Thursday, October 28, 2010

A PSA --- For the Mens...

Peace Family!

I was building or having a conversation with a God who shall remain nameless..... And I realize that some of y'all men are clueless to the hows and whys the ladies get down. Especially you men that grew up without sisters. Well, my duty as a civilized person is to make knowldege born so I'm a hip y'all men up on a few things. Can't tell you everything. I will get exiled from the sisterhood. But I will share a few jewels.

These are necessary for better homes and gardens. Women's shoes are not like mens shoes. Men shoes fall into dress shoes, boots/work shoes and gym shoes. That's it. Since all the heels are essentially the same size (unless you are Prince), the only variation is the color. Women's shoes come in multiple necessary categories. Flats, pumps, heels, boots/sandals and sneakers. I count 5 categories for which you need several colors. Flats are for social activities. A lot of women can do this in heels, but eventually you need to come down off that high. Pumps are for work. Flats and stiletto heels are usually inappropriate in the corporate environments. Boots are for cool weather as sandals are for warm. Plus there are boots for dresses and boots for pants. They are NOT the same. Sneakers are for exercise and the stilettos are for y'all menfolk. You MUST have all these in black and then add on all the other colors. That easily takes you to starting around 20-30 pairs of shoes for starters.

These are must haves, not luxuries. Case closed. And then there are different shoe wardrobes for summer vs winter. Let me give you the benefit of my Culture Cipher years... If your feet hurt, your screwed. There is no way to avoid the discomfort and said discomfort will cause personality distortions. Corns and bunions are real! Hammertime! Don't buy cheap shoes. I recognize that you may need a quick payless pair for a single event. But don't continue to keep wearing bad for your feet shoes. Your feet pretty much stay the same size once your completely grown and are done having children. So acquiring and caring for good shoes is a wise investment.

I realize men don't understand this because they don't carry purses. Let me explain one simple thing, that I'm not sure men understand. Women don't throw away purses. There is no need to. They don't really wear out because you are constanty swapping them out. I think I may have lost 3 bags to wear. They were woven bags and I really didn't expect them to hold up. Because purses don't get discarded (though we might give some away and they do get stolen), we tend to accumulate. In high school, I had 1 purse. I wasn't into them back then. In college I received my 1st designer bags. In grad school I started my true acquisition which has continued to this day. I have gotten to the point where I have bags for whatever I need to do. I have nearly 75 bags. But that is over a 25 year period. That's just 3 a year and I'm including special occasion bags and wristlets. There are shoulder bags, clutches, totes, handbags and many more types. We need them all. There is no such thing as a the single black bag that can be worn with everything and at all times. The bag I wear to work that holds all my stuff, my lunch and my shoes is not the same bag that I will carry to the opera or even on the weekends. So the get 1 bag and that's it philosphy I hear from y'all must cease. Just like with all articles of clothing there are bags that you carry in the summer and bags you carry in the winter. And again it is a must have and not a luxury. More that a few times, men will ask if I have something in my purse that they can't carry in their pockets or hand me their wallets to carry in my bag.

there was a time when I was satisfied with 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 1 ring and 1 bracelet. I was 6. Now a days, I expect more. There are gold days, and silver days, there are colorful days and pearl occasions. Seriously, don't expect me to wear the same pair of earring (or whatever) for the rest of my life. That sounds crazy because it is crazy.

I've been tongue and cheek here but really I'm very serious. There are aspect to being a woman that we hold very near and dear to our hearts. Men often look at how we do and act like we are being excessive when we aren't. I have noticed that men don't consider that women have different needs from them. Food, clothing, shelter and medical attention; that's all anybody needs. Nope. I NEED to have certain acoutremonts. If I don't get them, I won't be happy. If Mommy isn't happy, no one is happy. And I don't go into hock with my collections. Nope. My advice to ypunger women when they are just starting out and they don't have true bills yet, is to purchase the really good stuff. Good purses, good jewellry, Good coats, things that last. Eventually, life kicks in and you can't always afford the niceties. This way you can look moneyed even when your busted. It was a piece of advice I took, and it has served me well.

The whole idea of practical gifting is ridiculous. I could see a pracrical gift if I was not just broke, but assed out too. No job, no home, no friends, no car, nothing. Then anything is assistence. But a vacuum cleaner is not a gift. You would buy a vacuum cleaner whenever you needed one. Just because one breaks near my bornday, don't think I will be happy with a replacement as a gift. If you insist, then I want a brand new Kirby... with ALL the attachements. They finance.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When the 11:14 Bites you in the Ass

Peace Family.

“Have you not heard that your word is bond regardless of whom or what?”

This portion of the 11:14 gets quoted by every G and E I know when they get mad at
folks for bailing last minute. It’s not peculiar to citizens of Allah’ s 5% NGE, lots of people have this rule. My parents impressed upon me the importance of keeping my word in very different ways.

My father implicitly always did what he said he would do. At least to me. He told me that all a man had was his word. And if I couldn’t keep my word, then I shouldn’t give it. I would tease him and say, “ I’ m not a man.” I knew what he meant. He also said that no one would ever take you serious if you got the reputation for being flaky. He did what he said he was gonna do. Not always the way you expect but always done. My mother and brother hated that I could get things from my Daddy. That was because I trusted him to keep his word and I gave him time to consider my request. They would ask for somethingat the last minute and demand he act. Oh he would act, all right. Just not in their favor. If there was a time frame on the request, they would nag the hell out of him and expect him to bless them without any information. I have seen him ache, because he wanted to grant their requests but they forced him to say no, and he couldn’ t go back on his word. When I wanted something, I would approach him in a business-like fashion and present my desire with corroborating information. Then I would insist he think about it. Give him time to do the Knowledge. Should he allow time to lapse or forget about me, he would always
give me what I asked for by default.

Mommie on the other hand, would promise all manner of stuff. And renege every time.
She would then laugh in your face and call her friends and tell them how she got over on you. The occasion (of many) I always remember is as follows… She promised me a trip to Childworld on a Wednesday if I would do something for her. I don’ t even remember what the something was. All I remember is I got cheated. It wasn’ t something I had to do. If it had been, she would have just forced me to do it. Had she forced me to do it, I would have purposefully fucked it up and then she would have been publicly embarrassed. I can take a rote ass-whipping. She promised that we could go to Childworld on Wednesdayand I could stay in there and play with the toys for 1 hour. I did what she asked. When Wednesday came, I got ready for my hour. She smiled and said, “I didn’t say which Wednesday.” I asked every week for the next 2 months until she said she never had any intention of every taking me to Childworld. She kept that promise. Loaning her money means you won’ t get it back no matter what she says. I’ m not trying to slam my mother. I’ m just saying you cannot believe what she tells you. I have seen her make promises she had no intention of keeping and spread malicious gossip she knows isn’t true. And she doesn’t care.

So where do I fall in the 11:14 degree? Close to the 100% but not quite. I am NOT my
mother. I don’ t tell lies and I abhor gossip. I always try to keep my word exactly. That’s not so easy to do. I manage 90% of the time. But that 10% just kills me. It’ s like belief and face value. We say we don’ t deal in “ belief” but we do to a point. Expectations equal belief. You expect to get paid on pay day. You don’ t know that will happen. You expect the bus to arrive at a certain time. You don’ t know, but you still go out there and wait.

When someone tells you something, we know that we are supposed to double check the
information, but often times we don’ t. You’ re lost and you ask a stranger for directions and he gives it to you. Are you going to ask 2 more strangers or are you going to followthe directions? So we do, in fact, don’ t always do what we say.

I remember in grad school, a friend of mine asked me to help her move. I hate moving.
Seriously. But she was a good friend and needed my assistance. I said I would do it.
2 days later a different friend of mine acquired tickets to see at the time, The ArtistFormerly Known as Prince. They would have been free to me. But it was the same dayand same time I promised old girl I was going to help her move. I couldn’ t go. I didn’t even tell her, because I knew she would let me off the hook. She needed me and I didn’t want to manipulate her like that. She played a simulcast of the concert the entire time I was helping her. I wept.

Last month, my co-worker asked me to come in early on a day I could have come in
anytime because she wanted to get there early. I agreed and did what she asked. She
came in late and never called to tell me her plans changed. She said since I was coming in she didn’ t see the need to call. What she didn’ t know was another friend asked me if he could take me to breakfast to pay me back for always driving him around. I said no, because I had to meet the coworker. I also left the door open, which I don’t usually do when the office isn’t open to the public. I have to explain to everyone who comes in that we aren’ t open for business. Folks get testy. I normally don’t have to deal with walk ins like that, simply because I keep the door locked. So this woman changing her plans and not telling me royally screwed up my day. All she said was “ I didn’ t know.” I’ ve noticed I have since, stopped listening to her complaints about life. Somehow, I now suspect her problems come from her inability to keep her word.

Not keeping your word is so easy to do. There are so many ways to screw it up. Every
time you sign a credit card receipt you promise to pay the bill. Every utility you get you agree to pay the bill on time! Every student loan promissory note you sign, you agree to pay it back. Every time you give an opinion on something, you are expected to tell the truth. Your Earth spends 2 days cooking a special meal for you and it’ s nasty. What do you say? Are you going to be brutally honest or are you going to let it slide? What about promptness? Are you ever late for appointments, work or rallies? Ever left anyone hanging? Claimed someone you shouldn’ t have on your taxes. Told someone you moved somewhere later than you actually did? Not paid back someone you owe money too exactly how you promised you would? Cheated on a diet? Not prepared a meal you said you would? Not finished a project that you promised to? The degree says regardless of whom or what.

I know. It’ s a hard call. And these small things take their toll. I struggle with it every day. Folks want to force you into a corner. And I get why. People (me included) are uncomfortable with indecisiveness. When I need to know something, I can push. And folks aren’ t the most honest regarding their intentions. But this ain’ t about other folks. It’ s about me. That’ s what y’ all should be thinking. “ It’ s about me” meaning you and how true you are to your word.

So those of y’ all that are reading this... If I say I will do something, I will. If I don’t,check the hospitals, prisons and morgues. Because something humongous has happened. If I say I’ m not doing something, don’ t look for me to do it; even if I want to later. If I said I didn’ t do it, I didn’ t do it. If I refuse to answer, I probably did it. I need for people in my cipher to know they can trust me. I’ m a decent person. And I expect the same from people around me.

“Yes. My word is bond, and my bond is life. And I will give my life before my word
shall fail.”


Monday, October 25, 2010

Storebought Gurus

Peace Family.

This woman came into the office today. She was a previous patient looking to make an appointment. Okay. That's cool. The last time she was in the office, say around 2 years ago, she was on some weird spirituality thing. I'm not judging. Alls I'm saying is, it didn't seem balanced. She was speaking on a lot of different topics that I have intimate knowledge of... The occult, Yoruban beliefs, Kemetic beliefs, Ayurveda, yoga and she had the nerve to sprinkle a little 5% on it too. 2 years ago she was surprised that I was as well versed as I was. I even pointed her to some independent sources where she could learn without the influence of her paid spiritual adviser. Anywho.....

Well today she was on the raw band wagon. Now y'all know, I know raw. I noticed that she was drinking a prepared green smoothie. I say prepared because she didn't prepare it. She bought it. She was nibbling on a raw bar that was also store bought. We got to building, and I could tell she was at that long term "out of body" raw stage. Let me explain...

When I was raw the 2nd time, I pushed the boundaries. I had just come off a 6 week juice fast and had been raw for an additional month. I was all in it too. I has a dehydrator, spiral slicer, all the toys and the fruit flies to boot. I came so out of my head, I almost lost my job. It took harsh words from my boss to make me realize that I had to re-evaluate my priorities. Yes I want fabulous health, but my job ensures the financing. This chick was way more than 6 miles above the Earth's surface. Nothing she said made sense and nothing I said to her made sense to her. She was a mirror for me. Valuable lesson learned from others.

I pulled from the chick/asteroid that she was completely dependent on her advisers for her diet. Sort of like the Jenny Craig system. You know 10-14:36 says that when you control's one's diet, you control that person. Food is the most basic of needs. I suggested that she should get her own tools for her "healing laboratory" - the kitchen for the rest of us. That way she could control what it was that she took in. Pointing out that she was really spending more money on the pre-packaged food rather than tools to prepare it fresh. I also pointed out the preservatives in her "natural" bar and asked her to consider what preservatives do inside the body. That was too much for her she nearly exploded on me. I stopped her mid explosion and asked her if she needed to contact her guru since she was slipping. She agreed and bounced.

This is my point.... why do folks take other folks words at face value. Information is out there. You don't need to pay folks for what you can easily do for your self. But our people don't always wait for the devil to use them as a tool or a slave. We make tools and slaves of our selves.

Anybody out there looking for a guru? You can call me. I won't charge that much....


Friday, October 22, 2010

Crunchy Peace Peace Hippy Chick

Peace Family!

I have been off from work for 2 days now, I still have 2 more days to go. I managed to screw up my sleeping patterns to the degree where I have a lot of time in the middle of the night to search the net. As of late my chosen distraction is self sustainable/frugal blogs. Basically white folks who are handling their business saving money on simple, ordinary, daily things.

The reason these things appealed to me is because there are somethings I never considered making, and I like the idea of having control over the things in my cipher. Meaning I avoid processed and packaged items (not just food). You just don't know what's in them. Let me give you an example....

I don't eat swine. I don't think its cool to have any kind of relationship with swine. So I stopped acquiring new leather (leather isn't necessarily cow skin), I don't use a boar bristle brush nor do I use regular soap. I'm a vegetarian and righteous so I don't think I have to tell you that I don't eat it either. But what of washing powder? It cool to avoid on every level but wash your clothes in it? Hmmm... Until now, it was the one thing I was clueless on how to remedy.

Not anymore. I have found blogs that tell you how to make homemade laundry soap. And you can make it vegan. WTF? Oh, I'm excited.

Not only excited but pumped up to do more to become more self sustainable. Original people especially in this wilderness of North America have become a group of consumers. We will spend our gold on a lot of obvious stuff ignoring the high prices of little things that keep us in bondage. Well, not this Earth.

I already have another blog here at blogspot that deals with my efforts to lower my carbon footprint. It's called Righteous Urban Crunch. While searching the various blogs, I noticed that there weren't any that I came across of Original people being self sustainable. If I have to go 1st, so be it. I ain't scurred. I know from personal experience that Original people have been self sufficient for years. I sew, I can, I tried the garden thing; this I can handle. I'd appreciate some company in the journey, though.

See you there!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Marry your Baby Daddy!

Peace family,

Did you know there was an out-of-wedlock birthing epidemic in the Black community? Apparently there is a statistic that is running through the news/TV/Internet that says that 70% of Black children currently being born. Really? Who's business is this?

Let us not forget the statistic that 50% of college educated Black women will never be married. Does that mean that those 50% of educated, working women, who can afford to raise children... well... should not be allowed to? Really?

My question is this... Who the hell are these people to tell grown people what to do with their lives? I mean if it's babies having babies, then yes, there should be some type of intervention. But last time I checked, (a) it was not illegal for grown folks to have consensual sex, (b) It was not illegal for grown people to have children and (c) the Constitution has guaranteed the "pursuit of happiness."

Now lets look at this movement, shall we? If all the women who had children outside of marriage were to marry their children's father's... What should they do it they have multiple father's for their children? I mean if a woman has 3 or more children, then she could theoretically have 3 or more fathers for said children? And the Father's too! Men can (and do) have multiple "Baby's Mamas." Which one do you marry? What if a woman/man has a child with a person that is already married? Do you commit bigamy? Polygamy? Polyandry?

Why are people so certain that children who are born through marriage turn out better? My parents were married. I got in on the tail of that relationship. I didn't have the pleasure of being raised in a home with two parents. I don't even remember it. But my brother is nearly 10 years my elder. He did. Between the both of us, I had the better relationship with my father. And my brother is loaded with anger and angst since he was an eye witness to the dissolution of my parent's relationship. But he is better off because he had the benefit of a two-parent home?

Just because my parents didn't make it, didn't mean that my father neglected his paternal responsibility. He paid his fair share for us. Did right by us. We saw him whenever we wanted. Sometimes when we didn't want to. He ate meals with us, had keys to our home, chaperoned trips and spanked us when it was warranted. But I'm screwed up because he didn't sleep in the house?

I'm not saying that 2-parent homes are unnecessary. I'm not saying there is no value in being raised by 2 parents. What I am saying is that people need to mind their own damn business and get out of grown people's beds. People have been having and raising children out-of-wedlock for years. Slavery existed for centuries and ALL the children were born without the benefit of marriage. But we are still here flourishing to make babies. Gay people are allowed to raise children without the benefit of marriage. Are all those children doomed too? And what about parents that have healthy relationships with their children and aren't married? Those poor children like me (raised by a single mother, yet I have 2 degrees, was married, am a homeowner, and I thought a productive member of society until now) doomed to grow up and be drains on society. Like 2 parent homes are a prerequisite to success and functionality. You know, serial killers tend to be raised in 2-parent homes. There is no guarantee that the 2-parent home is functional.

If you feel the need to marry your Baby Daddy, I will throw rice at the wedding. But don't come knocking on my door expecting me to acquiesce to your opinions.

Mind your own business!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Y'all Know Me?

Peace People,

I follow a bunch of blogs. I really do. Although, I don't know how to display all the blogs that I follow on the side. But you can look in my profile and see how many. Sewing, cooking, righteous, frisky, yoga... It really let's you know what I'm into.

What is really killing me is how I have gotten into a routine, and become concerned about the blogs I follow. I know what folks are up to and look forward to events in their lives. I know what these people are making, I know how they look, I know where they live, I know a whole lot of intimacies about people I have never met in the physical.

Just this morning I found myself checking a sewing blog of a gay man that lives in the Chelsea section of NYC. I check him EVERYDAY sometime in the morning. He lets us know if he's going to be on vacation or else, I suppose, his followers go crazy. Another blogger is making a coat and has a "sew along." But she blogs every morning and she works as a book editor. Yet another went on a "sewcation" and another's sister had a baby. I know who's losing weight, what they are wearing and what another ate for dinner. Literally, I see pictures. See where I'm going with this?

This has gotten out of hand. I need to show some restraint. Now I know I blog a lot. I have to. I have 7 blogs total and 4 active ones. So my blogging habit is not an issue. I feel like I need to be mindful about what I post. I have so many blogs because I want to keep them compartmentalized. Serenity's Cipher is my main blog, but I approach this one from Supreme Mathematic standpoint. I know that some men read this blog so I try not to female it up.... much. (Hey! I'm a girl) I have a blog concerned about my health, one concerned about the health of the planet and the last one attached to blogspot is one that allows me to vent about my sewing projects and the way I display my Understanding of my Culture (3/4ths). All the blogs can give you insight into who I am.

But do I want y'all all up and through my personal?

At Show and Prove this year, I came to face to face with a blogger that I follw and he follows me right back. When I physically met him, all I kept wondering was, what is he thinking about me? There is so much he could already know. When some one is following your blog, and you blog regularly when you meet, it's not like meeting a stranger. Depending on what you put out there, they know something about you. Same applies for facebook and all the social networks.

So good people, How well do you know me? If you saw me onthe street, woud you know who I was? And not you Mermaid. I know you in the physical!


Life as You Remember is Over

Peace People.

Folks keep bitching an moaning about this economy. Why are y'all jaw jacking? The economy is going to change. But not to the way you think it might or want it too.

Yes Bush II fucked up this economy by starting unnecessary wars. War has always been a way to thin out the population. You send a million men off to war, at least 1/3 will die in battle. Men comprising half of the poulation you have now decreased substantially. Women who are sexually attached to these men can either move on or choose not to procreate. Women don't always move on. Some lock the front door for good. So a war, historically is good for the economy because it creates a situation where their are less American mouths to feed. And veterans always get to the front of the line when it comes to jobs. That's why they ask you if you are a veteran on applications.

War is different now a days. It's not so much hand to hand combat. There is a lot of bombing and cerebral type activities. The country with the best bombs wins. Look at the wars we have had over the last 20 years. Intelligence and bombing. Our soldiers who died did so over friendly fire, accidents and the occasional foreign bombings. Most of the people who got deployed, came back. Once back they are entitled to the GI bill, and lifelong healthcare. That's not free. Who's paying for that? Yet another bill.

Another thing a lot of people don't realize is that feeding and providing for a military campaign USED to be done in house, but not anymore. The government outsorces cooking, cleaning, toilets and such. who pays the bill? And since these wars are abroad, who are these companies hiring? Not us. I have often wondered why the military decided to do this? I suppose since integration of the armed forces, devils don't want to have to perform these services.

It's not all Bush II's fault. Oh a lot of it is his fault but not all of it. We haven't been financially right and exact since the early 70's. During the Carter presidency, we had inflation and oil issues. We have always had oil issues. Any one could see with the advent of oil use, eventually it would dry up. I mean you don't see folks still mining for gold do you. You know why? It's all gone. Oil will eventually be all drilled out, and then what. How come no one has addressed the "And then whats"? Carter was a caring Christian man and refused to behave ungodly. Can't fault the grafted man for that. He was looking out for all people not just his friends. I find him to be an undervalued former president.

Ronald Wilson Reagan got us back into the flush. Folks was doing good, real good in the 80's. What Reagan did was come up with a way for the rich to get ridiculous. The assumption was as they got richer, then they would create more jobs for the poor and they would be happy too. He set our country up to be a modern day fuedal system. Lords vs. Serfs. But... It couldn't last. Regan knew this. He also knew that he was one of the rich and that he would be dead before the walls came crumbling down.

The only thing notable about Bush I's presidency is that he managed to, while keeping the Reagan ideal alive, to catapult us back into a recession. He figured if he denied it existed no one would notice. Folks noticed. His bumbled war and all around mealyness cost his the election to the robust, young and philandering Bill Clinton. I mean he vomitted on the Japanese prime minister. You just don't come back from that.

Now I loved Bill Clinton (that is until he showed his devil horns when Obama was running against his wife. She should have ran against Bush in 2004)but Clinton screwed us hard up the booty without vaseline too. Oh yeah, we got flush again. Jobs were plentiful but under his watch he allowed big business to outsource their products. That is why when you call customer service, you get a rep with a foreign accent and every garment you wear is sown and created outside the US. ALL the grunt jobs are gone. You know what grunt jobs are. Those jobs you get part time to hold youover until you get back in the green.

Obama has inherited a ticking bomb close to detonation. But he did ask for it so he has to handle his business. I find it hilarious that he has done everything he promised to do in his campaign, yet folks just can't like or accept him. Always looking to find fault with him.

As a country our spending has increased, yet we no longer make anything. Which means we are supporting other countries. The only thing that we have in this country were we generate internal currency is the service industry. In plain speak. The only way we can earn gold is by manipulating each other. That's why healthcare is such a big deal. A huge percent of the economy needs for us to be unhelathy. If we were all healthy then a lot of people would be out of work. We can live without vacations, clothes, hair and nails. We don't have to eat out either. Restaurants know this and the dollar menu was created. The only thing we need is food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. The food is genetically modified and poisioning us and clothing is made elsewhere. So we never get well. It is our original sin.

The reason why the US has been on top is because it was our time. Look at history. There has always been empires. Egypt, Rome, Turks, Mongols, England... an they all eventually fall and another rises to take it's place. What goes up, must come down.... the pendulaum swings both ways.

Companies have cut back, yet produce the same product. Do you think they will ever rehire all those people they let go?

Come on Sun!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This and That


I have a background in medicine. I also have a back round in Wicca, roots and conjure work. Don't get scared. It ain't like that. It's just a background. Lately, I have been on a herbalogy/herbalism grind. My cup runneth over.

What I have noticed through out the different modalities is that they really aren't very different at all. Pharmaceuticals generally come from some plant. Or start out with a plant that then gets pimped beyond recognition. The same benefit an herb gives in the herbalism realm is given in the magical realm. I have cross referenced my herbal encyclopedias with my materia magicas and guess what? Herbalism/Herbalogy is magick (notice the 'k') with the spookiness removed.

Who knew?

What is religion?


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm A Be There!

What about you?