Thursday, August 30, 2012

Damn, I used a lot of semicolons!


I have been watching the Republican National Convention this week as much as my schedule permits. I am not a republican nor do I have any intention of entertaining jumping ship in the November election. I think it’s important to see what the other team is doing. Especially now.

I have always been lightly interested in presidential politics. My family is VERY political. My mother has an amazing mind for politics and my father, brother and brother-in-law were local politicians in my hometown of Paterson (with 1 damn “T”) New Jersey. My father was also a registered Republican. That made for very interesting conversation between my parents; my mother being a staunch and registered Democrat.

In case y’all were unaware…. Prior to MLK, most Black folks were republicans. Abraham Lincoln was a republican; and Black folks felt they owed some allegiance to Lincoln for their freedom. Because Kennedy and Johnson were such adamant supporters of the civil rights movement, Black folks jumped into the Democrat camp and this is where we have stayed for years months and days. I watch both conventions; Democrat and Republican.

Have you noticed that when the party looking to unseat the sitting president uses all it’s time to talk shit about the current president? It’s shameful really. If you played a drinking game by drinking every time they said, “Obama” you would be drunk in and hour. Everything these people say is slanderous toward the president. But that is to be suspected. They need to get their people in a frenzy and sway them to the right… The far right. If you drank every time you saw a Black person, you would remain painfully sober.

This is what I have noticed….
I wish instead of erroneously pointing out the president’s perceived flaws (they aren’t), why don’t you tell us… EXACTLY… What is your better plan? Are you afraid if you don’t get elected, then the president will steal your ideas? If there good and valid ideas why would you care who implements them? And do you know what republicans fail to mention? The ENTIRE planet is in a recession. The European Union is about to crumble. Muslim countries are in constant flux. China owns everything in the white world. But that stock isn’t valuable if they fall. It would be like confederate money after the war. There is no way the US economy can come back while we are dependant on foreign anything. The best way for us to come out is to (a) print more money and (b) turn inward for all our products. Go back to ‘Made in America’ status. Then everyone who wanted one would have a job. Keep your eyes on South America. They aren’t really involved strongly in world politics and are one of the only places where colonialism hasn’t gone to the extremes it has in other places. Africa to some degree as well. Think about this… If Bolivia fell, would it affect you??? Once the smoke clears, I am betting they will be near the top. Time to learn Spanish, y’all.

Republicans claim that the president is soft on foreign affairs. Really? The USA is now respected abroad rather than feared. Now I am not mad at fear as a tactic; it works. But respect is far more profitable. You fear and avoid a school bully. But you seek out and want to support the nice person. We aren’t the smartest or most capable people on the planet as the media would have you believe. We are not on the top of anything except military. Seriously do the knowledge. Not education, not healthcare, not technology only military. We don’t even have good credit as a country! We are the bullies of the planet and other countries fear us. With the election of our current president, countries have come to respect us. They think we are evolving in our mentality as a nation.

The attack on gay folks and women is atrocious. Yes I lump us together because our issues are similar. Cis white men are trying to control our gonads. The sad part is they don’t see it as an attack. They think they are doing what’s best for us. Like we are children and we need them to tell us what we already know. I am not gay, but I am a woman. I don’t need a republican in my bed. I assume gay folks feel the same. Rape as defined by me, is anyone in my pussy, mouth or ass without my permission. Case closed. And I gives not 1 fuck who gay people choose to mate with or how they live their lives. It’s not my business. It isn’t yours either. Republicans go too far. They want to outlaw both abortion and birth control. WTF??? Basically they don’t want you to fuck unless you’re married. And by banning gay marriage they think gay people will automatically stop fucking. Really? And abortion is not… fun. Women who have abortions aren’t unaffected by it. I would dare say an abortion is a decision that haunts a woman the rest of her life. But outlawing abortion is not going to stop them. It will just stop them from being safe.

Education... these republicans kill me on how they don’t want anyone to have a college education accept the rich. They are all rich and wouldn’t be politicians unless they were educated. So that right there gives me concern. They call education... ‘elitist.” Then they must consider themselves elite. And everyone else is what? Stupid? Yes. That is what they are calling you. I have a degree. In fact, I have 2 degrees.

The Poor… Now this shit is hilarious. They claim the democrats are waging a war on the middle class. They say the current administration has made government too large. Do you know who the largest employer of middle class individuals is? The Federal government. If the federal government gets smaller, then the middle class will shrink as the poverty numbers swell. The republicans also want to get rid of social programs that aid he poor. So let me understand… They want to take away middle class government jobs and then take away poor benefits. Basically only the wealthy should be allowed to breathe. Is this the hunger games? And guess what. That’s not just minorities. White folks would be affected negatively by their policies too. So why aren’t more poor and middle class white people democrats? Because they hate minorities and feel like they could be affluent if they applied themselves. Who am I to burst their bubble?

What republicans are not speaking on is our warming climate. You know why powerful civilizations of the past failed? The weather changed. Do you think Egypt of antiquity was a desert? A desert could not have supported a large population. The weather changed and people could no longer feed themselves. If you can’t eat where you are, you move to where the food is. The US gets most of its food from abroad. Did you know that? They tell you at the supermarket. Soon we will all have to migrate to Ecuador or Chile because that’s where a lot of our food comes from. But since global warming is a hoax according to the republicans; they have no plans.

And religion…. Republicans are Christian by default. They call this country a Christian country. It’s not. If they peruse the Constitution… and you should too because it’s free online…. They would see that no where in this country’s founding documents does it mention the Christian God. Muslim countries have it written in their constitutions… “We are the sons of Muhammad….” The problem with claiming a religion in a non-religious country (which the US is btw) is it makes the erroneous assumption that Christianity will always come out on top. And that isn’t necessarily so. More and more US citizens claim to be either atheists or agnostic. You know… thinking people, who recognize that religious people are crazy. There is proof that this planet is more than 6,000 years old, that we didn’t ride dinosaurs and that creationism is just stupid.

If you’ve read this far, I’m impressed. A lot of G’s and E’s say that politics is bullshit and should be ignored. I disagree. Politics is the reason why folks do bids for possession of weed. It’s why you pay the amount of child support you do. It’s the reason why a bag of apples cost nearly $4. And the reason why you are having a hard time finding a job. It’s why you have to have cable or a converter box to watch television that used to be free. Everything that we touch every day has politics attached to it. If you don’t pay attention… i.e. do the knowledge as we are supposed to do as civilized people… We will get gaffled. When you call a CSR have you ever wondered why they have accents? It’s because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), a law that Bill Clinton signed that made it cheaper for companies to outsource (send jobs to other countries) than to do business right here. Subsequent presidents have not repealed said law. Doing business here requires that you pay employees a minimum wage, provide them with benefits, etc. You don’t have to spend that kind of money in China, India or wherever they are. That’s politics. Used to be you could get a paycheck to see you through school. Not anymore. Those easy jobs have gone the way of the buffalo. And folks who already have challenges… like prison records… have lost an important avenue that used to be exploitable. Still think you don’t have to pay attention to what these white politicians are doing? Why didn’t you write your congressman and senator complaining that that was a bad idea back in the 90’s??? It was bad back then and still is. Why aren’t you asking them to repeal it today? Oh… they are just devils, huh. With whatever resources are left, they will feed their families first.

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday, September 3, 2012. It’s Labor Day and most of y’all aren’t working. Maybe you should watch. Doesn’t cost a thing if you already have a working television. It’s not on a fancy pay channel or anything. There is nothing shameful about paying attention to that which will affect you. It aids you in Understanding the Cipher at large.


PS: Like how I threw in today’s Supreme Mathematics?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Moon - 13:AF I am on time!!!!!


This month is the month where we get a “Blue Moon.” A Blue Moon is a second moon in a given month. Months and seasons were designed on the solar calendar. But the lunar calendar is different. It is a 28 day calendar versus the 365.25 day calendar of the Sun. Within a given year there will be 13 moons. So there will be 1 month that gets 2 full moons. And that month for 2012 is August. Women on a 28 day menstrual cycle will have that 1 month a year where they have 2 starts of their periods. That should quench any curiosity to why women are considered "Moons" or why the moon is considered feminine.

The Blue Moon is ignored by the Abrahamic religions, but oh how the pagans love it. There is paganism in my past… long story… And I remember the hoopla attached to a Blue Moon. Anything you put in place during a Blue Moon lasts until the next Blue Moon which can be a year away. Think about that… You put a curse on someone; it can’t be lifted for a year. You bring some energy in your life during a Blue Moon it’s there for a year. Kind of like a cell phone contract.

The Actual fact that I think is appropriate for this moon is the Knowledge Understanding degree. Since there won’t be a 13th month in any year. That is the long and incorrect degree of 12 trillion, 478 billion, 118 million 400 thousand square inches.

My God/educator had me do the math to this degree using the information provided in other degrees to show and prove it. Actually, I had to show and prove everything in 120. I did. It was annoying. But the calculation gives square inches and not regular inches like the degree states. You can’t be mad at T.H.E.M., he only had a 3rd grade education but he got more right than he did wrong. And who doesn't make the occasional mistake?

So what do these 2 completely different concepts have in common with Knowledge Understanding abbt Culture (yes… I abbt) and me/Earth? I cee it to mean the importance to Understand what you Know. That separates our Culture from Yakub’s world manifest.

What distinguishes religion… any kind of religion… from NGE is belief. Belief makes things spooky. Belief is acceptance with no Understanding or just taking things on face value. Religious people use the word 'faith' to describe this concept. And the description in their holy book, reinforces the habit. (Hebrews 11:1) That is what constitutes religion. Just fervent cluelessness. Lots of G’s and E’s will accept degrees in 120 without doing the knowledge. If you know folks that do that… call them on it. If they don’t have a logical answer… and is there a logical answer for not doing the 1?.... Then you know that individual is NOT true and living. NOT God or Earth. A pretender.

Why Serenity, that is harsh…. No it isn’t. I’m a woman of strong opinions. My cee is our Culture isn't being guarded and defended like it used to be. We let in all manner of mixing diluting and tampering in nowadays; and no ones says a word. Why are we trying to be so nice? That is messing with the integrity of our Culture. And what is so hard about doing the Knowledge? Once foolishness is put in place, it stays in place for awhile until someone is bold enough to take a stand. And don’t get it twisted. That bold God or Earth will be ostracized by folks who think it’s easy to just lay back in the cut, or who want to make us more user friendly. Not saying the harshness is always warranted, but it is tradition.

I Understand what I know. And if I don’t, I don’t act on it until I do Understand. It’s okay to not know, not be sure or to be wrong… being wrong teaches lessons…. But it’s not okay to be cool with acting in ignorance and call it science.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14:SA - Now, Nation, End


Today’s degree in the Supreme Alphabet as “N” Now, Nation, End. It’s one of those letters with multiple meanings that must be considered together (i.e. H, L, T, etc). I see the Knowledge Culture coordinate of Now Nation End, to correspond to Past Present and Future. Now is clearly the Present. Nation is the future and End is the past.

When dealing with these 3 concepts, many people tend to blur the boundaries and mix, dilute and tamper with them blending them up in a stew where you cannot differentiate the ingredients. But the individual concepts must be clarified to make understanding understood. Especially when Acknowledging the Culture.

When considering our Culture we need to be mindful of our heritage. Allah choose some grimy individuals to be his 1st born. But he cleaned them up. So many people think that in order for one to be a proper God or Earth that one needs to first be grimy. No. That type of thinking must End. Not discriminating against the grimy, but there is nothing wrong with turning our magnetic towards the non-grimy. They/We have a lot to offer to our Culture. AGAIN… not trying to cast any shadows on the grimy…. BUT…. They tend to not work square jobs. Previous incarcerations prevent a lot of our brothers from obtaining gainful employment. And where as they have a lot of love for our Culture, they can’t do much in the way of bringing gold to the table to able our outreach. I’m just saying. Women with many many many children, employed or not have to work super hard just to pay the childcare expenses. So they can contribute neither their time nor their energy to the work of the cipher. I have seen it over and over in many different ciphers. But I get why folks are a bit hesitant to reach out to affluent 85ers. We may feel like we have nothing to offer them that would enhance their existence. But the truth is powerful and you don’t know where their heads are. Many of them feel drawn to our existence but since we don’t extend the invitation, or we are too aggressive with our demeanor. Seriously, we have to get it together if we want our Nation to grow. And isn’t that our duty as civilized people? To teach?????

Clearly the definition of Now puts us right in the current state. Now. Not later, not before, Now. I see the elder Gods go into the past to deal with the present. And not that there is anything wrong with remembering history…. You must remember that there are things that exist in the present that didn’t exist just 20 years ago. Internet, Google, Facebook, twitter, cell phones, race walking, etc. You cannot expect to draw up people by just standing in a cipher on the street. You cannot. Folks will google us and find that a 5%er killed Michael Jordon’s father or that we are a gang and move the hell on. We need new strategy for the people of today. Also… We cannot be so future oriented that we are not currently good. We cannot say, “Wait until we get our money up” to do work in the community. There is no such thing as the right time.

And of course the future of the Nation lies with our nation itself. We can add our Knowledge of the Culture and be Powerful… or we can choose not to. But whatever the decision is… It’s ours to make.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Question of Earth


I know this post will not be popular especially coming from me… a female. But so the fuck what? My blog. My cee. It is unfortunate that it must be like this… but I get very annoyed building with other so called Earths.

When one goes to a NGE event there will be men, women and children. Remove the children for your mind for now. They come back later. So now you have just men and women. For the most part, you can assume all the men you see are ‘God.’ You can’t say the same for women.

Now the definition of God tends to be clearer than the definition of Earth. The 1:10 degree has a beautiful definition of what it means to be God. And I was taught by my educator to make all degrees applicable to myself so it also supplies a beautiful definition of what Earth is. But not all women approach that the same way I do.

When I partake of Nation events, I know that 85 men aren’t just rolling up and through. If there are Black men there, most likely, they are my righteous brothers. The women… Not so much. When it comes to the women, I don’t know what I’m getting. I might be getting a true and living Earth with 120. I might be getting the God’s jump-off who cut church for the free food and has a bag of cracklin in her knock off LV. My approach is different in different scenarios. But I need to know first and that is where this gets shady….

There are many ‘Gods’ who define ‘Earth’ as simply their woman; however it comes up. Just any woman that they have a relationship with. Whether they donated sperm and nothing else to said female’s creation or is donating sperm for fun. The woman could have NO degrees or have 120 on cap. The woman could be going to church every day, be white, be bisexual, have a perm, never wrapper her head, and be a stripping drug dealer with a killer chitterling recipe that includes regular Doritos. Yet she is Earth. I disagree with that. A LOT.

I’m not mad at women who aren’t working on 120 or who have been working on it for years months and days. I recognize 120 is not necessarily a female requirement. But it should be! For a number of reasons….

(1) Women aren’t stupid. We learn anything we need to. 120 is no different.

(2) Women need 120 for their own edification and enlightenment just like men do

(3) Women with 120 in a relationship with Gods with 120 add on to create a righteous and harmonious Universe and bring forth babies in said righteous environment who will eventually learn 120 and continue our nation. At 47 years, we should not be solely relying on recruitment to increase our numbers. We should be using reproduction. But when a God denies his woman 120 that is what happens.

(4) I ASSUME Gods deny their women 120 so they can’t get called on their bullshit. ‘Nuff said.

(5)Another assumption is when Gods are through with these so called Earth, the women have no standing in this nation. I’m old. I was a teenager in the 80’s in northern NJ. I was “Earth” back then (while eating the bacon and sausage my evangelist mother cooked every morning with grits and eggs. That Sizzlelean was the truth!). Back then being Earth meant you had a boyfriend who was God. I used to go with my high school sweetheart via bus to Newark every week so he could get a degree. He was slow and needed help to remember them. That’s where I came in. I helped him remember the degrees; in the process I learned them too. But me learning degrees was never the focus. It was about the young God and his expression of the culture. I was never encouraged to do anything in/for the culture. Cutiepie and I were the same age. He didn’t last. Like I said he wasn’t that bright. He never made it out of the 1:36 because the elder God kept saying he needed to remember previous degrees and he couldn’t for some reason.

Another example for (4)… One of my best friends was dating a powerful God in our local cipher. He taught every one he could. I thought he had an addiction. But guess who he did not teach? His woman/baby mother. She went on to have his seed, then he bounced. Because of the God’s prowess, no God would touch her with a 10 foot dick in northern NJ. So now her Sun who has a righteous name, happens to be a devout Christian. I heard the God is married to an 85er has more children without righteous names and lives here, but I have never seen or heard from him….

Now here is the argument that doesn’t hold water…. “Who am I to tell a God how to handle his business? If the God says it, it is so!” I say to that, “Bullshit!” Do you think it was easy memorizing 120? Ask Precise Infinite Peace Allah. He did not take it easy on me just because I was his woman. I was his student. And where I was mad then… I’m not mad now. I can stand perpendicular on my cipher. And I’m not crazy. Do you think it is easy being in a headwrap and 3/4th everyday? It is not. I work in health care, not some hippy dippy spot. I have to answer 50-11 questions all day long. “Are you and African/Muslim/Rasta/whatthefuckever?” all damn day long. I was accosted by some children because they thought I was Muslim and asked, “Why do your people want to kill us?” at Kroger. And at every cipher, every internet group, every where I go and interact with my own people…. I have to defend myself from Gods who think my place is in the kitchen and dutifully shutting the fuck up behind my man while fanning him, rubbing his feet and feeding him grapes. You think that’s easy? Think again if you think it is. But I do it because it is the right thing to do. I work to keep 120 fresh in my mind. And I do my duty as a righteous person and teach those willing to be taught by me.

So for Gods to say that their white woman is Earth, when clearly the 2:10 says they aren’t… pisses me off. When I labor to keep swine out of my life in all ciphers, and this so called Earth is eating Doritos, gummy bears and washing it down with an orange soda… I have a problem with that. If she isn’t your woman but God is just fucking her and giving her the same 2 degrees in the Supreme Alphabet and you call her Earth. I don’t like that, and will make knowledge born. If she has a righteous name because her father was God, but she knows NOTHING about my culture. She ain’t Earth.

I am not about bestowing a title that I earned and continue to earn on just anyone. So if you bring your chick around me calling her Earth, y’all both better be prepared to be tested. Her to determine her status; and you to determine your integrity.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8:AF - Full Sturgeon Moon


This month has 2 full moons. That means even at the beginning of the month, I’m already late. Oh well. Builders build…..

The Actual Fact that corresponds to this month’s first full moon is “Sound travels at the rate of 1120 feet per second.” The moon that Native Americans (that is where I get all my moons from. They are Original people too) is the ‘Full Sturgeon Moon.” Sturgeons are a large fresh water fish. Apparently, this was the time it was easiest to catch these fish. So N.A.s could tell you what was for dinner this time of year. Also… Sturgeon eggs are caviar. Though the devil claims the only sturgeon that makes caviar are those from Europe. They discriminate against fish too.

The human body is composed of organs. Some organs we have only 1 (knowledge) of while others we have two (wisdom). We have 2 Ears but 1 mouth. Hands and 2 legs, but only 1 heart and 1 liver. I am her to dispute that.

If you truly do the knowledge…. The organs that we superficially seem to only have 1 of, are actually multi chambered, multi hemisphered or multi lobed. We have 1 brain, but that brain has 2 hemispheres that are broken down into lobes. The brain also has a cerebellum that is considered the primal brain that is responsible not for thought or reasoning but for those habits we can’t live without, like breathing automatically. The liver is also multi lobed. So much infact that you can share you liver with a relative. So where as those who don’t consider things fully, will not be building effectively. But not so much because they are being superficial, but because they are being immature. And when you are a child, you cannot eat the food of adults. You don’t even eat at the adult table. And sturgeon is adult food. Feed a child fish and they will complain about the bones. And rational adults would never feed a child something so grown and expensive as caviar. Take a child to a fancy restaurant and chances are, they will request a hotdog.

So the degree is correct 11 the 2 then 0.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I get the Job Done.... I work... Baby!

"The question at hand... Is how do I love thee."
~Big Daddy Kane


Often times, I have witnessed Earths who are reluctant to build on any God degree in SM, SA and 120. Why? When you actually find Earths who want to build, they say it is because they understand that building is to make degrees and such applicable to themselves and they don’t see themselves in the degrees or they don’t see how a ‘God’ degree is applicable to the Earth. Trust me… I hear this a lot. A lot more than I care to. Well I am an Earth that is not scared to build on ALL of the degrees. This Nation is as much mine as it is the Gods.

Today’s degree in “The Meat” is, “How fast does our planet travel? 1,037 1/3 mph.” I like this degree from an Earth’s standpoint, and from a woman’s stand point. The 1st 8 degrees of the 1-40 all mention ‘Earth’ in them. This one doesn’t. But it does mention ‘our planet.’ I take ‘our’ to mean Original, and ‘planet’ to mean women. We all recognize that planets are females. So this degree is applicable to all women, Not just Earths.

This degree points out that even though planets rotate around a sun…. They still spin on their own axis. Some spin clockwise, others counter clockwise. Hell, some roll. But planets are not lazy and shiftless. They all work and have their OWN work to do, and they do it. All while traveling around the Sun. I think about this every time I rise early and take of things that Serenity needs vs. what we need. I think about how my mother and her women friends labored alone to make sure they had everything they needed. I consider this when I consider the relationships between Original men and women raised in single mother homes. Oh... we put in some work.

I was watching a documentary with regard to the Earth’s moon. And I was reminded of how awesome the moon is in stabilizing the planetary rotation of the Earth. I say reminded, because I majored in Zoology in college. And my college has a planetarium. Hail, Hail Dear Alma Mater!!!! No other planet has a moon as large as the Earth in comparison to it’s size. But the moon doesn’t spin on its axis. I suppose since it doesn’t spin it doesn’t have an axis. That moon that you see up in the sky, is the same piece of moon you and everything on the planet with eyes has been looking at for time remembered. The dark side of the moon is NEVER presented to the Earth. The changes in phase are due to the Earth’s shadow projected on the moon. I bet you didn’t realize the Earth had a shadow. So the moon is always full, you just can’t always see it. I bet that is killing it for them Wiccans!

Another consideration is we in this Nation refer to the baby girls as moons. That is so appropriate. They revolve around their mothers as the moon does the Earth. Children restrict their mothers’ activities as the moon restricts the Earths activities as well. (Without the moon, the Earth would wobble on its axis) And there will be sides to that girl child her mother will never see. Trust me on this. I was a girl, and I knew other girls. We sneaky.

So we as Original women have our own work to do, in addition to maintaining that 93 million mile elliptical orbit around the Sun. In all the work we do to maintain order in the Universe we find ourselves in, we don’t get to be negligent of our own responsibilities to our personal selves because we are grown.

A lot of us may not be in a relationship with God. That doesn’t mean we get to roll about doing whatever. We have to be that Supreme Being to ourselves and handle our business appropriately until the right God captures us with his magnetic. We are the prize, ladies. Don’t forget that.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Whenever I build on the God degree in the Actual Facts, I tend to relate it to… err…. Something on the God…. Teehee. I might say, “I want to climb Mount Everest.” Or something like that. Especially since it is the "God" degree. But this is an Actual fact and Actual Facts have everything to do with the Earth so I need to make this applicable to me.

July’s full moon is called the Full Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon. FBM refers to the time of the year when male deer begin to grow their horns…. And horns in many cultures are considered a sign of male prowess and/or an aphrodisiac. Thunder is the sound 2 clouds make when they bump into each other. And there is something a little energetic when it is thundering LIGHTLY and the rain begins to fall. Queue the music…. Still, these moons aren’t making it easy to build on the Earth… So I will take the best part.

Mount Everest is 29,141 feet.
Feet = 12” Which is about…..

29141 is abbt Build Through Knowledge God. Knowledge God is “Queen” in the Supreme Alphabet. So I will draw this up and make it applicable to me as Earth…

There are several ways Gods (7) and their Queens (17) can build (8). One way is sexually. So many people view sex as a negative. I don’t get that. I’m a grown assed woman who has been grown for sometime. I know how to handle my business. It’s not like it’s a secret how to prevent pregnancy, disease and a bad reputation. There is nothing wrong with building sexually. It is what keeps life going on the planet. Mount Everest is the highest point on the planet. And climbing said range is enjoyable (Build) but can also be dangerous (Destroy). What makes the difference is the individuals engaging in the activity. If the Man is God and the woman is his Queen then according to the definition of the titles, these people should be engaging with all the problems quelled and just enjoy the activity. And if a seed/soil results from the activity it will be a joyous outcome. However, if the man is a joker and the woman is a chicken head, then based on those titles the result of that coupling can’t be anything but foolishness. Because those individuals are working from a damaged perspective and this is how it’s done for them.

Now folks don’t just fall in God/joker or Queen/chicken head category. There are gradations in the spectrum. But you do need to ask yourself if you are Mt. Everest or if you are planning to climb it, where you fall.