Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grafting from the Blackman

T.H.E.M.'s book, The True History of MFM, made a comment that I found relevant to today's degree in "the meat". It refers to the Blackman's possession of a brown germ. I know that degree 30:40 is not today's but follow me. I promise you I'm going there.

The book goes on to say the reason that grafting was even possible is because the Blackman has possession of a Black and a Brown gene. The Black gene is perfect but the brown gene is faulty. Had the Black man had 2 Black genes then the devil would not exist. The brown gene brought the possibility of making devil. Hmmmm.....

This is how I equate this gene with the 25:40... This faulty gene demonstrates the Equality of free will in 2 Ciphers. We are given 2 Ciphers to choose from. Righteousness and foolishness. This gives us Equality in making choices. Yacub made it his life's work to choose the foolish Cipher. We can make that same choice or we can choose to be righteous. The devil was taken and still takes form the Original Nation. But that scale is still balanced because we have the ability to cease and desist. We don't realize how much Power we have. We can Shut it down as soon as we realize it. Allah is God. Always has been always will be.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Back Jerusalem

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding abbt to Power. Today's Supreme Alphabet is Wisdom. I cee Wisdom in this Build, as emotions, Understanding as a clear picture drawn up in one's mind and Power as ability (active and dormant).

People have to be control of their own emotions in order to maintain their own Power.

Every one falls victim to emotions. You come home and find your home burned to the ground, some emotion will fall out. You stand on the grave of a dear loved one some emotion will spill forth. You see your baby win a gold medal in the olympics or score a doctorate degree... Yes there will be emotions. Emotions are within every one. But we do not need to lend our emotions out and become manipulated by them. That's handing over your Power to someone other than self. And we know that to be wrong.

Folks famous for being all touchy feely with our emotions are.... clergy, consosrts, children, opponents, etc. The reason why folks run all through the sanctuary and give money they know they cannot afford or agree to spend all fo their free time doing the "Lord's Will" is because a charismatic person (usually a man) has gotten up higher than every one else and plucked the emotion strings. Children will get your last dollar for something frivolous because they know how to play the same tune. Bosses will make you feel guilty about leaving at your appointed departure time or have you miss luch or breaks because we hand them over the Power to do it. Your lover will have you sweating over a hot stove making some technique sensative dinner just because he has a taste for it. And that chick at your job knows just what to say or even look at you for you to be looking around trying to decide wht to shank her with.

Externals hold sway over folks emotions. I freely admit this happens to me sometimes. I worry about money, if I will lose my job today, what the God is doing at work, if I'm a good daughter, have I done enough for the people in Haiti, and the list goes on. But there comes a point when you have to shout "ENOUGH!!!" and mean it. Some folks say the solution is to shut down all emotion. Well I disagree with that. Some emotion is very satisfying. Like the feeling you get when you awake in the arms of the person who loves you. Or when you hear children playing and having a good time. No, the answer is not avoiding all emotion. I'm grown. I say reclaim ownership of said emotions. That way you can pull them out and use them to your advantage rather than allow others to manipulate you.


Monday, February 15, 2010

For my Swine lovers

Pigs/Hogs/Boars are natural omnivores. That means there is nothing they won’t eat. Some animals eat only plants. Other animals eat only meat. But animals that eat both are generally not considered for human consumption. Pigs will scavenge and have been known to eat any kind of food, including dead insects, worms, tree bark, rotting carcasses, garbage, and even other pigs. Occasionally while in captivity, pigs may eat their own young if they become severely stressed. If these animals eat this kind of filth then this is what the animal is made of. Remember, you are what you eat. Then you are indirectly eating on some nastiness by eating this animal. Would you eat a buzzard, vulcher or a rat? What separates a pig from vermin? They have the same diet as a pig. Please do not use the argument of domesticated animals in this argument. Being domesticated they eat what they are given. The 1st part of The Quaran 5:4 says… “Forbidden to you is the flesh of an animal which dies of itself, and blood and the flesh of swine; and that on which is invoked the name of one other than Allah; and that which has been strangled; and that beaten to death; and that killed by a fall; and that which has been gored to death; and that of which a wild animal has eaten, except that which you have properly slaughtered; and that which has been slaughtered at an altar.”

Pigs harbor a range of parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. This is not surprising because of how they are fed or feed themselves. These include trichinosis, Taenia solium, cysticercosis, and brucellosis. Pigs are also known to host large concentrations of parasitic ascarid worms in their digestive tract. The presence of these diseases and parasites is one of the reasons why pork meat should always be well cooked or cured before eating. Some religious groups that consider pork unclean refer to these issues as support for their viewsSwine is a known carrier of trichinosis. A worm that enters your body bores to a chosen location and never leaves. Whenever it becomes active it will wreak havoc on the body and folks with the infection aren’t infected with just one worm but several. Yes, this can be cured, but people carry this parasite for a long time without even knowing it and the damage often cannot be reversed. My question is this… for all y’all pork advocates. If this meat is newly safe… why do people still come down with this condition? And why do folks double clean, bleach and double cook this meat?

Domestic pigs that have escaped from farms or were allowed to forage in the wild, and in some cases wild boars which were introduced as prey for hunting, have given rise to large populations of feral pigs in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and other areas where pigs are not native. Accidental or deliberate releases of pigs into countries or environments where they are an alien species have caused extensive environmental change. Their omnivorous diet, aggressive behavior, and their feeding method of rooting in the ground all combine to severely alter ecosystems unused to pigs. Pigs will even eat small animals and destroy nests of ground nesting birds. The Invasive Species Specialist Group lists feral pigs on the list of the world's 100 worst invasive species and says:
Feral pigs like other introduced mammals are major drivers of extinction and ecosystem change. They have been introduced into many parts of the world, and will damage crops and home gardens as well as potentially spreading disease. They uproot large areas of land, eliminating native vegetation and spreading weeds. This results in habitat alteration, a change in plant succession and composition and a decrease in native fauna dependent on the original habitat. Does that sound like people that we know?
From the Christian standpoint (and I used to be one), I have always viewed the consumption of swine as a hallmark of the fall from grace. At the time of their origin, when humans were pure, before they started all the debauchery that got them tossed from the garden and prior to the flood they were as close to perfect in structure as they could be. After the flood, humankind was a disgraced group of individuals so they were no longer worthy and didn’t need to maintain the high level of purity that was required of them previously. Also, when I was a Christian, I really didn’t (still don’t) put a huge amount of credence to Paul’s words. Paul never met Jesus. Therefore how could he teach Christianity when there was living disciples who walked and built with Jesus? Peter, Jesus A-alike, never strayed from the kosher laws (Acts 10). The scripture reads….
”13Then a voice told him, "Get up, Peter. Kill and eat."
14"Surely not, Lord!" Peter replied. "I have never eaten anything impure or unclean."
15The voice spoke to him a second time, "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean."
16This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven.” Y’all know Peter was hard headed. He like most men needed to be told something more than once.
If you keep reading, it never said that Peter ate any of this so-called redeemed food. Why? He knew better. And why did Jesus send demons into swine? Because of their uncleanliness they were the perfect receptacle.

I don’t just refrain from eating pork. I eat NO meat whatsoever. I am descended from the creators rather than the created. I don’t sully my body with unclean foolishness. But pork is specifically nasty. And the way Original people love it so. It does nothing to add on to a positive healthiness of our people. There ain’t nothing sexy about a 24 hour cooked plate of chitterlings or hog head cheese or a pig ear sandwich that I find appealing or necessary.

Black folks want to act like swine and chicken came from the gods like the manna came to the Hebrews. Like it is our birth right. Not true people. Meat is just not healthy for mind body and energy. But some folks will never listen and understand because they are too caught up in the throws of what they want rather than what is good for them. And I know, that I'm probably preaching to the choir when it comes to my readers. But still I wanted to say it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Question of Why...

I come into contact with 85’ers all the time who ask me how I could become Earth. I always find the question entertaining and slightly insulting. I’m aware that this Culture gets a bad rap from other folks and sometime from us directly. My brother said to me that I must have chosen this life to be with a man. Other people see my refinement and assume that I am illiterate and have chosen to be one of those women who subject themselves to beneath a man. But those of you that live out this Culture correctly know that it’s not like that at all.

But just as I say that I don’t have a problem with my chosen affiliation and that I am not relegated to an inferior position (different, but not inferior). I can say the same for other affiliations. For example, Muslim women seem persecuted to me. Especially in those countries where it’s cool to kill a woman for embarrassing you. Not spending your money, not killing another person, not harming your children, but just embarrassing a man deserves death. Ummmm…. No. What about Mormon women with their special drawers who have to look Amish and allow their husbands to marry whomever they want even their own blood relatives? All while you chill on government assistance. No haps, Jack. What about Christian women who are bottle fed submission? That their heads are not to be uncovered or that they can’t cut there hair or that women aren’t allowed to speak in church or talk to other men? What about those Jewish women who have to walk however many steps behind their men else those men become ritually unclean? See? If you look hard enough, there is persecution all over the place.

Many of the said women are allowed to leave these constricting systems. But they don’t. They don’t want to risk being ostracized by their communities. So they just follow the status quo. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that (I am but that’s a different build—10:40). But there is nothing wrong with how I and other Earths get down either. What happened to the spirit of tolerance that folks in this country claim they have? I have found that folks are only tolerant when talking about others. Not actually interacting with them.

So for all the 85’ers out there reading this, pay very close attention... I adore my Culture and I freely accept and live it out to the best of my abilities. I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics!