Monday, November 29, 2010



My 29:40 asks why was Yacub so successful in all his undertakings? that is a question that haunts me. I used to be very successful in anything I put my hand to, but now a days it seems I have had the opposite reaction.

One can ask why is Serenity so UN-successful in all her undertakings? I am going to put it on laziness. And loss of focus. But that's going to change.

Instead of being a jack of all trades and master of none I have decided to narrow my focus on things. Yes that will make me less open to things, but the things on my plate will gain a new level of clarity. Once I decide on what to keep and what to disregard I'm going to go hard at the keepers.

You may not notice the new levels of Serenity, especially if you don't know me personally. But trust this. I'm about to go all out. hold on if you can!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


This holiday and the drama that surrounds it is really irritating my stomach. For some strange reason, I find myself surrounded by a lot of non-traditional people. Jews, Muslims, and so-called conscious people. I am thinking people only think they know what kind of holiday Thanksgiving is. Let me shed some clarity...

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Not a religious holiday. There are a lot people who are ex patriots from other places. They come here and make this their home. But then refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving because they see it as a religious holiday. It isn't. It is a celebration re-enacting the party they had in 1621. Those Pilgrims came here and would have died had not the Native Americans intervened. That's what the holiday is about. Case Closed.

Now Christians, as usual, put their stank on it. They put their stank on everything here and no one challenges them. But anyone with eyes can see that it is a commemoration of an event near the founding of this country for white people. That does not make it a religious holiday. There is no St. Thanksgiving. There is no baby turkey in a manger. There is no resurrection of pumpkin pie. It's a day with food and football. Thanksgiving is ONLY offensive to Native Americans.

Now... Should you not choose to celebrate it, that's fine. Far be it for me to tell you how to handle your business. But actively and vocally choosing to pass on the day means that you are either Anti-American or a Native American. And the NA's are the ones who brought the turkey to the party. Maybe you have good reason to boycott. But don't give the excuse that it isn't your religion. That's a load of bull.

Enjoy the day off or the time and a half.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 + 2 = Friendship?

Peace Good People,

Lately, it's been floating through the atmosphere, the appropriate relationship between men and women. Floating through the atmosphere for all intents and purposes of this writing refers to synchronicity. But I have read more than a few blogs and news articles citing that men and women cannot an should not be platonic friends. I beg to differ.

I am a woman who feels more comfortable in the presence a men. I was raised in a household where there was more testosterone than estrogen. And I am the baby. My brother and uncles used to have to take me on their rounds because my mother worked a lot. And since I am significant younger than the men in my home, they allowed themselves male freedoms around me, thinking that I was too young to understand. I might have been too young to understand, bit not too young to forget. I learned a lot about male mannerisms from the early men in my life and I even managed to internalize lots of it. Now I am told by several people that I have a 'male' response to a lot of stimuli.' I can see that.

Also I notice that when I am surrounded by women, I tend to get annoyed. I recognize women like to sort and analyze feelings, thongs said and unsaid. But I don't. I like to bottom line things so we can move on. I'm not saying that I don't have girly-like tendencies. Precise can bear witness to that fact. But I don't share social equality with any girly-girls. As a matter of fact, most of my female friends are like myself.

Precise often says that men and women can't be friends because eventually the man wants to have sex with the woman and that fouls things up. That's why different culture limit the interactions between men and women. For the woman's safety. The God has no sisters and was socialized in a home with a father (male) a brother (male) and the only lone lady in the house.... Mama. He has also reported that he has never had a long term friendship with a woman that he never had sex with. I can see that.

The issue as I see it is the question of boundaries. Everybody has them male and female. And everyone has to maintain said boundaries, male and female.

I have a dear female friend who is a huge slut. Since she can't fuck me I don't see the problem with being her friend. Folks that know me, know that I'm not a ho. So I don't fall victim to that "ho by association" thing. But do you think I will allow her to come near my man? HELL NO! I never went out on any of the blind dates she ever tried to set me up with either. I never judged he for her whoreishness. She is a grown woman who is cognizant of what she is doing. She loves the Divine I Cee King and I ain't mad at her for it. Boundary = Can't come near my man.

I have a female cousin and also a sister in law who is notoriously bad with money. They have sob stories that will bring tears to you eyes. But they never pay you back. Sometimes they pay you back with a bad check that bounces. I have witnessed both of them stealing and/or shoplifting. They have the money sickness. Yet still I love them. But I won't give either one of them chicks a quarter. Nor will I give it to their babies because they have been trained to beg. Boundary = Lend no money

Yet another of my female friends is a champion on home maintenance. She works 2 jobs, has 5 babies, a husband, and cooks for indigent people in her neighborhood. her home is immaculate with all these people in her home. She is a resource and inspiration for me. But she whines. I can only speak with her in snatches. Boundary = whiner!

Now I'm a do me. My friends no that once I consider them friends I will go all out for them, not including their specific boundary. Seriously, I have lent money, baby sat ill mannered children for weeks at a time, taken and picked folks up from the airport at ridiculous hours of morning. I will do what they need, but.... I won't be shitted on. Dis me one time and your over. I have not a problem saying goodbye to folks and keeping it moving. One of my friends actually had to beg to get back in my good graces, and they weren't all that good. But I was touched by the intensity of how much she wanted to maintain our friendship. Be frigging honest with your intentions. And don't you EVER let me catch you speaking out the other side of you mouth to someone. That won't work out for you at all.

So if I have boundaries with my women friends, why would it be so hard to maintain boundaries with my male friends? Okay, if I know that you would be amenable to tapping my ass, then we won't get into those situations. Doesn't bother me that men imagine themselves screwing me. It's natural. I imagine myself with most men's money and possessions. And I expect a man that I am in the company to protect me... regardless of whom or what. Is that bad? Like I said, it's natural. I have a 20+ year friend that I'm certain would screw me if given an inkling. I have berated him so much in that arena that we can sleep in the bed together and nothing happens. I don't tempt fate by sleeping undressed, though.... BOUNDARIES.

I really believe that women love gay men and seek their friendships because it is a way for them to engage in a friendship with men without worrying about anything. It is the perfect arrangement is it not? I don't want the men they want and if my man wants a gay man he is not the one for me. And most gay men can really fight. Especially if they haven't begun hormones. How is that for protection. Yes, perfection. Bu the polar opposite doesn't work. For some reason, in my observation, straight Original men don't like homosexuality in any incarnation. If a woman is gay, she's not going to have a crap load of male friends. I wonder why this is? A man's reaction to a gay woman is to rape her. That I don't get.

Women who have male friends are not potential whores. And to the men... I know this will be hard for you to accept... but all women don't want you. There are women that look at you AND your possessions and feel nothing. Men with female friends are not all gay. I bear witness that platonic friendships are possible and function between men and women. You just have to maintain your boundaries.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Faith and Ignorance


This morning on my commute to work, I got into a religious conversation with this dude I carpool with. He knows I'm a 5%er and I know he is a minister. (No the kind that has a church, but the kind that serves under another) He and I have found an easy comfort with tolerance for each others lifestyles. He is impressed with the amount of Bible and my 1 of Christianity. I have always maintained that when I was savage, I was a very knowledgeable savage. I try not to let the conversation go too far in either direction. Well this morning it did.

When I was a Christian, I attended church like crazy, but I also attended Christian and Catholic schools. Anyone who has ever attended either KNOWS the the primary goals of said institutions is to turn out good Christians. There was intense indoctrination... I mean classes regarding the tenets of faith. I have often wondered how could any one be a good Christian without all the intense focus.

I had a Religion teacher in the 10th grade, Fr Bradley, who told me it was ok for me to have doubts. He said those doubts would lead me to do my own research and that would always bring me back to God. He was right. Teehee. See? Devils can speak the truth. I had another teacher confirm that sin is anything that goes against your conscience. Can you imagine how freeing those particular bits of advice were? It has always allowed me the freedom to not be afraid to explore and experiment.

Anywho... Me and the friend got to talking about the virgin birth and the resurrection. And I told him that I never bought into those two beliefs. To me they seemed like a ploy to make the Christian God look better than any of the other Gods that were being worshiped at the time. I was more impressed that Jesus took an ass-whipping for folks he didn't know, who might have not been born yet all while being the Son of god. He could, theoretically, at anytime gotten up and bounced. I wish folks would read their Bibles with some objectivity they would see that Jesus never came to bring salvation to the gentiles. He came to reform the Jews. He didn't care one way or the other whether gentiles caught his words. Yeah, he shared social equality with them, but who exclusively builds within their own group?

Jews have never disputed the existence of "other" gods. They just claim that their god is the best. The early Christian movement was not about converting the gentiles to Christianity. Christianity is not even a term they used. The disciples that walked with our righteous brother in the physical, had no intention of starting a NEW religion. There was nothing wrong with there old one. In fact there were insisting that gentiles who wanted to get on board covert to Judaism. It was Paul who argued against that rule. Paul knew that grown gentile men would have a problem with being circumcised... and they should. Paul and Peter actually argued about this. And Peter won... briefly. Peter was left in charge of the official movement (making him the 1st pope) until he was martyred. This didn't stop Paul. He started his own churches (epistles). And eventually these gentiles out numbered the Jews and BOOM you have Christianity.

My carpooler could not dispute any of this. I was pulling out scripture out of my ass. It kind of felt good to show and prove this with his own Bible. He countered me with something I could not fight..... Faith. The substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Faith trumps proof every time. Because faith doesn't need anything for it to be real for the people that have it. He said that he doesn't allow himself to believe anything that goes against what he has already set in his mind. He said I allowed outside things to interfere with my faith and that's why I lost it. He prays for me daily. I had nothing.

I had nothing because there was nothing to be said. This is a grown assed 50 something year old man, that would probably kick my ass rather than to look at his Bible in a critical way. Yes, I showed him in his own Bible where I based my information on, but he was unwilling to accept it. And why? Because he believes that faith is it's own reward. WOW... this is why Christianity is the big money maker it is now a days. It's sells NOTHING to the masses and in turn the masses reward it with 10% sometimes more of their salary.

I suppose I shall wait to see if we will still carpool. I must say I am disappointed. Disappointed because nothing this grown man will ever say to me will hold any water since I bear witness that he needs no proof to lay his life down for something. I would be a 10%er if I used that to my advantage.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Babies Only

I'm pissed people.

Not at any particular person. Just in general. Let me go on to explain....

I live in this world. For the most part I have lived in this world solo. I don't have any children, a bad and inconsistent relationship with my family and a lot of close relatives are dead. It seems that after a certain point in life, holidays are no longer be about an individual but about babies. That's stupid. Not everyone has babies, or even wants them. But if you don't have babies, things like holidays and many social organizations find you usless. That is, unless you want to labor for other people's babies.

I recognize that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' But that statement alone implies that people serve different roles... And should. Yes you have the teacher that recognizes your potential and takes steps to further you along your journey. But that same teach does not have to provide food clothing and shelter for you. Yes there may be a special extended relative that teaches you hsi trade. But he isn't responsible for paying your way through college. Maybe there was someone form the block that looked out for you and kept you from getting beat up. That same person is not expected to leave you money in their will. BOUNDARIES PEOPLE!

I am not anti-children. Seriously. I love children. But my love for a child is not like a parent's love for their child and it shouldn't be. My Nation is big on the babies. Babies are the greatest! And I ain't mad. I'm willing to put in the work in to leave a legacy for the babies. But does that mean I want to inundated with other people's children? No. I'm not ashamed to say that. And I say No for many reasons. The bottom line is I don't want to. Nor should I want to. Being a "mother of civilization" is not the same as being a "mother to a civilization." Example... I own a house. I don't see people who don't live in houses coming over to the rest to aid me in the maintenance, or pay any of the bills. No one has ever asked. The only people who assist in the maintenance of my home are the people who live there or have a vested interest.

Years ago my co-worker lost his wife. He has 2 children. I was very supportive of him when his wife died. But those children aren't mine. I don't owe them anything.He makes way more money than I do. And those children receive SS from his deceased wife and their 2 homes were paid off with the accidental death insurance. I would be a damn fool to come out of pocket for his children. His daughter went as far to tell me what she wanted me to purchase for her for Christmas. I politely explained to her that I wasn't getting her anything. Yeah, she was angry, but she got over it.

Another co-worker of mine daughter graduated from high school a few years ago. Now I'm sure y'all are not unfamiliar with having a co-worker that takes very little for you to break the law and do them harm? This co-worker is that type of chick. She posted her daughter's graduation invitation on the bulletin board. It hurts me to say hi and bye to this chick, why would I buy her daughter a graduation present? This woman actually got angry with me. I heard her 18 year old daughter expaining that I was under no responsibility to purchase her a gift.... And a small child shall lead them.

Now the holidays are rolling around. Ok. And this year I don't have to spend them solo. Cool. But lets be real,these holidays as are most holidays all about children. Oh, they say it's about family, but do the knowledge, who are the ones that benefit from all the activity? Who gets new clothes, new toys and who are the ones have all the fun? The children. Who does all the work paying for it, cooking food and hustling to get everything together? Now I don't want you think I'm mad about that. I loved the holidays when I was a child. I appreciate the effortthe old people put in to make them memorable. And as an adult, I'm glad that I made the holidays relevant for my parents. But as an adult, with no children, and no desire to spend my gold on other people's children, I find holidays useless.

Also I wonder why does it take something to prompt people into doing something nice for people or visiting their families? If I wanted to see my mother and eat with her, I could do that anytime. I don't have to wait for a special occasion. If I want to get the God a gift, I could do that any time as well. I don't have to wait for something special. If I had children, why would I wait until the end of the year to lavish gifts on them? What's wrong with March or August?

The God and I were having a conversation about exactly what we were going to celebrate not just for the impending days but for the days to come. What were we going to pass on to the babies that doesn't seem like a mockery of our culture. We don't celebrate Christmas, Ramadan or Chanukah. Our babies will have to get over the fact that their savage contemporaries are going to have a free for all and they aren't. But that doesn't mean they will be left wanting for stuff. They will get it. Just not for no reason.

We are considering celebrating, instead of observing Kwanzaa. If we do, we will personalize it, but keep it similar enough for folks to recognize it. Instead of using the Swahili terms for the principles, we will use English, since that's what we speak. The principles will be discussed in context to that day's Supreme Mathematics. We will change the last principle, since we don't do 'faith.' We won't be dressing in African garb. Since I already have the stuff, I will put that up and burn the candles. Maybe I can convince the 7 to paint a Universal on the kinara I already have. We will have a meal every night together and exhange small gifts. We'll see how we like it. B.U.T. as I browze the internet what do I find? A whole bunch of activities for children and very little for adults.

I see why this time of year people tend to commit suicide. If you are alone and do not wish to be, this time of year is UNPLEASANT. Take it from me. I've run through that desert.

I remember after my 1st husband died, the church that we attended was having all these family activities. Simply because I was a solo individual meant that I could not participate in these events. I was okay with that, but the church was trying hard to keep me distracted. I didn't ask for that. They said I could work the events rather than enjoy them. Really? That church went as far to exclude me from several of their events. Seeing me alone was bringing them down. Then I was told that I had to marry any old man (seriously, it was any old single penis possessor) because it was 'unsafe' having a single woman around. Do I need to tell you that that was not the church I was attending when I let Christianity go? I may have been a savage Christian, but I wasn't a fool.

People need to stop behaving like everyone has this internal responsibility to give their all for children that aren't theirs.


Friday, November 19, 2010



Within our Nation we always have issues that never really go away. The question of Earths. Mecca. The mythology of the the Father. And how should we interact with the devil. I suppose the reason these issues never really go away is because as time changes the perspective on these issues change. Women are way more liberated and have more options than we did in the late 60's early 70's. As the date of the father's assassination gets further and further away, there won't be folks to bare witness that he actually existed and can give real life testimony to how he did in the physical. And white people.... It is more common now a days for Original people to have shared regular social equality with devils so the perspective is different than when T.H.E.M. authored the degree.

But I ain't the one. I don't trust devils and I do not wish to share my social equality with them. I get enough of them jokers when I am outside of the kingdom. That is something good I learned from my mother. Never to trust the devil. She never willingly invited them into our home. NEVER. But sometimes they would invite themselves. Should that happen, Mommie wasn't overtly blunt and said, "Get the hell out", but they got the message and bounced. She didn't play that and neither do I. My late husband lost his job, not because he did a poor job, but because he bragged on our possessions and lifestyle. Them devils he worked with as much as joked with him when they let him go to the tune of, "Well what are you going to do now?" We had just bought a house!

The Born degree of the 1:14 implies that the devil can be rehabilitated. Hmmm... Rehabilitate is an interesting word. Oxford describes it as restoring effectiveness of normal life by training after illness or imprisonment; or restore privileges or reputation or proper condition. Essentially one that has fallen off (devil) can get restored. And buy falling off, I mean they are as debased as can be imaginable. And there is all kinds of proof that the devil is nasty. All of the rules in the Torah and all the restrictive rules of Islam. And lets not forget they have more WBC's than Original people.The premise behind rehabilitation could lead you to say since they fell off once, what's stopping them from falling off again?

I suppose the devil can labor 35-50 years to TRY to do like the Original man. That way he can come amongst us and we won't kill him as quickly. I think folks misunderstand this degree. WE need to take charge of the process of adjusting these devils so that they can share our social equality. Not just take their words on face value that they are 'cool' with Original people. Devils need to show and prove that they are cleaned up and intend to stay cleaned up before we get all cookie crunch with them.

Later on in the degree it state should they f up the relationship with us, their heads should be taken off by sword. Their heads, not their hands or feet. Not their genitals. Their heads. You know why. Because should someone sever your head from your body, you won't survive that. It is a definitive way to end a relationship. There is no re-attachment or resuscitation. It's over and done with.

I am a self confessed executioner. Should someone piss me off, they are gone. Never to return. I can close a door like no one else. I've have been told that it's the nature of a Scorpio. Oh well. Gone is gone, dead is dead, ex is ex. No backsies. I might relent with my physical fam, but not really. I have relatives that KNOW they can't borrow money or stay in my house.

What kills me is how quickly we allow the devil within our interior and let them in on the secrets. But when they are shown and proven to have revealed the secret, they get off with a light slap. Then the wronged parties remark, "Well they are the devil. Can't be mad with them for being true to their nature." Yes you can! In particularly the ones who you have allowed to come close to the fire. Those jokers need their heads cut off.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Peace Family...

The Holidays are almost upon us. I always have issues on the holidays. They never go right for me. Part of the reason is because I have a severely dysfunctional family. Maybe all families are dysfunctional and I just don't know it. I always seem to spend the holidays with my own people. And frankly, I'm comparing them to the people I see on TV.

There was one Thanksgiving, not too long ago, where in just that one day, I found out that (1) my brother had an illegitamite child, (2) my baby cousin (aged 25) had been in jail, (3) my cousin and her husband were swingers and (4) my father MAY have raped my mother which caused me to be conceived. DAMN. I had the WTF look on my face the whole day. I couldn't take it. I bounced early and drove 4 hours home. My mother was offended because I was supposed to stay with her for the weekend. But I was afraid of what else I was to learn about my people. And I can always tell when my mother has purchased me an expensive gift. She gives me her entire ass to kiss; which I won't, then she takes her gift back. Yeah... the holidays aren't good to me.

This year's holiday will be the 1st spent with the God. I mean we were together last Christmas, but it doesn't really count because no one came but us. And we don't even celebrate Christmas. We went for better homes and gardens. My mother had run all the people away and my religious relatives aren't speaking to me since I let go of Jesus. One of the reasons why folks don't like sharing holiday social equality with my mother is because she is too bossy. She wants to eat dinner at 12, and folks out and her house cleaned up by 4. She doesn't allow folks to take plates, and if you bring people, they better make decent contributions or she will talk hashly about and to them. A good thing about my mother is she takes no shorts and she will give it to you raw. The bad thing is she no longer edits, and you can't stop her.

So those are my experiences, thus far. The thing is I don't know how I as a righteous person feel about Thanksgiving. I know it is not an Original holiday. There aren't any that I can think of off the top of my head that are outside our Nation. And even Nation days aren't celebrated like holidays. I like the getting together of my people, I like the food, and I LOVE that it's a paid holiday. I deserve it, and I ain't giving the money back. But I am not a pilgrim nor am I Native American. I'm not decended from either. So I have no vested interest in the holiday other than getting paid. I can cook food and eat anytime I choose. The God is descended from Native Americans, but he has no real interest or animosity in the holiday either. People have actually said to me that they didn't know that we observed the holiday.


My mother is coming to town. She was invited to spend the holiday with my god-sister. We weren't. But now we are. ***sigh*** SMH.... I'm thinking in the future, the holidays will be a big NO. But the cool part about the holidays is Both Thanksgiving and Christmas fall near the last Sunday of the month. I always strive to have a big dinner after a rally. Big enough to invite folks if we are so inclined. It's a way to celebrate who and what we are. And you just feel good after being amongst the righteous people. That should be celebrated with food! Especially since we don't have any other vices like alcohol and smoking. Here in Allah's Garden, there isn't always food on site at the rallies. I get the fors and I also get the againsts. When there is food we share in it and when there isn't we come home and fill up there.

So hopefully in the future when we have a family, they don't feel so left out of the holiday festivites (not that I will care). We will build with the families and keep it respectful, yet we will always be honest about the science behind things.

So tell me non-Christians and such.... How are y'all planning to negotiate the holidays?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you for Letting Me be Myself


I had a relatively long conversation with a patient in the office today. He wrote a book about the Negro national Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. It wasn't a pretty book praising James Weldon Johnson. It was actually an expose on the song.

Many Black people hold this song near and dear. Not all Black people. I have seen those who can't sing it without the words and I know others Black people who were ignorant to the fact that there was even a Black National Anthem. So I realize that there are folks out there who this may not be their cup of tea. But to be perfectly honest there are Americans across the racial lines who don't know the National anthem or think that it is America the Beautiful. SMH.

Anyway.... His book is a criticism of the BNA. Hmmm... I have read only excerpts of the book but I am impressed that a 49 year old Black man feels confident enough to criticize one of the long held Black-isms for our people. He's reported that the Black people who have read the book are angry about his viewpoint. I don't think that's fair. Is he not entitled to say and say publicly how he feels? Maybe criticism is the wrong term. Maybe 'question' is better. He opinion is that it is not just a song for Black people, but that it is a song for all people. He says by calling it the BNA, it separates us from white people. The author (has a PhD and is a college professor for music) has researched the song for the last 20 years and he has found no evidence (or hasn't been able to show and prove) that this song was only intended to be used for Black people. That has pissed off a lot of people.

This being election time, I have been doing the knowledge to different adds that are geared to the Black community. I have gotten phone calls from the "Rapping Rev." Jesse Jackson calling the martyrs names to convince me to vote. And pictures of President Obama's back and saying that we have to catch it. Really? That's how you talk to Black people. Let me share something with you. Not all of us respond to that type of stimulation. We aren't by default all ghetto. No more in fact than all white people aren't by default trailer trash. And we aren't all Democrats.

One more example before I get to the next level of my build. Essence magazine can close its doors for all I care. i used to subscribe to that magazine but I stopped years ago. The reason was because it tries to be a jack-of-all-trade and a master-of-none. Black magazines try to hit everything. Essence cannot decide if it's a beauty, fashion, financial, cooking, relationship, job, or interior decorating. It's okay to have more than 1 magazine. Ebony used to fall victim to the same problem. But they have rectified that. Ebony is actually a good magazine again.

I believe the issue that links all these examples together is the same. Black people are one dimensional. White people do this to us, but MORE importantly we do this to ourselves. I grow tired when I hear Black folKs say to other Black folks, "Black people don't do ----" Most of the time that comment is made in jest, but if you hear something enough you start to believe it.

Not all Black people are Democrats, and we don't have to be. Not all Black people are Christians, and we don't have to be. Not all Black people eat chicken and watermelon, and we don't have to. Not all Black people listen to R&B, Hip Hop and gospel. There is more to us than just our skin. We are a race of individuals not just one big stereotype.

Part of the problem is we don't allow and accept that Black folks can do what white people do. We are not free to express ourselves in a way that may offend other Black people. That's crazy. That right there, offends me! Black people who speak against long held Black-isms get ostracized. I hear things like, we should keep those things that could cause embarrassment in our own communities. Please! We can't keep our own businesses in our own communities, but anything else we are supposed to keep quiet about. Really? We don't have to try to behave better than white folks. We don't have to prove to white folks that we can have what they have. And we don't have to emulate them either.

I'm not advocating that we forget our history. I really don't understand why people make the leap from "we need to let go of the long standing habits that don't serve us" to "I say we wipe the slate clean and for get past atrocities." No. I am not saying that. What I am saying is we are more diverse than we give ourselves credit for. And we need to stop criticizing each other for their opinions and predilections.


PS: The Lyrics....
Lift every voice and sing, till earth and Heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise, high as the listening skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on till victory is won.

Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet,
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered;
Out from the gloomy past, till now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.

God of our weary years, God of our silent tears,
Thou Who hast brought us thus far on the way;
Thou Who hast by Thy might, led us into the light,
Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee.
Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee.
Shadowed beneath Thy hand, may we forever stand,
True to our God, true to our native land.