Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rest In Paradise: Lord Reveal Infinite Allah

Peace Family.

We lost a builder. He fell on the job. As we all strive to. He's dead now. Not returning to anyone... ever. The only place left for him to exist is in our memories. And remember him we will.

It's our turn to continue the effort.

Peace to the God!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Women and Children 1st


I am SOOOOOOOO sick of white people. How does the president’s and vice president’s wives get booed when they are trying to show love for the troops and their families? You don’t have to agree with the president. You don’t have to agree with his views and policies. But to disrespect his woman? That’s foul!

I am an Obama supporter. I plan to vote for him a second time should he run next year. That’s my business. I recognize that folks resent him being in the highest office in this country. But he was elected. Those of y’all with my degree KNOW and Understand that Black folks are a minority in this country. Always have been. If every Black person voted for him and that was it, then we would not have gotten elected as per 3,4:10. And we all know that a lot of Black folks can’t and don’t vote. Millions of white folks cast their ballots for President Obama.

I am sick of the sheer foolishness that follows him everywhere he goes. He doesn’t put his hand over his hard when the National anthem is being played; white folks go ape shit. He doesn’t have to. All that is required of a patriot is to remove their hats if they are males. He gives children a back to school speech… like every other president has done prior…. Parents keep their children home form school. Why? What is he going to say to your children that you object too? Do well in school? Study hard? Mind your parents and teachers? The white parents don’t want a Black man to have influence over their children. So many white folks refuse to call him “President Obama.” Do they think that denying is going to make it true? Demanding that he produce a birth certificate. That is governmental isht. If folks was so hot and bothered to se it, they could have requisitioned one. The president did not need to bring it himself; nor even prove that he was born in this country. They do a credit check when you apply for a supermarket discount card. You think they didn’t check this man’s background before he decided to run for office? You saw how quick Haiti kicked Wycleff to the curb when he tried to run for president there. Are you saying the USA is behind Haiti? And regardless of what country he was born in, his mother was a US citizen. He could have been born on Mars and still had dual citizenship. Fucking idiots!

One of the things I admire and recognize about our (that’s right, OUR) president is that more so than the average Black person, Knows and Understands how to deal with the devil on a level most of us never will. His father made him and bounced. Not to another state but to another country. The elder Obama left his clearly Original Sun to be raised in the bosom of the white man. The president has stated that his grandparents were moderately racist, and his mother was frequently absent, leaving him in his grandparent’s care. SMH. That had to be hard. And he has a crazy name. Coming from this background, I trust this man to know how to handle the devil and their nastiness. But attacking his wife is uncalled for.

Men fight the battles. That’s what they do. To go after women and children is way below the belt. Did any one ever go after Barbara or Laura Bush? Nancy Reagan? Yes they went after Hillary Clinton and Rosalind Carter. I’m thinking Republicans are just a dirty bunch of crackers.

Let us explore the reasons white folks are bitching about our First Lady shall we? She has attacked childhood obesity. She installed a victory garden at the White House and she is an advocate for breast feeding. How dare she? Folks have gone as far as to infer that her husband is going to leave everybody so broke that this is the only way folks will be able to eat. Really? All First Ladies have platforms. This is hers. Folks want to imply that she is overweight. Are they blind? I suppose that is how the media portrays the Black woman so when they see one that doesn’t fall victim to the stereotype they don’t know how to react. Rush Limbaugh went as far to say she should wear yellow. WTF??? Is he a stylist now? This shit is crazy and it’s gone too far.

I realize that my blog is humble and I have 23 readers. But I don’t care. I’m a say my peace and not really care if you feel some kind of way about it.

You don’t have to like, agree, or support the President. This is a free country. But leave his wife and babies out of it.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AcKnowledging my own Equality = God i.e. Grown


I’m grown. A lot of people also claim to be grown. But I am not just chronologically grown. I am emotionally grown, experientially grown, and I acknowledge my own grown-ness.

When I turned 18, I was in college, completely dependant on my parents. Living in my mother’s house (when not at school), she had the ability (and took it) of telling me when I needed to be in the house or consequences would happen. That’s not grown. Oh yes I was over 18, therefore chronologically grown but not slightly close to be being able to take care of myself. I say all this to give an example that grown is not necessarily a calendar related issue.

I see folks daily, who are chronologically elevated but are dependant physically or mentally on others for their well being. I’m not speaking of employed people who work for others. And I am not referencing people who live in the wild off the grid. I’m talking about everyday people who have homes and jobs yet still aren’t “grown.” They can’t function without someone telling them what to do. That’s not being grown.

Part of the acknowledging one’s own self is accepting that the choice one makes are just that. One’s own choices. The consequences of your choices also belong to you. So if things don’t work out, don’t be so quick to blame the devil, the system , the illuminati, etc. The 1st bit of blame always splashes on self, because you made a decision that put you there. I don’t hold myself higher than accountability.

Personal Example…. I had aspirations of having a better Justice Cipher Born than I currently have. I got the requisite requirements, but it just didn’t happen for me as I had planned. Am I blaming anyone other than self? No. Shit happens. It’s all my fault and I don’t complain when the student loan payments come out of my check. They are entitled to that money and I gave my word saying I’d pay it back. Me. I’m grown. Am I working and striving for betterment? Always. But I recognize when all is said and done; some folks just have better luck than others. And I’m not attributing my situation to something arbitrary, but in the grand scheme, somebody always takes a hit and I suppose in my situation that person is me.

Am I saying that bad things can't happen that are completely out of control? Of course not. Those little boys abused at Penn State did not bring that on themselves. But look at each situation for what it is and you will find your kernel of responsibility for it.

I think it is funny that folks take all the credit when windfalls come their way and love to blame others for problems and situations.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 & 3/4ths

Peace Y’all…..

I am hesitant to Build on this topic. But I see a need to. My mother (NOT old Earth) used to caution me that when making Knowledge Born on a particular topic, which could be interpreted as my opinion, and even occasionally not… Make sure that 1st it is necessary and 2nd that it’s nice. She had a 3rd bit that one was religious and not relevant to this Build. So I see this conversation to be necessary. And I will strive to be nice…. But don’t hold me to it.


Earths… My sisters…. My E-likes….. We gotta do better. Seriously…. With our 3/4ths.

There has been a lot of noise on the FussBook, I mean FaceBook cipher regarding the tendency for Gods to date 85 women. It is our Nation’s dirty double standard secret. Earths have it tough in our Nation. Gods get to make many decisions for us that would never be applicable to themselves. Gods date who they chose; that can include colored women. Earths date Gods. Earth may be able to date conscious 85ers that add on to our programs but that’s pretty much it. If said 85er goes to a mosque or church on the weekend, she’s unofficially done being Earth. Not saying that Gods don’t draw up women and “Make” Earths. Should their relationship end, the Gods will move on to the next 85 woman. I am not saying ALL Gods do this. Mine didn’t. But a lot do. Hmmmmm…. This really begs the question of what is the appeal of 85 women vs. a true and living Earth?

Now… Lets remove from the equation, that Gods are not looking for women who challenge them to live righteously…. Not our Gods! Every single one of our Gods are all wise and are moving in the direction of civilizing all the families of the planet Earth. Amen Lights! That is another Build. So what’s left? What is the allure of these 85 women? I mean as women they have the same anatomy as Earths…. They provide the same functions as Earths… at times. The only difference between them and us is appearance (our Culture is reflected through appearance). 85 women must be more physically appealing than the 5%-women to the Gods. Gods are men and men have a thing for visually attractive (to them) women.

It hurts me to say that….. I have seen our women accept 3/4ths and become busted. 3/4ths does NOT give Earths permission to just fall the hell off. It requires and challenges us to find a style that is reflective of the beauty of our Culture.

Since your head is covered, you don’t have to do your hair? Now Cipher. You wear your head covered at home as well as abroad? You sleep with it and shower with it covered? Probably not. Do your hair. Hell and when you are putting on your wrap, do it like a reverse strip tease so the God gets excited…

I know a lot of Earths who think 3/4ths is floor dusting skirts, like the kind the Hijabis wear. It’s not. I wear some floor dusters on occasion but I normally wear skirts that come past my knee is such a way that when I sit they don’t ride up and show the goodies. I wear legs out, but not knees and thighs out. What? 3/4ths is about proportion. I’ll wear said skirt with a blazer or a ¾ length blouse/jacket/top sleeve. Or not. Sometimes I wear it with my arms out. But my head is always covered. If one was going to wear something strapless and backless, that should be paired with a long skirt and a head wrap. That is the only proportion I would hit with a must.

¾’s does not mean neglecting your skin, or natural appearance. This is a tricky one. Most make up is made with swine byproducts. And some can argue that make up is “made him other than his own self” ala 12:36. I have found cosmetics at the health food store that are swine free. And as far as making oneself look other than one’s own self, that’s in the application. If we take care of our skin, then we won’t have the need for make up. If we have healthy white teeth, you don’t need lipstick. Then even applying Carmex on the lips will look like a cosmetic. I know I probably shouldn’t say this but it is truth, if we get ourselves healthier bodies, then we can turn heads. There is no rule or regulation that says our clothes have to be baggy. We can wear fitted gear. Nothing looks sexier than health.

And there is no law against accessorizing. Belts show off our waists. Adornment in the form of jewelry is always helpful, not that Earths normally have a problem with this one. Get your tips and toes done and wear pretty shoes. Pretty shoes…. Pretty shoes…. How many times do I need to say that? Pretty shoes and feet can turn a man’s head. Why should not our men look at US????? Make your head wraps attractive rather than utilitarian. Smell nice. Make the Gods want to be near you. Have them seek out your presence

Ladies the bottom line is if you look good, you will look good to the God. If you look good to your God, then you will look good to other Gods. And if you look good to other Gods, you God will remain interested. Case closed. Stop giving my Earths bad reps and handle your appearance game. I grow tired of seeing my sisters looking like homeless bag ladies. Ladadee ladada, Ladadee ladada…..

Woman Up!!!!!