Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Understanding Cipher


I like to garden. In some locations I've been more successful than others. You have to Know your Cipher. My previous home, the ground was rocky so unless I was going to put in raised beds... which I don't agree with. Seems too trendy and unnatural... or have the rocks removed.... too expensive for what I was striving to achieve. And my neighbors and their dogs were too close for comfort. So I resorted to containers.

In my Current space, the house is on a corner lot and the backyard is small with non-existent sunlight. The only place to plant a garden is in a public area. BUT.... my neighbors are a bunch of punk bitches who complain to the city over the smallest foolishness.... the grass isn't cut to their specifications, the gutters are full, there is debris on my roof. Why the fuck is my property their business? And city complaints come with city fines. We refuse to pay said fines because the city refuses to divulge the names of the complainers. So... Containers.....

I have a bunch of houseplants too. I have spider plants, trees, snake plants, etc. A few months ago, I acquired some large pots. I broke up my snake clusters and put some in the new bigger pots and some in the pots they were accustomed to, just thinned out. You know what happened? The plants that went in the bigger pots are now bigger plants. They had babies and doubled in height as well as thickness. The thinned out parts in the same pots have regrown to the size they were originally, but they didn't get any taller. I haven't repotted my trees in at least 10 years and you know what? They are at the same height today as they were 5 years ago. You know why? They have gotten as big as their pot allows. They are still alive but they aren't getting bigger. But I'm okay with that. They are indoor trees after all. I don't need for them to be bigger than they are.

Here is the thing with containers... A plant will only grow as large as the container permits. Think on that for a minute. Let it soak in all your nooks and crannies. If you have a plant that should grow large, yet you stick it in a small container... what happens? The plant's growth is stunted and chances are won't do what you want it to do when you want it done. Fruiting plant won't fruit. Rooted plants won't prosper. Sometimes the plant will just up and die. You put that same kind of plant into a container that's big and spacious, you will not only get what you wanted but over abundance of what you were growing. The plant will actually volunteer to make more plants. That phenomenon is applicable outside of horticulture as well....

You have 8 children but live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Is there room for the children to do what they need to do to become functional adults? It may be fine when they are babies (And I'm being generous), but what happens when puberty sets in? You gonna let boys and girls all sleep in the same bed?

You have a job and you make $15k/year. That may be enough if you are a high school student working part time and living with your parents. Or a retiree, who's house is paid for, and receiving SS, pensions and supplementation from your children. But what happens if you are parents to the above listed 8 children? Is it still enough?

You are in a relationship with a prison inmate serving a life sentence. Now he might be a good man in a bad situation, but what can he offer you and your 8 children other than kind words? There is a dude at the Parliament looking at you with kindness in his eyes. He, has a 6 bedroom house, a job pulling down 6 figures before the decimal and a generous nature. I'm not saying you should leave your inmate, but what kind of pot do you find your self and what are you growing? Where does the yield look brighter?

Where are you living? Where are you working? What kind of relationship are you in? Look at those situations carefully and ask.... “Is your pot too small for your goals?” Are you trying to plant carrots in a container that's too shallow for them to grow?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ain't all Sunshine and Roses


Once you get seasoned in this Nation, you start to see the little idiosyncrasies that exist in all organizations and/or Cultures. This is stuff you would never see as an outsider looking in. Membership does have it's challenges.... I suppose this is me hashing out particular pet peeves....

It's no secret I had 2 educators. I did 120 twice. My 1st educator was not my man. So when I did get a man, I had to redo 120. I'm not mad anymore. My 2nd ride was superior to my 1st. Precise is a really good educator. He is scholarly by nature and very patient. He can really break down concepts and tells you little 'nation secrets' that gives you insight on the Culture. For him it's about making NGE something that incorporates itself into your lifestyle. He's not just about memorization and yelling. I would say he's a good educator even if he wasn't my man. Not all Gods teach that way.

From having 2 educators, I've come to learn that there is no “standard” 120, or even Supreme Mathematics for that matter. For example for 4 we have Culture, and not Culture/Freedom. For 5 we have Power and not Power/Refinement. Does that make our Math wrong? No. It's what I got from my educator and what he got from his. My 1st version of 120 is different from the 120 I now recite. Does that make one of the versions wrong? No. It makes them different. I get SO Pissed Off when someone gets all emotional about their Math being the 1 true math and that all other versions make the people who recite them idiots. That's why Build has a Destroy. Those people are not Building.

And I get why people feel strongly about their own Mathematics. I feel strongly about my own. But not enough to beat someone over the head with my version. I don't even like interacting with folks who do that.

Religion does not allow you to be tolerant of other points of view. It's not set up like that. Everyone at a given moment must believe and behave as the people who are sitting circumferential to them. It's all right or all wrong. The Xian Bible is generally not up for debate in a given denomination or church. You must see everything the exact way the pastor says or you are wrong. NGE isn't like that. We all get to... and should strive for.... an original Understanding. That's how we grow. I may hear folks Build on a degree from a perspective I've never considered. That always inspires me to do some external research and then I have adjusted my Cee. Cees are always in flux... and should be.

But what pisses me off is when Gods want to try bully folks into their Understanding. That shit only works on weak minded, lazy, religious people. People who never left the church mentally or don't want to put in the work to develop their own Cee and are willing to parrot something they heard. Parroting comes with no Understanding and I have to ask is that a Cee or not. Regurgitation ie vomit stinks.

And just because I call my Nation on the floor, doesn't mean I'm a Nation traitor. The Xian Bible says the Lord disciplines the one he loves.” If I saw some foolishness and looked the other way... that isn't Love...


Monday, January 19, 2015

King Day??????


I hope you're enjoying my day off. I am SUPER enjoying mine. So much in fact I am writing this Build on Master Love King Day. (I really just call it "King Day" because it matches the Supreme Alphabets... teehee!!!) Now if you're a diligent follower, you know rules. I don't compose Builds on my off days. But I'm a break that rule today. (I never word-is-bonded it!!!) So you you know it's going to be a McNugget of a Build so I can get back to my off-daying...

So answer me this question???? Why is MLK Day considered a "day of service"????? And y'all just go with it no questions asked.... The ONLY day that commemorates an Original martyr and the civil rights struggle is a day Black people are supposed to work for free? Fuck off if you think I'm doing that. I'm not.

So is St Patrick's Day a day for Irish people to offer 'service'? No. The wear green, drink green beer, have a parade and get shitfaced. What about Columbus day? More marching, no banking or postal service but no 'service' there either. What about them Jewish Holidays???? Nope. no 'service' from them. Thanksgiving and Christmas seem more like days where folks should be serving others. But the Black day you want Black people to remember what the world was like prior to the 1966??? Go to hell.

Today... I woke up late, had personal time with the God, ate cookies and did what the hell I wanted. I fed the cat. That's all the service folks are getting from me. I KNOW how to holiday...


Monday, January 12, 2015

The Highest Form of Understanding....


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom abbt to Understanding. It's kind of apropos to how I'm feeling right now.

Love (12:SA) is said to be the highest form of Understanding. It takes in account that you have information about an individual and that you bear witness to their actions. If at that point you continue to add on with said person, then you Love them at least to some degree. I agree with this definition. Love isn't necessarily all romantic or unconditional. Folks level up the definition with adjectives that aren't earned or even applicable.

I am a person who has both the ability and the inclination to cut off a joker's head and not look back. If I write you off.... then you are dead to me... and since in all the history of Islam it's never been revealed of a man returning from a physical death... you stay dead to me. I have done this many times. But for some reason, I find it difficult to cut off folks who share my DNA.

If said this before... I'll probably say it again... The people closest to you will hurt you more than anyone else because they are the ones who have the most opportunity. Family being the closest to you will always hurt you more than any other entity. But at some point one must say, “Enough is Enough.” I have gotten to that point.

I've Built about my peeps before. My living blood family consists of my mother, older brother and assorted cousins. I didn't grow up near my cousins so I don't have a close relationship with them. My grandmother had been married twice and my mother is the result of her 2nd marriage. My aunt and uncle were grown my mother was born, so their kids are a LOT older than I am. Hell a lot of my 1st cousins are retired and have children older than me.

I don't expect Understanding from my extended family... that's good since I don't get any. I just don't know them like that so that kills the 1. But my mother and brother..... just shiesty! 2 garments cut from the same cloth. I hate to share accounts from my childhood that include them because they never sound good. BUT. The best part is these 2 individuals didn't baby me... didn't make me a punk bitch... taught me to stand square on my Cipher and look folks unashamedly in the eye. They are responsible for my independence. That's all I got good to say about them.

Both these people need their heads chopped off, though. For some reason, they think that their presence is necessary for my day to day. I'm not going to get into the specifics.... But I will say that my life is smoother without them in it.

One of my 2015 resolutions is to slow down and take things easier. I can see where my health is affected by my emotions. These 2 inspire non-pleasant emotions. I'm done letting it affect me like they want. I'm driving this vehicle from now on. I know these folks and I know how they do. I Love them. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let them continue to have a bit of sway in my life. They've ruined their own lives and the people around them with their misery. I'm not letting them do that to my life.