Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm that type of girl....


I’m a girl. Actually a girly girl. I like everything pink and fluffy and florals and kittens and animal prints and shopping and girl stuff. Sugar and spice and everything nice! But… I’m not a pushover type of woman.

I wasn’t always girly. I grew up in the house with a brother and 2 uncles. Other than my mother I was the only girl... The baby girl at that. My mother worked a lot and I spent an inordinate amount of time with men. And not just the family, but their friends too. Had you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a little girl, I would have told you, “a boy!” And that makes sense when you consider my male socialization process. I didn’t play with Barbies much (Because G.I. Joe beat Barbie up and I didn’t want to play with such a punk doll). But when I started liking boys… and there was a collective sigh of relief from my family… I started appreciating the value of being a woman.

The older men in my family are all misogynistic. VERY Misogynistic. I am really surprised I’m not a doormat. But when you live in a prolonged situation like that, you learn to take the best part AND you learn how to manage the situation. These men really felt like because they had penises they should have certain caveats, like me fixing their food and washing their clothes, cleaning up after them and me looking put together at all times. But when a man asserts himself in a SUPER masculine way, he must accept all that comes with it. If you are going to be the male boss… then you must PAY for the luxury. That is Equality.

I will cook and plate your food… but you must compensate me for it. And if I lack an ingredient, you/man stop what you are doing and go to the store to purchase more. I WILL NOT use my own money to pay for household expenditures. You are the man? You are SUPPOSED to provide. I never lifted a finger to do outside work and I expected and got money when they got paid. When I was in the store with them, I never ever reached for cash. Because these men paid the cost to be the boss. As long as you are the boss and we aren’t partners…. This is what you get.

Men these days want that same good treatment from women, but they don’t want to pay for it. They go as far to call a woman a prostitute wanted to be compensated for things she does for a man and they cannot even install a ceiling fan or don't own tools to put together a bookshelf. I can’t... And I won’t. I have never bought into the ratio okeydoke. You know the one that there are 50-11 women to every man. If a man says that to me, he can leave. I have never been lonely. I have always had a man when I wanted one and they always take care of me… Because I take care of them. That’s the principle of EQUALITY at work.

I have said all this to preface my next point… Our Nation is not a woman friendly Nation. Precise says closer to the root folks have more love for women and you see more women but the further away you get, the more likely you are to see imbalances in the God:Earth dynamic. He may have something there. He's so smart.... I grew up around Gods and Earths and I never saw polygamy or Gods beating the brakes off their Earths or sexual misconduct or any of that. I always thought Gods were stand up kind of manly men. But now a days… IDK anymore. It seems like Gods have a big problem if a 85er is mistreating an Earth… But only an Earth. AND… If a God is mistreating his own Earth, I see nothing happening from the Cipher at large when they know. You can argue against this… But this is what I see. I know women who claim this Culture but won’t step foot to a Parliament because they don’t want to be exposed to violence and foolishness, nor do they want their children exposed to the wilding behavior.

Gods outnumber Earths in this Nation. Why is that? In most other coed Cultures there are usually more women than men. Many of the Gods are super aggressive. This can frighten women away; but it doesn’t frighten me. I grew up watching pissing matches amongst men. And unless you are my man, you don’t get to intimidate me or boss me around. But that perspective is lost on a lot of women.

So here is my question…. Do the Gods need to become kinder and gentler or do the Earths have to man up?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

House Music All Night Long!


Guess what??? My big Pookie is a DJ!!!!!!

His DJ name... is that a thing?... Is "Precise Infinite." IDIC is in there too. I asked... It means "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations." It is a Vulcan thing.

His voice is in his mixes and so his mine. Although my voice is not really all that low and sultry....

This is not just blatant nepotistic promotion, nope. He actually but the late Dumar Wade in his mix. When have you ever heard a house mix with a 5%er Building? I'll wait.

So you can get your dance on and learn something a the same time.