Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8:AF - Full Sturgeon Moon


This month has 2 full moons. That means even at the beginning of the month, I’m already late. Oh well. Builders build…..

The Actual Fact that corresponds to this month’s first full moon is “Sound travels at the rate of 1120 feet per second.” The moon that Native Americans (that is where I get all my moons from. They are Original people too) is the ‘Full Sturgeon Moon.” Sturgeons are a large fresh water fish. Apparently, this was the time it was easiest to catch these fish. So N.A.s could tell you what was for dinner this time of year. Also… Sturgeon eggs are caviar. Though the devil claims the only sturgeon that makes caviar are those from Europe. They discriminate against fish too.

The human body is composed of organs. Some organs we have only 1 (knowledge) of while others we have two (wisdom). We have 2 Ears but 1 mouth. Hands and 2 legs, but only 1 heart and 1 liver. I am her to dispute that.

If you truly do the knowledge…. The organs that we superficially seem to only have 1 of, are actually multi chambered, multi hemisphered or multi lobed. We have 1 brain, but that brain has 2 hemispheres that are broken down into lobes. The brain also has a cerebellum that is considered the primal brain that is responsible not for thought or reasoning but for those habits we can’t live without, like breathing automatically. The liver is also multi lobed. So much infact that you can share you liver with a relative. So where as those who don’t consider things fully, will not be building effectively. But not so much because they are being superficial, but because they are being immature. And when you are a child, you cannot eat the food of adults. You don’t even eat at the adult table. And sturgeon is adult food. Feed a child fish and they will complain about the bones. And rational adults would never feed a child something so grown and expensive as caviar. Take a child to a fancy restaurant and chances are, they will request a hotdog.

So the degree is correct 11 the 2 then 0.