Monday, December 19, 2011

Re-Inventing the Wheel


When I was a junior and senior in high school, I went to quite a few “Grown & Goodbye” parties. Maybe, like 4? And it wasn't like those people were related or knew each other. What that is, when a child turns 18, the parents have a party for them and all the while their bags are packed and waiting at the door. At the end of the evening, said child gives their house keys back to the parents and leave with the guests. They don’t live there anymore. The appropriate gift for this type of party is cash.

Now think about this…. Everyone on their 18th born days aren’t necessarily done with high school and or ready to be on their own. What if you turn 18 in March but don’t graduate until June? What are you supposed to do? I’ve been to parties like this for boys as well as girls. And… I’ve been told that I’m lucky that my bornday is late in the year (November). Lots of my friends ended up with shitty jobs, GED’s, prison records and babies that they would not have had if they were allowed to mature under the auspices of people who knew how to navigate life.

Y’all know I’m not scared to ask a question. And my question to their parents is “Why?” The answer is always the same. “I left home when I was – Insert some ridiculously young age—And I made my own way.” Really? So you want your kids to experience all the bullshit that you did? You do know if you tell them, rather than show them, they will still know… right?

I don’t get they “re-invent the Wheel” mentality. I know I don’t have children, but isn’t the goal for them to do better than you? Isn’t that progress? By having your children learn life’s lessons exactly how you learned them does not make them better off. That means they have to do what you already know.

On the flip, I know a woman who has 5 daughters. And in addition to buying them cars when they graduate high school, she and her husband put the girls into their own home upon graduating from college. Not pay entirely for a new house, but pay the down payment, all the closing costs and the mortgage for 6 months. That’s some good isht right there. They claimed their rationale was that their girls didn’t have to worry about those things and could focus on their careers and/or lives. The girls could choose the house they wanted. That is what I’m talking about right there.

My grandparents did not finish high school. Their parents didn’t even go to school. But they made sure my parents and ALL my aunts and uncles did. My parents were college graduates. They did that on their own. Mommie is smart and got scholarships. Daddy had the GI Bill and played football. When my brother and I got to that level, they paid for our 2ndary educations. They said that wasn’t something they wanted to have us worry about. My brother was good when he got out of school. My ambitious ass decided to keep going and get another degree. But that was on me and not them. I saw other grad students trying to pay old student loans with new student loan money. I didn’t have that worry because my parents improved on their destiny through me. As I see is the duty for each new generation to do this.

But they can’t if parents throw you to the wolves and laugh. Let them stay until they at least finish school. Jeesh….


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Feel Some Kind of Way.....


If you have any type of traffic issue in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, you are REQUIRED to go to court. Accident, break light, ticket, you name it. You have to show up and pay your court costs. Clearly this is some kind of income generating scheme. Which leaves me wondering why you have to generate income off the backs of folk? But that’s another build. I was involved in an auto accident. I didn’t cause it, but I did receive damage to my car. I was told by the police officer that if I didn’t show up and be a witness for the prosecution, I would be held in contempt of court and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Also the case would be thrown out and my insurance would have to pay for my damages. So…. I showed up.

Why? First of all when I got there I found that was a lie. The other person was just entering a plea. It was not the full on trial. Police WILL lie. Law & Order got that part really accurate. I’ll only need to be there if she pleads not guilty. And then they will subpoena me. So I had to take a ½ of day off on some bullshit.

Secondly when I got in the court room, the police in there went out of his way to belittle the people in there. Calling folks criminals to their faces and saying that it’s our own faults for being in there. No talking, eating, drinking or chewing gum allowed in the courtroom. This woman put a cough drop in her mouth after hacking for 15 minutes and was thrown out for eating in the court room.

I was personally attacked. I crochet. I brought in a sweater I’m working on. Last time I was in a court room, I saw them take folks phones and kindles away…. Permanently. Because no electronic devices were allowed in court. Really? Them folks on the dais have computers and that’s okay, right? And I never heard a kindle ring. But I knew nothing was gonna be allowed in there so I took the sweater. Ever since the Brian Nicholas incident, security is off the chain. I wasn’t thinking my crochet hook would be considered a weapon. And it made it through security! I didn’t sneak it in. It, the yarn and the ½ a sweater was in an open bag and slid through security. The in court robo-cop grabbed it out of my hand and said that he should have me arrested for having a “weapon” in court. Really? There was no sign saying it was on the prohibited list. Oh, I sat there for 30 minutes crocheting before he noticed.

I was also attacked by the same… officer… for having a conversation with the prosecutor. The police officer walked out before I started speaking with the ADA, and when he came back in he ran over to me and grabbed me. Telling me I wasn’t allowed to speak in the court room. Did any fucking body in the court room say anything …. At all? Nope. I looked to the ADA who just stared with his mouth open. I called for the public defender who was the only one (including the other po po present) who came to my aid. He told the officer to leave me alone or he would pro bono represent me in the suit against the city.

The thing that pissed me off….. TRULY…. Was this asshole pulled my headwrap off my head because it wasn’t allowed in court. Really? I was completely nonplussed. He did this shit in public and there was a room of people there as witnesses but nobody said a word. Even other cops.

This is why folks don’t like cops. I personally hate them. I have never had a cop protect or serve me in ANY circumstance. I don’t believe it’s possible. I know cops. They always say that they should be respected because they run toward what everyone else runs away from. But that’s a personal choice they made. No one put a gun to their heads and said they had to do this job. And the US is not a country that assigns you a trade. So cops need to handle their business in a different way. Punk assed bitch boys…..

I feel some kind of way about being treated like that yesterday. Yeah…. I’m thinking the Police Athletic League needs to pass me by this year. If they call asking for a donation, I’m a have some choice words for them.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God for the Earth


This is a quick build on Today’s Supreme Mathematics of “God.”

As a woman in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, I used to have difficulty making the numerical coordinate of “God” applicable to me. I mean that’s what we do. We draw up our degrees to make them useful within our own circumference. But since the Word “God” and in the Supreme Alphabet “Allah” as well did not describe me physically, I had issues making said words applicable to the Earth Serenity.

But why?

Let me make it clear to all the obtuse Gods out there… I am NOT aspiring to be “God” but… traits that the Gods are supposed to possess…. Why cannot I aspire to emulate?

True and living? Yes. Showing and Proving? Check. Keeping my word? Absolutely. Knowledging and living out 120? Done and still doing.

So that is how I apply Today’s Mathematics to my 196,940,000 square mileage.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Stay in Sequence


I began my college education when I was 17. My born day is late in the year; I never got skipped or anything. I was a pre-med/zoology major with a minor is chemistry and math. I learned something during my orientation that has aided me ridiculously in life. Follow the sequence. You gotta grab these jewels when you can, but first you have to recognize a jewel when you come in contact with it.

I filed for graduation in the fall semester of my senior year (that’s 3.5 years instead of 4). You don’t file until you are eligible. I was eligible a semester early. I never took 1 summer class nor am I a super brain. This was done simply because I followed the sequence.

The science behind said build is that there are many paths to a goal. There are people who like to do their own thing and trail blaze their paths. But MANY paths are already trail blazed. What is wrong with following that path that has already been laid out? Following a well worn path means that the risk of injury is low.

I was given a black book with the order of classes that I should take, and the semesters I should take them. I still have it. A memento. As long as I took all the classes I was supposed to, I would graduate on time. OK. Sounds easy right? Mostly, but not all the time.

According to the book, the 2nd semester of my junior year is when I should take Physics II. The problem was that physics was taught in the spring by the department chairperson. He was a TERRIBLE teacher. And since he was also the department chair, there was no one to complain to. Now…. You could step out of sequence and take PII in the fall of your senior year…. He wasn’t teaching it then. (And you have to pass Physics I before you can take Physics II.) That’s what most people did. Only 1 fall class was offered and you ran the risk of missing it. There was a limit on how many people could take the class. If you failed it in a prior attempt (failed, not incomplete, "D" or withdrawn), you were guaranteed a spot in the fall. You could be confirmed for the class and get bumped by a flunker. It was 4 credits with a lab. So there was science behind why it was suggested for Y3S2. Then if you wanted to graduate on time, you had to take Dr. Terrible’s class right before graduation. If you failed it, you might not be eligible to graduate on time.

I took it Y3S2 like the sequence said. I passed it (by luck) because of an accident (ask and I will tell you about it). I took it without my classmates because they were trying to take it with the easy instructor. I passed the 1st time and some of them had to take it repeatedly. Most of them didn't even get in the fall class and ended up taking Dr. Terrible's class anyway. 2 of my classmates didn’t graduate on time because they stepped out of sequence.

I did step out of sequence… sort of. Instead of postponing classes, I increased the amount of credits I carried by taking on electives prematurely. There was a program for which the science department was applying. If the department qualified for the program they would admit junior students, pay their full tuition and fees, give them paid summer jobs, give them monthly stipends and send them to grad school…. All At No Charge! Even though the school had not been admitted in the program yet, should it, I realized I wouldn’t be eligible for participation until my senior year. So… I stepped out of sequence my sophomore year and took extra classes in addition to the ones the book said to take because the program required 12 hours of calculus. I carried 25 credits for 2 semesters. Be mindful most full time students carry 12-15. That was a year of hell, but I persevered because I had a determined idea. Unfortunately, the department didn’t get the program. But I got a minor in Mathematics.

I/we have a student now. (I’m her main instructor, but the God is teaching me how to teach this culture to other women. And it is his light that is being reflected) She is older like I was when I walked through 120. But she is bucking the system like crazy. The people in Allah’s Garden have this proclivity to want to do things their own way. I don’t have a problem with self styled wisdom, but tradition exists for a reason. Self style wisdom is full of kinks. Tradition has the kinks worked out already. My student (and I used that term loosely) doesn’t understand why we have requested her not to build with other Gods until she has 120. Why it’s important to be 3/4th all the time rather than just at nation events. Why we have asked her not to read certain texts until she has 120. And most specifically why she shouldn’t get into a relationship with another 7 until she has 120. If she leaves us, we will not welcome her back if it doesn’t work out. We have explained our reasons and she has explained hers. At the end of the day…. She has to either follow our rules or find another educator. And because of this policy, we are now considered ogres. Whatever.

I have repeatedly asked her to “stay in the sequence” to no avail. I am not completely new to adult instruction. I worked as an instructor in vocational schools for 5 years. I suppose the fact that those students were paying for their education made a difference.

I suppose staying in a sequence can hold you back. But more than likely it won’t . If you think you are being held back or have any problems…Ask yourself who designed the sequence? Have the designers been successful? Do the designers have working and contemporary experience? The college I attended was invested in seeing their students matriculate. I am invested in seeing my students get 120. There is no guile behind my motivation. I am a female in this nation and I already know where the pitfalls and landmines lay for women. ESPECIALLY older women. I would like to aid another in negotiating said obstacles, but I can’t and won’t force my will on anyone other than my babies. If a grown assed woman doesn’t want my aid, I don’t feel compelled to give it.

So I will leave you with a 2 jewels from the old folks…..

This old man I used to work for used to tell me, “You don’t have time to make ALL the mistakes in life. I have to learn from folks who have made them already.” One of my teachers use to say, “If you don’t have time to do things the right way the first time, when will you have time to do them over?”


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rest In Paradise: Lord Reveal Infinite Allah

Peace Family.

We lost a builder. He fell on the job. As we all strive to. He's dead now. Not returning to anyone... ever. The only place left for him to exist is in our memories. And remember him we will.

It's our turn to continue the effort.

Peace to the God!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Women and Children 1st


I am SOOOOOOOO sick of white people. How does the president’s and vice president’s wives get booed when they are trying to show love for the troops and their families? You don’t have to agree with the president. You don’t have to agree with his views and policies. But to disrespect his woman? That’s foul!

I am an Obama supporter. I plan to vote for him a second time should he run next year. That’s my business. I recognize that folks resent him being in the highest office in this country. But he was elected. Those of y’all with my degree KNOW and Understand that Black folks are a minority in this country. Always have been. If every Black person voted for him and that was it, then we would not have gotten elected as per 3,4:10. And we all know that a lot of Black folks can’t and don’t vote. Millions of white folks cast their ballots for President Obama.

I am sick of the sheer foolishness that follows him everywhere he goes. He doesn’t put his hand over his hard when the National anthem is being played; white folks go ape shit. He doesn’t have to. All that is required of a patriot is to remove their hats if they are males. He gives children a back to school speech… like every other president has done prior…. Parents keep their children home form school. Why? What is he going to say to your children that you object too? Do well in school? Study hard? Mind your parents and teachers? The white parents don’t want a Black man to have influence over their children. So many white folks refuse to call him “President Obama.” Do they think that denying is going to make it true? Demanding that he produce a birth certificate. That is governmental isht. If folks was so hot and bothered to se it, they could have requisitioned one. The president did not need to bring it himself; nor even prove that he was born in this country. They do a credit check when you apply for a supermarket discount card. You think they didn’t check this man’s background before he decided to run for office? You saw how quick Haiti kicked Wycleff to the curb when he tried to run for president there. Are you saying the USA is behind Haiti? And regardless of what country he was born in, his mother was a US citizen. He could have been born on Mars and still had dual citizenship. Fucking idiots!

One of the things I admire and recognize about our (that’s right, OUR) president is that more so than the average Black person, Knows and Understands how to deal with the devil on a level most of us never will. His father made him and bounced. Not to another state but to another country. The elder Obama left his clearly Original Sun to be raised in the bosom of the white man. The president has stated that his grandparents were moderately racist, and his mother was frequently absent, leaving him in his grandparent’s care. SMH. That had to be hard. And he has a crazy name. Coming from this background, I trust this man to know how to handle the devil and their nastiness. But attacking his wife is uncalled for.

Men fight the battles. That’s what they do. To go after women and children is way below the belt. Did any one ever go after Barbara or Laura Bush? Nancy Reagan? Yes they went after Hillary Clinton and Rosalind Carter. I’m thinking Republicans are just a dirty bunch of crackers.

Let us explore the reasons white folks are bitching about our First Lady shall we? She has attacked childhood obesity. She installed a victory garden at the White House and she is an advocate for breast feeding. How dare she? Folks have gone as far as to infer that her husband is going to leave everybody so broke that this is the only way folks will be able to eat. Really? All First Ladies have platforms. This is hers. Folks want to imply that she is overweight. Are they blind? I suppose that is how the media portrays the Black woman so when they see one that doesn’t fall victim to the stereotype they don’t know how to react. Rush Limbaugh went as far to say she should wear yellow. WTF??? Is he a stylist now? This shit is crazy and it’s gone too far.

I realize that my blog is humble and I have 23 readers. But I don’t care. I’m a say my peace and not really care if you feel some kind of way about it.

You don’t have to like, agree, or support the President. This is a free country. But leave his wife and babies out of it.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AcKnowledging my own Equality = God i.e. Grown


I’m grown. A lot of people also claim to be grown. But I am not just chronologically grown. I am emotionally grown, experientially grown, and I acknowledge my own grown-ness.

When I turned 18, I was in college, completely dependant on my parents. Living in my mother’s house (when not at school), she had the ability (and took it) of telling me when I needed to be in the house or consequences would happen. That’s not grown. Oh yes I was over 18, therefore chronologically grown but not slightly close to be being able to take care of myself. I say all this to give an example that grown is not necessarily a calendar related issue.

I see folks daily, who are chronologically elevated but are dependant physically or mentally on others for their well being. I’m not speaking of employed people who work for others. And I am not referencing people who live in the wild off the grid. I’m talking about everyday people who have homes and jobs yet still aren’t “grown.” They can’t function without someone telling them what to do. That’s not being grown.

Part of the acknowledging one’s own self is accepting that the choice one makes are just that. One’s own choices. The consequences of your choices also belong to you. So if things don’t work out, don’t be so quick to blame the devil, the system , the illuminati, etc. The 1st bit of blame always splashes on self, because you made a decision that put you there. I don’t hold myself higher than accountability.

Personal Example…. I had aspirations of having a better Justice Cipher Born than I currently have. I got the requisite requirements, but it just didn’t happen for me as I had planned. Am I blaming anyone other than self? No. Shit happens. It’s all my fault and I don’t complain when the student loan payments come out of my check. They are entitled to that money and I gave my word saying I’d pay it back. Me. I’m grown. Am I working and striving for betterment? Always. But I recognize when all is said and done; some folks just have better luck than others. And I’m not attributing my situation to something arbitrary, but in the grand scheme, somebody always takes a hit and I suppose in my situation that person is me.

Am I saying that bad things can't happen that are completely out of control? Of course not. Those little boys abused at Penn State did not bring that on themselves. But look at each situation for what it is and you will find your kernel of responsibility for it.

I think it is funny that folks take all the credit when windfalls come their way and love to blame others for problems and situations.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 & 3/4ths

Peace Y’all…..

I am hesitant to Build on this topic. But I see a need to. My mother (NOT old Earth) used to caution me that when making Knowledge Born on a particular topic, which could be interpreted as my opinion, and even occasionally not… Make sure that 1st it is necessary and 2nd that it’s nice. She had a 3rd bit that one was religious and not relevant to this Build. So I see this conversation to be necessary. And I will strive to be nice…. But don’t hold me to it.


Earths… My sisters…. My E-likes….. We gotta do better. Seriously…. With our 3/4ths.

There has been a lot of noise on the FussBook, I mean FaceBook cipher regarding the tendency for Gods to date 85 women. It is our Nation’s dirty double standard secret. Earths have it tough in our Nation. Gods get to make many decisions for us that would never be applicable to themselves. Gods date who they chose; that can include colored women. Earths date Gods. Earth may be able to date conscious 85ers that add on to our programs but that’s pretty much it. If said 85er goes to a mosque or church on the weekend, she’s unofficially done being Earth. Not saying that Gods don’t draw up women and “Make” Earths. Should their relationship end, the Gods will move on to the next 85 woman. I am not saying ALL Gods do this. Mine didn’t. But a lot do. Hmmmmm…. This really begs the question of what is the appeal of 85 women vs. a true and living Earth?

Now… Lets remove from the equation, that Gods are not looking for women who challenge them to live righteously…. Not our Gods! Every single one of our Gods are all wise and are moving in the direction of civilizing all the families of the planet Earth. Amen Lights! That is another Build. So what’s left? What is the allure of these 85 women? I mean as women they have the same anatomy as Earths…. They provide the same functions as Earths… at times. The only difference between them and us is appearance (our Culture is reflected through appearance). 85 women must be more physically appealing than the 5%-women to the Gods. Gods are men and men have a thing for visually attractive (to them) women.

It hurts me to say that….. I have seen our women accept 3/4ths and become busted. 3/4ths does NOT give Earths permission to just fall the hell off. It requires and challenges us to find a style that is reflective of the beauty of our Culture.

Since your head is covered, you don’t have to do your hair? Now Cipher. You wear your head covered at home as well as abroad? You sleep with it and shower with it covered? Probably not. Do your hair. Hell and when you are putting on your wrap, do it like a reverse strip tease so the God gets excited…

I know a lot of Earths who think 3/4ths is floor dusting skirts, like the kind the Hijabis wear. It’s not. I wear some floor dusters on occasion but I normally wear skirts that come past my knee is such a way that when I sit they don’t ride up and show the goodies. I wear legs out, but not knees and thighs out. What? 3/4ths is about proportion. I’ll wear said skirt with a blazer or a ¾ length blouse/jacket/top sleeve. Or not. Sometimes I wear it with my arms out. But my head is always covered. If one was going to wear something strapless and backless, that should be paired with a long skirt and a head wrap. That is the only proportion I would hit with a must.

¾’s does not mean neglecting your skin, or natural appearance. This is a tricky one. Most make up is made with swine byproducts. And some can argue that make up is “made him other than his own self” ala 12:36. I have found cosmetics at the health food store that are swine free. And as far as making oneself look other than one’s own self, that’s in the application. If we take care of our skin, then we won’t have the need for make up. If we have healthy white teeth, you don’t need lipstick. Then even applying Carmex on the lips will look like a cosmetic. I know I probably shouldn’t say this but it is truth, if we get ourselves healthier bodies, then we can turn heads. There is no rule or regulation that says our clothes have to be baggy. We can wear fitted gear. Nothing looks sexier than health.

And there is no law against accessorizing. Belts show off our waists. Adornment in the form of jewelry is always helpful, not that Earths normally have a problem with this one. Get your tips and toes done and wear pretty shoes. Pretty shoes…. Pretty shoes…. How many times do I need to say that? Pretty shoes and feet can turn a man’s head. Why should not our men look at US????? Make your head wraps attractive rather than utilitarian. Smell nice. Make the Gods want to be near you. Have them seek out your presence

Ladies the bottom line is if you look good, you will look good to the God. If you look good to your God, then you will look good to other Gods. And if you look good to other Gods, you God will remain interested. Case closed. Stop giving my Earths bad reps and handle your appearance game. I grow tired of seeing my sisters looking like homeless bag ladies. Ladadee ladada, Ladadee ladada…..

Woman Up!!!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Peace Y’all,

I was building this morning with another Earth and we were discussing today’s Supreme Mathematics…. As we all should daily! And today being the Culture day, plus I’m pissed at some non-related issue, I was just thinking about Culture/Way of life as it applies to us/NGE and others. Travel me on this…..

Jews, Muslims, Amish, Mormons, etc. all have a way of life that is inclusive of their religion. Meaning if you know anything about their religion you can recognize them without them having to tell you who they are. While in grad school, it was easy to tell the Jewish students from the Muslim students from the traditional Indian students and so on. It wasn’t because they announced their faith or wore a t-shirt with their denomination printed on it, but because they just simply lived it.

Still in the past, I’m thinking about my bid as a Christian. Christians have is so easy. They do what they want because no matter what Jesus loves them. So they can hoe, kill, rob, strip, bang, whatever and still ask for forgiveness (and don’t forget paying that protection money) and they are good. Okay. I saw on HBO’s Real Sex, strippers, naked, holding hands in a circle praying for good luck in the Miss Naked Black Chick contest. So it’s hard to tell the Christians apart from the general public unless they are clergy. And the only time I see clergy repping their trade off the clock, is when it benefits them in some way. Like parking or something. Some truly devout Christians will have a doily on their heads or a crucifix or something. But even the jewelry isn’t a true giveaway. So how do you rep the culture of the masses?

Back to the present…. I’m an Earth. When you see me coming you can see I’m the Earth. The God ain’t shamed to be a poster boy for our Nation. When he goes abroad, for the most part, he has on a crown and a flag, wanting… hoping…. Eager for someone will ask any sort of question. I’ve witnessed him getting funky in IHOP. I say this to ask, what kind of God or Earth are you? Are you the closet on vacation type? That gets head wrapped and flagged down on the last Sunday of the month but no one would know any other time. Like you keep your crown and flag in the glove compartment and put it on, on your way to the cipher? Or are you keeping it real Understanding Equality Power days of the year?

I ain’t ‘bout to get in your business. You know where you stand.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old School


This morning I found myself with the strong need to distract myself from this Troy Davis business. I mean a death bed proclamation of innocence… So I decided to peruse something that I knew would have a benign effect on me. This is what I found…. I spent all morning looking at this site.

At first I thought, “I wonder what religion they practice?” that has them dressing so modestly. Even more than this Earth. Then I thought, “What is it these people do that can allow them to live like this?” And finally, and more importantly…. “Why?”

Now I’m cool with the homesteading thing. It is my opinion that we are losing a lot because of technology. Cooking, sewing, people are ignorant of how food gets to the market…. Has all changed because of technology. And we are becoming more and more technologically savvy, but more and more dependant on the same technology that is aiding us. I am an advocate of finding a happy balance. But is the above blog balanced? Is this type of existence something we should aspire to?

I am starting my fall garden this weekend… but I am starting from seedlings… I missed the planting time, sue me! And I bake a lot in the fall. I make rejuvelac in that fall and winter. I bake bread in the fall and the winter. I also plan on getting some chickens. But I use my internet, my car, my HDTV and satellite and whatever till the cows come home. I like to think I’m balanced. My father used to call me old school because I didn’t own a microwave or an electric can opener. Didn’t (and still don’t) want one either.

So tell me how y’all see this. Are you dependant on the external ciphers? Do you do anything that could be considered homesteading?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 + 1 = 3 = 1 + 2


Lately I have been inundated with the folks jaw-jacking on how the world is working. I say jaw-jacking because that’s all they are doing. All this talking is yielding no action.

Obama is screwing up the economy and country… Umm… do the 1. The country was screwed up since its inception. Bush fucked us royally with no lube. And the people crying ain’t ever had a good gold flow. But I suppose it’s easier for those that have been taught to eat the wrong foods and who like the devil when the devil gives them nothing have an easier time assigning blame to folks that look like themselves rather than the devils that actually did it. Teach yourself some politics before you repeat what you hear.

The Black woman is at fault for fucking and bossing the Black man. This has resulted in babies without daddies and the destruction of the Black race! Really? Dumb mother fuckers… You don’t see that what you are bitching about is not new? That people, Black and white, have been having children out of wedlock and with multiple partners for millennia? Are you really this uninformed? Have you not realized that the instances of teen pregnancy are at an all time low… since the 1940’s! And the Women who are currently making babies are old enough to afford it without Medicaid. Yeah, you don’t get to tell grown women when and where to procreate and how to spend their money. That is eugenics and eugenics is wrong.

The problem I cee is that people (a) are just plain ignorant/full of themselves, thinking that other people actually care how strangers see them and (b) are focusing on what they ideologically would like to have rather than what the literally do have, can have, and should have. EXAMPLE: I have a former friend whose brother hit the lottery for millions. Not wanting to leave any on his family behind, he offered non cash gifts to them and set up college accounts for their children. For this former friend, the brother offered to purchase her a brick and mortar home. 100%. She, a customer service rep who had a GED and that’s it, went out and chose a home that cost $250,000. And this was before the housing market collapse. The brother asked her, how she’d pay the insurance, taxes and utilities because after purchasing the house, for her she would be on her own. Even suggested that she buy a smaller dwelling. Nope. Girlfriend had her heart set on that big assed, quarter of a million dollar house. She lived in that house for 2 years, with the utilities in a constant state of flux. She eventually lost it to taxes. Now she lives in a ghetto apartment complex… again. See what I mean? Even if she had sold it, she could have pocketed all the money since the house was in her name. She wanted something that she wasn’t ready for and didn’t have the mind set to conquer.

It is a statistical fact that in Original homes in the wilderness of North America, are more than likely governed by single mothers. That is the reality. It would be nice if it wasn’t but how can another control what grown folks do? Especially when it comes to sweet, sweet love. Folks are already creeping. We are going to get it in. But mandating that a woman marry her “baby daddy” is stupid. Which one? And which one of the “baby mamas” should the man marry? Polygamy? Again stupid. Men now a days can’t handle 1 woman. Do you really think by loading him up with more is going to work out better? What folks need to do is focus on the reality of the situation rather than what they want to see. Because that is usually poisoned by religion, media, and a whole bunch of other dumb shit.

You have women who have a bunch of kids with a bunch of men and no jobs…. Get them jobs. Babies... no, EVERYBODY need food, clothing and shelter. Universal healthcare would be nice too. Give them education to go along with the jobs. Education leads to dreams. Dreams lead to temperance. EXAMPLE: When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. That included 8 years of expensive education after high school. I saw girls with babies in high school that couldn’t even finish their GEDs! I knew if I wanted said vocation, I had to be careful when loving. And I did. I achieved my ambition, because I was allowed to dream. But if you have a woman with no dreams whatever happens, happens.

And yes I agree that this economy is shitty. Real shitty. We have to accept that. And if you really look at the situation, it will not go back to what it was in the past. Companies now a days have laid off chunks of their work force. Those remaining, in fear for their jobs, have picked up the slack and said companies are still turning out the same production. Why would they ever rehire the people they laid off? Why should they pay more salaries and benefits to turn out the same production? Does that make sense to you? Companies still hire, but they are only hiring what they can’t function without.

So where does that leave us? We need to be mindful of living within our means and that also includes living off 1 salary. Now I know that sounds foreign to a lot of people, and retro to others. But it is done every day. I see single mothers with 4 kids making things happen. If you have a nuclear family with 2 kids and all the parts; and 1 parent works, the other parent can cook, clean, provide daycare, etc. And they just have to live within the working parent’s means. It can work. I’ve seen it. The people in my parent’s generation had what I consider truly shitty jobs. My father in law worked at a dry cleaners yet owned 2 homes and raised 7 children and assorted grandchildren. My mother has a friend who worked on the line of Nabisco and supports her husband (who was always chasing some dream) home and 2 kids. The God’s father was a steel worker with a home, stay at home wife and 2 seeds. Think of your grandmothers who did “day work” yet managed to send children to college. It can be done. But sacrifices will have to be made, and re-education is required.

Considering today’s Supreme Mathematics Wisdom Knowledge abbt Understanding, Yes Knowledge + Wisdom yields Understanding, and for some this may be the preferable (Right) way to do things, but the reality (Universal- because this is the way things work for most people) is many gain their Understanding by reacting to events in their lives (Wisdom) first then they have to figure out (Knowledge) The solutions (Understanding). And if the result is the same… Well then we can dwell on the particulars in the next generation.

We have shit to do. Let’s do it.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knowledge Culture abbt Power


This morning I was building with another Earth on today’s Supreme Mathematics, and I was struck with how nicely all the Knowledge Culture degrees fit together.

I see today’s Math as the importance of doing the Knowledge to all the Cultures which one exists. And whether this brings Power Now or Ends it is up to your negotiation of said Cultures. Example: I’m righteous, and my home observes the rules and regulations of said Culture, but when I go abroad (14:14), I have to deal in Yacub’s World manifest (14:40). Does it change me? Do I eat the wrong foods (14:36)? No. Do I change it? Maybe. I can only change what I Understand. Since Knowledge is a prerequisite of Understanding then I must Knowledge this external Culture. I’m 3/4th at the Justice. Does my boss, coworkers, or clients approve? Doesn’t matter. I am armed with my job description and the laws concerning what I am allowed to do. I make that work for me so that I am Free to display my Refinement. And hopefully, I’m sparking folks to investigate why I do as I does. I keep my job (Power) and that enables me to continue Building my Nation (N:SA). And there’s my Equality (Power degree:SA).

Short but sweet.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Positive Haters


Some things may seem like complete common sense, but I have learned that common sense is not common. I have also learned that Bloggers must put up blogs just for the glory they receive from said activity. This blog is not like that. If I post something that is incorrect, tell me… PUBLICLY!

I know that as owner of this blog, I could go out like a punk and delete your comments, or put you on blast. But I won’t. That’s uncivilized and I am a civilized person. So if I write something jenky or post a pic of something butt ugly, please fee free to tell me. I won’t get upset.

I think it’s a disservice for people to go through the energy of posting something and the only comments they get are cheers and back pats. It’s not fair to the owners and it’s not fair to the readers. As an owner, if any of you have any information/knowledge that you want to pass on that will benefit me in anyway, PLEASE DO SO. I’d hate to miss out on something. Also, I love to hear what you have to say. Inexperienced readers may look at something that is getting a bunch of shine on your blog and think that your way is the only right and exact way to cee or do something.

As a reader I have felt uncomfortable reading some pure fuckery and no one says boo about it. I have actually unsubscribed to blogs where this happens on a regular; but after I make my peace. Then when I go back and check after unsubscribing, I notice the comment has been deleted. On one blog, the owner asked a question and I gave my honest opinion. I went out of my way to NOT be mean, but did plainly state facts. I got put on blast! And that’s why I call it hate. It wasn’t the owner who went off, it was her followers. And there is a difference between followers and readers. I wouldn’t insult y’all by calling y’all followers. It’s still hate. By denying someone the truth and giving them nothing but sweetness and happy comments is positive hating. The owners will think they are walking on water when in reality they are wading in isht.

Don’t do that to me. Give me the real. And as long as you aren’t selling something or being wholly disrespectful, I won’t block it.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Nu Generation


Yesterday, on my way home, I was waiting at a stop light. I could see two individuals talking in a driveway. I could completely see on and only partially see the other person. I was shocked because I saw, what I thought was a woman standing topless in the drive way. I couldn’t see the head only the shoulders down. There was foliage on the landscape and it was obliterating the head. But this is Atlanta and you should expect to see anything. Turns out it was a dude. But what has stayed with me was how much like a woman his body looked. First thing is he had boobs. And not male boobs, but upturned perky-upturned woman boobs with big nipples. How the hell did he get those? He didn’t have a big stomach. Although, he didn’t have a 6-pack either, his stomach was flat. There was no chest hair on his chest and his arms looked pretty normal. No extra musculature. His pants weren’t tight, nor were they baggy. They were normal jeans. If he didn’t have a beard, I would have probably thought he was a… don’t get offended… lesbian as I drove by. Again this is Atlanta. All this got me thinking, especially with the Chaz Bono drama that is currently unfolding. Men don’t look like men anymore. And women who don’t look particularly like women either.

When was the last time you heard a deep voiced crooner or saw a masculine actor on the tube? Not just the hairy faced-ness women have now a days, but many women seem to have made the conscious decision to man themselves up. There are stereotypical trappings that are applicable to women; hair, nails, makeup, over all “girliness.” And yes, Serenity falls into all that isht. B.U.T…. I despise having to behave like a man. And when I have to, I boo hoo like a bitch in heat. But this generation of women seems to have lost a reverence for feminine qualities while emasculating men. And by men, I mean their children. They do this mentally and physically.

Physically, by feeding them foods that have feminizing side effects. The Girls get over feminized. Their boobs pop out at 7 and they have periods by 9. They have the bodies of a grown woman with the mind of a child. (My niece got her first period at age 8 on Barbie panties and still carrying her teddy bear every place. She was in the 3rd grade.) By the time they catch up, they are juiced out. And mothers put ridiculous responsibilities on these children claiming to be teaching them how to make it without a man. But what they are teaching is man-repulsion 101. Little boys have hips and asses.

Mentally, they don’t to expose these boys to the realities of life but instead create unrealistic environments for these children and wonder why when they’re grown, they don’t/can’t help out around the house, can’t maintain relationships with women, are gay (yes, I’m in the “It can be taught” camp for some folks), and can’t perform the functions of a man. They were never taught to be men.

If we are honest, we have to admit that most Original children now grow up in single-mother homes. It’s a fact, not a myth. So we women have to accept that this fuck-up-it-ness that currently exists is our fault. Why did we choose to procreate under these conditions? There are contraceptives everywhere. And men aren’t bright enough to truly fool us. We always know when something is amiss. Whether to attack or ignore is our choice. Since we have taken this awesome responsibility on, we need to twerk it keeping an eye on the future. We need to seek proper men to mentor our young gods and be good woman examples for them. And we need to teach or young moons to the necessities of the household and how to be righteous Earths. It is not shameful to be domestic. I don’t care how fly you are or how good your Power U is, you can not keep a man with a nasty house and no cooking. We need to show our babies that men and women can cohabitate and or co-parent in peace and BUILD… (for all you computer generated haters don’t mistake what I’m saying. I’m not advocating NOT having fathers in the household. I’m saying if you find yourself in a certain situation; deal in Equality with your cipher.)

I do the knowledge in my own neighborhood. I have a neighbor that lives maybe 30 feet from the bus stop. She drives her son to the stop everyday, no lie. He’s 8. He doesn’t get out and wait for the bus, either. No. Her little angel waits inside the car. This is damn GA. It’s cold only in January and February. And we in a drought right now, so it’s not raining. When the bus comes, he’s not even ready! Another neighbor has no less than 3 male teenagers in his house, and pays a lawn service to cut the grass? Really? I used to cut my OWN grass before the God and I combined realms. He told me that I need to hire his man. WTF? I went off on him and his lazy children. Now we don’t speak. Was I wrong?

My mother taught me to cut grass as well as to keep a home. No punk bitches were allowed to reside in her house; that included the dog. Both my brother and I worked the same tasks; Inside and out. But there was girl time for us and man time for my brother with my father and uncles. And I recognize there are situations where a woman has to step up. But that ain’t her job. Females have their lane. Men have a different one.

Protection. I do not carry the same level of weaponry since the God and I merged. I know he’s got me. And he fixes stuff and kills bugs and lizards. He grounds me, yet keeps me in orbit. I’m a kinder gentler Serenity because of it. He’s a good provider too. You know why he’s so perfect, because he had a good example from his father who manned up for his family, and his mother didn’t feed him a lot of meat as a child.

I want y’all with children and those of y’all with influence over children to be mindful that they are the future. If you don’t teach them well, they can’t lead. They will be led. You need to expose them to all the gritty sides of life. Don’t worry so much about them. Everyone experiences disappointments. That’s how you learn and develop. It’s easier for them to learn how to deal while young. That way they don’t grow up to be serial killers or the like. If they stumble, you can aid them in standing again. Parents should be safety nets not straight jackets. Example: I had a ptj in high school. I found the job on my own and had the responsibility to maintain my grades, get their and manage/budget my own money. There were no allowances given at 594. If you wanted your OWN money you had to earn it. My mother, being an educator herself also insisted that we do extra curricular school activities. She reminded both me and my brother that working was extra, school was required, and college was non-negotiable. B.U.T. she picked me up every night from the job for my own safety. I see folks now a days giving their teenagers, on demand, money for plain foolishness. They don’t have to earn it, they just ask for it and get it. Food, clothing, shelter, medical attention… that’s all parent’s owe you. Anything else should be earned. You are not helping children by indulging them everything that they want. And they will respect you later.

Teach your daughters the whats and hows of preparing food. Seriously, feeding your children fast food every night is not what’s up. Learn how to cook from scratch and prepare weekly meal plans. Teach your boys to maintain your home. Change washers, repairs, wash cars, change furnace filters, change tires, change oil, etc. Teach them how to be respectful to the opposite sex. Teach them how to get along with people of all socioeconomic classes and not just their little circle of people. There are all kinds of people in this world. It puts them at a disadvantage to only know how to deal with one or two. Don’t just consistently give to your children things they haven’t earned or don’t deserve. Teach them both good manners and how to eat in public. Check their homework. Make sure they can read and can reason. Have them read the paper to you and discuss current event s with them so that they can be more confident abroad. Do I have to say daily build on Supreme Mathematics? Get at these babies when they are young and want to please you. Don’t start when they are teenagery and don’t trust anything that comes out of an adult’s mouth. Maybe we can reverse the pure fuckery that we are careening out of control to.

That’s my piece.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop playing with high explosives!

"....Earthquakes are caused by the Sun of man experimenting with high explosives. In fact, All the above is caused by the Sun of Man."

Just playing around!


Monday, August 15, 2011

2200 miles of Self Sustainability


There are so many things I should be working on… This month’s issue of Useful Land isn’t ready yet and needs to go to the printer by Friday… Monday the latest. I need to finish some niggling projects at work. I need to finish at least 4 UFO’s in my sewing room; but I’m here blogging for y’all. I hope y’all appreciate what I go through to keep you interested! Teehee! All jokes aside… Sort of….

Self Sustainability
is defined as the degree at which the system can sustain itself without external support. In everyday language it means not needing to rely on anybody or anything else outside your personal ciphers for anything. The colored man is doing all he can to obtain this. He moves to farms with animals, crops and guns so that when all hell breaks loose he can continue and defend his way of life. And on the surface, that “do for self” attitude has been advocated in the Original community but it has never really taken hold. I have my suspicions about why….

First of all, I advocate doing for self, but not in the sense of “It’s us 2 and we through.” I advocate it in the sense of we can get most of what we need within our own communities. It’s 2011, not 1945. More Original people are educated now than in previous generations. And the bar has been raised. Most of my parents friends had high school diplomas and that’s it. Yes my parents went to college, and my mother has multiple degrees, but they were the exception and not the rule. My grandmother was born in 1906. She had a 6th grade education. My grandfather, born 1900 had no education. He couldn't read or write but he could figure and managed to earn quite a bit of gold in his station in life. My grandmother's mother got a sincerely rudimentary education and her mother was born a slave. So the learning curve has improved greatly no matter what statistic the colored man throws out there. We are a race of educated individuals and we don’t have to (though many of us do) have to rely on the him/devil to help or allow us to live our lives.

Next, despite what you may have heard, Original people have their own financial institutions. Yeah, we do. Don’t believe me? Do the Knowledge. Yes, they can’t give you all the bells and whistles that the big boys can give, but they exist. Actually, they could offer more if we supported them. And I know Original people are leery of folks in our business (though we don’t seem to mind him/devil in our business… Somehow that seems like that’s the way it should be) but even if we put small amounts in our own banks it would go a long way to opening up resources for our own communities.

We also have the ‘know how’ to do anything, and provide any service for ourselves. We used to have to do these things for ourselves before segregation ended. We had our own schools, our own, stores, our own business, hospitals, etc. We still have have our own colleges... at least right now. Now a days all we really do for ourselves is hair salons, barbershops and funeral homes. And I have heard more frequently that we are starting to patronize the colored man’s funeral homes. Damn! Now a lot of that is our own fault. We are notorious for providing each other with sub par service. We act like just because we look like each other we can be cool/unprofessional with each other. And I know that’s a major turnoff to supporting our own.

I have Built on how it is a bold face lie that we have needs and reasons to leave our communities of goods and services. B.U.T….. The question begs to me… Why do we need to be self sustainable? It’s unnecessary.

I’m not saying that we don’t need to support our communities, but self sustainability as defined by colored people who advocate it, is not about supporting their own communities. It’s about going off the grid and not needing to get anything from people outside their families. That's how they think and reason. They would happily kill each other to save their own pale skins. That’s where I have issues with that philosophy. People come in communities. Everybody can’t and more importantly shouldn’t do everything for themselves. That is de-evolution at it’s finest. The logical next step in that equation is to become hunters and gatherers and/or live in caves because eventually what ever homestead you have will decay and if you are keeping everything in house then you will eventually run out of the raw materials. Also, if your keeping everything confined to a select number of people, what does that do to your eventual gene pool? That is not elevation and it definitely is not Building.

So, where as I will continue to monitor the self sustainable communities… always taking the best part… I don’t have plans to go off the grid.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Got Mines

Peace Family,

Y’all can’t imagine how many Earths contact me, in the physical and online, complaining that their Gods don’t/won’t/refuse/whatever to teach them 120. So much in fact that it sickens me. For those of you who are new to my Nation or unfamiliar with our ways and actions; 120 is our curriculum. It is a requirement of Gods who claim our Culture and it must be memorized. Gods must have a command of 120 to such and extant, that they can recite any degree on demand without hesitation. Trust me, this happens daily. It’s one of the ways to show and prove that you might be true and living. I’m repeating this for effect… It MUST be memorized.

B.U.T. 120 is a God requirement… Not an Earth requirement. To qualify as a true and living Earth, an Original woman should know Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and have some relationship with a God. Whether it be her man, son, brother, uncle, friends, etc. If a woman without 120 is lacking a relationship, she is looked on with suspicion. As she should. We are a paranoid nation, and proud of it. We do not take things on face value and everyone should be and expect to be examined. It is harder for a woman to show and prove her devotion to our Nation if she has neither 120 or a man.

Now a rational person should realize that things can happen. Relationships come and go. If a woman depends on a man to do certain things for her, should something happen to said man she will now either need to find another man to pick up the slack of pick it up for her own self. Another odd unofficial habit of men in our Nation is that many of them don’t like “ready-made-Earths.” So it would be that much harder for a Earth to stay related.

So what is a woman to do to insure that she will always be able to maintain her own rotation in our Nation? A woman’s position in my Nation is tenuous under certain circumstances. But it’s not like women are powerless to affect these circumstances. Learn 120. Simple as that!

There are a large contingency of Gods that don’t teach their Earths 120. I have heard that it’s useless because Earths can’t elevate high enough to Understand it. I have heard that it’s unnecessary for us. As long as we have a God to hold us down, he will direct our orbit. I finally heard one God say that if we had 120 we could call him on their bullshit. The bottom line is this… I don’t KNOW why these types of Gods don’t want to teach women. And I don’t care. But there are many Gods who do. Without 120, a woman will not be able to maintain as an Earth if she is alone. Do you Know how many formerly righteous women I know who used to be Earth, broke up with their Gods, now they have seeds/soil that are Christians with righteous names? More than I care to share.

Also in this Nation, we have a tendency to do what I call, “Nation Speak.” When we converse, we use phrases from 120 to convey to each other what we mean. We can speak completely in code if we wanted. It is an opportunity to show our Understanding of the degrees and gain another’s cee outside the parliament. Also, I don’t get how any Earth could enjoy a rally without 120. When the Gods build, they use 120. If you don’t know it, then it sounds like a bunch of gibberish. (Hmmm. I didn’t know that last word started with a ‘g.’ Go spell check!) Earths don’t Build at the Rallies for a number of reasons. The biggest is because they don’t Understand what’s going on because they don’t have 120.

120 has benefited me in a number of non-Nation ways. It has filtered my perspective on a lot of things. It’s sort of the way Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. go to their holy books for guidance. I can go to 120 and use it order situations in my cipher. But I Know and Understand that there is no mystery to the words. They aren’t supernatural, just solid advice. And paired with Supreme Mathematics it has never disappointed me.

I have 120. I can stand in any cipher and be tested to show myself approved, whether I have a God next to me or not. If I had babies, I could teach and convey this Culture to them. I could maintain, elevate and Build.

I advocate and encourage other Original women to learn 120. And if you aren’t getting it, it’s because you don’t want it.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Uncivilized Savage Jungle Beasts!


As I was contemplating my degrees this morning, I got caught on one of them as I often do. This morning it was the different designations of mental states. Savage, beast, jungle, civilized. And I was thinking about the meaning of ‘savage’ and how it’s used in 120.

Savage is first defined as meaning “… one who has lost all knowledge of self and is living a beast way of life…” So by calling someone savage you are implying that they once were un-savage. Now this definition comes pretty early in 120... no matter the order you get it. The first time you cee it the word gets defined. So that sets the tone for it’s usage. So when you recite ‘savage’ in 18:40 does it mean teach those that never knew or those who knew and backslid? And how does one make that determination? Do we mean those who can trace their ancestry to a time before the advent of him/devil? Or do we mean just plain 85? The wording is… “…to teach the savage, civilization….” Teaching implies that you are giving someone information that is new to them, not a refresher course. Then over to 19:40, the savage is not referenced. They are now called ‘uncivilized.’ Is that different from savages who live a beast way of life?

The God will tell me that I’m being a 120 scholar and I might be. It tickles me to dwell on all the words and phrases. But I also find it enlightening when I get a profound answer. And there are Gods out there with a crazy Understanding on these degrees. I don’t know what kind of Kool-Aid T.H.E.M. was drinking when he answered Supreme Wisdom, but I want a sip, not a whole glass.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relationship Complacency

"Cater 2 U"

[Verse 1 Beyonce]
Baby I See You Working Hard
I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud,
Let You Know That I Admire What You Do
The More If I Need To Reassure You, My Life Would Be Purposeless Without You (Yeah)
If I Want It (Got It)
When I Ask You (You Provide It)
You Inspire Me To Be Better
You Challenge Me For The Better
Sit Back And Let Me Pour Out My Love Letter

Let Me Help You
Take Off Your Shoes
Untie Your Shoestrings
Take Off Your Cufflinks (Yeah)
What You Want To Eat Boo? (Yeah)
Let Me Feed You
Let Me Run Your Bathwater
Whatever You Desire, I'll Aspire
Sing You A Song
Turn The Game On
I'll Brush Your Hair
Help Put Your Do Rag On
Want A Foot Rub? (Yeah)
You Want A Manicure?
Baby I'm Yours I Want To Cater To You Boy

Let Me Cater To You
Cause Baby This Is Your Day
Do Anything For My Man
Baby You Blow Me Away
I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More
Anything You Want Just Let Me Cater To You
Inspire Me From The Heart,
Can't Nothing Tear Us Apart
You're All I Want In A Man;
I Put My Life In Your Hands
I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More
Anything You Want, I Want To Cater To You

[Verse 2 Kelly]
Baby I'm Happy You're Home,
Let Me Hold You In My Arms
I Just Want To Take The Stress Away From You
Making Sure That I'm Doing My Part (Oh)
Boy Is There Something You Need Me To Do (Oh)
If You Want It (I Got It)
Say The Word (I Will Try It)
I Know Whatever I'm Not Fulfilling (Oh)
Another Woman Is Willing (Oh)
I'm Going To Fulfill Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

I Promise You (Promise You)
I'll Keep Myself Up (Oh)
Remain The Same Chick (Yeah)
You Fell In Love With (Yeah)
I'll Keep It Tight, I'll Keep My Figure Right
I'll Keep My Hair Fixed, Keep Rocking The Hottest Outfits
When You Come Home Late Tap Me On My Shoulder, I'll Roll Over
Baby I Heard You, I'm Here To Serve You (I'm Lovin It, I'm Lovin It)
If It's Love You Need, To Give It Is My Joy
All I Want To Do, Is Cater To You Boy


[Bridge Michelle]
I Want To Give You My Breath, My Strength, My Will To Be Here
That's The Least I Can Do,
Let Me Cater To You
Through The Good (Good)
The Bad (Through The Bad)
The Ups And The Downs (Ups And Downs)
I'll Still Be Here For You
Let Me Cater To You
Cause You're Beautiful (You're Beautiful)
I Love The Way You Are (You Are)
Fulfill Your Every Desire (Desire)
Your Wish Is My Command (Command)
I Want To Cater To My Man
Your Heart (Your Heart)
So Pure Your Love Shines Through(Shines Through)
The Darkness We'll Get Through (So Much)
So Much Of Me Is You (Is You)
I Want To Cater To My Man

[Chorus Out]

Peace Y’all,

This build has been with me for a minute. I didn’t want to write it, because I know it will offend folks. But in my beloved Nation, we honor Truth regardless of whom or what. And what I write is the Truth as I see it. You don’t have to agree. And let’s be real, this is a blog. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. And feel free to comment. I ain’t scurred!

There is a phenomenon that afflicts women… (It afflicts men too, but in a different way. So different it would require its own build). I call it Relationship Complacency or RC. When a woman gets in a relationship she loses sight of the work she did to attain said relationship and becomes a slouch. If you are offended then it is a case of “hit dog will holler.”

When women settle into a relationship one of the 1st things that go is her appearance. And this happens for many reasons. Eating becomes social. And that causes you to gain weight. Or you feel like you no longer need to work so hard since you got your desired product. Maybe your man feels like you have to tone things down now that y’all all loved up. That last one concerns me. I have found in my Koran, that a man is proud of his woman most when there are other men are checking her out. When I got engaged to my 1st husband, I found it scandalous to eat dinner then breakfast with him. I gained a tuck load of weight and was oblivious to it. The sad thing was I had been on a savage diet and had lost a tremendous amount of weight before getting involved. But love skews your vision. I have never been able to get back to my ‘Air Force Fine’ weight. So I am freely admitting that I too, can fall victim to the RC.

As an Earth, I see other Earths falling into RC with this nation. Once we are in and find a home here, we fall Waaaaaaaaaaaay off. Most women come to this Nation through or because of a man. And the strive to please the man. 3/4ths is part of our Culture. For a lot of newborn Earths that can be translated as busted-ass-outed-ness. Not a good look. And I see how it happens. You go from wearing fitted body baring outfits, with high MAC or Fashion Fair, and perms to natural haired, long skirts with headwraps and clean faces. Yeah. You can get REALLY busted along that route. And the fact that the transformation is usually driven by men who have absolutely NO concept of the work that it takes to maintain beauty. Men think that it is all lazy and effortless. We just fall out of the bed looking gorgeous. No Suns. Beauty hurts. The longer you share a cipher with a woman, the day will come when she walks out of the bathroom with green mud and rollers.

I know many Earths. I was raised in NJ during the 80’s. For some reason Allah’s Garden Earths who read my blog assume I’m talking about them like I don’t know other righteous people. Whatever.

I prefaced this blog with a Destiny Child’s song. I don’t know if you remember the 2005 BET Awards. They performed this song by giving lap dances to Magic, Nelly and Terrance Howard. Before that time, the song ticked me off, catering goes both way and the way the ladies where singing it didn’t give me that impression. But then after truly giving serious and dedicated consideration to the lyrics, I see that this song assures a man that his woman won’t fall into RC. And lets be real, it’s a true fear for a man. That his fly assed woman will morph into a busted looking crud muffin.

Not to be accused of jaw jacking, I ask, what can we do about this? Just because you are Earth doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy. It doesn’t mean you have to rep the continent of Africa either. I’m going to suggest a really simple activity that helped me sort things out. I’m a girl and I like girly things. Magazines and Paper dolls. Cut out a woman’s form in a paper doll, and then go to cutting out different outfits from magazines. The reason I recommend the dolls is so you can see and monitor the proportion. There is nothing in 120 that says the Earth should be busted and outdated.

Currently Maxi dresses are in style, but that doesn’t always mean they will be. When they go out of style, when you continue to wear them you will date yourself. That’s not important to you? Great. But looking fashionable is something that a lot of women find important, whether 5% or 85%, hell… even the 10% want to look good! Find a way to cover your head that works in the corporate environment vs. educational environment vs. healthcare environment or what have you. We have to earn a living and there is no need to be or feel held back because you cover your head. If you wear pants, that covers 50% of your body. I’m assuming that you will wear a top with said pants and now your 3/4th is complete. Add a hat to refine even further. Pay attention to your skin. If you have acne; find a product to correct that. I never had moderate to bad acne so I can’t advocate anything. But I can advocate proper hygiene. Oral and other. Coordinate your clothes. Iron your clothes. Don’t wear something that needs to be repaired until it’s repaired. Get your eyebrows groomed. Uni-brows ain’t sexy. Wear perfume and high heels. Paint your toenails. Use lotion. Just because you have a long skirt o doesn’t mean you get to be ashy underneath. Slather Carmex on those lips. Breath mints don’t hurt. You still want to wear them bootie shorts with your ass hanging out? Then wear them for your man... at home. They say they don’t like lingerie; but when they tell you to take it off, it’s because it’s done its job, not because he doesn’t like it. Take time with your hair. Fix it up for your man. Yes you wear your head covered (some of you) while you are abroad, but the God deserves special treatment and goodies for your God and Earth time. Be that Chick he fell in love with. Read them lyrics chile!

Come on ladies! Let’s take back Jerusalem (our Gods) back from these 85% hoochies!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Peace to the Earth!


What does it mean to be “Earth” in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths?

Oh it’s wonderful. I am so much more satisfied with my Culture now than I was when I was a Christian. Why? Truth may be a hard pill to swallow; but you never get sick from it.

I used to think (and still do) clergy got some sort of sadistic pleasure from telling you that you are fucking up. I mean if they are supposed to be the paragons of virtue, when do they get to let their hair down? When they Pray? Listen to gospel? Go to church? Clergy can’t or shouldn't do do clubs (really can you imagine being at the club and seeing your pastor in there?), can’t get their swerve on, can’t watch porn, can’t nothing. It’s all very stiff up in there. I remember a former pastor used to like to play the board game, Trouble. Really? Unless it was strip trouble, that is a plea for help. The only thing they have for fun is the finger pointing game and maybe some procreational sex with their duly appointed partner. Yeah…. G's and E's don’t roll like that.

We also advocate raw unadulterated Truth with no lube, sugar or cream. It may hurt when you are 1st getting used to it but after a few times you get a taste for it… even crave it. What’s better than being told to your face with no guile or ulterior motive, the truth? Whether it is pleasurable or bad, it’s nice to know that’s what’s coming.

Many 85 women (and devils) ask my why I like being an Earth or what does being an Earth mean to me? They think because the men are Called “Gods” that to be an Earth is somehow inferior…. No. Many would like for our women to be called “Goddess” to reflect our Equality to the men. But it doesn’t work like that. We have Equality. But Equality doesn't mean the same.

Using the terms God and Goddess implies that the only difference between men and women are our genitals. And that’s not the case. In order for this world to operate effectively, men have one role and women have another. Everyone doesn’t need to perform the same job. That is redundant.

Ridiculously simple example: The house needs a dozen eggs for dinner. I go to the store and buy a dozen and the God goes to the store and buys a dozen. With both of us having performed the same job who now cooks the eggs? If we both do for a meal we both share does not that seem like a waste of time and energy? That’s because it is. But if God or I buys the eggs and the other prepares the meal, then harmony and balance reign in the cipher. And at the end of the day isn’t that what you want?

Yes our Gods are misogynistic. I built about that last week. But it’s not always a bad thing. Misogynistic men get off on being men. This new breed of metrosexual man is too soft to handle the man jobs and actually will push a man job off on a woman. That is NOT a good look.

Example of metrosexual punk assed-ness: Years months and days ago –something year old wanted to be my man and do the grown folk. But he would punk out when I needed a MAN’s assistance. My toilet seat broke and he refused to put a new one on for me. When I went to put it on (and I always knew how) he said it turned him on to see me handle my business. Well I continued to handle my business… including the business he wanted to handle for me. A misogynistic man wouldn’t dream of me doing that type of work for myself.

I suspect a lot of the misogyny stems from this being a man-heavy movement. When men teach men they tend to pass on masculine type views and stereotypes. Doe it always work for me? No. But it works more than it doesn’t. And you know why it does? Because I’m a woman that recognizes that my femininity is not dependent on how freaky I can get in the bedroom.

Also women just tend to excel at certain thins and men others. A woman can hear her child call “Mommie” in a room full of children crying the same word. And some men just completely get the “providing without bitching” on a level that I as a woman cannot fathom. Yes I can provide for myself. But I will complain about it every step of the way, even cry about it. Men have this odd ability to go out and very stoically work and pay bills without drawing your attention to it. Women nurture and men provide. 2 completely different processes

Very Nice Example: I had to have major surgery. I was going to be out of commission for 2 months. I told Mommie, she got upset for me and vowed to be by my side and nurse me through it. And she kept her word. She nurtured me in her own way. Daddy inquired about how I was going to meet my expenses. Then sent me the money to cover it. He didn’t come to the hospital (he was in another state) but he made sure my lights stayed on. Who made the more important contribution? Women would say my mother and men my father. But they both came from 2 different places and they gave me what was from them to give. Could my mother have afforded to front me the money? Hell yeah! That woman is sitting on a Benjamin pile, but that’s not how she saw it. Could Daddy have come down and held my hand and walked me through the hospital halls? Yes! But he neither saw it like that. Men and woman are far more different then their genitals and yes they can perform the same functions but shouldn’t.

So does that mean that I see me as “Earth” as inferior to a “God”? Emphatically Now Cipher! (That’s no to the non-initiated). I see myself as the Supreme female being handling my woman square while the God is the Supreme male being handling his man square.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Peace Family.

I’m just going to get down to business... Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths is misogynistic. Case closed. Was it designed like that? I doubt it. Should women even strive to be an integral part? Absolutely!

I assume that if you are reading this, you already know what misogynistic means. No? Then you googled it, right? No? Okay… Misogyny means hatred or distrust of women. Do I think the Gods hate women? Emphatically Now Cipher. But I do think many distrust women and more than half of the Gods just don’t know what to do with women.

I have noticed that where and whenever there is a preponderance of men assembled, the women are usually assembled somewhere else. Men will gravitate to men and women to women. I ain’t mad at that. I like nothing more to enter a cipher with my God and slip off to build with the Earths. Why? Many reasons. I have more in common with Earths. I feel safer; it’s doubtful a fight might pop off if an Earth misquotes a degree. The Earths respect each other and don’t patronize each other… Well most Earths. Ok, a lot of Earths. And the Gods can be too intense for my taste at times. It’s a sweeter vibe. So I’m cool with the temporary separation. But I recognize that anytime I want, I can go back to where the men are building. And the Gods can visit the Earths too, should they choose.

But I bare witness that many Gods don’t treat Earths with the same Equality as they do each other. I know 120 is not an Earth requirement. But there are lots of us that want (and have)120. For some reason it is very hard to get Gods to teach it the same way to women as they would to men. Maybe it’s because oftentimes said woman is the God’s own Earth. As an Earth that was getting 120 from both an educator and then from my own God, I know there is a difference. As it should be. But both Gods taught me hard. Another thing I recognize is that Earths are softer and gentler than the boys. If you ride us too hard we have no problem breaking down and weeping. Some men find that uncomfortable. Ok.

I wonder if folks recognize that misogyny will cause women to want nothing to do with our nation. Or maybe that is the determined idea. Doesn’t matter. We here and we staying.

I find the whole situation, actually quite funny. My father and his cronies were all male chauvinists of the highest order. But, he was my father! He did his duty as a father. So that means that when I needed him or something from him, I had to find a way to make him more amenable and user friendly. So I know how to work a man who doesn’t actually trust or respect women to my advantage. And ladies, it’s easier than you think! You know why? (a) Because the chauvinist doesn’t think women are smart enough to comprehend anything so they never see your work coming. (b) And it is very easy to use their antiquated views against them.

Example: When I was in college I worked for 2 years (junior and senior) year in a microbiology lab. My senior year I had ridden to the highest position a student could rise. I was in charge of the lab. The Principal hired a sophomore male who for me to train. He was a sophomore. He didn’t have my experience, seniority or all my classes. He was very green. BUT The principal saw fit to pay him slightly more than me. Really? I had to work up to my pay and this kid was going to make more than I did and I was his boss? Again, Really????? I promptly went to the principal and confirmed my information. The chauvinist explain very slowly (because clearly my vagina makes me stupid) to me that he was a man and deserved to make more simply because he had a penis. That’s all I needed to know.

I needed that job. I didn’t qualify for any other campus jobs, and it wasn’t a bad one. And I continued to work my program… BUT… Since I wasn’t a man, I told the principal that another man should train a man. His training took forever to complete. And he ended up getting shorted in paychecks when the principal had other things to do. Not my problem. Then I started to be late daily. Since I had worked their so long, there were things I wouldn’t show others how to do until the graduation invites had been sent out. My job was secured. I had a ball that year, coming and going as I pleased using woman’s issues as excuses. I had a blast. And never got one short paycheck! And I went to Daytona when the principal went on vacation.

So ladies you can have the misogyny work to your advantage. Now all the Gods reading this are probably pissed. And you should be. I’m advocating trickery in order to make my and others women’s lives easier. But it wouldn’t be necessary if the men weren’t misogynist in the 1st place. And women have every right to the truth and our part of Love, Peace and Happiness. Am I wrong?


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is my Refinement like your Refinement?

Peace Y’all,

I feels like blogging even though it’s a Sunday. I’m back obsessing over my 3/4ths again. I am uber curious about how other women do their modesty. I’m not necessarily trying to bite but every now and then I see something that makes me ponder. Earths in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths don’t have such prescribed laws regarding our dress; just mind 3/4ths. Something tells me the 60’s and 70’s adherents were more concerned about drawing up Gods than how the women dressed. But 3/4ths does exist, and we can rock it however we cee it. And as long as we can show and prove, we should be fine. Still, I have to look….. This article describes how Jewish women do. Elbow to knee covered. No pants. Married women cover their heads. That’s how you know their married. Sometimes they accomplish this with wigs. There are some interesting points. Like kick pleats instead of slits and no bright colors. Rastafarian women are essentially natural Afro centric Jewish women. They follow all the rules of the Old Testament so whatever the Levitical rules are, they follow them. But they do not adhere to the non color rule. Nope. They actually prefer African print. The women cover their heads as well. It’s not so easy to find a lot of good internet info regarding Rastas. Better to build with them in the physical. These are the Mormon rules for women. They have no special rules that would catch your eye. You probably wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a crowd of mid western white people. They really do blend in. Our Muslim sisters cover everything but the face and hands. Some say no colors and only black, others rock all kinds of color combinations. Lately, I have been into Gypsies. Maybe it has something to do with the TLC program that has caught my attention… My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. According to that program these new Traveler women will wear damn near anything to catch a man. ANYTHING. And they are extremely suggestive in their activities. But the claim that they don’t act on all the suggestiveness. Okay. If they say so. But they do marry young. Some around 16 (28:40). So maybe they are telling the truth. It looks like a duck and walks like a duck, but it’s actually a gorilla. Anywho…. This link describes the more traditional what you think of when you think of a Gypsy woman kind of style.

Did I miss anybody?

And I’m back thinking about us Earths. We just have to cover ourselves with clothes as the planet does with water. It’s not so restrictive when you do the Knowledge. Other folks get dead or excommunicated if they don’t follow their rules. Us…. Not so much. So why do folks have such a problem with 3/4ths?

Insight y’all?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wisdom Born

Peace Y’all,

Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom. Wisdom is a verb… an action word. Born means bring into existence. So what have my actions brought into existence?

I was building with a friend of mine and I was remarking that I had a lot of vacation time that I had no idea I had. Like 67 hours. Back in February, there was a snow/ice storm that had me out of work for a week. I assumed that I was out of days because of that. And keeping my eye on the future, I see that the last week in December the office I currently work in/for will be closed. So I’m mentally preserving time for that. No point in having time you aren’tusing, right?

Anywho…. My friend asked what my summer plans were. I said that I was looking to take some time off. Even more if I was not going to be employed here in December. He asked if I was looking for work and I answered yes. He laughed and said “You are always looking for work. You’ve been saying that for the last 8 years.” And he was right.

I have been wholly unsuccessful in my hunt for gainful employment. Yes I have a job, but it barely pays my bills. I mean I squeak through every month. Sometimes the squeak ain’t enough. But I continue to work here because a half a cookie is better than no cookie at all. I’m grown. And other grown folk can testify that sometimes you gotta shift into survival mode. (Its funny how broke-assedness will pull the ebonics out of you) And that’s where I have been for nearly a decade.

So how must I adjust my Wisdom to make it my goals/gold successful? I don’t have that answer. So will go and sat down somewhere and think about this, because clearly my actions up to this point have been wholly ineffectual.

Stay tuned.


Monday, June 13, 2011

What is his own self?

The God and I have been building on this topic for a minute. He cees it one way, I cee his point, but still cee things differently. It’s based on the type of people that exist. I cee it as Original people, and devils. That’s it.

I base my view on 1,2:10 and 22-33:40. The Student enrollment defines the Original man and the devil. It’s very clear. The Original man is the Asiatic Black man. The colored man is the caucasian white man; Yacub’s grafted devil. Be mindful it is not my ambition to quote degrees here. So it’s two divisions of people; Original and devil. And devil = colored. 22-33:40 goes on to specify how they were created. With in that protocol having been established now we can break down percentages.

When it comes to the percentages, this is where folks can get confused. Anyone can fall into the percentages. 14:40 describes the 85%. No where in the degree does it say the 85 is all Original. When it speaks of the 10% it doesn’t classify Original or devil either. And guess what? Neither does the 16:40. The only classification 16:40 makes is “on the poor part of the planet Earth.” Now we know the entire planet cannot be considered the “poor part” so it must mean in the areas and continents designated as such; North America and Europe. But devils can be 5% and Original people can be 10%. Look at Eddie Long. That man is pure 10%. And I must admit that there have been moments in my life where a colored person has done me an unselfish solid. And I bear witness that not ALL colored people are evil colonizing killers. Not all of them. And not all Original men are God and not all Original women are Earths. B.U.T…. all caucasian are devils and she-devils. Remember, 2 kinds of people, Original and devils/colored people.

Now I am guessing the problem with the designation is the word ‘devil.’ It does have an bad connotation. Even in our degrees devil is defined as weak and wicked. But let’s look at things…. Devils are weaker than Original people. You don’t need a scientific degree to see that. Yeah there are Dirk Novitskis who are bigger than the average Original person and devil but that is an exception rather than the rule. But just because the word has a familiarity doesn’t mean that that’s all there is for said word. Take the word ‘God,’ when the 85 hears that, they think we mean it the way they mean it. They think that the true and living God has all the attributes and abilities of their mystery gods. And we know this isn’t reality. Their mystery gods don’t have all those attributes and abilities. But still that word is powerful.

So do I think all white people are evil? No. Do I think all white people wake up and purposefully plan to take over the world? No. Can I be cool with a white person? I have in the past; I am in the present and probably will be in the future. Are ALL white people devils? Yes. It is what it is.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is the meaning of Civilization?


I work in an office where 75% of the patients are Original. The boss is a devil though everyone else who works here is Original. Don’t take this the wrong way…. We don’t take Medicaid. We have a refrigerator, kind of a wine cooler, in the waiting room. My boss fills it with 12 oz juices, water and Gatorade. There is also a Kuerig coffee dispenser. It’s all complimentary for our patients. But clearly folks don’t understand what complimentary means. It means one beverage per patient per visit. My vet has the same setup. In addition to beverages, they also serve cookies and sweet treats. It’s way snazzy. Much better than what you get in this office. My vet is a she-devil and most of her patient’s owners are devils and she-devils. There is a huge fucking disparity between how the human patients get down and the way the vet parents get down.

Daily, the staff of this office MUST police people to make sure they don’t clean us out. Now I’m not one of these people who take the personal feel to a job. I don’t see anything here as ‘mine.’ But I have witness it with my own eyes, people taking multiple beverages and stuffing it in their bags when they think no is looking. When told that it is one patient per visit, they get angry; almost like they want to throw it down. B.U.T. when the boss shows up, there is a lot of hemming and hawing, foot shuffling and looking down at the floor. Really? Why it is our people behave so uncivilized?

The reverse also occurs daily. This time it’s usually the old people who are scared to get anything. First they ask, “How much?” When told it’s complementary, they get nervous, sit down and stare at the machines. I have volunteered to make the coffee when I see their hesitation, but they truly are frightened. And this is a phenomenon I have only seen with our Original patients. Devils seem to be much more comfortable. And don’t get it twisted, not all devils are balling. There are some broke assed devils out there that sport a hot mess even in a professional building. But they seem to take things in stride differently than our own people. I find this disturbing.

Why do we do this? Do we still fear the devil? Are we afraid that there will be some type of divine retribution? Are we just this ghetto? And it’s not the education thing because a LOT of the offenders claim to be educated. I have even asked folks, and the answers I’ve received are just a level above ‘iggnant’ foolishness.

Can y’all shed some light?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I came to Build!


What is the science good people? I’m in a playful mood today. This is not a Build all full of doom and gloom. I must admit I’m a better blogger when I’m pissed, but I can blog when I’m fair to middlin’. Teehee. OK. Onto the build….

Righteous people, I have a question…. What is your definition of “Building”?

Let me tell you why I ask…. A few years ago I was included in a hot and angry internet e-mail back and forth. And One Earth said to another, “You know we Build every month!” Earth II said, “No we don’t. We just talk on the phone once a month for a few minutes.” Hmmm…… Lately, I get requests from newborn Earths to BUILD and I say, “Alright go ahead” and don’t hear back from them or they leave subject too vague for me to respond. Hmmm……. And my God is fond of saying, “I’ll Build with you later.” He has always kept his word to me so I suppose I’m getting built with later. But we don’t necessarily discuss degrees. So clearly the word Build has a plethora of meanings.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word build as “v. construct by putting parts of material together; develop or establish.” At Parliaments/ Rallies, the G’s and E’s stand in the cipher and give their interpretation of the days Math and or degrees. The common Supreme Mathematic definition for Build is adding on that which is positive. So my take on the word Build is if you are doing something positive then your Building. I call my blogs Builds because I’d like to think that I’m doing something positive here. I have another blog for BS sessions. I don’t gossip or talk about the latest happenings on the Tell-Lie-Vision. I’m making Knowledge Born to the world or at least folks that read my blog about my experience as an Earth in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. I Build.

But I can see where regular everyday conversations can be considered building. Even the sweet romantical ones. As long as one is moving towards a positive direction, I see that as Building. If you are learning something useful, I see that as Building. But not all learning Builds. I googled the recipe for crack and not only found one, but found a pictorial tutorial. That is definitely NOT Building Even though I learned something new. And I’m not perfect. I read a lot of celebrity gossip. I browse some less than reputable sites. And when I do, I don’t call that Building.

It does beg to ask the question of why don’t we call foolishness, “Destroys”? Why don’t we say when people post buffoonery all over their blogs that they are Destroying. Or when you hear some stupidity slip from a politician’s mouth you say, “He dropped a crazy Destroy!” I guess it can go one way but not the other. Usually when I hear righteous people refer to the 85’er, they call them the “Destroy Powers.” Though some call them “Build Powers.” I hear more of the former than the latter.

So tell me how y’all cee it. And for all y’all new Earths that wants to Build….. Be prepared to drop it!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friendly Advice from this Earth....

Peace Y’all,

Lately I have been humbled by Earths contacting me and asking me to build. They see me as an example of a true and living Earth. Where as I say all the time to anybody who cares to listen that “I am a True and Living Earth” I am awed that other folks see that in me.

Thank You!

I am by no means an authority. I’m just me doing my thing. I will add on with just a bit of what helped me that 1st year. I will preface this with the fact that I wasn’t completely clueless with regards to my Nation. I was Earth in the late 80’s for maybe a summer. But I don’t count that much because the God in question was a bad person. I’m still a bit scarred. But I kind of knew what I was in for.

Since I’m from Paterson, NJ, I grew up around the Gods and the Earths. My brother built with the Gods but couldn’t give up the swine. My mamma loves her pork! My best friend was a teenaged Earth until she was about 22 and we spoke (and still do) about a lot about all the things she experienced. She actually took me to my 1st rally at age 15 where I witnessed my 1st NGE beatdown. So I knew this Culture could be rough. She’s now a Christian, but that’s another story. So I knew how Earths were supposed to dress and why. I also knew that 120 wasn’t an Earth requirement.

IMHO, men and women don’t consider each other. Meaning… men see through their view and don’t think women think differently than they do; and women do the same. I’m guessing a lot of Gods don’t teach their women because they just don’t think it’s good for them. If the Earth revolves around them, then we need to trust the course that they select for us? Without SM, SA, and 120 women are demoted to breeding and feeding purposes because they can’t mathematically add on. That is MY opinion, not gospel.

My 1st enlightener was a cool God. He was willing to each an Earth that wasn’t his girlfriend and didn’t try to sleep with me. But he wasn’t consistently around. When I had questions there was no one and no where to go other than online. He was good about answering my questions when he was available, but he would often disappear for months. He didn’t want me to add on with the local cipher until I had more experience. So coupled with my internet research and my previous experiences, I began to create my reality of the Earth I wanted to be.

So let’s start with where my head is…. From my previous experiences, I knew that for me… 120 was a must! Having been denied 120 in previous relationships, made me hungry for them daggone degrees. So that was always primary for me to be Earth. I even threatened myself by vowing to leave Allah’s Nation if I didn’t have it memorized in 1 year. And I memorized 120. But I had to do it over because I started adding on with my present God, Precise. I needed to reflect him and not the previous educator. Plus, we are building and sharing a Universe. We needed to be on the same page with degrees especially if we had children.

Now I had to decide how I wanted to present myself to others. Earths come in many currents. I’ve seen Earths dress themselves like NOI MGTs. My best friend used to do that. She’d be walking down the street in an all white, long sleeved, floor dusting tunic that she made herself with a matching headwrap. No makeup. Then there are Earths who never cover their heads. I’ve seen Earths at S&P with boob popping dresses and makeup with perms and/or weaves. Then there are the hippy Earths who wear every African print they can fine with an Erika Badu headwrap up to the sky, with a ring in her nose and brass bracelets up to her shoulder. Also there are those corporate Earths who rock business suits. There is no one way to dress the Earth. The planet Earth has mountains, jungles, cities, plains, and so forth. All the terrain of the planet doesn’t all look the same. And neither do we. I encourage Earths to find there own personal style and consider it through the lens of Supreme Mathematics and our curriculum. As long as you can show and prove, you will keep yourself out of uncomfortable situations.

Uncomfortable situations…. Imagine being at a rally and a God you don’t know walks up to you and aggressively asks you why your head isn’t covered. When you stutter, he looks you over and asks you, “Who/Where is your God.” Your God is not there. Now what? Or what happens when you find that you have a cipher reputation because some Gods saw your breast tatt or you’ve been too friendly with Gods that aren’t yours? Now mind you this has never happened to me. I do the knowledge and stay out of harms way.

Me, personally, I stopped wearing pants years before I became righteous. I too tomboyish. I wasn’t comfortable with that. Also women’s jeans have always been very form fitting. If their not, then you have “mom jeans” or baggies. Neither option worked for me. Additionally, low rise jeans were all the rage. No one should get to see the shape of my body unless we are moving in that direction. Not wearing pants decreased my need to wear tennis shoes and put me in heels. Heels forced me to behave ladylike. I don’t like my knees. That kept the bottoms mid-calf in length. That was all pre-NGE. So the 3/4ths was never a problem. I was doing it anyway.

I cover my head 100% of the time while abroad. If you see me without something on my head, something has gone very wrong. Help me; I must have had a stroke! The truth is… I really never consciously decided to do this. My boss did it for me. I have been working at the same job since becoming righteous. If my boss knew that he had a choice in how I presented myself, he would have made Knowledge Born regarding his preference and EXPECTED me comply. I have never discussed my Culture with him. He’s an elder devil. But he recognizes that changes have occurred. And he’s used to it now. Because I work most days of the week and that’s generally what’s causing me to leave the house, I have gotten used to wearing my head wrapped. I feel naked without it. Also, the God likes the fact that other men have never seen my hair. It is totally different from when I wore it out. We built about it and I never realized how differently men see things. Ladies Build with your Gods. They are very intriguing.

The Knowledge Culture degree of the 1-14 is often seen as a guide for the behavior of Earths. OK. That’s fair. But everyone should pay attention to this degree, not just women. I have sewed since I was 13 years old. My father taught me. I daily cook from scratch. And I like to think I keep a nice house and treat my God well. But that is all up to the eye of the beholder. And again, I was doing that pre-NGE.

And doing fall victim ti the rumors that you will be less desirable to men or that you won't be able to find a job. That's bull. I still get male attention. But now it's respectful. Men just don't roll up on me and say offensive shit. They approach me like they should have been all along. And As far as my job goes, there are Muslims, Africans, Indians, Jews, etc. that are gainfully employed. If they can work while representing their Culture, so can we. It's illegal for employers to ask your religious affiliation or judge you on that basis. If they do, you don't need to work because you can sue the hell out of them. To claim otherwise, you just don't want to do it. I work in a corporate/healthcare environment and its not a problem.

The degrees are basic Knowledge. You just don’t commit them to memory; you keep them constantly before you. Meaning, don’t just memorize them to say, “I know them.” You have to become intimate with them like you would your spouse or your checking account. Put them to work for you day in and day out. You have to stroke them, think about them consider them all day long. There are degrees in mouth all the time. I remember where I was when one of the degrees became reality and not just something I was memorizing…

I was with a non-righteous girlfriend who loved and only dates devils (6:36). She decided that I should try cream in my coffee and set me up without my permission. Since these men were paying I didn’t leave. A free meal in a nice restaurant is worth a little aggravation. But I made my position clear to all at the table. I wasn’t interested in dating him/devils. The man for me started getting rude. He couldn’t handle my rejection because he considered himself above me simply because he was a white man... Yeah... Instantly 1:14 was in my head. Then came 2,4:10 in comparison with 1,3:10. I just had 1-10 and the 1-14 at that point. So it’s important to keep your degrees fresh in your mind no matter where you are in the curriculum and daily consider your day’s Supreme Mathematics. Everyday some fresh insight comes to me. Especially when I’m going through something. If I am having trouble sleeping I start with “Who is the Original Man?” I never make it to Pluto.

So what advice do I have for newborn Earths? (1) Study your lessons!!!!!!! (2) Do the Knowledge to other Earths and see how they roll. They are your allies. (3) Share social Equality with other righteous people. This is how you learn the language and how to interact with the Gods and Earths. Trust me; there are many unspoken rules and regulations. (4)Decide on the Earth that you want to be. (5) Work your program. (6) Consistently add on with the main Cipher and not just the Earth Ciphers. Make sure that local people know you. When folks know you, they become friendlier to you. Being known by the locals is proof that you are building (or destroying). (7) Walk and talk this Culture 100% of the time. Be All Earth, all the time! Not just when it’s convenient. Don’t worry about the 85 and devil ciphers. If you let folks know this is non-negotiable they will fall in line. (8) Be mindful of your behavior. You may be the only 5%er someone ever meets. Don't leave a bad taste in their mouth. And you represent all those in your tree that have come before you. You shame your educator when you act savage. And this might be controversial, but it works for me… (9) Be selective who you share information with. Don’t bother with old people. A lot of old people aren’t open to this Culture. My own mother (not ole Earth because she is pure 85’er) thinks I’m a Muslim no matter what I tell her. Fuck it. She’s too old (God Cipher years) to change. Don’t try to build with the sanctified religious people that are covered with the blood of Jesus. Them jokers will literally fist fight you because you reject their Jesus. They won’t and can’t listen. If they do their spooky god will punish them. They will also try to slip you pork in an effort to invalidate you. Like if you eat pork a giant “P” forms on your forehead and all the Gods and Earths will shun you. Puleeese! And devils. Most devils and she-devils will be offended when they find out that we consider them grafted. That just can’t be a good for business. Now if any of these individual come to you asking questions, build with them. You just might spark something in them. But for the most part focus your energies awaking people who aren’t already dead.

This was way longer than I meant it to be. I tried to edit and couldn’t leave anything out. And all Earths please feel free to add on. If you don’t want to publicly leave a question, message me or ANY Earth.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth