Thursday, July 21, 2011


Peace Family.

I’m just going to get down to business... Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths is misogynistic. Case closed. Was it designed like that? I doubt it. Should women even strive to be an integral part? Absolutely!

I assume that if you are reading this, you already know what misogynistic means. No? Then you googled it, right? No? Okay… Misogyny means hatred or distrust of women. Do I think the Gods hate women? Emphatically Now Cipher. But I do think many distrust women and more than half of the Gods just don’t know what to do with women.

I have noticed that where and whenever there is a preponderance of men assembled, the women are usually assembled somewhere else. Men will gravitate to men and women to women. I ain’t mad at that. I like nothing more to enter a cipher with my God and slip off to build with the Earths. Why? Many reasons. I have more in common with Earths. I feel safer; it’s doubtful a fight might pop off if an Earth misquotes a degree. The Earths respect each other and don’t patronize each other… Well most Earths. Ok, a lot of Earths. And the Gods can be too intense for my taste at times. It’s a sweeter vibe. So I’m cool with the temporary separation. But I recognize that anytime I want, I can go back to where the men are building. And the Gods can visit the Earths too, should they choose.

But I bare witness that many Gods don’t treat Earths with the same Equality as they do each other. I know 120 is not an Earth requirement. But there are lots of us that want (and have)120. For some reason it is very hard to get Gods to teach it the same way to women as they would to men. Maybe it’s because oftentimes said woman is the God’s own Earth. As an Earth that was getting 120 from both an educator and then from my own God, I know there is a difference. As it should be. But both Gods taught me hard. Another thing I recognize is that Earths are softer and gentler than the boys. If you ride us too hard we have no problem breaking down and weeping. Some men find that uncomfortable. Ok.

I wonder if folks recognize that misogyny will cause women to want nothing to do with our nation. Or maybe that is the determined idea. Doesn’t matter. We here and we staying.

I find the whole situation, actually quite funny. My father and his cronies were all male chauvinists of the highest order. But, he was my father! He did his duty as a father. So that means that when I needed him or something from him, I had to find a way to make him more amenable and user friendly. So I know how to work a man who doesn’t actually trust or respect women to my advantage. And ladies, it’s easier than you think! You know why? (a) Because the chauvinist doesn’t think women are smart enough to comprehend anything so they never see your work coming. (b) And it is very easy to use their antiquated views against them.

Example: When I was in college I worked for 2 years (junior and senior) year in a microbiology lab. My senior year I had ridden to the highest position a student could rise. I was in charge of the lab. The Principal hired a sophomore male who for me to train. He was a sophomore. He didn’t have my experience, seniority or all my classes. He was very green. BUT The principal saw fit to pay him slightly more than me. Really? I had to work up to my pay and this kid was going to make more than I did and I was his boss? Again, Really????? I promptly went to the principal and confirmed my information. The chauvinist explain very slowly (because clearly my vagina makes me stupid) to me that he was a man and deserved to make more simply because he had a penis. That’s all I needed to know.

I needed that job. I didn’t qualify for any other campus jobs, and it wasn’t a bad one. And I continued to work my program… BUT… Since I wasn’t a man, I told the principal that another man should train a man. His training took forever to complete. And he ended up getting shorted in paychecks when the principal had other things to do. Not my problem. Then I started to be late daily. Since I had worked their so long, there were things I wouldn’t show others how to do until the graduation invites had been sent out. My job was secured. I had a ball that year, coming and going as I pleased using woman’s issues as excuses. I had a blast. And never got one short paycheck! And I went to Daytona when the principal went on vacation.

So ladies you can have the misogyny work to your advantage. Now all the Gods reading this are probably pissed. And you should be. I’m advocating trickery in order to make my and others women’s lives easier. But it wouldn’t be necessary if the men weren’t misogynist in the 1st place. And women have every right to the truth and our part of Love, Peace and Happiness. Am I wrong?



Flying Mermaid said...

You didn't guess that from the git go, from the fact that men are called GODS?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I don't have a problem with that. They are after all supreme beings. And if you go back evolutionarily, (is that even a word? spell check says yes so I'm going with it) these are the only men you find. So the attribute "God" is apropos. It can't be proven that there is any higher or different.