Monday, November 30, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We have officially entered Holiday Season. How do I know this? (1)I went to the mall to pick up something for myself and this mall that is usually 1/2-1/3 filled to capacity was overflowing with people, (2) decorations are up in all the streets, (3) the radio station that my boss plays at work has reverted to Christmas music nonstop (4) Santa was at the mall and (5) I had to pull and dust off the office decorations. People... we have hit pay dirt.

The song Little Drummer Boy used to be one of my favorites when I was a child. I suppose it has to do with the fact that when I liked it so much, I was a child and could relate to said song. The big people always had gifts to give to other people and I wanted to also, but had no money so I had to just suck it up. The funny thing is once I became an adult and was expected to give gifts, I wanted to revert back to the little drummer girl. Since I no longer celebrate the holiday, I am not giving gifts (well maybe one to my mother) and I will not accept any gifts either.

But one line of the above mentioned song sticks in my head. "...I have no gifts to bring... ba rum pum pum pum.... to lay before the king..." Why do people feel like it is necessary to give gifts to people who clearly don't need any? I know it's the thought and all that other stuff, but I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about folks that you share your social Equality with, no. I'm speaking about entities like churches and clergy people.

Have you looked at churches these days, in this economy? I live in Atlanta; part of the Bible belt. I have seen all manner of businesses close down. When you go to a strip mall you will see more closed businesses than open ones. But what I have NOT seen are closed churches. I'm not speaking of churches that have moved on to greener pastures, I'm speaking of churches that have just flat out closed down because the economy has gotten bad. Have you? Go on. I'll wait.

What I have seen is churches that clearly are doing well. Groomed and manicured yards with poinsettia arrangements all over the place. I have seen cars double parked in parking lots and greenery (yes already, after all it is advent season) and lights dripping off the edges of churches. This is my question... What are these churches doing for the community? I mean I can see them breaking ground and acquiring new buildings, but what are these churches doing to improve the quality of life for the community or their members? Churches sell something that has yet to be proven whether it exists. And folks pay big money on the alter of Mammon. And for what?

Churches have become obsolete now a days. In the past they provided social and personal growth and development. People could learn to read at church, there were after school programs at churches. Churches had sports leagues and summer camps. Now churches push the "Gospel of Prosperity"; meaning, you can give your way out of poverty. And that is a lie from the pit of hell (hell = devil civilization). I recognize that churches have bills, but they are spending more on the outward appearances than on the people. Meaning look at what services are provided and that is all you should have in your church. If all you do is meet with your people who are your followers on Sunday from 11am-2pm, then all you need is a 1 room and that's it. If you never cook for the masses, you don't need a state of the art kitchen. If you eat as a group maybe just a few times a year, you can have that catered. Put some money in someone else's pocket for a change. If you aren't teaching anything useful (or at all) then you don?t need those classrooms. See where I'm going with this? What is the purpose of all that property if you aren?t doing anything useful with it?

Why would a little drummer person feel it necessary to give a gift to someone who clearly has more than s/he does? Would said rich person even notice? I had a friend who used to belong to a mega church here in the metro. She was convinced that all her contributions and efforts were noticed by the pastor of said church. After all she had been going to that church for over a decade. She was with the church when it was a normal sized church and she gave a pledge that helped them get into their new 5000+ seat facility. While making plans to relocate (which means she would have to find another church to give her gold to), she fully expected the pastor to personally wish her well. Do I have to tell you that she was disappointed? But what she did receive was a form letter informing her that if she truly wanted to remain a member in good standing with that church she could. They have streaming services on Sundays and she could give her tithe via the website. Damn. That's it. Why not join Fred Price's or Rev. Ike's ministry? And do you know she maintained her membership like that for about a year. Insanity. She was that preacher's little Drummer girl. Or bottom bitch but who am I to speak on it. He had to get his money. Churches don't pay for themselves now do they?

Another practice of the church people is to give gifts/money to their clergy people. Why? These people get a salary? Don't alike it to a bonus that us working people EARN at the end of the year for putting up with crap for 260 days per year (that's 2080 hours per year). Preachers work only on Sunday (that's 52 2-hour days per year) and often get vacations that they are also paid for. And let's not talk about guest ministers that receive love offerings. I say let them have the preacher's weekly salary for that visit. They get other perks too... Anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, dinners, suits, etc. Preachers got the immense hookup. And don't tell me that they do other work like funerals and weddings. When I got married and buried my husband, I had to pay the churches for the pleasure. I and my late spouse were both born and baptized in that church and were members in good standing yet I was billed an invoice for both services payable on receipt. My aunt who is in a nursing home has been a member of her church since she was 15 (she?s 85 at the date of this writing) she has labored and devoted herself to that church for about 60 odd some years, cleaning, cooking, singing, teaching Sunday school, anything they ever needed she was right there. They sent her son a letter stating that they knew she was sick (even thought they didn't visit), but they also knew that she was getting social security checks and that her children should be tithing that money. But since they hadn't, when she dies, the funeral in that church would cost the family approximately $2000. How is that for good Christian love?

I am saying that it is highly and completely unnecessary for people to love (with their money) these institutions that give them nothing. Do they not need their money? Anyone out there who has some money that they don?t need, feel free to send it to me. I?ll take it and do something positive with it.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's this Gotta Do with Me?

I was watching this show on cable called "How the Earth was Made." It is mad interesting if you?re into that type of thing, which I am. The whole time I"m watching the show I'm like, "What's this gotta do with me"? Because I'm Earth. I watched like 3 of them in a row. But the one I will Build on this morning is Asteroids.

Asteroids are heavenly bodies. Usually small rocks, but they can be enormous, that orbit something with a gravitational pull. They aren't just rocks hanging out and something collides in them. They have an agenda, they are in rotation around something. Usually the Sun. They are composed of a space metal like iridium and are usually covered in ice (its cold out in space) and they have no atmosphere of their own. When an asteroid comes in contact with a planet it is usually burned up in the planet's atmosphere, leaving dust to drop from the skies. It's what a shooting star is. But sometimes them jokers are big, or composed of a rock that will not disintegrate. The big ones, sometimes you can see them coming. That's when the issue starts. If it can make it through our atmosphere, then when it hits, there will be problems and situations.

First, the area that the asteroid hits will form an instant crater. The reason that is a problem is because Earth formations usually take time. And that time allows all parties involved to adjust to the changes. But the instant-ness of the asteroid crater (scar) formation creates a problem for the surrounding areas and the underlying areas. It breaks up the mantle of the Earth; allowing something to come to the surface. Sometimes water, other times oil, but even other times, magma.

When the asteroid hits it overturns rocks around the crater. The asteroid disintegrates but leaves fragments of space metal for miles and finally, it levels a sonic shockwave that reverberates across the entire planet. This shock wave can kill, circumferentially. A shock wave allegedly brought down the reign of dinosaurs. It doesn't just kill all the animals and vegetation, but causes earthquakes and tsunamis. That shock wave, very well may be the most destructive part of the asteroid hit, that is, unless the asteroid lands directly on you.

How do I see this in relation to me as the Earth? I see asteroids as external forces that reek havoc on Self. They come from who knows, and try as I might to protect mySelf through my own atmospheric shield; they get in and cause acute, intense and possibly long lasting problems. If they get past my shield, then it's going to leave a scar on my person.

Think of that bad romantic relationship that will forever stay in the back or your mind. That relationship will be part of every subsequent relationship that follows... Forever (space debris). What if a close family member that you depend on dies suddenly? That will reek havoc on you because now you have to scramble to bury that person, deal with the emotional baggage (space debris) of unsaid words and revelations (space debris), and find a way to support yourself. The people around you will be different too (shockwaves). In the case of the bad romantic relationship, people bounce when they see you struggling. They offer no means of escape and often they help the perpetrator because he wants to isolate you from the outside world and they let him. And in the case of a dearly departed folks will get all nosy, wondering how much money you have and how much they can get from you, but they don't offer to share their social Equality with you. Your presence reminds them of your tragedy and that makes folks uncomfortable. And if for their sake you act less unaffected; that's how the rumors get started.

Asteroids can be other people that come into your Universe with an agenda to cause problems. Sometimes you can see the big ones coming. The Earth cannot simply jump out of the way and avoid it. She is locked into her rotation, plus she has to spin on her own axis. Say you choose to involve yourSelf with a man who has kids. That is a big Baby Mama asteroid up close and personal. And ladies don?t trip, you see that one coming. As long as you have a relationship with that man, you will have a relationship with that Baby Mama. I have friends with children. I have witnessed them telling their children that they did not have to listen to "that woman." My own parents were separated and I have been told that I lack Self respect because I was polite to my Father's latest paramour. What kind of debris is that going to leave for that child, or for that woman? This is why I don't date men with children (shockwave). I burn that up in my atmosphere. My overturned rock in that arena is that the pool of remaining men is even smaller.

Broken Earth can be productively useful. The asteroid can break up the mantle of the Earth and bring forth a cleansing (water). It can bring forth a useful skill that can be used to earn more gold (oil). Or it can turn the Earth into a bitch of the highest magnitude (magma). I suppose it depends where the asteroid hits.

But that scar will never go away. It can fill up with water and become a lake. It can become fertile and grow vegetation and support animal life. It will eventually blend into the surrounding environment, but it will never go away. It's there forever. The impact was just that hard.

So for me, I will strive with all my power to not be an asteroid to someone else unless I am certain it will produce a beneficial result rather than set the stage for earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. And avoid all incoming asteroids to the best of my ability. But should one get past my atmosphere, I will be the Earth thst I am and keep on rotating.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Wisdom abbt Understanding

12: Awareness that my actions will be perceived by others

I do this personally every day, but don’t do this every day in my blog. Today I’m feeling particularly contemplative so here’s my 8.

People are always gonna watch you. Doesn’t matter what you do. Even if you don’t leave the house people will take notice of the fact that you don’t leave the house. So what must be done? We must be mindful that the image that we put out there is in line with reality.

Here in the south I have noticed that the native population does not ask appropriate questions. I have no clue why this is. I suppose after living here a few more years the answers will come to me. But right now I have only my observations. Folks look at me and assume I am a Muslim. SMH. I kind of know when folks are thinking that because they will want to show me how informed they are by saying they have Muslim friends or making a comment about Islam, the faith. It always makes me smile and I say, ‘’I’m not Muslim”

Folks own confusion will take over and then they will get their mental minds together to ask me questions regarding my Culture. I have been accused of being the aforementioned Muslim, Black Hebrew, Nuwabian, an A-Rab (a non-NOI Muslim), a Moor and a whole bunch of other things. Being in the south when I say a 5%er, I get strange looks. That’s okay; it’s a moment to Build on who we are and what we teach. Now does this mean that I am proselytizing? Emphatically No. I never have believed in that, even when I was a Bible thumping Christian. People need to come to KOS on their own. But I will stand as a guidepost until they can make their mental recovery.

I ride MARTA with a preacher. I know how he rolls and he knows how I roll. I used to be a devout Christian and know how to interact with the faithful. But I am always mindful to tactfully point out inconsistencies of his comments and beliefs but in a playful manner where he won’t feel attacked. People stop listening to you when they feel attacked. He hears me refer to Nation folk as Gods and Earths. He has come to learn the meaning of what a degree is Ciphers, Supreme Mathematic and Alphabet, Rallies and a plethora of words. Every now and then he will joke and ask me, ‘’How do see today’s Mathematics?” I think (I’m not sure) that this man can come amongst the righteous people and not feel completely out of place. I am aware that he watches me and what I do. I recognize that I am his physical link to Allah’s Nation and more than likely his Understanding of it will come through me. Am I trying to lure him out of the triple stages of darkness? Probably, but I recognize that he is older, strung out on white Jesus and probably not ever going to come in the name. But he can become elevated and more conscious. And just maybe, he may slip and let his children learn a little something about or Culture and who knows? His grand seeds may refer to themselves as God or Earth. You never Know.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

PSA Rant

I am Earth and the Earth is me. So I take it as a huge insult when folks don?t do their part in preserving the Earth.

If you have read any of my other blogs you are aware that I have this inherent crunchiness about Self. It?s not all out Birkenstock crunchiness but it is quite crispy. And I?m always looking for ways to be crunchier. So I have an affinity for environmental preservation. If every body does something? it doesn?t have to be extreme or severely uncomfortable? the planet will heal itself.

2 Chronicles 7:14 reads?? If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.? Mathematically this says to me that attention needs to the ways and actions that the righteous people set for Culture. People need to be taught to save this planet. It is the only planet that we have (though the devil keeps looking for another to screw over). If it becomes too toxic for life what does that mean for our babies? Because you know if they find a planet to move to they will leave our Original butts behind and that ain?t a bad thing. But I digress.

We gotta do better. For ourselves personally, our families, our Nation and our planet. We have to recycle. If you are having a home built make sure it is eco friendly, with solar panels, reclaimed parts, hygienic paint and all that good stuff. Everything doesn?t have to be brand new. Learn to cook your own food. I mean all of it. Down to the bread and condiments. Grow your own garden. Take mass transit if it?s available or walk or ride your bike. That?s good for you and the environment. Go back to cloth diapers. Don?t patronize businesses that aren?t eco friendly.

The more you do, the more you want to do. I bear witness to that. Also the reverse is true. The lazier you allow the lazier you?ll want. Just make one small change and see how that affects everything in you cipher and will affect other folks cipher?s too.

Example: If I begin to eat raw, and I prepare all the food for the people in my Universe, then the God will get raw and become more vibrant. He becomes stronger and healthier, and then he can shine at the Justice. He earns a raise and a promotion. Now he is in a decision making capacity and decided to make his work cipher more eco friendly. Everyone in his department become healthier. Production goes up and illnesses and work-related illness go down. Now he becomes head of the company and takes over the world! Okay?. I know?. It could happen. Our seeds eat healthy. They shine at school. They never become overweight or obese. They excel at sports and are intellectually dominant. They earn scholarships to college. They continue to dominate academically and athletically. All the students want to be like them, emulate them and elect them as leader. The come up with a fabulous idea that they institute while still in college. They sell it for trillions of dollars and become richer than the Wal-Mart people and Oprah combined. They take over the world?.. I?m just saying.

Do your damn part.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can an Original Black man under any circumstances be considered devil??

This is a topic that I see goes back and forth on forums that I frequent and I have discussed with a few Gods and Earths before. I love my Nation. One (of many) of the things I love about this Nation is how we are encouraged to think and research a topic until a reasonable answer to that question is established for Self. I have a reasonable answer to the said question.


The Original Black man has many attributes and descriptions (1:10, 1,3:14, 1,16,37:40). But no where does it mention that he is devil. He can aspire to be 10%, but not devil. It's not in him... literally.

There are many descriptions for the term 'devil.' 2:10, 1-10:14, 21:40. My Understanding on this is that to be devil, one must possess an expressed white germ. The white germ is completely recessive. Without that germ one cannot be devil because that germ can only exist in the absence of the black germ (30:40). Oh, an Original Black man can be weak and wicked, do devilment, be snakelike, but only a imitation of said devil. Yacub, who is father of the devil and taught the devil to do his devilshment, was an Original Black man and a scientist. No where in 120 (and I peeked ahead) does it say that Yacub was a devil. And if any Original Black man should be devil, it was Yacub.

So, in conclusion... My logic tells me that Emphatically No! An Original Black man can not be devil... is incapable of being devil... Oh, he can imitate the devil, but that,s unnatural to try to do like the filthy colored man. So never will you hear or read that I have referred to an Original Black man or woman as devil or she-devil. It does bring an interesting point to the surface, though. What of an individual who carries the recessive devil gene yet it is not displayed because a dominant gene masks it? They are still capable of passing this gene on and capable of making devil should they procreate with one. Hmmmmm.... Yet another reason, as if I needed one, to not deal with the devil.