Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Religious People


I feel drawn to build on religion this day. I don’t think people get what religion is or how it works. The dictionary definition is… The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal god or gods. The word belief and worship are more important than the word god. Belief implies a mystery and worship implies actions taken in response to said mystery. But folks treat many things as religions. The “According to Serenity” definition is believing (there goes that word again) and/or doing something without knowing and/or understanding the reason why. And this is the definition that many people… Gods and Earths included…. Fall victim to.

Now the reason I feel drawn to this particular build is because I keep seeing examples of people, sometimes righteous people doing shit that is at its core religious. And it needs to stop. It’s not in line with what we teach.

We know we don’t do belief. But the 95 (85 + 10) always try to discredit this policy with mass foolishness. Saying shit like, “You can’t not do belief.” And then throwing up some stupid example like, “How do you know the bus will come?” or “How do you know you know you will get paid on payday?” Previous experience is knowledge so those really aren’t valid questions. And there is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know if it’s followed with “I’m doing the knowledge.” We don’t profess to know everything. Be we do profess that we will 15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.16 But shun profane and vain babblings, for they will increase unto more ungodliness (2 Tim 2:15). Yes I can step in all ciphers!

Example 1: A God’s brother had a headache and the 7 suggested that he do fire breaths to relieve the pain. The brother did it and it worked. Did either one of them understand why it worked? No. But the fact that it worked was enough for them. Well, you may say Serenity what’s the big deal. The big deal is now there is mystery cure. Why not claim that lord god almighty from the planet Risk cured the brother from head pain? Why not give up some protection money to the local church/temple/mosque for the healing? You get gaffled by not doing the knowledge. Now what happens when the dude who suggested the fire breaths makes another suggestion? It will get attention and consideration no matter how far fetched. And I ain’t mad at the suggestor. He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s up to the individual to do the knowledge for self. I’m quite sure the suggestor knew the physiology behind the therapy.

IMO religion got started with this type of unsubstantiated belief system. There was some nugget of information that got passed down through generations without anyone substantiating the necessities and eventually it became spookism. This is how 28:40 got to work. Folks were just doing stuff because. You acquire enough beliefs, you have a religion full of crazy assed dogma.

Example 2: When I was in college I had an apartment with 4 other roommates. We went grocery shopping as a house 1 damn time. You know why we couldn’t come together on one accord for the long haul? Because of acquired beliefs. One big argument in the grocery store was over what type of dish detergent to buy. Each of us wanted to buy a different detergent but we couldn’t say why one was better than the other. Eventually we realized… after a long, loud and public argument that almost got us expelled from the Piggly Wiggly…. That the reasons we had these allegiances to dish detergent was because our parents used said detergent. That’s a dumb assed reason to be attached to a detergent. As many people are attached to their mystery belief systems.

Example 3: I used to keep packs of Kool-Aid in the drawer with the cutlery. I had no reason why I did it. I just used to take it out of the grocery bag and put it in there. That’s where my mother kept it, that’s where I kept it. I came home one day, mouth fixed UP for some purple… yes purple… Kool-Aid. It wasn’t in the drawer. Unbeknownst to me, my roommate had moved it to be where all the non-perishable beverages were located. She wasn’t home and I couldn’t reach her to find out where the Kool-Aid was. I had to go to work unsatisfied. But when I got home…. I ripped her a new asshole for moving my Kool-Aid. It wasn’t pretty. Fast forward 5 years. The same roommate was helping me wash dishes at my mother’s home. She opened the cutlery drawer and found packs of Kool-Aid sitting there and shrieked. I laughed. My mother was sitting at the table confused. Roommate asked Mommie why she kept Kool-Aid in the drawer. She said I was about 3, she came into that same kitchen and found me perched precariously on the counter trying to reach the Kool-Aid. She said she knew eventually I would hurt myself so she moved the packs to a safer location. I was flabbergasted. But… I was free of that bit of religion.

Do you follow a particular sports franchise because that is what your forbears followed? You have religion. Do you shop at the same stores because that’s where you mother or some other entity said you should shop there? Then you have religion. Do you wear certain types of garments because you were told that’s what you should wear? (This, too applies to Earths who wear a head wrap without true understanding what 3/4th is or why)You have religion. Do you drive the same route someplace even when you are aware and assured that there is a quicker, shorter, less expensive routes; but you won’t consider it? You have religion. Do you take medicine from your doctor without knowing exactly how it works? You have religion.

Another danger of religion is that it always gets violent. It has to. If folks are holding on to bullshit with a thread, they must fight to prove that the bullshit is worth it. Otherwise they are the fool. And who wants to be a fool?

Religion isn’t always about a mystery god. But it is always about a mystery. It is our responsibility as righteous people to always be doing the knowledge. “… By not letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value.” That is a very real part of one of our degrees. As is what is the duty of a civilized person? This culture is not easy, but it’s just and true. Now if you can’t deal with that and you need your mysteries to keep you warm at night go get them. But you aren’t my brother or sister when you do that.


PS: I still keep Kool-Aid in the cutlery drawer. I like it there. It reminds me that my mother was once concerned about my well being.