Monday, March 28, 2011


Peace Family,

I have got a lot on my plate. I must admit it; I am NOT superwoman. I can’t handle what I have and I am looking for suggestions to manage. Let me explain ….

The normal life I was accustomed to living, meant: work, TV, hobbies (reading & sewing were the biggies) and the occasional dinner. I’d do housework one day of the weekend. That was how I had existed for years, months and days. Now… add on P90x workouts, cooking every night, can never seem to get the house clean, God/Earth time and a few extra cipher activities. I’m exhausted by 9pm every night.

The first thing to go was the hobbies. Try as I might, I can’t seem to find the time to enjoy them. When I get to them, I’m tired, or I feel guilty for doing them rather than something else that seems more pressing, or I’m just too tired. When I’m tired I make mistakes. And that is no fun.

And even with the hobbies gone there still doesn’t seem to be enough time for everything. I feel very overwhelmed. And you know what I do when I feel overwhelmed? Nothing. Seriously, I nut right up and sleep. So now, there is even more crap to do. I’m at a loss and seriously welcome any advice.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

9000 miles from home....


Lately I have been pondering how unnaturally most of us live. Sounds crazy but what I am saying is people have gotten away from a balanced natural existence with nature.

We get up in the morning before the sun rises to an alarm… Go sit on the toilet… Take our vitamins…. Dress in polyester…. Get in our cars/busses/whatever….. Go to our indoor jobs with the thermostat set on 72…. Eat our processed lunches…. Go home in traffic, annoyed… Get home and feed our families more processed genetically modified food or even worse, fast food…. Let our babies play Wii… Do some chores with caustic cleaning products… Wash our clothes with animal fat covered in perfumes… Go to bed with the bed bugs and possible with the TV on. Does this sound natural to you?

Now I’m not on a soapbox. I freely admit that I do many of the above. But I am actively working on being more natural. I don’t eat meat. I am not into the acquisition of unnecessary items. I sew. I thrift. I read actual books. I grow vegetables (not a whole lot). I make an effort.

Many people are unaware that there is even a need to reconnect with the planet. I often question parents to why they don’t let their children play outside. They would rather their children play on the Wii like that is the preferable way to play. Folks buy everything at the supermarket pre-made. You don’t know what is in that or how they made it. I really hate minute rice or those boil in the bag numbers. If you can’t make your own rice, you don’t deserve to eat. I laugh out loud when so-called conscious vegetarians are shocked to find that soap is made from animal fat. OUT LOUD! I want them to remember. I ain’t mad at the omnivores, but don’t get all skeeved when confronted with how your meat makes it to your table. All that antibiotic use in animal feed doesn’t bother you? Have you ever seen an animal butchered? I have, when I was in college. Let me tell you this… I had to get real hungry before I could eat another piece of animal.

If you live walking distance to a venue, walk rather than drive. Recycle. Get a bike with a basket and a chain lock. Cook more than you eat out. Learn to make bread. Cook from scratch. Make your own condiments. Make your own cheese. It’s really easy. Make your own sauce and pancakes. The internet in all it’s evilness has some good points. You can learn to do almost anything online. Learn something useful. We need to take Jerusalem back.

Should I ever come into some real money, I’m buying a farm. No I’m not going to kill myself, I mean a real farm. I will keep goats, chickens and maybe some other livestock. Not for their meat, but for their milk and eggs… Maybe fur. I will grow veggies and grains. I’ll can them jokers too. I already know how. I already make all my own clothes and a lot of personal products. But if I had the room, I’d give free classes. Another thing that irks me to no end…. With all of this available housing, why are people insisting on having a house built from the ground? That is environmentally irresponsible. All these vacant business areas with yard around it could become community gardens. What happened to bartering?

There is so much that every individual can do that would green the planet but so many don’t. I suppose behaving in that fashion makes one think that they are in a recession or something like that. I have heard old people reject things because it reminded them of something they had to deal with during the great depression and they just wanted to forget it. But every lesson has a value.

I’m not pointing fingers at folks. But if this build has got you thinking then my purpose for writing it has been fulfilled.


Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Still Pissed.....

Peace Y'all.

This isht happened almost a week ago and I can't let it go. I am hoping that blogging it will be cathartic...

There was a rally Sunday. The God and I went. We always go if we can. Not going means we aren't in town or one of us is ill. Otherwise we are there. The cipher here is still 'organic.' Granted, a little less, but still pretty out there; and small compared to other places. At said rally we democratically organized the cipher.

There was a God there who I knew... somewhat... who was agreed upon to be an elder. One of 4. he comes around, but not frequently. But I did know him. I suppose his new title gave him some courage, because he decided that he was going to force the Earths in attendance to build. Had he been on time, he would have seen and heard Earths build. He did preface it by saying that he wanted us to to introduce ourselves. This is the shit that pisses me off.

What was his reasoning for doing this? All of the Earths in attendance had been introduced at previous rallies. Rallies he wasn't at. And there were Gods there I'm certain he didn't know, who hadn't built. But he wasn't saying anything to them. I felt picked on. And you don't want to be around me when I feel picked on it's just a hop skip and a jump from stun gun time. Remember the last time I went to church?

For those of you unfamiliar with my Nation and it's customs, being in attendance at a rally does not obligate you to build in the cipher. Three chicks built and I and another didn't. The 'Elder God' was still trying to get us to build. I looked dead in his face as an offer to try me.

Why is it men feel especially vindicated in picking on women? Let me tell you something.... I WILL NOT be a victim. I ain't that chick that gets slapped around and I ain't that chick that gets cheated on, used and abused and all I do is sit there crying and complaining. I get involved. And I do not have the fantasy that I can kick every chick's ass or that I can kick any man's ass but I do know and can promise you won't walk away the way you walked over. You will have something to remember me by.

It's not like I can't build. I don't like to at big rallies. Gods treat Earths building like grown folks treat children talking. Also, I have witnessed Gods take an Earth's build as an opportunity to have a conversation or go to the bathroom or whatever. I find the experience disrespectful and condescending.

You want to hear me build, read this blog, or hit me up on a one to one situation. Or send me your see on the Math or any topic. I will build my ass off. But don't try to force my hand like you're my God or Daddy. I don't have a Daddy anymore And I answer to only 1 Black man.