Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can an Original Black man under any circumstances be considered devil??

This is a topic that I see goes back and forth on forums that I frequent and I have discussed with a few Gods and Earths before. I love my Nation. One (of many) of the things I love about this Nation is how we are encouraged to think and research a topic until a reasonable answer to that question is established for Self. I have a reasonable answer to the said question.


The Original Black man has many attributes and descriptions (1:10, 1,3:14, 1,16,37:40). But no where does it mention that he is devil. He can aspire to be 10%, but not devil. It's not in him... literally.

There are many descriptions for the term 'devil.' 2:10, 1-10:14, 21:40. My Understanding on this is that to be devil, one must possess an expressed white germ. The white germ is completely recessive. Without that germ one cannot be devil because that germ can only exist in the absence of the black germ (30:40). Oh, an Original Black man can be weak and wicked, do devilment, be snakelike, but only a imitation of said devil. Yacub, who is father of the devil and taught the devil to do his devilshment, was an Original Black man and a scientist. No where in 120 (and I peeked ahead) does it say that Yacub was a devil. And if any Original Black man should be devil, it was Yacub.

So, in conclusion... My logic tells me that Emphatically No! An Original Black man can not be devil... is incapable of being devil... Oh, he can imitate the devil, but that,s unnatural to try to do like the filthy colored man. So never will you hear or read that I have referred to an Original Black man or woman as devil or she-devil. It does bring an interesting point to the surface, though. What of an individual who carries the recessive devil gene yet it is not displayed because a dominant gene masks it? They are still capable of passing this gene on and capable of making devil should they procreate with one. Hmmmmm.... Yet another reason, as if I needed one, to not deal with the devil.



Supreme God Justice Allah said...

Peace Queen. I come in the name of Supreme God Justice Allah. And I have to say that I have to respectfully disagree with your post here.

First of all, I disagree because I feel that yes, a Black man/woman can be considered devil. That doesn't just go for white people. They can be considered devil because of their destructive wisdom, whether they have KOS or not. That should go for anybody. Anybody can be devil regardless of whom or what.

Now, with that last statement being said, I honestly don't agree with the whole "black man can be the worst devil" because the devil is already the worst. It's a reason why we settle him on the worst part. We may acknowledge him, b.u.t we don't dwell on him though. We all (black, brown, red, yellow, and white) are all striving for perfection, while living here in the wilderness of North of America. The devil is settled here on the worst part, so we have to preserve the best part for ourselves while not dwelling on this worst part. So, when I hear or cee someone say black people can be the worst devils, then what is that saying about the physical devils (white people)?? Are they the "best??" I know and understand that, that is their nature, but couldn't that be a generalization?? Because not all whites are devil-minded, nor are all blacks God in the mental, vice-versa. So to me, there is no such thing as a "WORST" Devil, because he is already the worst.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

And this is why I love my Nation. We don't all have to agree and the way we flow opens one to thought. RELIGION states that we all must have a common mind. But we research and do the Knowlegde for Self.

Okay.... According to the Understanding Cipher degree of the 1:40 devil is that with a white germ. The germ cannot exist in the presence of a Black germ. That is how the white germ became white in the 1st place. I have an undergraduate degree in zoology, with minors in chemistry and math, I was also employed in microbiology laboratories. So the scientist in me, says that there is a yes/no answer. Genes come in pairs.. This is a fact. From a genetic stanpoint and the degree, the said white germ (gene) is recessive (weak, no longer original, thin blood) yet expressed in colored people. That is what MAKES them colored. Therefore, they are in possession of 2 white genes and that is what makes them devil. No emotion here, just plain scientific and objective observation and reasoning.

Precise said...


You can call the black man whatever you want to. The thing is in Allah's Nation it's all about show and prove. You cannot show and prove a black devil. That isn't what we teach and the concept is not in harmony with 120.


Born ISelf MasterI Allah said...

Peace to the Earth Serenity and the God Precise and I agree with you both 'whole-heartedly,' Peace to you, Supreme God, B.U.T. I dis-agree. Rather than go into a lengthy Build, I leave you with this to think about...(IF) for the sake of argument, the Black Man 'could' be devil (lol) Why did God 'make' devil? LMAO I mean, (if) the devil already existed, was 'already' here, then, why waste time 'making' something that was 'already' here? Sounds re-dundant, to me! Peace!