Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wisdom Born

Peace Y’all,

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom. Wisdom is a verb… an action word. Born means bring into existence. So what have my actions brought into existence?

I was building with a friend of mine and I was remarking that I had a lot of vacation time that I had no idea I had. Like 67 hours. Back in February, there was a snow/ice storm that had me out of work for a week. I assumed that I was out of days because of that. And keeping my eye on the future, I see that the last week in December the office I currently work in/for will be closed. So I’m mentally preserving time for that. No point in having time you aren’tusing, right?

Anywho…. My friend asked what my summer plans were. I said that I was looking to take some time off. Even more if I was not going to be employed here in December. He asked if I was looking for work and I answered yes. He laughed and said “You are always looking for work. You’ve been saying that for the last 8 years.” And he was right.

I have been wholly unsuccessful in my hunt for gainful employment. Yes I have a job, but it barely pays my bills. I mean I squeak through every month. Sometimes the squeak ain’t enough. But I continue to work here because a half a cookie is better than no cookie at all. I’m grown. And other grown folk can testify that sometimes you gotta shift into survival mode. (Its funny how broke-assedness will pull the ebonics out of you) And that’s where I have been for nearly a decade.

So how must I adjust my Wisdom to make it my goals/gold successful? I don’t have that answer. So will go and sat down somewhere and think about this, because clearly my actions up to this point have been wholly ineffectual.

Stay tuned.


Monday, June 13, 2011

What is his own self?

The God and I have been building on this topic for a minute. He cees it one way, I cee his point, but still cee things differently. It’s based on the type of people that exist. I cee it as Original people, and devils. That’s it.

I base my view on 1,2:10 and 22-33:40. The Student enrollment defines the Original man and the devil. It’s very clear. The Original man is the Asiatic Black man. The colored man is the caucasian white man; Yacub’s grafted devil. Be mindful it is not my ambition to quote degrees here. So it’s two divisions of people; Original and devil. And devil = colored. 22-33:40 goes on to specify how they were created. With in that protocol having been established now we can break down percentages.

When it comes to the percentages, this is where folks can get confused. Anyone can fall into the percentages. 14:40 describes the 85%. No where in the degree does it say the 85 is all Original. When it speaks of the 10% it doesn’t classify Original or devil either. And guess what? Neither does the 16:40. The only classification 16:40 makes is “on the poor part of the planet Earth.” Now we know the entire planet cannot be considered the “poor part” so it must mean in the areas and continents designated as such; North America and Europe. But devils can be 5% and Original people can be 10%. Look at Eddie Long. That man is pure 10%. And I must admit that there have been moments in my life where a colored person has done me an unselfish solid. And I bear witness that not ALL colored people are evil colonizing killers. Not all of them. And not all Original men are God and not all Original women are Earths. B.U.T…. all caucasian are devils and she-devils. Remember, 2 kinds of people, Original and devils/colored people.

Now I am guessing the problem with the designation is the word ‘devil.’ It does have an bad connotation. Even in our degrees devil is defined as weak and wicked. But let’s look at things…. Devils are weaker than Original people. You don’t need a scientific degree to see that. Yeah there are Dirk Novitskis who are bigger than the average Original person and devil but that is an exception rather than the rule. But just because the word has a familiarity doesn’t mean that that’s all there is for said word. Take the word ‘God,’ when the 85 hears that, they think we mean it the way they mean it. They think that the true and living God has all the attributes and abilities of their mystery gods. And we know this isn’t reality. Their mystery gods don’t have all those attributes and abilities. But still that word is powerful.

So do I think all white people are evil? No. Do I think all white people wake up and purposefully plan to take over the world? No. Can I be cool with a white person? I have in the past; I am in the present and probably will be in the future. Are ALL white people devils? Yes. It is what it is.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is the meaning of Civilization?


I work in an office where 75% of the patients are Original. The boss is a devil though everyone else who works here is Original. Don’t take this the wrong way…. We don’t take Medicaid. We have a refrigerator, kind of a wine cooler, in the waiting room. My boss fills it with 12 oz juices, water and Gatorade. There is also a Kuerig coffee dispenser. It’s all complimentary for our patients. But clearly folks don’t understand what complimentary means. It means one beverage per patient per visit. My vet has the same setup. In addition to beverages, they also serve cookies and sweet treats. It’s way snazzy. Much better than what you get in this office. My vet is a she-devil and most of her patient’s owners are devils and she-devils. There is a huge fucking disparity between how the human patients get down and the way the vet parents get down.

Daily, the staff of this office MUST police people to make sure they don’t clean us out. Now I’m not one of these people who take the personal feel to a job. I don’t see anything here as ‘mine.’ But I have witness it with my own eyes, people taking multiple beverages and stuffing it in their bags when they think no is looking. When told that it is one patient per visit, they get angry; almost like they want to throw it down. B.U.T. when the boss shows up, there is a lot of hemming and hawing, foot shuffling and looking down at the floor. Really? Why it is our people behave so uncivilized?

The reverse also occurs daily. This time it’s usually the old people who are scared to get anything. First they ask, “How much?” When told it’s complementary, they get nervous, sit down and stare at the machines. I have volunteered to make the coffee when I see their hesitation, but they truly are frightened. And this is a phenomenon I have only seen with our Original patients. Devils seem to be much more comfortable. And don’t get it twisted, not all devils are balling. There are some broke assed devils out there that sport a hot mess even in a professional building. But they seem to take things in stride differently than our own people. I find this disturbing.

Why do we do this? Do we still fear the devil? Are we afraid that there will be some type of divine retribution? Are we just this ghetto? And it’s not the education thing because a LOT of the offenders claim to be educated. I have even asked folks, and the answers I’ve received are just a level above ‘iggnant’ foolishness.

Can y’all shed some light?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I came to Build!


What is the science good people? I’m in a playful mood today. This is not a Build all full of doom and gloom. I must admit I’m a better blogger when I’m pissed, but I can blog when I’m fair to middlin’. Teehee. OK. Onto the build….

Righteous people, I have a question…. What is your definition of “Building”?

Let me tell you why I ask…. A few years ago I was included in a hot and angry internet e-mail back and forth. And One Earth said to another, “You know we Build every month!” Earth II said, “No we don’t. We just talk on the phone once a month for a few minutes.” Hmmm…… Lately, I get requests from newborn Earths to BUILD and I say, “Alright go ahead” and don’t hear back from them or they leave subject too vague for me to respond. Hmmm……. And my God is fond of saying, “I’ll Build with you later.” He has always kept his word to me so I suppose I’m getting built with later. But we don’t necessarily discuss degrees. So clearly the word Build has a plethora of meanings.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word build as “v. construct by putting parts of material together; develop or establish.” At Parliaments/ Rallies, the G’s and E’s stand in the cipher and give their interpretation of the days Math and or degrees. The common Supreme Mathematic definition for Build is adding on that which is positive. So my take on the word Build is if you are doing something positive then your Building. I call my blogs Builds because I’d like to think that I’m doing something positive here. I have another blog for BS sessions. I don’t gossip or talk about the latest happenings on the Tell-Lie-Vision. I’m making Knowledge Born to the world or at least folks that read my blog about my experience as an Earth in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. I Build.

But I can see where regular everyday conversations can be considered building. Even the sweet romantical ones. As long as one is moving towards a positive direction, I see that as Building. If you are learning something useful, I see that as Building. But not all learning Builds. I googled the recipe for crack and not only found one, but found a pictorial tutorial. That is definitely NOT Building Even though I learned something new. And I’m not perfect. I read a lot of celebrity gossip. I browse some less than reputable sites. And when I do, I don’t call that Building.

It does beg to ask the question of why don’t we call foolishness, “Destroys”? Why don’t we say when people post buffoonery all over their blogs that they are Destroying. Or when you hear some stupidity slip from a politician’s mouth you say, “He dropped a crazy Destroy!” I guess it can go one way but not the other. Usually when I hear righteous people refer to the 85’er, they call them the “Destroy Powers.” Though some call them “Build Powers.” I hear more of the former than the latter.

So tell me how y’all cee it. And for all y’all new Earths that wants to Build….. Be prepared to drop it!