Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balm of Gilead

I fucked up. Fore real. The pimple busted yesterday. I ain’t gonna get into details or anything but just know. It's a big one. It coincided with yesterday’s Supreme Mathematics. I failed to do the Knowledge, now my way of life and Power will be affected. Not forever. But for a minute. Okay. That’s done. There is nor forgiveness for me or crying on my part. That is my Justice. It is time to recoup. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about today’s Supreme Mathematics and its application.

Knowledge Power abbt Equality. Knowledge is to Know. Know everything possible. Know the boundaries, capabilities, necessities, etc. Power is the ability to do something. Folks always want to make Power this big strong thing. It’s not always quantity. Power can be subtle. But its effects can be potentiated. Equality is balance.

So for me, today’s Supreme Mathematics says… I need to stop putting my head in the sand ignoring what is going on all in my current Cipher (today’s Supreme Alphabet) so that I can make accurate decisions on what I need to do to move things in the direction that I desire them to go. Because right now I’m dealing in in-Equality at my own hands. And I want to flip that to something elevating.

When I was part of the Christian church, one of the things that was repeated to me over and over was when situations arise that I didn’t know how to control, I should “stand still.” Let white Jesus "Work it out" (I used to sing the hell out of that song, SMH). There is a song that says, “Don’t be discouraged/Joy comes in the morning/Know that God is nigh/Stand still and look up/God is going to show up/He is standing by….” I have left a lot of my Christianity behind. But seems though old habits die hard. Maybe I was waiting for a mystery god to bring me food, or searching for that which did not exist. Maybe this experience is good in that is shining a spotlight on where I need to do some work.

I did the Knowledge (cause I’m doing it all the time now) on the title of this post and found that “Balm of Gilead” is a name given by the authors of the King James Bible. The actual name for the substance was “Balsam of Mecca.” Hmmm….. It is a plant resin used as a perfume and an antifungal medicine. I can see the value of a medicine that smells good and heals you. A healing balm of Peace… I’d use it prophylacticly.