Monday, October 25, 2010

Storebought Gurus

Peace Family.

This woman came into the office today. She was a previous patient looking to make an appointment. Okay. That's cool. The last time she was in the office, say around 2 years ago, she was on some weird spirituality thing. I'm not judging. Alls I'm saying is, it didn't seem balanced. She was speaking on a lot of different topics that I have intimate knowledge of... The occult, Yoruban beliefs, Kemetic beliefs, Ayurveda, yoga and she had the nerve to sprinkle a little 5% on it too. 2 years ago she was surprised that I was as well versed as I was. I even pointed her to some independent sources where she could learn without the influence of her paid spiritual adviser. Anywho.....

Well today she was on the raw band wagon. Now y'all know, I know raw. I noticed that she was drinking a prepared green smoothie. I say prepared because she didn't prepare it. She bought it. She was nibbling on a raw bar that was also store bought. We got to building, and I could tell she was at that long term "out of body" raw stage. Let me explain...

When I was raw the 2nd time, I pushed the boundaries. I had just come off a 6 week juice fast and had been raw for an additional month. I was all in it too. I has a dehydrator, spiral slicer, all the toys and the fruit flies to boot. I came so out of my head, I almost lost my job. It took harsh words from my boss to make me realize that I had to re-evaluate my priorities. Yes I want fabulous health, but my job ensures the financing. This chick was way more than 6 miles above the Earth's surface. Nothing she said made sense and nothing I said to her made sense to her. She was a mirror for me. Valuable lesson learned from others.

I pulled from the chick/asteroid that she was completely dependent on her advisers for her diet. Sort of like the Jenny Craig system. You know 10-14:36 says that when you control's one's diet, you control that person. Food is the most basic of needs. I suggested that she should get her own tools for her "healing laboratory" - the kitchen for the rest of us. That way she could control what it was that she took in. Pointing out that she was really spending more money on the pre-packaged food rather than tools to prepare it fresh. I also pointed out the preservatives in her "natural" bar and asked her to consider what preservatives do inside the body. That was too much for her she nearly exploded on me. I stopped her mid explosion and asked her if she needed to contact her guru since she was slipping. She agreed and bounced.

This is my point.... why do folks take other folks words at face value. Information is out there. You don't need to pay folks for what you can easily do for your self. But our people don't always wait for the devil to use them as a tool or a slave. We make tools and slaves of our selves.

Anybody out there looking for a guru? You can call me. I won't charge that much....