Monday, June 13, 2011

What is his own self?

The God and I have been building on this topic for a minute. He cees it one way, I cee his point, but still cee things differently. It’s based on the type of people that exist. I cee it as Original people, and devils. That’s it.

I base my view on 1,2:10 and 22-33:40. The Student enrollment defines the Original man and the devil. It’s very clear. The Original man is the Asiatic Black man. The colored man is the caucasian white man; Yacub’s grafted devil. Be mindful it is not my ambition to quote degrees here. So it’s two divisions of people; Original and devil. And devil = colored. 22-33:40 goes on to specify how they were created. With in that protocol having been established now we can break down percentages.

When it comes to the percentages, this is where folks can get confused. Anyone can fall into the percentages. 14:40 describes the 85%. No where in the degree does it say the 85 is all Original. When it speaks of the 10% it doesn’t classify Original or devil either. And guess what? Neither does the 16:40. The only classification 16:40 makes is “on the poor part of the planet Earth.” Now we know the entire planet cannot be considered the “poor part” so it must mean in the areas and continents designated as such; North America and Europe. But devils can be 5% and Original people can be 10%. Look at Eddie Long. That man is pure 10%. And I must admit that there have been moments in my life where a colored person has done me an unselfish solid. And I bear witness that not ALL colored people are evil colonizing killers. Not all of them. And not all Original men are God and not all Original women are Earths. B.U.T…. all caucasian are devils and she-devils. Remember, 2 kinds of people, Original and devils/colored people.

Now I am guessing the problem with the designation is the word ‘devil.’ It does have an bad connotation. Even in our degrees devil is defined as weak and wicked. But let’s look at things…. Devils are weaker than Original people. You don’t need a scientific degree to see that. Yeah there are Dirk Novitskis who are bigger than the average Original person and devil but that is an exception rather than the rule. But just because the word has a familiarity doesn’t mean that that’s all there is for said word. Take the word ‘God,’ when the 85 hears that, they think we mean it the way they mean it. They think that the true and living God has all the attributes and abilities of their mystery gods. And we know this isn’t reality. Their mystery gods don’t have all those attributes and abilities. But still that word is powerful.

So do I think all white people are evil? No. Do I think all white people wake up and purposefully plan to take over the world? No. Can I be cool with a white person? I have in the past; I am in the present and probably will be in the future. Are ALL white people devils? Yes. It is what it is.