Friday, December 28, 2012

TSM: Self Determination


I have been so busy at home, in my cipher at work. A lot has fallen by the wayside. But those are just excuses and not reasons. So.... to do my due diligence.... I'm a play catch up. I'm going into 2013 at least with a clean blog slate. And something happened to my November actual fact build that I have been unable to figure out. So now, I tend to cross reference my blog. I learn something new every day and I wouldn't have that opportunity it I didn't put myself out there.....

The coordinating Supreme Mathematics attached to the principals of Kwanzaa are always the same. Kwanzaa is a dated observance like Christmas and the 4th of July. So once the build comes forth.., it's there. The second principal of Kwanzaa is Self Determination. That coupled with Wisdom God abbt Born gives me my perspective.
A person's actions brings forth their ideas.

What a person (God) does, or chooses to do (Wisdom) will always bring forth (Born) their future. That works no matter who you are. If you want to be a doctor, first the decision must be made by the person doing it. They know their own mind and their abilities. Then one must take the steps to make that happen. Then once everything has played out, the life they live or have is a direct result of the previous decision + activities.

So? What are you going to bring forth in 2013? What am I? Am I going to keep doing the same old things? Yes and no. Yes to the things that work and aid me in my goals (like running) and no to the things that enrage me (like expecting people to adhere to my concept of 'righteousness'). Plus I'm going to add some new things to my personal cipher.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Habari Gani Y’all?

Peace. It’s the 1st day of Kwanzaa and I am tickled. And not necessarily in a good way…

Kwanzaa is an observance that Dr. Karenga, and Original man, came up with for BLACK American people to have for themselves. I came to Kwanzaa late. My Dad gave me a kinara because he bought it with the intent of celebrating it himself and got lost. I don’t blame him. After getting it, I had no idea what to do with it either. It was the 90’s and the internet had not been released yet. I asked my mother, a librarian, if she could get me some info on the holiday, but she decided it was not of-Jesus and lied to me about being able to find information. Once I got access the world wide web, I found some information and a conscious book store hipped me to a few books and my personal Kwanzaa observance was born.

I don't see it as a gift holiday like xmas, or a religious one like Hanukkah. It is not an African holiday/observance so there is no need to don a dashiki unless you dress like that anyway. It is time for me to reflect on me, my life, and the status of Original people. And there is a new build each day. Day one is Unity. I tend not to think so much the Swahili words. I speak American English and live in a country where that is the language. I don't speak any other Swahili words... though I do have the Rosetta Stone... I get it's part of the tradition and I leave them there, But when I build on the day... It's the English word. I wake contemplating the attribute, at some point with regard to Supreme Mathematics, and in the evening, I light my candles and build with the 7 over a meal. Then I extinguish them candles quick. 1 set is supposed to last a week. And Kwanzaa candles are expensive when you buy them in the conscious stores. One store I went to wanted $12 for 7 candles. That is highway robbery! But I am funny about the the colors of my candles. I only like a certain green and a certain red. On New Years Day, I prepare a traditional Black people meal complete with black eyed peas and collard greens and do the damn thing. Them candles can burn how they want to on the Faith day... I usually like to have friends drop in and out and share the food. But they gotta bring something. Negroes will eat up ALL your food if you let them. And sharing of a meal is more in tune with my cee on the celebration.

What makes me nervous... is that our lack of support of said holiday will open the doors for the devil to claim it. This is how they do. They steal from Original people, bastardize it and sell it back to us at a profit. Just like they did to Jazz, blues and rap music. Look at this shit....

I really feel like it’s a damn shame. Black folks desire their own specific, authentic culture, yet when faced with the desires, they side eye it. Kwanzaa came out in the 60’s people. That was nearly 60 years ago. There are lots of people who weren’t born in the 60’s yet they learned how to celebrate their own birthdays. So the bull shit excuse of not knowing what to do is shit. Especially coupled with rampant internet access. Get you a kinara, a mat, some candles, fruit and cowrie shells. With the exception of the kinara (and not necessarily) you can find everything you need at a beauty supply store…. Celebrate being Black people! Nobody does it like we do it.

OK… With that being said I can move on to my Umoja/Unity build…..

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy. My cee on unity coincides with social... men coming together for a common cause. That is an action. And one's actions must yield a balance otherwise your destroying. But when the reverse is true, you build. So we can be Build as a group or Destroy as a group. Either way, we are unified.

I was watching Roots this weekend. BET was showing it and I realized that where as I saw Roots when it 1st aired on TV, there is a whole generation of young adults… with their own children…. Who have never seen Roots before. WOW! That movie is 35+ years old! Young people have seen Blaxploitation movies but not roots? I was looking at the responses from young folk on Twitter, FB and Tumblr and realized that for a lot of them, this is their 1st vision of slavery and it slapped them in the face how devils did and do. I blame my generation for letting the lamps go out. My mother was good, really good, about telling my brother and I about the realities of what her life was like in the Jim Crow south and not letting us forget that the devil is alive and well. I had it better than my ancestors but I have not shared their and my own testimonies with the babies. Yes white folks are still racist (as our president’s election has brought to the surface) but there was a time when we weren’t even allowed to bitch about it otherwise, we’d get dead, sold away from our families, or our feet cut off. We have to do better. Slavery was not that long ago. My great, great grandmother was a slave.

So my unifying action will be focused on letting the younger people know ***singing*** how we got over……. And hopefully that will build stronger communities.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apocalypse 2012


The Apocalypse is upon us. It should hit exactly 4:12 am mountain standard time. So if you go to sleep and wake up…. You have made it through. I have been making big jokes about this all week and I have been watching end of the world shows. It has been fun. In case you weren’t ware of why the apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow morning I will drop that bit of science. For the Mayans and a lot of other Native/Original cultures, they marked time using solstices and equinoxes. But let’s look exactly at the solstice and what is currently going on, on this planet…..

I grew up celebrating the solstice. My peeps were different than other peeps. The winter solstice is an astrologic observance not so much a religious holiday. I see no problem with righteous people observing it. It is supposed to be the longest night of the year. After the summer solstice the daylight gets progressively shorter. And now daylight will get progressively longer. If you do a search of how other cultures mark this passing, it’s all about rebirth. The Sun is being reborn to human eyes on this planet. I get that. I can see how folks get a spooky impression. But strip all of that down….

When people are dependant on the land for their lives, they need to mark consistent repeatable events that occur from season to season to tell them when the time is right to plant, to shear their animals, to travel and so forth. Solstices and equinoxes are perfect for that. 4 events mark the 4 seasons. The Sun doesn’t change. And as long as the Earth maintains it’s tilt and it’s 93 million mile distance from the Sun, these events can be scheduled each season. Each season brings its own challenges. But if you know they are coming, you can prepare for them. So there you have the real reason for the season demystified.

Keeping in that vein, let me give you my thoughts on what I have witnessed with my own eyes…. When I was younger, I remember it being dark near Xmas at 5pm. So much in fact, that I had to be in the house before 5pm when He-Man came on. More recently, I remember going to work in the dark and leaving the building in the dark at 5pm. And it was real darkness not the foolishness I saw yesterday. Yesterday at 5:05 pm it was bright outside, real bright. I had time to leave work, drive home, change my clothes and go for a run. I’m thinking it’s not going to get darker between now and this evening. Another thing, over the summer, about a month before the summer solstice, the 7 and I wear traveling and at 5:30 am the sun was up and shining. Not slightly coming up but really up. Now I’m grown enough to know that even with dst the sun should not be shining that brightly at 5:30 am. And I remember the sun setting not after 9 pm. But now the Sun is setting latter than 9 pm in the summer. Almost near 10 pm. To blame that on DST, DST would have to be off 2 hours rather than the hour it is.

Another physical thing I have noticed was that the outdoor trees and plants have become more lush these days. I have finally cultivated a green thumb and I be getting my plant on. So I am good about noticing the differences between indoor/outdoor plants. And these outdoor plants are just going crazy. Trees are getting bigger, leaf size has increased and I’m thinking all this extras sunlight is affecting foliage. Now this is something I have not observed with my own eyes, but I have read news articles that report that trees and plants are growing at higher elevations than they did before. Let me tell you why I find significant….

Global warming is a fact. But it’s also a fact I’m not losing sleep over. Our planet is a big girl who has been spinning on her own axis for 4.5 billion years (despite what republicans say). She can take care of herself. That’s the nature of Nature. Nature is neither wasteful nor cheap. It makes adjustments to exist optimally. Bigger, fuller foliage will manage the ozone problem but providing a bigger filter. Humans want to cut down the Amazon? Forests will pop up in other locations. That’s how life/nature works. Eventually it will become an us against her type scenario. Folks who can’t abide on the planet naturally and peacefully will be expelled in some way. So I’m not super worried about what the future hold for me and mine because we know how to live in harmony with nature. And how to farm and keep animals in a cruelty free environment. We good.

If y’all have been paying attention, we have been having a LOT of significant Earthquakes. These earthquakes are large enough to knock the Earth off her axis. The axis or tilt of the Earth is responsible for the seasons as we know them. So maybe the solstice is not happening when generally scheduled. But we won’t know that unless we are in one of those monuments that mark the event.

So many righteous people shun holidays. I couldn’t be happy without them. It gives me something pleasant to look forward to and it break my year up. Also… and maybe this is because I’m a woman… I like the orderliness, tradition and ritual of having to prepare a celebration for my family. So on this apocalyptic evening, I’m going to enjoy it with the man I love while enjoying some tasty vegan eats. I’m thinking red beans and rice, hoe cakes, fruitcake, egg nog and wine. And we are going to light some candles and get ready for the Sun to grow back.

Peace Family! Enjoy the Holiday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Mine Damnit!

Peace Y’all,

I have been feeling some kind of way about this particular issue for some time. I wanted to build on it before the holiday. Because we are going to watch Roots and I always get emotional when I watch Roots and I won’t be able to get back to this topic until sometime in 2013. But American Black people need to be mindful… We aren’t African.

Yes some of us are melanated and appear to match appearances to people on that continent, but we match appearances to people on many continents, including India (the darkest person I have ever seen in my life was an East Indian man wearing a light blue shirt), Australia, South America and some of the Polynesian islands. So why are American Black people so intent on claiming Africa?

I know most of us are descended from African slaves… a fact deal with it… so that means that more than likely our mitochondrial DNA can be matched to West Africa. But West Africa is a big area and we DON’T know exactly where. Most Black families didn’t keep a Kunta Kintae record of their family tree. So there is no way to know where in Africa we specifically descend and that is super important. Because Africans don’t call themselves “African”. They call themselves by the name of their countries and/or tribes. Calling ourselves “African-Americans” is just wrong and more importantly stupid.

Also… the dastardly thing that we seem to forget is many of the ancestors of the Africans that currently live on that continent were complicit in our ancestors being caught by slavers. So…. Technically it is partly their fault that we are citizens of this wilderness. Yet we strive to claim them as long lost cousins? Really? I have legitimate cousins I don’t speak to because they owe me money. I’m supposed to claim these people? I don’t.

I get why we do it. We don’t appear to have a culture outside the devil’s culture. That is 85% true. We have been fully indoctrinated. We celebrate his holidays, his rites of passages; we have adopted his ways and actions and most unfortunately his values. We would be hard pressed to find the delineation line between us. But one does exist. We don’t do things exactly the way the devil does them. We don’t exactly look at the world the same as he does either. There are some differences; and if we could highlight them and truly celebrate them, we could have the distinct culture that our race hungers for.

Culture is defined as the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. (It’s not lost on me that I used the devil’s dictionary to get this definition) That includes shared customs, language, food and a location. There is a lot that Original Black people on this continent can claim as our own. The problem is we have been led to believe that what we do and create for ourselves is somehow inferior to what the devil does for himself. And have actually been made to feel ashamed for wanting to proclaim the components of a separate, independent culture.

We have soul food… Developed because the white man fed us scraps like animals. I’m surprised he didn’t throw it on the ground. But we took it and made it so tasty the devil wants to eat it. But of course he takes credit for it. Do the knowledge, during antebellum times, wealthy landowners... you know the ones who could afford to own slaves… ate European food. That’s their culture. Why would they develop soul food? It’s not logical. But he could smell it coming from the quarters and when he was done raping Sallie Sue, he was probably hungry and sent her to get him some local vittles. That sounds about right. But we have been led to believe that it is unhealthy. And I don’t disagree with that, but European food isn’t any healthier. Think about this… Turducken, Yorkshire pudding and all them French sauces? Come on son. In this age, soul food can be made healthier and I don’t know any Black person, and I know lots of Black people… southern black people at that… who don’t consume soul food daily. So soul food shaming just needs t stop.

Ebonics is hugely been put on blast. So stupid. Most Black folks I know, know that there is a time and place for everything. We don’t speak Ebonically to devils because we know they won’t understand. If we need work, or interact with them we will speak their language. We know how to turn it off and on. We have been living here for 500+ years. We aren’t stupid. Why can’t we have our own language to use when we are in relax mode? Just like Latinos will speak Spanish in the presence of people they think don’t understand for privacy, I like it that we have that Ebonic option. But of course…. The devil tells us there is something shameful and uncivilized about speaking anything other than the ‘King’s English.” Eff em. I love that my beloved Nation has given me the option of “Nation Speak” in addition to Ebonics. Where I can speak to the God or any righteous person in the vicinity and the 85, 10 or devil won’t know what the hell I am saying.

When I got legally married, I included a broom jumping ceremony in with the other festivities. A she-devil and I were building about the ceremony and, of course, she didn’t know what that was. I explained it to her. She caught a pained look on her face. I thought she was passing a kidney stone. And she asked me, “Why would you want to reenact something so painful for your people?” Really? These people reenact civil war battles all the damn time but this expression of love is too painful for my people? That’s them poo pooing on something that specifically and only belongs to us. Something they cannot take part in; therefore we shouldn’t either. Just like use of the N-Word.

I love Hip Hop. Nothing other than the commercialization of the genre would turn me away from it. But I have old school Hip Hop to soothe my soul. I like old jazz, old blues, certain gospel and reggae. You see where I’m going with this? I like the Original music from people on this continent. But… as always. The devil has interloped in the genre and bastardized its expression to a more savage one befitting THEIR perception on what our culture is. But we are still making good music and we have memories of a time when it was pure. Devils can’t have that so they try to sample and/or erase it from memory.

My point is … WE HAVE A VALID CULTURE. We do not need to hearken to a continent of people who don’t claim us or want anything from us except money. Embrace and celebrate that culture that we do have and you will find it most satisfactory. The 7 and I don’t celebrate Xmas, but because everyone else does we have to make adjustments. We spend the day indoors, watching long movies. In 2010 we watched all 6 Star Wars movies. Last year we watched all 4 of the LTRs. This year …. Roots! This is how you build your own authentic culture.


Monday, December 17, 2012


Peace Y’all,

Like so many people, I have unblogged projects in my closet. When I realize that I have not blogged a project I labor to get it out there. There is, however, a reason why this particular project was unblogged. Technically it’s unfinished. But I’m wearing it without the least bit of shame so I might as well blog it. Shall we?

This little jacket was beyond easy. Seriously. I got the pattern on sale (and I’m not gonna keep saying that because I ONLY buy patterns on sale), it intrigued me. And for $0.99 you just can’t pass on it. Start to finish, my version took 30 minutes. There are 3 pieces. The most difficult part was finishing it off, which I admit; I could have done better… But I Didn’t!


Pattern Description: Misses'/Women's Shawl and Kimono Jacket

Pattern Sizing: XS-XL (I cut XL)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I didn’t really need them. There were 3 (really 4) pieces. I could figure it out

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
This pattern intrigued me. It’s not like I was looking for a kimono jacket. But I thought it was interesting and it was on sale so I bought it. A jacket with ¾ sleeves? Who is that good for? And how does that work?

Fabric Used:
Acetate as per the store. I scored this fabric at a local mom&pop store and I had to take the cutters word for it. It was all of $2/yd. I could play…..

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
There was a piece I omitted from sheer laziness. It would have given the edge a nice finish. I decided to just fold and sew. And it works. I didn’t even do the sleeves, and I have gotten massive compliments on the jacket

Would you sew it again? I think so. I’ll do it right the next time. This might be good for a summer sweater? Or maybe in denim?

Would you recommend it to others? Definitely

Conclusion: Definitely give it try.

I rock this with a belt normally. I have worn it few times. I’ve worn it with a denim skirt and a turtle neck. Not for warmth but for style. Normally I secure it (because it isn’t meant to have buttons) with a belt. But I’m gassy today (I know TMI) and I didn’t feel like a belt across my gut. It’s good for vending too, because you can get this turned around quick.


PS: I think this catches me up!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Me-Made Earth


Yesterday I got into an internet argument with a God. I allowed him to upset me. I must be punished for that foolishness and have no problem punishing myself. So I sewed… which was not the punishment. But the silence was. No TV, no music. Just me and my thoughts and the machine.

There I was laboring on a blouse for about 3 hours with no other noise than the machine, got me to thinking. And I was thinking about my role as Earth in this nation and how I got here.

I am of the unpopular opinion that Earth is NOT secondary to God. I’m not caring how folks feel about that opinion. We are different and perform different functions and tasks. No task is more or less important than what the other does. Deal with it.

But the main thing that I was focused on is that no other person made me Earth. I made my ownself Earth. I did so by acknowledging that the Black Man is God. Now that may seem like I’m defeating my point. That by making said declarative statement means I am saying that the Black man made me Earth. Nope. You don’t Understand the statement OR you don’t Understand God.

The Black man is God. Making that type of declaration changed my life. I lost friends and relatives. It put my job in jeopardy. It makes me a public target of ridicule and confusion. Making that declaration forced me to give up everything I knew and jeopardized my immortal soul. LOL! I had to acknowledge and learn to navigate Yakub’s world manifest without the security blanket/illusion of white Jesus to help me sleep at night and keep me from worrying. Yes; I think I did quite a bit on my own.

Think about how it was before KOS. If you had a problem, give it to Jesus. If it got better, thank you Jesus! He likes money as a gift. If it didn't, well that’s god’s will or you did something wrong. Maybe your faith wasn't strong enough or you hadn't paid your protection money. If you did something you were ashamed of, you could just pray all your troubles away. And don’t forget about the good feeling you get when you go into the sanctuary, singing shouting and cutting a fool. I do miss that part. But you know… I can get that very same feeling at a dope party. Who knew?

My man did not find me in the gutter, pick me up, civilize me and make me Earth by making me his queen. We were two, already civilized people who fell in love. To be honest, I met Precise after I had started taking degrees. I was in the 1-40. But of course he will chime and say…..

Again, I’m harping on the fact that not all Earths share empowered Understanding. If they did, there would be more Earths in this nation. This beautiful and fulfilling nation. And I can see Gods have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Coupled with the tendency for women to either NOT HAVE 120 with their own Understanding or not every try to teach another woman our numbers will remain low and foolishness, like polygamy, will abound.

But is that just a woman problem? People have a tendency to do as told, when told. If someone tells you something, that’s all that is needed to show and prove; not doing the Knowledge for self. They think “doing the knowledge” is demanding the person giving you the information to validate it for them as well. REALLY? That’s reminds me of the carfax commercial. Folks are demanding to see documentation that the car is legit from the people striving to sell it. If you bad enough to buy a car, you should be bad enough to buy your own subscription to the service. I have known of folks tricked out of their blue book because they bought a vehicle based on faked carfax information. And I have no sympathy when you don’t do the knowledge for your self and take someone else’s words on face value.

I have had a pseudo Earth claim I lied about something but couldn't go anywhere passed just calling me a liar. When I questioned her she told me I didn't have the right to do that. So she can lay a claim at my feet, not substantiate it, but I’m wrong? Even though she could not prove her claim, folks believed her because they like her or wanted to. That’s some bull. I check when my mother or God tells me something. I’m not rude about it. I just do my duty. But that’s what we have these days. And it’s not just a Nation issue. It happens all over. But we in Allah’s nation are supposed to be above that. We are supposed to be a beacon of light for the 85. Our light needs polishing.

So that I’m not just jawjacking…. What can be done? Educators… Explain PRECISELY what “doing the knowledge” means. And make them do it from time to time so they get comfortable. Non-newborns… Get at your own information. Earths….. No where does it mean you have to have the same Understanding as your God. Precise has made statements and holds opinions that I don’t agree with. But he is entitled to his cee, as am I. Does that mean we have to break up? Emphatically no! But I don’t go challenging him on everything he says either. That’s just common sense. If you did that all day you would have no friends or people who wanted to be around you. Be respectful. Also… I am the type of Earth that stays sharp with my lessons. I think about them. I recite them. I draw up different Understandings. It’s not just for me. It keeps the God sharp too. He’s not going to let his Earth be sharp and he’s not.  The sign of a real God. Steel sharpens steel Boo Boo. Don’t be so dull that there is no point in building. Pussies are soft. And if that’s all your striving to be then cool. But if you are a true and living Earth… Woman Up!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sex Shaming


This is not one of my normal builds. But it is something that I KEEP seeing and it KEEPS pissing me off. Sex Shaming…

Sex Shaming is when external folks try to make another feel bad about their sexual proclivities. Now I get the shame part if it causes harm to another. If you are a rapist… get shamed. You molest children…. Get shamed. If you hurt another person… get shamed. But folks go too far….

When I was in grad school, I had a roommate who was bitching that her new roommate (after I graduated) had been having sex on her sofa. I could not understand why she was pissed. But I let her vent. Hell, I had sex on that same sofa. What is the big deal? I had slept on said couch, had monthly accidents on that couch, why not get my freak on on that couch? Communal stuff. Shit happens…. Needless to say the next time I visited her, she had a new couch.

Another chick was shamed because she had slept with over 20 men. Actually she was shamed by her pastor and her fiancé’s mother. Why is that shameful? So she likes sex? Big deal. She is in her late 30’s. I could see if she was 18 and at 20. but even that isn't shame worthy. Is she having unprotected sex? No. Had she ever had a disease? No. Did she support herself with a square job and her own crib and car? Yes. Did she have a bunch of kids? No, she didn't have any. So why is it shameful for her to have that sex number?

I was reading an article about a person (they didn't mention the sex of the author but I assume it was a female) had a huge problem with her brother and sister in law having sex in a bathroom while staying as guests in her home. Folks be like, they should wait. WHAT? The reason I assumed it was a female was because she heard the commotion on a baby monitor.

This is my question…. Why do folks find sex so shameful? It’s why you’re here. This last election cycle showed the Republican males were very invested in what happens with a woman’s body. Only the males, though. Republican females were strangely silent on those issues. I wonder why…..

Sex is an activity like any other. It’s enjoyable and one should keep an eye out for safety. That’s it. Solo. Single. No more lo less. I run and I like it, but I watch where I’m going, carry ID, $ and pepper spray. No one shames me for being a runner. Well teenage boys do but that’s another build (and what the pepper spray is for).

Why are clergy so invested in the sex lives of their flock? That is absolutely none of their business. I have cursed out church folk for trying to get in my personal life. And truth be told, the ones who were the most interested also were the ones to make a power move. Seems like clergy should be PRO-sex. More sex = more people. More people = more protection money payments.

Why are folks so interested in whether or not gay people marry? Why do you care if you aren't gay? So somehow your gay neighbors (and we all have them) will somehow attack you if you don’t guard against them legally joining their lives??? That is cray cray. Gay people marrying is no different that any other marriage. Do have a problem with interracial marriage? Interdenominational? I object more to GMO’s than to gay marriage. It ain't my business. What folks object to is what they are doing in their beds and that is none of your business unless you happen to be invited.

I have never understood why ‘virtue’ was a desired attribute for women…. But not for men. Somehow it is preferable to have a frightened inexperienced girl underneath them than a grown assed woman who knows how to get her and the man off. I’m not a man so I don’t get it. Is it undesirable for a man to have a woman with experience? Usually when I hear that foolishness I chalk it up to small equipment. And I know that’s a sensitive topic for dudes. Why do men have issues with women who have been with other men when they have been with other women? There is no Equality in that.

Assigning any special feelings to the process of copulation is done by the people doing it and not the people telling you about it. If I had a child, I would encourage them to wait for love, but if they didn't, I wouldn't have a problem with that either. I would never shame my child, my friend, my mother, my sibling, my coworker, anybody for choices they make that affect them and only them. That’s how you be grown.

You wanna masturbate? Get the lotion. You want to dress like a baby and get spanked? Do it! You wanna have an orgy? Order enough food! (I have heard orgies partakers become ravenously hungry, and you know it makes sense…..) Are you a pillow princess? Lay back. Are you gerbil jammer? Just get it back out alive. PETA will judge you. Whatever you are into…Do YOU!

When folks hear my annoyance with this phenomenon they assume I am a total slut. When I was single I would have dudes disrespectfully try to put hands on me. LOL! They learned. I ain't that chick to put hands on. I’m not saying I’m a slut, I’m not saying I’m not. That’s my grown woman business. And you need to keep your nose out of it.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's Mathematics: Happy Halloween

Two little Black siblings (boy and girl) were dressed up and trick or treating on
Halloween. They walked up to a racist white lady’s home and rang the bell.
When she opened the door she asked the children who they were supposed to be.
The children said, “Jack and Jill.” The racist lady said, “No. You need to find
another idea before I give you some candy. The siblings went home thought of a
new idea, changed their clothes and went back to the racist lady’s door. When
she opened it she asked them again who they were supposed to be. The siblings said, “Hansel and Gretel.” The racist white lady said, “Your not getting it. You
are little Black children. You need to be something Black. Jack, Jill, Hansel and Gretel…. Those are white. Figure it out and I’ll give you some candy.” Well!
The children went home and thought about it. Then they went back to the white lady’s house, got in the bushed and took off ALL their clothes. They stood there
Buck naked and rand the doorbell for the last time. When the racist white lady answered the door she was shocked. She then asked, “Who are you?” The children answered, “Hershey bars. One with nuts and one without!”

Peace Y’all!

It’s that time of the year…. Halloween. I dress. If you consistently follow me, you already know that. When I was a child, I went to a school that had a tradition of having the students choose a character from history make a report, give a speech and wear a costume. My mother… being as militant as she could conceive, always dressed me for someone out of Black History, and made sure that the testimony I had was powerful and my costume was on point. No poor wretched looking broke down slave wenches for me. And she made sure I had a POWERFUL speech. There was an evening assembly to go along with the promenade and she made sure all the devils in attendance learned something. She also found folks with vans and bussed in a bunch of my friends and church people to the festivities. That school that had a total of maybe 20 Black people (and that included pre-school to 12th grade) would be inundated that night. I continue the tradition.

Meet Lt. Nyota Uhura from the USS Enterprise --- Original series. Uhura means ‘Freedom.’ Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture/Freedom. I chose to be that embodiment of Today’s Supreme Mathematics….


Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 AF: Hunters Moon


This is it and I’m caught up until next month. Whoo hoo!!!!

October’s Full moon is called the Hunter moon and the corresponding Actual Fact is The Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun.

I have been giving the concept of ‘hunting’ a lot of thought lately. Hunt is defined as Pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food. I’m a vegetarian and I’d like to stay one for the rest of my life. But others aren’t. In the past folks had to ‘hunt’ for their food. This time of year marks hunting season. I have a godmother, whose old man was a hunter. This time of year you couldn’t find him. He’d be hold up in the bush for months. He had a cabin out there and everything. He would resurface every now and then with dear meat or some other type of game. One of my father’s employment incarnations was a butcher. So Daddy would sometimes dress a dear with him. SMH. Yuck. Liquor was involved. They were old men. He would hunt and prepare, dear, bear, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit and all kinds of stuff. They wouldn’t tell us what the food was until we had taken a few bites. The things they do to children….

As a vegetarian the Harvest of crops is the important thing for me. But what happens if crops fail? They can you know. With global warming things are changing. And have you noticed that the new focus on television is prepping for disaster? Is the TV world telling us the bottom is about to fall out? Might we need to rely on the old ways to survive? Do we even know old ways? Suffice to say, if folks loose electricity tomorrow, unless you’re a prepper or Mormon, we will be out there looking for squirrels to eat to stay alive.

The Earth is the planet that we all live on. And where as I see that humans are playing very light and loose with environmental responsibility. But the Earth is a big girl. She will shake us off when she is done with our antics. Of that I’m sure. You know why? I’m Earth; the planet is a reflection of me. And I will only take so much bullshit before it’s on. That being said…..

Just because we have a peaceful existence right at this present moment. Doesn’t mean that we should get comfortable and stop acquiring knowledge. We need to keep bring new information on board. We need to Born new Understanding of the whats and how to do things. So that we are never caught wanting when the bottom falls out.

And for real that is not going to happen to me. I KNOW how to garden. I Know how to sew and cook. I can make alcohol. I have a small book on foraging and I know the general rules. I do not know how to hunt. The 7 can do that. But I have seen animals dress and my aunt taught me how to kill and dress a chicken. I won’t starve.

Will you?


9:AF - Harvest Moon


I swear… When I think I’m caught up I slip out. Got to be more careful about making these challenges too myself. Let’s get it started…..

September’s full moon is called the Harvest Moon and the corresponding Actual Fact is Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

Light travels faster than sound. And a harvest is ghetto-forically defined as cashing in on effort previously put out. Religiously, you reap what you sow. No attempt made to sow, no harvest forthcoming.

What I get when I add these concepts together is…. I doesn’t matter what is said. It matters what is seen.

I have had the opportunity to work on several boards through the course of my life, and some constants exist no matter the cipher. You cannot jaw jack if you want to be taken seriously. There is nothing wrong with making plans. But plans don’t count. What counts is the work on the table that can be seen by other people. That will be the ruler that you will be measured.

And harvest is a magnification. Just as the speed of light is a large and fast number, so is harvest. Think about it. From 1 small seed one grows multiple fruit which will yield thousands of seed. For perennial plants the seeds yield will last for many years to come. Harvest is the shit! It’s the reason for the effort.

So what does that mean for AWM? There is nothing wrong with planning. Having Ideals (HA!) is wonderful and necessary. That is the gestation process. But it’s just jaw jacking if you don’t put them in action. At some point Knowledge must be put with wisdom to manifest a result (Understanding) And the harvest comes when Understanding is multiplied upon itself 3*3=9.


Dead or Alive


Today’s degree in the 1:14 is one that has been lingering in my mental for a few days. Luckily, today gives me the opportunity to build on it. Not that I couldn’t just build on it whenever I felt like it, but for reasonable orderliness I will leave it there.

Many see that degree to mean that you need to keep your word. I don’t disagree with that. When I was a girl, my father instilled in me that a man was only as good as his word. And he always kept his word with me. Whether good or bad, wrong or right, even if it hurt him to. I used to joke and say that I’m not a man, nor would I ever be. His response was, “This is how you recognize a real man, because real men keep their word.” He also said that I should always keep my word too. Because if I didn’t no one would want to be bothered with me. And I think that is the essence of this degree in this form.

But as I was rolling the words around in my mind, I got to thinking…. Word =Bond and Bond=Life. So Word=life. OK. That makes sense. Knowledge Knowledge borns Wisdom. OK. Wisdom is wise words ways and actions; actions rooted in Knowledge. OK So…. Word = Wisdom. And when you look at it actions like movement, thought, consciousness, breathing are all prerequisites of life. If you can’t do all of those things, you have returned to the essence. If you aren’t living your dead. So therefore righteous people who are true and living and fully manifest this culture are displaying “Wisdom.” So if you die, your word/life has failed or simply stopped manifesting Wisdom. Said either way, you’re buried/cremated. And not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing. Because all born owe a death.

Also, what happens when G’ and E’s purposefully decide to leave a cipher? They become dead to said cipher. It is a common adage in our nation that one needs to be “seen and heard” to be taken seriously. Seen and heard are manifestations of Wisdom. Therefore if no one knows you, you don’t exist and you are essentially dead.

I love it when you can draw up multiple builds on one degree. And frankly, isn’t that the purpose of the degrees in the 1st place?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Understanding


The God Application Latik Seymou Allah offered this story at the last Universal Parliament. It is a perfect illustration of today's math…..

Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding were walking down the street when they came upon a dead rottweiler. Knowledge proclaimed, “I have all the INFORMATION needed to put this dog back together and bring him back to life!” Wisdom proclaimed, “I know how to DO all that is necessary to put this dog back together and reanimate him!” So Knowledge and Wisdom got down to work.

Right before 1 and 2 were done with their project; Understanding interrupted them and asked if they could stop until he climbed up a tree. 1 and 2 didn’t question him but did as he bid. Once comfortably in the tree, 3 called down to his comrades, “Carry on.”

1 and 2 got the dog reanimated and found it to be ferocious. The dog killed 1 and 2 tearing them into pieces. But understanding was safe in the tree.

Take the best part.


Thursday, September 20, 2012



My Aunt died on Wednesday September 12, 2012. She was a GREAT aunt. A perfect Aunt. I am a little devastated and will miss her tremendously. She’d been sick with Alzheimer’s for a long time and I knew it was just only a matter of time. That’s the logical Serenity. The emotional Serenity wanted her to get better and live forever. I’m selfish and I admit it.

My Aunt was a lot older than my mother. Her son is nearly the same age as my mother. So it was like I had 2 grandmothers. And Auntie was the nice one. Not saying MaMa (grandmother) wasn’t a good grandmother, she just wasn’t gushy like you see other grandmothers to be. And she died before I could appreciate her.

The thing that brought it home for me was the funeral. I have mentioned that this cipher has lost a few Gods recently. I have been relatively detached from their passings simply because (a) I didn’t know them like that and/or (b) I am usually rational and can see and appreciate the larger picture. But mostly for this reason…. They weren’t my people. I have been righteous for 4 years and that’s as long as I have known those Gods. I have known my Auntie my entire life! She has been there for me and my family for my forever.

This death is technically the 2nd family death since I became righteous. But it’s the 1st truely raw death for me. My father died in 2008. I was 3 months righteous then, but still kind of going to church. So the mystery god thing was still very present for me for that death. But Auntie…. This death right there came raw, with no Vaseline. I know my Auntie is gone and I won’t ever see her again. That shit is a hard sell. At the funeral the preacher was preaching hard and folks were receiving comfort from his words and all the funeral songs, but I wasn’t getting any. I will feel this way, until I feel different.

And that is the reality of our culture people. Unadulterated raw truth. When folks, animals, whatever die… they are dead. They are not coming back when white Jesus comes back. Jesus is dead too. You will not see them again. All you have are the memories and that’s it. That’s all any of us will have to leave. And be mindful that we all had a beginning (birth) so we have an end (9,10:10). Be mindful that one needs to prepare as much for that as one has concern for it. You want to be buried a certain kind of way, you need to put that on paper and pre-pay for it. If you don’t care, then make no plans; and you will get what you get. But you won’t know… you’ll be dead.

So let’s keep this mathematical. Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Cipher abbt Wisdom. How do our actions affect the cipher? What is owed by individual G’s And E’s? Our duty as civilized people is to teach the savage…. The prescribed laws of Islam for said person of that ability says that as I have abilities I need to use them to further the work of my beloved and chosen nation. Teaching and working... Both of which are Wisdom if done with Knowledge.

My Auntie was hard working woman. She had a high school diploma and that’s it. She worked retail all her life. She drove a 1974 Chevelle until the state took her license in 2002. Her house was always paid for. She kept a “garden” bigger than my office and she ‘put up’ preserved food. She raised and killed her own chickens and could cook her ass off. She always had enough to share. And share she did. My Auntie was a Christian woman… an evangelist, a missionary, a steward, a choir member, etc. My MaMa held the same titles. And my mother works hard in her church with many of the same titles. But Mommie can’t sing; go figure. When I was a Christian I worked hard in my church. I was a steward, an usher, a Sunday school teacher, a choir member, a missionary, a class leader and an usher. I was not unusual for me to go to the church every day of the week. I guess I got that honest. But I am not a church lady anymore. I’m Earth. But just because I don’t share my ancestors’ faith doesn’t mean I relinquish their responsibility of doing for others. I currently work had for my cipher. And I will continue to add on in the fashion that the women who raised me do.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Now for the Blue side....


It would not be fair to not blog on the DNC they way I blogged on the RNC. The problem is….. I have nothing truly negative to say about the DNC. I’m a Democrat and an Obama supporter. I have not been disappointed.

I will say this. I am a democrat because I chose to be. When I 1st registered to vote, I registered as an Independent. I wanted the freedom to vote my conscious without feeling like I was welching on my word. I don’t get why they make you choose in the 1st place. It has to do with who’s eligible to vote in the primaries. And for that I understand. I have cast presidential primary votes for Barack Obama and Al Sharpton. I would not have been able to do that unless I was registered as a Democrat. But the rest of that is straight ridiculous. One should ALWAYS vote one’s conscious. And when I truly did the knowledge on the parties and accepted that the Republicans did not have my interests at heart; I registered as a Democrat.

Democrats represent my interests. Case closed. I am a Black, female, educated, student loan paying, check to check living, middle class individual. I am not a white, male, rich corporation. So my voice and my needs must be heard if I expect to survive and navigate this age. Democrats do that. Republicans don’t.

Also, I don’t know President Obama personally. He doesn’t know me either. It would be insane for me to expect a person who doesn’t know I exist to hook me up. A lot of Black people expect that. The job description of the POTUS is to administrate for the masses of folks that live in this country.

One of the things I noticed about the DNC was its diversity. There were all kinds of people there. Rich, working class, old, young, gay, straight, military and every color of the rainbow. It was the melting pot that America is supposed to be. Melting pot is not my word or even a phrased coined by Original people. It’s their (devil’s) word; yet they want to keep America American. What they mean is they want to keep America white with a few coloreds to do the work they don’t want. I actually am concerned that should the President be re-elected the Republican party will fold. They are to ridiculous to be taken seriously. They are the party of they mystery good and not doing the knowledge. They manipulate their followers (4:14 & 28:40) with emotion, propaganda and rhetoric. None of which are truthful. I worry that the tea party will emerge as a legitimate party. That is scary.

I loved the speeches and I loved how every single American has been represented. The Democratic party is the party of thinking individuals. I expect them to prevail. But that is me, Serenity. In the back of my mind I know there is a contingency of people who dislike the president because he is Black. If Obama had been a white man (with a white name) and done everything exactly how he has worked this last term, I would have no doubt that he would be re-elected. Because he is a Black man, there is a certain group of people who feel like a Black man in the highest office is unacceptable. Those people worry me. But the Republicans are doing their part to alienate folks who would have voted their way. I think what is going to eventually happen is the alienated Republicans will chose to abstain from voting rather than vote for the Black man. That way their consciouses will be clear and they can sit at home and hate on this Black man.

Did y’all not love Michelle Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s speeches? They put on front street the President’s accomplishments this term. That should speak for itself. But if it doesn’t to you, consider this…. President Obama kept every single one of his 2008 campaign promises. He 11:14’d. Do you? Has he not shown and proven that he is worthy of our support? He has mine.

Tonight is the President’s speech. I am all excited and isht. I will be tweeting and facebooking the entire speech. Then tomorrow I will download the speech to paper and analyze the hell out of it.

This is how America works. Learn the process.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Damn, I used a lot of semicolons!


I have been watching the Republican National Convention this week as much as my schedule permits. I am not a republican nor do I have any intention of entertaining jumping ship in the November election. I think it’s important to see what the other team is doing. Especially now.

I have always been lightly interested in presidential politics. My family is VERY political. My mother has an amazing mind for politics and my father, brother and brother-in-law were local politicians in my hometown of Paterson (with 1 damn “T”) New Jersey. My father was also a registered Republican. That made for very interesting conversation between my parents; my mother being a staunch and registered Democrat.

In case y’all were unaware…. Prior to MLK, most Black folks were republicans. Abraham Lincoln was a republican; and Black folks felt they owed some allegiance to Lincoln for their freedom. Because Kennedy and Johnson were such adamant supporters of the civil rights movement, Black folks jumped into the Democrat camp and this is where we have stayed for years months and days. I watch both conventions; Democrat and Republican.

Have you noticed that when the party looking to unseat the sitting president uses all it’s time to talk shit about the current president? It’s shameful really. If you played a drinking game by drinking every time they said, “Obama” you would be drunk in and hour. Everything these people say is slanderous toward the president. But that is to be suspected. They need to get their people in a frenzy and sway them to the right… The far right. If you drank every time you saw a Black person, you would remain painfully sober.

This is what I have noticed….
I wish instead of erroneously pointing out the president’s perceived flaws (they aren’t), why don’t you tell us… EXACTLY… What is your better plan? Are you afraid if you don’t get elected, then the president will steal your ideas? If there good and valid ideas why would you care who implements them? And do you know what republicans fail to mention? The ENTIRE planet is in a recession. The European Union is about to crumble. Muslim countries are in constant flux. China owns everything in the white world. But that stock isn’t valuable if they fall. It would be like confederate money after the war. There is no way the US economy can come back while we are dependant on foreign anything. The best way for us to come out is to (a) print more money and (b) turn inward for all our products. Go back to ‘Made in America’ status. Then everyone who wanted one would have a job. Keep your eyes on South America. They aren’t really involved strongly in world politics and are one of the only places where colonialism hasn’t gone to the extremes it has in other places. Africa to some degree as well. Think about this… If Bolivia fell, would it affect you??? Once the smoke clears, I am betting they will be near the top. Time to learn Spanish, y’all.

Republicans claim that the president is soft on foreign affairs. Really? The USA is now respected abroad rather than feared. Now I am not mad at fear as a tactic; it works. But respect is far more profitable. You fear and avoid a school bully. But you seek out and want to support the nice person. We aren’t the smartest or most capable people on the planet as the media would have you believe. We are not on the top of anything except military. Seriously do the knowledge. Not education, not healthcare, not technology only military. We don’t even have good credit as a country! We are the bullies of the planet and other countries fear us. With the election of our current president, countries have come to respect us. They think we are evolving in our mentality as a nation.

The attack on gay folks and women is atrocious. Yes I lump us together because our issues are similar. Cis white men are trying to control our gonads. The sad part is they don’t see it as an attack. They think they are doing what’s best for us. Like we are children and we need them to tell us what we already know. I am not gay, but I am a woman. I don’t need a republican in my bed. I assume gay folks feel the same. Rape as defined by me, is anyone in my pussy, mouth or ass without my permission. Case closed. And I gives not 1 fuck who gay people choose to mate with or how they live their lives. It’s not my business. It isn’t yours either. Republicans go too far. They want to outlaw both abortion and birth control. WTF??? Basically they don’t want you to fuck unless you’re married. And by banning gay marriage they think gay people will automatically stop fucking. Really? And abortion is not… fun. Women who have abortions aren’t unaffected by it. I would dare say an abortion is a decision that haunts a woman the rest of her life. But outlawing abortion is not going to stop them. It will just stop them from being safe.

Education... these republicans kill me on how they don’t want anyone to have a college education accept the rich. They are all rich and wouldn’t be politicians unless they were educated. So that right there gives me concern. They call education... ‘elitist.” Then they must consider themselves elite. And everyone else is what? Stupid? Yes. That is what they are calling you. I have a degree. In fact, I have 2 degrees.

The Poor… Now this shit is hilarious. They claim the democrats are waging a war on the middle class. They say the current administration has made government too large. Do you know who the largest employer of middle class individuals is? The Federal government. If the federal government gets smaller, then the middle class will shrink as the poverty numbers swell. The republicans also want to get rid of social programs that aid he poor. So let me understand… They want to take away middle class government jobs and then take away poor benefits. Basically only the wealthy should be allowed to breathe. Is this the hunger games? And guess what. That’s not just minorities. White folks would be affected negatively by their policies too. So why aren’t more poor and middle class white people democrats? Because they hate minorities and feel like they could be affluent if they applied themselves. Who am I to burst their bubble?

What republicans are not speaking on is our warming climate. You know why powerful civilizations of the past failed? The weather changed. Do you think Egypt of antiquity was a desert? A desert could not have supported a large population. The weather changed and people could no longer feed themselves. If you can’t eat where you are, you move to where the food is. The US gets most of its food from abroad. Did you know that? They tell you at the supermarket. Soon we will all have to migrate to Ecuador or Chile because that’s where a lot of our food comes from. But since global warming is a hoax according to the republicans; they have no plans.

And religion…. Republicans are Christian by default. They call this country a Christian country. It’s not. If they peruse the Constitution… and you should too because it’s free online…. They would see that no where in this country’s founding documents does it mention the Christian God. Muslim countries have it written in their constitutions… “We are the sons of Muhammad….” The problem with claiming a religion in a non-religious country (which the US is btw) is it makes the erroneous assumption that Christianity will always come out on top. And that isn’t necessarily so. More and more US citizens claim to be either atheists or agnostic. You know… thinking people, who recognize that religious people are crazy. There is proof that this planet is more than 6,000 years old, that we didn’t ride dinosaurs and that creationism is just stupid.

If you’ve read this far, I’m impressed. A lot of G’s and E’s say that politics is bullshit and should be ignored. I disagree. Politics is the reason why folks do bids for possession of weed. It’s why you pay the amount of child support you do. It’s the reason why a bag of apples cost nearly $4. And the reason why you are having a hard time finding a job. It’s why you have to have cable or a converter box to watch television that used to be free. Everything that we touch every day has politics attached to it. If you don’t pay attention… i.e. do the knowledge as we are supposed to do as civilized people… We will get gaffled. When you call a CSR have you ever wondered why they have accents? It’s because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), a law that Bill Clinton signed that made it cheaper for companies to outsource (send jobs to other countries) than to do business right here. Subsequent presidents have not repealed said law. Doing business here requires that you pay employees a minimum wage, provide them with benefits, etc. You don’t have to spend that kind of money in China, India or wherever they are. That’s politics. Used to be you could get a paycheck to see you through school. Not anymore. Those easy jobs have gone the way of the buffalo. And folks who already have challenges… like prison records… have lost an important avenue that used to be exploitable. Still think you don’t have to pay attention to what these white politicians are doing? Why didn’t you write your congressman and senator complaining that that was a bad idea back in the 90’s??? It was bad back then and still is. Why aren’t you asking them to repeal it today? Oh… they are just devils, huh. With whatever resources are left, they will feed their families first.

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday, September 3, 2012. It’s Labor Day and most of y’all aren’t working. Maybe you should watch. Doesn’t cost a thing if you already have a working television. It’s not on a fancy pay channel or anything. There is nothing shameful about paying attention to that which will affect you. It aids you in Understanding the Cipher at large.


PS: Like how I threw in today’s Supreme Mathematics?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon - 13:AF I am on time!!!!!


This month is the month where we get a “Blue Moon.” A Blue Moon is a second moon in a given month. Months and seasons were designed on the solar calendar. But the lunar calendar is different. It is a 28 day calendar versus the 365.25 day calendar of the Sun. Within a given year there will be 13 moons. So there will be 1 month that gets 2 full moons. And that month for 2012 is August. Women on a 28 day menstrual cycle will have that 1 month a year where they have 2 starts of their periods. That should quench any curiosity to why women are considered "Moons" or why the moon is considered feminine.

The Blue Moon is ignored by the Abrahamic religions, but oh how the pagans love it. There is paganism in my past… long story… And I remember the hoopla attached to a Blue Moon. Anything you put in place during a Blue Moon lasts until the next Blue Moon which can be a year away. Think about that… You put a curse on someone; it can’t be lifted for a year. You bring some energy in your life during a Blue Moon it’s there for a year. Kind of like a cell phone contract.

The Actual fact that I think is appropriate for this moon is the Knowledge Understanding degree. Since there won’t be a 13th month in any year. That is the long and incorrect degree of 12 trillion, 478 billion, 118 million 400 thousand square inches.

My God/educator had me do the math to this degree using the information provided in other degrees to show and prove it. Actually, I had to show and prove everything in 120. I did. It was annoying. But the calculation gives square inches and not regular inches like the degree states. You can’t be mad at T.H.E.M., he only had a 3rd grade education but he got more right than he did wrong. And who doesn't make the occasional mistake?

So what do these 2 completely different concepts have in common with Knowledge Understanding abbt Culture (yes… I abbt) and me/Earth? I cee it to mean the importance to Understand what you Know. That separates our Culture from Yakub’s world manifest.

What distinguishes religion… any kind of religion… from NGE is belief. Belief makes things spooky. Belief is acceptance with no Understanding or just taking things on face value. Religious people use the word 'faith' to describe this concept. And the description in their holy book, reinforces the habit. (Hebrews 11:1) That is what constitutes religion. Just fervent cluelessness. Lots of G’s and E’s will accept degrees in 120 without doing the knowledge. If you know folks that do that… call them on it. If they don’t have a logical answer… and is there a logical answer for not doing the 1?.... Then you know that individual is NOT true and living. NOT God or Earth. A pretender.

Why Serenity, that is harsh…. No it isn’t. I’m a woman of strong opinions. My cee is our Culture isn't being guarded and defended like it used to be. We let in all manner of mixing diluting and tampering in nowadays; and no ones says a word. Why are we trying to be so nice? That is messing with the integrity of our Culture. And what is so hard about doing the Knowledge? Once foolishness is put in place, it stays in place for awhile until someone is bold enough to take a stand. And don’t get it twisted. That bold God or Earth will be ostracized by folks who think it’s easy to just lay back in the cut, or who want to make us more user friendly. Not saying the harshness is always warranted, but it is tradition.

I Understand what I know. And if I don’t, I don’t act on it until I do Understand. It’s okay to not know, not be sure or to be wrong… being wrong teaches lessons…. But it’s not okay to be cool with acting in ignorance and call it science.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14:SA - Now, Nation, End


Today’s degree in the Supreme Alphabet as “N” Now, Nation, End. It’s one of those letters with multiple meanings that must be considered together (i.e. H, L, T, etc). I see the Knowledge Culture coordinate of Now Nation End, to correspond to Past Present and Future. Now is clearly the Present. Nation is the future and End is the past.

When dealing with these 3 concepts, many people tend to blur the boundaries and mix, dilute and tamper with them blending them up in a stew where you cannot differentiate the ingredients. But the individual concepts must be clarified to make understanding understood. Especially when Acknowledging the Culture.

When considering our Culture we need to be mindful of our heritage. Allah choose some grimy individuals to be his 1st born. But he cleaned them up. So many people think that in order for one to be a proper God or Earth that one needs to first be grimy. No. That type of thinking must End. Not discriminating against the grimy, but there is nothing wrong with turning our magnetic towards the non-grimy. They/We have a lot to offer to our Culture. AGAIN… not trying to cast any shadows on the grimy…. BUT…. They tend to not work square jobs. Previous incarcerations prevent a lot of our brothers from obtaining gainful employment. And where as they have a lot of love for our Culture, they can’t do much in the way of bringing gold to the table to able our outreach. I’m just saying. Women with many many many children, employed or not have to work super hard just to pay the childcare expenses. So they can contribute neither their time nor their energy to the work of the cipher. I have seen it over and over in many different ciphers. But I get why folks are a bit hesitant to reach out to affluent 85ers. We may feel like we have nothing to offer them that would enhance their existence. But the truth is powerful and you don’t know where their heads are. Many of them feel drawn to our existence but since we don’t extend the invitation, or we are too aggressive with our demeanor. Seriously, we have to get it together if we want our Nation to grow. And isn’t that our duty as civilized people? To teach?????

Clearly the definition of Now puts us right in the current state. Now. Not later, not before, Now. I see the elder Gods go into the past to deal with the present. And not that there is anything wrong with remembering history…. You must remember that there are things that exist in the present that didn’t exist just 20 years ago. Internet, Google, Facebook, twitter, cell phones, race walking, etc. You cannot expect to draw up people by just standing in a cipher on the street. You cannot. Folks will google us and find that a 5%er killed Michael Jordon’s father or that we are a gang and move the hell on. We need new strategy for the people of today. Also… We cannot be so future oriented that we are not currently good. We cannot say, “Wait until we get our money up” to do work in the community. There is no such thing as the right time.

And of course the future of the Nation lies with our nation itself. We can add our Knowledge of the Culture and be Powerful… or we can choose not to. But whatever the decision is… It’s ours to make.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Question of Earth


I know this post will not be popular especially coming from me… a female. But so the fuck what? My blog. My cee. It is unfortunate that it must be like this… but I get very annoyed building with other so called Earths.

When one goes to a NGE event there will be men, women and children. Remove the children for your mind for now. They come back later. So now you have just men and women. For the most part, you can assume all the men you see are ‘God.’ You can’t say the same for women.

Now the definition of God tends to be clearer than the definition of Earth. The 1:10 degree has a beautiful definition of what it means to be God. And I was taught by my educator to make all degrees applicable to myself so it also supplies a beautiful definition of what Earth is. But not all women approach that the same way I do.

When I partake of Nation events, I know that 85 men aren’t just rolling up and through. If there are Black men there, most likely, they are my righteous brothers. The women… Not so much. When it comes to the women, I don’t know what I’m getting. I might be getting a true and living Earth with 120. I might be getting the God’s jump-off who cut church for the free food and has a bag of cracklin in her knock off LV. My approach is different in different scenarios. But I need to know first and that is where this gets shady….

There are many ‘Gods’ who define ‘Earth’ as simply their woman; however it comes up. Just any woman that they have a relationship with. Whether they donated sperm and nothing else to said female’s creation or is donating sperm for fun. The woman could have NO degrees or have 120 on cap. The woman could be going to church every day, be white, be bisexual, have a perm, never wrapper her head, and be a stripping drug dealer with a killer chitterling recipe that includes regular Doritos. Yet she is Earth. I disagree with that. A LOT.

I’m not mad at women who aren’t working on 120 or who have been working on it for years months and days. I recognize 120 is not necessarily a female requirement. But it should be! For a number of reasons….

(1) Women aren’t stupid. We learn anything we need to. 120 is no different.

(2) Women need 120 for their own edification and enlightenment just like men do

(3) Women with 120 in a relationship with Gods with 120 add on to create a righteous and harmonious Universe and bring forth babies in said righteous environment who will eventually learn 120 and continue our nation. At 47 years, we should not be solely relying on recruitment to increase our numbers. We should be using reproduction. But when a God denies his woman 120 that is what happens.

(4) I ASSUME Gods deny their women 120 so they can’t get called on their bullshit. ‘Nuff said.

(5)Another assumption is when Gods are through with these so called Earth, the women have no standing in this nation. I’m old. I was a teenager in the 80’s in northern NJ. I was “Earth” back then (while eating the bacon and sausage my evangelist mother cooked every morning with grits and eggs. That Sizzlelean was the truth!). Back then being Earth meant you had a boyfriend who was God. I used to go with my high school sweetheart via bus to Newark every week so he could get a degree. He was slow and needed help to remember them. That’s where I came in. I helped him remember the degrees; in the process I learned them too. But me learning degrees was never the focus. It was about the young God and his expression of the culture. I was never encouraged to do anything in/for the culture. Cutiepie and I were the same age. He didn’t last. Like I said he wasn’t that bright. He never made it out of the 1:36 because the elder God kept saying he needed to remember previous degrees and he couldn’t for some reason.

Another example for (4)… One of my best friends was dating a powerful God in our local cipher. He taught every one he could. I thought he had an addiction. But guess who he did not teach? His woman/baby mother. She went on to have his seed, then he bounced. Because of the God’s prowess, no God would touch her with a 10 foot dick in northern NJ. So now her Sun who has a righteous name, happens to be a devout Christian. I heard the God is married to an 85er has more children without righteous names and lives here, but I have never seen or heard from him….

Now here is the argument that doesn’t hold water…. “Who am I to tell a God how to handle his business? If the God says it, it is so!” I say to that, “Bullshit!” Do you think it was easy memorizing 120? Ask Precise Infinite Peace Allah. He did not take it easy on me just because I was his woman. I was his student. And where I was mad then… I’m not mad now. I can stand perpendicular on my cipher. And I’m not crazy. Do you think it is easy being in a headwrap and 3/4th everyday? It is not. I work in health care, not some hippy dippy spot. I have to answer 50-11 questions all day long. “Are you and African/Muslim/Rasta/whatthefuckever?” all damn day long. I was accosted by some children because they thought I was Muslim and asked, “Why do your people want to kill us?” at Kroger. And at every cipher, every internet group, every where I go and interact with my own people…. I have to defend myself from Gods who think my place is in the kitchen and dutifully shutting the fuck up behind my man while fanning him, rubbing his feet and feeding him grapes. You think that’s easy? Think again if you think it is. But I do it because it is the right thing to do. I work to keep 120 fresh in my mind. And I do my duty as a righteous person and teach those willing to be taught by me.

So for Gods to say that their white woman is Earth, when clearly the 2:10 says they aren’t… pisses me off. When I labor to keep swine out of my life in all ciphers, and this so called Earth is eating Doritos, gummy bears and washing it down with an orange soda… I have a problem with that. If she isn’t your woman but God is just fucking her and giving her the same 2 degrees in the Supreme Alphabet and you call her Earth. I don’t like that, and will make knowledge born. If she has a righteous name because her father was God, but she knows NOTHING about my culture. She ain’t Earth.

I am not about bestowing a title that I earned and continue to earn on just anyone. So if you bring your chick around me calling her Earth, y’all both better be prepared to be tested. Her to determine her status; and you to determine your integrity.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8:AF - Full Sturgeon Moon


This month has 2 full moons. That means even at the beginning of the month, I’m already late. Oh well. Builders build…..

The Actual Fact that corresponds to this month’s first full moon is “Sound travels at the rate of 1120 feet per second.” The moon that Native Americans (that is where I get all my moons from. They are Original people too) is the ‘Full Sturgeon Moon.” Sturgeons are a large fresh water fish. Apparently, this was the time it was easiest to catch these fish. So N.A.s could tell you what was for dinner this time of year. Also… Sturgeon eggs are caviar. Though the devil claims the only sturgeon that makes caviar are those from Europe. They discriminate against fish too.

The human body is composed of organs. Some organs we have only 1 (knowledge) of while others we have two (wisdom). We have 2 Ears but 1 mouth. Hands and 2 legs, but only 1 heart and 1 liver. I am her to dispute that.

If you truly do the knowledge…. The organs that we superficially seem to only have 1 of, are actually multi chambered, multi hemisphered or multi lobed. We have 1 brain, but that brain has 2 hemispheres that are broken down into lobes. The brain also has a cerebellum that is considered the primal brain that is responsible not for thought or reasoning but for those habits we can’t live without, like breathing automatically. The liver is also multi lobed. So much infact that you can share you liver with a relative. So where as those who don’t consider things fully, will not be building effectively. But not so much because they are being superficial, but because they are being immature. And when you are a child, you cannot eat the food of adults. You don’t even eat at the adult table. And sturgeon is adult food. Feed a child fish and they will complain about the bones. And rational adults would never feed a child something so grown and expensive as caviar. Take a child to a fancy restaurant and chances are, they will request a hotdog.

So the degree is correct 11 the 2 then 0.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I get the Job Done.... I work... Baby!

"The question at hand... Is how do I love thee."
~Big Daddy Kane


Often times, I have witnessed Earths who are reluctant to build on any God degree in SM, SA and 120. Why? When you actually find Earths who want to build, they say it is because they understand that building is to make degrees and such applicable to themselves and they don’t see themselves in the degrees or they don’t see how a ‘God’ degree is applicable to the Earth. Trust me… I hear this a lot. A lot more than I care to. Well I am an Earth that is not scared to build on ALL of the degrees. This Nation is as much mine as it is the Gods.

Today’s degree in “The Meat” is, “How fast does our planet travel? 1,037 1/3 mph.” I like this degree from an Earth’s standpoint, and from a woman’s stand point. The 1st 8 degrees of the 1-40 all mention ‘Earth’ in them. This one doesn’t. But it does mention ‘our planet.’ I take ‘our’ to mean Original, and ‘planet’ to mean women. We all recognize that planets are females. So this degree is applicable to all women, Not just Earths.

This degree points out that even though planets rotate around a sun…. They still spin on their own axis. Some spin clockwise, others counter clockwise. Hell, some roll. But planets are not lazy and shiftless. They all work and have their OWN work to do, and they do it. All while traveling around the Sun. I think about this every time I rise early and take of things that Serenity needs vs. what we need. I think about how my mother and her women friends labored alone to make sure they had everything they needed. I consider this when I consider the relationships between Original men and women raised in single mother homes. Oh... we put in some work.

I was watching a documentary with regard to the Earth’s moon. And I was reminded of how awesome the moon is in stabilizing the planetary rotation of the Earth. I say reminded, because I majored in Zoology in college. And my college has a planetarium. Hail, Hail Dear Alma Mater!!!! No other planet has a moon as large as the Earth in comparison to it’s size. But the moon doesn’t spin on its axis. I suppose since it doesn’t spin it doesn’t have an axis. That moon that you see up in the sky, is the same piece of moon you and everything on the planet with eyes has been looking at for time remembered. The dark side of the moon is NEVER presented to the Earth. The changes in phase are due to the Earth’s shadow projected on the moon. I bet you didn’t realize the Earth had a shadow. So the moon is always full, you just can’t always see it. I bet that is killing it for them Wiccans!

Another consideration is we in this Nation refer to the baby girls as moons. That is so appropriate. They revolve around their mothers as the moon does the Earth. Children restrict their mothers’ activities as the moon restricts the Earths activities as well. (Without the moon, the Earth would wobble on its axis) And there will be sides to that girl child her mother will never see. Trust me on this. I was a girl, and I knew other girls. We sneaky.

So we as Original women have our own work to do, in addition to maintaining that 93 million mile elliptical orbit around the Sun. In all the work we do to maintain order in the Universe we find ourselves in, we don’t get to be negligent of our own responsibilities to our personal selves because we are grown.

A lot of us may not be in a relationship with God. That doesn’t mean we get to roll about doing whatever. We have to be that Supreme Being to ourselves and handle our business appropriately until the right God captures us with his magnetic. We are the prize, ladies. Don’t forget that.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Whenever I build on the God degree in the Actual Facts, I tend to relate it to… err…. Something on the God…. Teehee. I might say, “I want to climb Mount Everest.” Or something like that. Especially since it is the "God" degree. But this is an Actual fact and Actual Facts have everything to do with the Earth so I need to make this applicable to me.

July’s full moon is called the Full Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon. FBM refers to the time of the year when male deer begin to grow their horns…. And horns in many cultures are considered a sign of male prowess and/or an aphrodisiac. Thunder is the sound 2 clouds make when they bump into each other. And there is something a little energetic when it is thundering LIGHTLY and the rain begins to fall. Queue the music…. Still, these moons aren’t making it easy to build on the Earth… So I will take the best part.

Mount Everest is 29,141 feet.
Feet = 12” Which is about…..

29141 is abbt Build Through Knowledge God. Knowledge God is “Queen” in the Supreme Alphabet. So I will draw this up and make it applicable to me as Earth…

There are several ways Gods (7) and their Queens (17) can build (8). One way is sexually. So many people view sex as a negative. I don’t get that. I’m a grown assed woman who has been grown for sometime. I know how to handle my business. It’s not like it’s a secret how to prevent pregnancy, disease and a bad reputation. There is nothing wrong with building sexually. It is what keeps life going on the planet. Mount Everest is the highest point on the planet. And climbing said range is enjoyable (Build) but can also be dangerous (Destroy). What makes the difference is the individuals engaging in the activity. If the Man is God and the woman is his Queen then according to the definition of the titles, these people should be engaging with all the problems quelled and just enjoy the activity. And if a seed/soil results from the activity it will be a joyous outcome. However, if the man is a joker and the woman is a chicken head, then based on those titles the result of that coupling can’t be anything but foolishness. Because those individuals are working from a damaged perspective and this is how it’s done for them.

Now folks don’t just fall in God/joker or Queen/chicken head category. There are gradations in the spectrum. But you do need to ask yourself if you are Mt. Everest or if you are planning to climb it, where you fall.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Religious People


I feel drawn to build on religion this day. I don’t think people get what religion is or how it works. The dictionary definition is… The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal god or gods. The word belief and worship are more important than the word god. Belief implies a mystery and worship implies actions taken in response to said mystery. But folks treat many things as religions. The “According to Serenity” definition is believing (there goes that word again) and/or doing something without knowing and/or understanding the reason why. And this is the definition that many people… Gods and Earths included…. Fall victim to.

Now the reason I feel drawn to this particular build is because I keep seeing examples of people, sometimes righteous people doing shit that is at its core religious. And it needs to stop. It’s not in line with what we teach.

We know we don’t do belief. But the 95 (85 + 10) always try to discredit this policy with mass foolishness. Saying shit like, “You can’t not do belief.” And then throwing up some stupid example like, “How do you know the bus will come?” or “How do you know you know you will get paid on payday?” Previous experience is knowledge so those really aren’t valid questions. And there is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know if it’s followed with “I’m doing the knowledge.” We don’t profess to know everything. Be we do profess that we will 15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.16 But shun profane and vain babblings, for they will increase unto more ungodliness (2 Tim 2:15). Yes I can step in all ciphers!

Example 1: A God’s brother had a headache and the 7 suggested that he do fire breaths to relieve the pain. The brother did it and it worked. Did either one of them understand why it worked? No. But the fact that it worked was enough for them. Well, you may say Serenity what’s the big deal. The big deal is now there is mystery cure. Why not claim that lord god almighty from the planet Risk cured the brother from head pain? Why not give up some protection money to the local church/temple/mosque for the healing? You get gaffled by not doing the knowledge. Now what happens when the dude who suggested the fire breaths makes another suggestion? It will get attention and consideration no matter how far fetched. And I ain’t mad at the suggestor. He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s up to the individual to do the knowledge for self. I’m quite sure the suggestor knew the physiology behind the therapy.

IMO religion got started with this type of unsubstantiated belief system. There was some nugget of information that got passed down through generations without anyone substantiating the necessities and eventually it became spookism. This is how 28:40 got to work. Folks were just doing stuff because. You acquire enough beliefs, you have a religion full of crazy assed dogma.

Example 2: When I was in college I had an apartment with 4 other roommates. We went grocery shopping as a house 1 damn time. You know why we couldn’t come together on one accord for the long haul? Because of acquired beliefs. One big argument in the grocery store was over what type of dish detergent to buy. Each of us wanted to buy a different detergent but we couldn’t say why one was better than the other. Eventually we realized… after a long, loud and public argument that almost got us expelled from the Piggly Wiggly…. That the reasons we had these allegiances to dish detergent was because our parents used said detergent. That’s a dumb assed reason to be attached to a detergent. As many people are attached to their mystery belief systems.

Example 3: I used to keep packs of Kool-Aid in the drawer with the cutlery. I had no reason why I did it. I just used to take it out of the grocery bag and put it in there. That’s where my mother kept it, that’s where I kept it. I came home one day, mouth fixed UP for some purple… yes purple… Kool-Aid. It wasn’t in the drawer. Unbeknownst to me, my roommate had moved it to be where all the non-perishable beverages were located. She wasn’t home and I couldn’t reach her to find out where the Kool-Aid was. I had to go to work unsatisfied. But when I got home…. I ripped her a new asshole for moving my Kool-Aid. It wasn’t pretty. Fast forward 5 years. The same roommate was helping me wash dishes at my mother’s home. She opened the cutlery drawer and found packs of Kool-Aid sitting there and shrieked. I laughed. My mother was sitting at the table confused. Roommate asked Mommie why she kept Kool-Aid in the drawer. She said I was about 3, she came into that same kitchen and found me perched precariously on the counter trying to reach the Kool-Aid. She said she knew eventually I would hurt myself so she moved the packs to a safer location. I was flabbergasted. But… I was free of that bit of religion.

Do you follow a particular sports franchise because that is what your forbears followed? You have religion. Do you shop at the same stores because that’s where you mother or some other entity said you should shop there? Then you have religion. Do you wear certain types of garments because you were told that’s what you should wear? (This, too applies to Earths who wear a head wrap without true understanding what 3/4th is or why)You have religion. Do you drive the same route someplace even when you are aware and assured that there is a quicker, shorter, less expensive routes; but you won’t consider it? You have religion. Do you take medicine from your doctor without knowing exactly how it works? You have religion.

Another danger of religion is that it always gets violent. It has to. If folks are holding on to bullshit with a thread, they must fight to prove that the bullshit is worth it. Otherwise they are the fool. And who wants to be a fool?

Religion isn’t always about a mystery god. But it is always about a mystery. It is our responsibility as righteous people to always be doing the knowledge. “… By not letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value.” That is a very real part of one of our degrees. As is what is the duty of a civilized person? This culture is not easy, but it’s just and true. Now if you can’t deal with that and you need your mysteries to keep you warm at night go get them. But you aren’t my brother or sister when you do that.


PS: I still keep Kool-Aid in the cutlery drawer. I like it there. It reminds me that my mother was once concerned about my well being.

Monday, July 16, 2012

6 AF : Strawberry Moon


The full moon in June is called the Strawberry moon and the AF it corresponds to is the Equality degree: Deserts are 14 Million square miles.

Strawberries are a fruit that has been grafted to be available year round. But the grafting process is not perfect. The weakness there in is Strawberries found off season are not as sweet as the ones you find in season. Personally, I find that my Original mouth is sensitive to off season strawberries. I have a slight allergic reaction to grafted, off season strawberries. Combined with the actual fact I draw it up this way….

There are people who haves knowledge of our culture. I’m speaking not of the 5% but of others. I live build born culture miles from the root in the Bible belt. I wasn’t righteous when I lived closer, but I was well versed with the Nation. I didn’t say stupid things to the Gods and Earths. I didn’t make ridiculous assumptions about the culture. Now that may have everything to do with the way northern folks are socialized in comparison to southern people. But there is a strong possibility that because of my previous proximity, there is a higher concentration of affiliated individuals.

I’m not going to pretend that I adore Atlanta. I consider this location a “grafted strawberry.” I t looks like a strawberry, but it’s out of place and when you taste it, it disappoints you. Folks here do not have a true knowledge of our culture.

Here are some examples of how a little bit of Knowledge about our Culture can be a dangerous thing…

Example 1: I have a patient (who is also a bootleg evangelist) who asked me why I cover my head. I said I was a citizen of the Nation of Gods and Earths. This man did a bid and claimed he knew all about the God and proceeded to give me erroneous information. When I, a true and living Earth with 120 on cap, corrected him, he went apeshit. Telling me that he didn’t need me to tell him nothing about my Nation because he knew everything already. I thought maybe he didn’t want to be corrected by a woman… then why did he come into my office????... so I gave him the God’s math so he could build with Precise. He didn’t want that either. Then I ever so gently reminded him why he was in my presence in the 1st place and we went back to business.

Example 2: One of our brothers recently returned to the essence. The organizers of his memorial wanted to have the service in a church (you already know how I feel about that). The church had no knowledge of our culture, but said they would get back to the organizers. When the church responded, it was negative. They googled us, decided we were a gang and we were denied their facility. They didn’t want to build with us. They just made the call.

Now here is a pleasant example of in season strawberries….

Example 3: The God and I used to participate in the neighbor association at our previous address. Monthly we would walk the subdivision with our neighbors. Many of the people in the subdivision relocated from NY-NJ area. Once we told them our righteous names (Because that is what we use in casual ciphers) they knew we were different. We told them we were 5%ers and many of them recognized us. We were greeted warmly by them. And those that didn’t know were in a comfortable place to learn.

Example 4: I have a patient from Brooklyn. On maybe her 2nd to last appointment we were joking around and she confirmed that I was from up top. Then she said, “You remember this? What’s to day’s mathematics?” and laughed. I smiled and gave it to her. Then I proceeded to build on the math. She looked at me, then my headwrap, then my clothes and screamed, “Peace Earth!” She scared my coworkers. Then she told me that she was from ‘Medina” and she used to be Earth back in the day and so on so forth. She asked my righteous name (I use my given name at work, because Serenity can’t cash checks). I gave it to her and from that day to this one that’s what she uses. When my coworker asked her why she called me Dr. Serenity, she said it was out of respect.

I have the stray person see me at work and ask where the parliaments are. Men have asked me for the Gods math. They know how they should behave in the presence of the Earth.

Now what does this have to do with deserts? A lot. Do you want to live in a desert? I do. Atlanta is a dessert. A whole bunch of crap you cant use to feed yourself. Historically only crazy folks, extremists and criminals live in deserts willingly. There isn’t enough food in the desert for humans to survive on. The desert is dry and the desert forbiddingly hot. Very little grows in the desert. There are dangerous snakes and scorpions in deserts. If you’re in there too long you go crazy from dehydration and start hallucinating. That is Atlanta to me. But our cipher is the Oasis, blessing the ATL with knowledge. But our cipher here is small. Eventually we will expand it to the point that folks will not just associate us with a prison gang but with the positive builders that we are.

At least that is my goal.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge.

Cipher is the only Supreme Mathematical coordinate that must be paired with another coordinate. Think about it. There is no date that’s just 0. “Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Cipher…” No. It can’t happen. But that says something about Ciphers…. My initial definition of Cipher that was given to me by my very 1st educator was, “A person place or thing complete unto itself.” But I no longer agree with that. Person place and thing are singular in form. Ciphers are communal. They need to be shared. You cannot give an example of a cipher that has just 1 life attached to it.

When righteous people hear the word Cipher, they instantly think of the local area or the human circle with within the Gods Build. That is not incorrect but it’s not complete either. Ciphers exist everywhere. Your family is a cipher. Work is a cipher. Friendships are Ciphers. Hell, the people you commute with to work is a cipher. We drift in and out of Ciphers all day, every day. Some are pleasant. Some are not. It is what it is.

When I hear do the Knowledge to the Cipher I take that to mean, pay attention to what is going on around you in a respectful manner. Because the definition of Knowledge is to look, listen, pay attention and respect. The addition of respect is not a submission. People frequently eff up the definition of respect. Respect means that I acknowledge your cee on a particular subject and will not take steps to shit on it. Respect doesn’t mean I agree or will participate.

So when you do the Knowledge to a Cipher you are taking in all the information that is available so that you can make your own unique determination about whether you wish to add on with that cipher. Adding on is doing something and action is Wisdom. Then once you have done the knowledge and added on, you can truly understand what that particular Cipher is about. But if you skip a step, or go out of sequence you will never have accurate understanding. And isn’t understanding the best part and the goal? Otherwise why did you expend the effort?

I know that this is a simple build, but my duty is to share/reflect (not bring) my light with those who don’t know. And your duty as experienced civilized siblings is to add on.

Love y’all!