful... but accept it.

"...In all the history of Islam it has never been revealed of a man returning from a physical death...."


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Wisdom


Y'all.... I lost my job. I'm pissed but not really pissed. I'd been working there for 13 years, so I had a semblance of job security. HA! But the job was beneath me. I took this job in 2004 because I wanted to get back into the working world. My 1st husband died in 2003, and when he died I wasn't working. I started this job a year after my late husband died, just to get back to the regularity of going to work every day. I only meant to be there 6 months... Then the economy tanked, and I was stuck there. I had been applying for jobs the whole time I was employed. Here is the funny thing about Georgia... They don't want to consider you for a job if you have a job. I know... go figure.

I say this job was beneath me, because it is a job that only requires a high school diploma. I have 2 degrees; one of which is a doctorate! I was REALLY wasting my time there. But as much as I felt like it was beneath me... you know what is even more beneath me? Being homeless and hungry. Not being able to pay my bills and have stuff... To have to live with my mother.... The job allowed me to remain autonomous. I'd rather work, than not work.

So this is my mathematics.... After taking a week to plot all kind of evilness against my former employer, including a voodoo doll I made in his likeness... I have gotten to the point where I have organized a job search. Georgia unemployment is 14 weeks. 14 WEEKS!!! That's 3 1/2 months!!! and its not a lot of money. I will be living close to the cuff. I have done the Knowledge. I've decided my next job will make use of the degrees I earned. That's the most important thing for me. What was the point of all my education? It took a long time to earn and I am still paying for the doctorate. I've made a list of the places where I would like to work. I'm going to use the resource of the unemployment office to do the things that I cannot do at home. Like make copies and such. I'm not too good to use the unemployment office. My actions will be rooted in the Knowledge that I am a qualified applicant for all the jobs I'm applying. The Understanding will come with the manifestation of my new job. I won't be willing to take another shit job until week 12. Then all bets are off. I've got grown woman bills to pay....


Monday, April 11, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Knowledge


Today's Supreme Math is Knowledge Knowledge abbt to Wisdom. I see that to mean, Be sure of what you know before you act on it. Acting on it is often done via speech. It so pisses me off when people who don't know what they are talking about, talk.... and keep talking.

You gonna tell me about my Culture? Okay... why? Because your mama's old boyfriend from the 1980's was righteous? Awww.... Isn't that sweet. Oh your going to tell em how to sew? So helpful... But you don't know that there are different feet out there nor do you know how to make 1 adjustment. Oh you didn't know you can make adjustments??? Puddin'..... You gonna tell me how to run my office? But you don't know how to work the software or how to run at least 1 report. You've been working here what 2 years and I have been working here 15? So thoughtful. Oh, you're gonna tell me how to get along with my mother? You haven't met her and you assume that in my ENTIRE life I've never tried to have a conversation with her? Right..... Oh, you're gonna tell me how to keep my man? But you don't have one? So sweet. Oh, your going to tell me how to care for my natural hair? But you JUST went natural 3 months ago and now you're an expert. Oh, You're going to advise me on how to cook raw food, but first you need to borrow my vitamix?

Sometimes taking the best part means just to keep your mouth closed.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016



I know I've been quiet. I've been fasting/cleansing. And whenever I do that I like to get into a quiet space to do some personal contemplation. I use the revelations to carry me over to the next cleansing event. This season... Not many new revelations. But the 10:36 always, Always, ALWAYS comes to mind.

I've been sick this past year. Sick enough to submit myself to western medicine. But guess what? They found nothing. They said I was stressed and overweight. That is really not a useful diagnosis. That is what they tell people when they have no idea what's wrong with you. I know this to be true because I have practiced western medicine. But there is a certain comfort in knowing that my issues cannot be identified by the physicians. It means my cure does not lie with them.

I've been a pescatarian for nearly 20 years. That's a long time. I currently don't have the problems that a person of my age has. No early signs of diabetes.... no high blood pressure... no cholesterol.... no arthritis... no nothing. That confused the physicians more than my symptoms. That is because I eat the right foods.

Food is an integral part of a given Culture. By choosing to not eat the way most Americans eat, and to not eat fast food, I have stepped out of standard American Culture. And instead of being punished for it, I have been rewarded. Justice. But I have not completely stepped out of Standard American Culture. I may not dress like American women, But I do work a lot. I stress over the acquisition of wealth, and I probably watch more TV than righteous folks would agree is healthy. I strike the balance. So I don't have a lot of the problems that are plagued by Standard Americans. But I do have some.

As far as my health is concerned, I took it back to the root. Making my diet even more stringent. And using treatment modalities that are specific for my race and gender. Not there yet, but it's coming.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016



This whole Beyonce Formation thing is ridiculous. But what it does do is provoke people into paying attention... is shows and proves that that him/devil does not like to be excluded from any Cipher. Even places that him/devil doesn't want to be. Yonce don't give a fuck and is woke af. I would call her "Earth" if she would just cover her ass consistantly... Just on her OWN gold, her great grandchildren won't have to fill out a job application to live in luxury. Never mind what her rich ass husband brings to the table.... I'm so over him/devil. Took him off in 1 day without falling victim to the devil's civilization....

But what the song Formation does do, is highlight the Culture of American Black people. I also saw a post on instagram that had me laughing that did the same thing. Black people have Culture. We have been in this wilderness for over 500 years. How long does it take to develop? We have our own ways of doing that folks TRY to mimic but ALWAYS get it wrong. And other Cultural elements we share with the devil and he bastardizes it and sells it back to us for a profit.

I think the problem is white folks are so used to being included. And they don't like when they aren't included. They get offended when they are left out. Example... the Formation lyrics say nothing to aggravate white folks. It's their confusion that has made them react as they have. Example: devils are griping on the internet that the song promotes violence against police.... point to the lyric that says such. I'll wait. And if you tripping about the song at the superbowl, then why are you complaining when there was no police car on the field? They also don't like when we have thoughts they haven't sanctioned. They really feel like we should do and feel what they tell us to. My boss is good for telling how I should feel about the work he assigns me that isn't on my job description. I should feel happy to be on call 24/7. Or I shouldn't be offended when people assume my white coworker is my supervisor and she isn't. I often inform him that for work that isn't on the JD won't happen and he only rents my body. My mind is my own. Devils filter other folks actions through the visor of their own thoughts and motivations. And we see how they think. Black power is not White power with a darker tint. But they refuse to understand. Its not in them to. Black History month is our thing. You don't have to like it... because they don't. It's for US to celebrate. And white history is shoved down our throuats every day of every year.

We have a Culture. We may not see it, because we are busy living it out daily. Jews and Muslims don't look at what they do differently and say... “Oh! we are doing Culture.” Nope. They just go on with their business and they do themselves. And that's what we do as Black folks living in America.


Monday, January 4, 2016



Today's Supreme Mathematics is Culture. Culture is defined as the way of life. When 85ers think of the term “Culture” They are thinking not of what they manifest but of what others manifest. The connotation of “Culture” is often external. Unless you way of life is different from the population in which you reside, you don't just go to thinking that you have a Culture. It's just what you do. It's like how white folks in the US think that what they do is the default and everybody else is exotic.

When folks think of groups in the US with a dedicated Cultures you think of Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Rastafarians.... and us! Though most folks don't know us like that since we don't have their numbers. Jews don't eat pork or shrimp. They don't work on Saturdays. They only marry each other, etc. Muslims cover their heads, some of them. They don't eat pork either and pray 5x/day face down on rugs gender separated. Mormons have a million children and do the poly-marriage thing. They also dress like little house on the prarie. Rastas have dreadlocks and smoke the ganga while eating seeds and guts. Dang Serenity that was offensive! Well 5%er all have done prison bids, have no real jobs and seeds enough to plant a garden! It's what him/devil says about they various US Cultures that aren't them.

But this Build piggy backs off a previous Build. The Do You Hide in plain sight post. I have noticed with this 5% Culture that I more and more each year have changed my lifestyle to a point where folks don't recognize me anymore. Folks who have been with me all along are cool. But when I run into someone I haven't seen in 10 years, they seem shocked at my appearance and new customs.

I was never one to show my hills and mountains.... they don't need my help. They show themselves.... So it's not like I some reformed hoe. But I was a standard BAP pretty girl. I had the luscious perm/weave. I had the right clothes and stiletto heels. My nails always 10 perfect pair. I had the perfectly made up face. I drove the lavish cars and had the lavish hobbies. Many of those same traits are still within me, but the manifestation has changed. I look different... really different. I got my work ID when I started this job 13 years ago. It doesn't even resemble me now. Different hair. Different clothes. Different me. Security periodically asks if I'm wearing another's ID. Don't get it twisted. I'm still fly as hell and you can wear good heels under a long skirt. And my headwraps... I have one to match every outfit... be giving chicks fits!

I eat differently.... No one... NO ONE loves swine more than I did. My last meated meal was a pulled pork sandwich. I loved fat bacon... and ham... and ribs.. yes ribs!... and chops... and loin... and (ashamedly) chitterlings! I actually asked for my graduation meal to be chitterlings.... My mother made them, but was pissed, but she made them. I loved lamb and my favorite snack.... Slim Jims! My plate looks entirely different that it once did. That's Culture.

I no longer do the Standard holiday thing. But more importantly, I'm no longer super loud about not doing it. But I have gotten the message out significantly so folks don't even ask anymore. Thanksgiving and the the American holidays is pretty much it. No xmas. No Easter (though I still get an outfit for Easter). None of that! And it's just how I live...

No grace. I just eat my food. No Sunday obligations. I can hold malice in my heart toward another without feeling bad. I fear no divine retribution. I don't live with the illusion that someone on a cloud is looking out for me. When you don't do the mystery god, YOLO takes on a different intensity. I manifest my Culture not just “in the mind” but out in the open. When you internalize Understanding, eventually it comes out of you. You become a Walking Understand. And isn't that what 3/4ths is? An Understanding that comes out of you so profound that it becomes your Culture.


Hello 2016!


On the interwebs, it seems like 2015 was a pisser of a year for a lot of people. 2015 was the year my only brother died. That was the worse thing that happened to me in the calendar year. I thought about making some 2016 New Year's resolutions... But then I realized there wasn't much I wanted to change about myself. All the changes I want are external. And external changes aren't 100% completely in my realm to change. So this year I'm not making any resolutions!

4 days into this year.... I feel pretty good.


Friday, January 1, 2016



What is the Science?
Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Faith – Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge

The traditional Kwanzaa greeting is habari gani. Which means what's the news in Swahili. I don't do non-English. So my greeting will be.... What's the Science?

Faith is a touchy concept for many 5%ers. We say we live by the principle of “Show and Prove.” We have no place for faith. I agree and disagree. We have no place for religious faith. Just take the spookiness out of the word and this is in fact something we do. Like the way we use Islam.

The reason why we do faith is because we do hope. No one controls every aspect of their lives 100%. there are some things that we do, where we are unsure of the outcome. One of my mother's favorite phrases is, “step out on faith.” I Understand what she means by it. There are situations where you must throw caution to the wind and YOLO. There have been so may times in my life where I didn't Know what to do. But I Knew I had to do something. Every time but once, I've gone to the car dealership, I've been worried about what my credit will do. But I went anyway and I have always come home with the car of my choice. There was no white jesus involved in any of it. But there was faith in my own abilities to get what I wanted. Every time I've applied for a job, I did so not because I was certain I was going to get said job, but because I knew I wanted or needed one. I always have a job when I need one. Every time I get behind the wheel of my car, I assume (another form of faith) that I will arrive to my destination safely. Doesn't always happen. But I can't let the uncertainty hold me back. If I waited until I was 100% sure of everything in my life before proceeding.... I'd of been dead before I Knowledged 120.

You can't be certain of meds because they have side effects... some they don't know of yet but they let people take them. You don't Know which foods are genetically modified or moderately poisoned. When you go to a restaurant, you didn't see the people preparing your food. But you still eat it. When you date an individual, you don't Know if they aren't a crazy ax yielding serial killer. While waiting for the bus in the dark at 5:30am I don't know if I'm going to mauled by a rabid possum. It could happen. It has happened to others, but I still go to the same spot. That's faith.

Faith, the way I'm speaking on it, is expectancy. If you prepare a recipe according to it's directions, you have a level of assurance that it will look like the picture when you're done. When you complete an experiment you have assurance of the result. That is faith... non-spooky faith. I'm not saying go in every situation with know knowledge of whats going on. And I'm not saying don't use SM and the “show and prove” ideology. I am saying that sometimes faith is warranted.