Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today's Mathematics: Understanding Cipher


I know it's been awhile. I hate blogging from home. It never feels comfortable to me. But I love sharing my thoughts and views far too much to just stop blogging. It's just that I'll probably be doing it less....

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Cipher. I feel it's apropos for a Build on this Jessie Williams controversy. Oh I'm not really going to comment on what he said, nor am I going to get into the light skin biracial debate. Those are internal convos for Black only audiences. What I am going to comment on is white people's response....

I saw a post where Mr. Williams was called a "nigger" by every white person that responded. Hmmm.... I know white people call Black people niggers. I don't like it, but I can't fight every white person that says it. They don't like it when we call them devils and beckies. becky.... a simple term that is an insult, but actually quite entertaining. Anywho.... Why are white people having an issue with what the God said? Every word was true. But it is their nature to cause discord so him/devil is doing what he is designed to do... Causing trouble amongst the righteous people.

Another question I have is, why are white people watching the BET awards? It ain't for or about them. We aren't watching the Country Music awards. No white person has ever won a Lifetime Achievement Award from BET. So they can't be watching the show to see their own excellence. They are spying on us. Lurking in the dark to rob us of our Culture. And as soon as we say that publicly... They mad.

Another sneaky tool of the devil is validation. Many Black folks look to white folks for validation. These sleeping black folks want white people to agree and cosign with their activities and views. Stop it.

White people have their own spaces and actively work to keep entry restricted from said places (unless we are doing menial work). But when Black people do the very same thing, they have a problem with it. Why? Black people don't need 'help' from the white man. White people REFUSE to leave us to our own devices. 8:14 speaks on this. him/devil fear that we will will excel without them. and even if we don't excel and just maintain, that means that we never needed them in the 1st place. And for people who are as ego driven as devils, that is a thought that is unacceptable to their borg collective. That one concept will cause them to self destruct.

I, an original Black Queen, I Understand the devil and his Cipher. I absolutely do. I have no choice. We all do. We live in his wilderness... We buy his food and products... We have been educated in his institutions... His face is on our money... he forced us to Understand him. But the devil doesn't have the same Understanding of who we are. Therein lies OUR power. That's why they have to observe us in our personal spaces. He knows that if we know he's watching we will flip the script.

When slavery ended, white folks didn't give us a thought outside their own comfort. And you know what we did when left all alone? We created our own communities, businesses and culture. I still remember that scene for the old Roots miniseries, when white people broke into Alex Haley's father's home and were struck by the high level of civilization of the surroundings. Even saying that they don't live that clean. And it's true. I've been to enough white people's homes to know they don't live better than Black folks. But that's not information they want you to have. I really love how white folks can't find "Black Twitter"!!!! Even went as far to say it doesn't exist. HA! And every single fucking time we excelled... white folks ruined it. Black Wall streets... destroyed. I would dare say every race riot was caused when Black folks decided they were through with the devil. Even integration has destroyed Black Culture. Integration gave Black folks the ability to use white services... At the expense of our own services. The subliminal pin that got lodged in our heads was, white stuff is better than Black stuff. Example: HBCUs. 1 + 1 = 2 no matter where you go. But white folks want you to believe their spin on knowledge is superior. Today HBCU enrollment is way down. Down to the point we are beginning to lose them even though tuition is cheaper than at PWIs. SMH.... another example is busing. Black students were bussed and integrated white schools and not the other way around. Have you ever seen a picture of white people being escorted into a Black school? No. It didn't happen. So the message is that all Black schools are inferior to all white schools. You have no chance in life if you do everything Black. You have to leave Black communities and go white to be successful. Actually that's the measure of success. Big. Fucking. Lies!

I done took the devil off my planet. I'm Blackity Black y'all. I want that for all of us.