Thursday, August 30, 2012

Damn, I used a lot of semicolons!


I have been watching the Republican National Convention this week as much as my schedule permits. I am not a republican nor do I have any intention of entertaining jumping ship in the November election. I think it’s important to see what the other team is doing. Especially now.

I have always been lightly interested in presidential politics. My family is VERY political. My mother has an amazing mind for politics and my father, brother and brother-in-law were local politicians in my hometown of Paterson (with 1 damn “T”) New Jersey. My father was also a registered Republican. That made for very interesting conversation between my parents; my mother being a staunch and registered Democrat.

In case y’all were unaware…. Prior to MLK, most Black folks were republicans. Abraham Lincoln was a republican; and Black folks felt they owed some allegiance to Lincoln for their freedom. Because Kennedy and Johnson were such adamant supporters of the civil rights movement, Black folks jumped into the Democrat camp and this is where we have stayed for years months and days. I watch both conventions; Democrat and Republican.

Have you noticed that when the party looking to unseat the sitting president uses all it’s time to talk shit about the current president? It’s shameful really. If you played a drinking game by drinking every time they said, “Obama” you would be drunk in and hour. Everything these people say is slanderous toward the president. But that is to be suspected. They need to get their people in a frenzy and sway them to the right… The far right. If you drank every time you saw a Black person, you would remain painfully sober.

This is what I have noticed….
I wish instead of erroneously pointing out the president’s perceived flaws (they aren’t), why don’t you tell us… EXACTLY… What is your better plan? Are you afraid if you don’t get elected, then the president will steal your ideas? If there good and valid ideas why would you care who implements them? And do you know what republicans fail to mention? The ENTIRE planet is in a recession. The European Union is about to crumble. Muslim countries are in constant flux. China owns everything in the white world. But that stock isn’t valuable if they fall. It would be like confederate money after the war. There is no way the US economy can come back while we are dependant on foreign anything. The best way for us to come out is to (a) print more money and (b) turn inward for all our products. Go back to ‘Made in America’ status. Then everyone who wanted one would have a job. Keep your eyes on South America. They aren’t really involved strongly in world politics and are one of the only places where colonialism hasn’t gone to the extremes it has in other places. Africa to some degree as well. Think about this… If Bolivia fell, would it affect you??? Once the smoke clears, I am betting they will be near the top. Time to learn Spanish, y’all.

Republicans claim that the president is soft on foreign affairs. Really? The USA is now respected abroad rather than feared. Now I am not mad at fear as a tactic; it works. But respect is far more profitable. You fear and avoid a school bully. But you seek out and want to support the nice person. We aren’t the smartest or most capable people on the planet as the media would have you believe. We are not on the top of anything except military. Seriously do the knowledge. Not education, not healthcare, not technology only military. We don’t even have good credit as a country! We are the bullies of the planet and other countries fear us. With the election of our current president, countries have come to respect us. They think we are evolving in our mentality as a nation.

The attack on gay folks and women is atrocious. Yes I lump us together because our issues are similar. Cis white men are trying to control our gonads. The sad part is they don’t see it as an attack. They think they are doing what’s best for us. Like we are children and we need them to tell us what we already know. I am not gay, but I am a woman. I don’t need a republican in my bed. I assume gay folks feel the same. Rape as defined by me, is anyone in my pussy, mouth or ass without my permission. Case closed. And I gives not 1 fuck who gay people choose to mate with or how they live their lives. It’s not my business. It isn’t yours either. Republicans go too far. They want to outlaw both abortion and birth control. WTF??? Basically they don’t want you to fuck unless you’re married. And by banning gay marriage they think gay people will automatically stop fucking. Really? And abortion is not… fun. Women who have abortions aren’t unaffected by it. I would dare say an abortion is a decision that haunts a woman the rest of her life. But outlawing abortion is not going to stop them. It will just stop them from being safe.

Education... these republicans kill me on how they don’t want anyone to have a college education accept the rich. They are all rich and wouldn’t be politicians unless they were educated. So that right there gives me concern. They call education... ‘elitist.” Then they must consider themselves elite. And everyone else is what? Stupid? Yes. That is what they are calling you. I have a degree. In fact, I have 2 degrees.

The Poor… Now this shit is hilarious. They claim the democrats are waging a war on the middle class. They say the current administration has made government too large. Do you know who the largest employer of middle class individuals is? The Federal government. If the federal government gets smaller, then the middle class will shrink as the poverty numbers swell. The republicans also want to get rid of social programs that aid he poor. So let me understand… They want to take away middle class government jobs and then take away poor benefits. Basically only the wealthy should be allowed to breathe. Is this the hunger games? And guess what. That’s not just minorities. White folks would be affected negatively by their policies too. So why aren’t more poor and middle class white people democrats? Because they hate minorities and feel like they could be affluent if they applied themselves. Who am I to burst their bubble?

What republicans are not speaking on is our warming climate. You know why powerful civilizations of the past failed? The weather changed. Do you think Egypt of antiquity was a desert? A desert could not have supported a large population. The weather changed and people could no longer feed themselves. If you can’t eat where you are, you move to where the food is. The US gets most of its food from abroad. Did you know that? They tell you at the supermarket. Soon we will all have to migrate to Ecuador or Chile because that’s where a lot of our food comes from. But since global warming is a hoax according to the republicans; they have no plans.

And religion…. Republicans are Christian by default. They call this country a Christian country. It’s not. If they peruse the Constitution… and you should too because it’s free online…. They would see that no where in this country’s founding documents does it mention the Christian God. Muslim countries have it written in their constitutions… “We are the sons of Muhammad….” The problem with claiming a religion in a non-religious country (which the US is btw) is it makes the erroneous assumption that Christianity will always come out on top. And that isn’t necessarily so. More and more US citizens claim to be either atheists or agnostic. You know… thinking people, who recognize that religious people are crazy. There is proof that this planet is more than 6,000 years old, that we didn’t ride dinosaurs and that creationism is just stupid.

If you’ve read this far, I’m impressed. A lot of G’s and E’s say that politics is bullshit and should be ignored. I disagree. Politics is the reason why folks do bids for possession of weed. It’s why you pay the amount of child support you do. It’s the reason why a bag of apples cost nearly $4. And the reason why you are having a hard time finding a job. It’s why you have to have cable or a converter box to watch television that used to be free. Everything that we touch every day has politics attached to it. If you don’t pay attention… i.e. do the knowledge as we are supposed to do as civilized people… We will get gaffled. When you call a CSR have you ever wondered why they have accents? It’s because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), a law that Bill Clinton signed that made it cheaper for companies to outsource (send jobs to other countries) than to do business right here. Subsequent presidents have not repealed said law. Doing business here requires that you pay employees a minimum wage, provide them with benefits, etc. You don’t have to spend that kind of money in China, India or wherever they are. That’s politics. Used to be you could get a paycheck to see you through school. Not anymore. Those easy jobs have gone the way of the buffalo. And folks who already have challenges… like prison records… have lost an important avenue that used to be exploitable. Still think you don’t have to pay attention to what these white politicians are doing? Why didn’t you write your congressman and senator complaining that that was a bad idea back in the 90’s??? It was bad back then and still is. Why aren’t you asking them to repeal it today? Oh… they are just devils, huh. With whatever resources are left, they will feed their families first.

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday, September 3, 2012. It’s Labor Day and most of y’all aren’t working. Maybe you should watch. Doesn’t cost a thing if you already have a working television. It’s not on a fancy pay channel or anything. There is nothing shameful about paying attention to that which will affect you. It aids you in Understanding the Cipher at large.


PS: Like how I threw in today’s Supreme Mathematics?