Friday, October 23, 2009

The Interview

I had a job interview last night. Who interviews at night? But.... I dressed in my standard interview suit. Did everything the way I had always done it, but with one small change.... My head was covered.

I already had my current position when I began adding on with our Nation again. So how I looked never came into question. But this time I walked into the office with my understated headwrap and had a long conversation with the boss. Who kept looking up at my head. It was a dual interview and a the second interviewer was looking at my head as well. The interview was after hours and the employees were leaving as I was coming in. They were looking too. No one asked me a question about it. Probably because they aren't allowed. This is a job that I know I can do and do well. AND I have a ridiculous amount of experience. But I wonder if my Refinement will keep me from the gold.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Does it seem crazy that in this day and age, that the media is patting white people on the back who have a ridiculous amount of children. I just finished watching a "18 kids and Counting" marathon and I just don't get it. And think of the instant celebrity of Jon and Kate and the Octomom.

You think Keisha, Boneqweesha even Big Mama (who is the reason you have 15 aunts and uncles) in the hood would gain such noteriety from having a bunch of kids? Just saying.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balm of Gilead

I fucked up. Fore real. The pimple busted yesterday. I ain’t gonna get into details or anything but just know. It's a big one. It coincided with yesterday’s Supreme Mathematics. I failed to do the Knowledge, now my way of life and Power will be affected. Not forever. But for a minute. Okay. That’s done. There is nor forgiveness for me or crying on my part. That is my Justice. It is time to recoup. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about today’s Supreme Mathematics and its application.

Knowledge Power abbt Equality. Knowledge is to Know. Know everything possible. Know the boundaries, capabilities, necessities, etc. Power is the ability to do something. Folks always want to make Power this big strong thing. It’s not always quantity. Power can be subtle. But its effects can be potentiated. Equality is balance.

So for me, today’s Supreme Mathematics says… I need to stop putting my head in the sand ignoring what is going on all in my current Cipher (today’s Supreme Alphabet) so that I can make accurate decisions on what I need to do to move things in the direction that I desire them to go. Because right now I’m dealing in in-Equality at my own hands. And I want to flip that to something elevating.

When I was part of the Christian church, one of the things that was repeated to me over and over was when situations arise that I didn’t know how to control, I should “stand still.” Let white Jesus "Work it out" (I used to sing the hell out of that song, SMH). There is a song that says, “Don’t be discouraged/Joy comes in the morning/Know that God is nigh/Stand still and look up/God is going to show up/He is standing by….” I have left a lot of my Christianity behind. But seems though old habits die hard. Maybe I was waiting for a mystery god to bring me food, or searching for that which did not exist. Maybe this experience is good in that is shining a spotlight on where I need to do some work.

I did the Knowledge (cause I’m doing it all the time now) on the title of this post and found that “Balm of Gilead” is a name given by the authors of the King James Bible. The actual name for the substance was “Balsam of Mecca.” Hmmm….. It is a plant resin used as a perfume and an antifungal medicine. I can see the value of a medicine that smells good and heals you. A healing balm of Peace… I’d use it prophylacticly.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming in the Name

I come in the name is Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.......Ooooooohhhhhhh! This is gonna be very unpopular. And remember.... I am only speaking from MY perspective. B.U.T. People need to wait on their names.

In Allah’s Nation we choose for ourselves righteous names. A lot of the times the names come directly out of our lessons or they are attributes. Not Islamic names. Not saying Islamic names are never chosen. Allah said that our names should be different from those in the mosques/temples. So there are Gods and Earths walking around with names like Born Understanding Lord Equality Mathematic God Allah or I’Arabia Wise Earthiasia Reflection Embrace Me True Earth. I am exaggerating. Folks be 1:36ing. Where as I advocate righteous names, (here comes my opinion) I just don’t think one should get one until one Knowledges 120, if one is to Knowledge 120. Some Gods do not think it necessary to teach their Earth’s 120. If that’s the case, then said Gods should be the responsible party to draw up his Earth’s name.

Why? Thank you for asking. I find it hard to ask someone to choose a name with just Math and Alphabet on cap. Just as I think it’s ridiculous to have a 17 or 18 year old make decisions then (like choosing a major) that can affect the rest of their lives.

As I travel through 120, and build with other Gods and Earths, I find that I am not completely comfortable with the name I accepted at the beginning of my journey. I didn’t draw the whole name up. My original enlightener did. I accepted it because it was the best of the lot of names he was suggesting. And it’s not that I don’t like it, I do, but maybe there is a name that reflects me better. But I am now used to hearing and answering to my name as I am my given name. I did adjust my name some when I amicably parted with my original enlightener to add on with my current God. I wanted to reflect him more and my place in our Universe.

I was righteous in Build God -Build for a minute. SMH. That God did not believe in teaching Earths 120. I got Math and Alphabet. Not even all the Alphabet. And the righteous name he gave me was my nickname. No that it was an inappropriate or incorrect righteous name, but it was the same name I had always used and kind of still answer to but I felt cheated because I wanted a big ole Earth name! That was silly on my part and is a testimony to why the Nation didn’t stick back then.

But, I’m not advocating that we act as Muslims in the NOI do and add an X to our names until we figure out what name fits. But there should be no shame in saying, “I’m Sally Mae Jenkins and I’m currently working on Actual Facts.” There is however something amiss with this statement…. “My name is George Bush Jackson and I Knowledged 120 in God Build.” Yeah. Not a good look homie.

To put a finish on this post because I can go on and on, and there is no rule that says that you have to draw up a name as soon as you’re eligible. But I will advocate for anyone other than my children (they get righteous names at birth) that I am involved with their curriculum; that they wait until they 1 120 to choose a name. Because then they will have all the information at hand to choose one that most closely reflects their attributes. But again, that's me.


And So On...

Is post is an add on from my last post. You know where I was questioning whether or not I was representing my Nation or even if there was a need for me too.

This morning I was riding the bus with a bus friend. As bus friend is a person that you only see on the bus. And since you tend to ride the bus with the same people, over time you get friendly with them. I have been riding MARTA for 4 years now, on and off. I like riding because it’s good for the environment and saves on gas and aggravation. But I digress…

This particular bus friend is a female, and we ride all the way to my train stop together. We got to talking. She was telling me about something that went on in her church and asked me how I saw it. Okay. In my head I’m like, “Yeah. I must not be repping the Nation well at all that this chick who she and I been cool for a few years doesn’t realize that I am not a Christian.” I politely told her that I didn’t, couldn’t have an opinion because I don’t attend church. She looked at me like I just slapped her mother. I was fully expecting a tirade on how I need to repent from my wicked ways. But she said, “Oh you’re Muslim, right?” I can see getting confused for a Muslim. I don’t wear pants and I cover my head, though not the way Hijabis cover their heads. But no cigar. Although this morning, my hair was half exposed. I am wearing a beret and half of my locs are hanging from behind. I felt French. I told bus friend that I am an Earth in the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. I received a blank stare for the effort.

I’m a bit spoiled. I am originally from NJ and in NJ folk know who and what the Gods and Earths are. Here in Metro Atlanta, not so much. I expect that from most people. And this conversation sparked another conversation that lasted until I got off the train. I explained what and how we teach. It’s is really hard to explain to the 85% that in calling the Black man “God” does not attribute to him the powers of their mystery god or that I have become some second class citizen by calling myself ‘Earth’ and not goddess. But I labored on, speaking to bus friend like a child, simply because that’s what she needed.

I am not sure what she got from the conversation. Time will only tell. But what I got was illuminating. And maybe that’s why it happened. She said that by just looking at me she would have never thought that I was anything different. That was kind of funny! She said I looked like everyone else. I was initially put off, but she explained it to me like this. She said that yes I cover my body, and she did notice that I cover my head, but I don’t do it in a way to make people uncomfortable or like I am an isolationist. Okay. I can live with that. She pointed out that even in what I am wearing today (A black skirt, a pink twin set and some boots) doesn’t look out of the ordinary; even with the beret!

This got me thinking. Am I supposed to look different? I know the only person who can answer that question is me. I’m good with how I look. I stopped wearing pants even before I was righteous. And I covered my head on and off for years. It’s the lack of weave and make up that was the most jarring, but folks (outside the Justice) haven’t had too much to say about it. So Do I feel like I’m representing the Nation? Yes I Do! I suppose I’m done with this issue. Until the next time.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboards and Such

The God said something to me last week that had to marinate within for a minute. He told me that I am on the DL with my “Nation-ness” in comparison to his “poster child-ness” for Allah’s Nation. Hmmmmm…..

Him: Either wears a flag or a Nation shirt wherever he goes. Seriously. The only other paraphernalia he wears reps his alma mater. But even when repping SU, there is a flag on his lapel. And when we go out... A crown on his head.

Me: I have not earned a flag…. Yet. Working on it, but no cigar. I went to Show and Prove with the expectation of getting my own Nation paraphernalia. But the selection for girls left me wanting. Not saying there wasn’t anything for Earths; just not Earths with my particular… ahem… needs. BUT… I am refined and all that goes along with that soooooo….. Am I not repping the Nation?

I don’t hide my affiliation; but I don’t have “EARF” tatted on my forehead either. I do's what I does and if you have questions you are welcome to ask as long as they are respectful, and I will do my level best to lead you in the right direction.

But does my lack of advertisement mean I’m not ‘bout it ‘bout it for my Nation? In my heart/mind no, but I suppose folks will have their own opinions. I had never given much thought to it prior. When I was a Christian, I didn’t go around carrying a Bible, wearing crucifixes or proselytizing either. I wish I had a big sister Earth or an Earth mentor to talk to sometimes.