Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Question of Earth


I know this post will not be popular especially coming from me… a female. But so the fuck what? My blog. My cee. It is unfortunate that it must be like this… but I get very annoyed building with other so called Earths.

When one goes to a NGE event there will be men, women and children. Remove the children for your mind for now. They come back later. So now you have just men and women. For the most part, you can assume all the men you see are ‘God.’ You can’t say the same for women.

Now the definition of God tends to be clearer than the definition of Earth. The 1:10 degree has a beautiful definition of what it means to be God. And I was taught by my educator to make all degrees applicable to myself so it also supplies a beautiful definition of what Earth is. But not all women approach that the same way I do.

When I partake of Nation events, I know that 85 men aren’t just rolling up and through. If there are Black men there, most likely, they are my righteous brothers. The women… Not so much. When it comes to the women, I don’t know what I’m getting. I might be getting a true and living Earth with 120. I might be getting the God’s jump-off who cut church for the free food and has a bag of cracklin in her knock off LV. My approach is different in different scenarios. But I need to know first and that is where this gets shady….

There are many ‘Gods’ who define ‘Earth’ as simply their woman; however it comes up. Just any woman that they have a relationship with. Whether they donated sperm and nothing else to said female’s creation or is donating sperm for fun. The woman could have NO degrees or have 120 on cap. The woman could be going to church every day, be white, be bisexual, have a perm, never wrapper her head, and be a stripping drug dealer with a killer chitterling recipe that includes regular Doritos. Yet she is Earth. I disagree with that. A LOT.

I’m not mad at women who aren’t working on 120 or who have been working on it for years months and days. I recognize 120 is not necessarily a female requirement. But it should be! For a number of reasons….

(1) Women aren’t stupid. We learn anything we need to. 120 is no different.

(2) Women need 120 for their own edification and enlightenment just like men do

(3) Women with 120 in a relationship with Gods with 120 add on to create a righteous and harmonious Universe and bring forth babies in said righteous environment who will eventually learn 120 and continue our nation. At 47 years, we should not be solely relying on recruitment to increase our numbers. We should be using reproduction. But when a God denies his woman 120 that is what happens.

(4) I ASSUME Gods deny their women 120 so they can’t get called on their bullshit. ‘Nuff said.

(5)Another assumption is when Gods are through with these so called Earth, the women have no standing in this nation. I’m old. I was a teenager in the 80’s in northern NJ. I was “Earth” back then (while eating the bacon and sausage my evangelist mother cooked every morning with grits and eggs. That Sizzlelean was the truth!). Back then being Earth meant you had a boyfriend who was God. I used to go with my high school sweetheart via bus to Newark every week so he could get a degree. He was slow and needed help to remember them. That’s where I came in. I helped him remember the degrees; in the process I learned them too. But me learning degrees was never the focus. It was about the young God and his expression of the culture. I was never encouraged to do anything in/for the culture. Cutiepie and I were the same age. He didn’t last. Like I said he wasn’t that bright. He never made it out of the 1:36 because the elder God kept saying he needed to remember previous degrees and he couldn’t for some reason.

Another example for (4)… One of my best friends was dating a powerful God in our local cipher. He taught every one he could. I thought he had an addiction. But guess who he did not teach? His woman/baby mother. She went on to have his seed, then he bounced. Because of the God’s prowess, no God would touch her with a 10 foot dick in northern NJ. So now her Sun who has a righteous name, happens to be a devout Christian. I heard the God is married to an 85er has more children without righteous names and lives here, but I have never seen or heard from him….

Now here is the argument that doesn’t hold water…. “Who am I to tell a God how to handle his business? If the God says it, it is so!” I say to that, “Bullshit!” Do you think it was easy memorizing 120? Ask Precise Infinite Peace Allah. He did not take it easy on me just because I was his woman. I was his student. And where I was mad then… I’m not mad now. I can stand perpendicular on my cipher. And I’m not crazy. Do you think it is easy being in a headwrap and 3/4th everyday? It is not. I work in health care, not some hippy dippy spot. I have to answer 50-11 questions all day long. “Are you and African/Muslim/Rasta/whatthefuckever?” all damn day long. I was accosted by some children because they thought I was Muslim and asked, “Why do your people want to kill us?” at Kroger. And at every cipher, every internet group, every where I go and interact with my own people…. I have to defend myself from Gods who think my place is in the kitchen and dutifully shutting the fuck up behind my man while fanning him, rubbing his feet and feeding him grapes. You think that’s easy? Think again if you think it is. But I do it because it is the right thing to do. I work to keep 120 fresh in my mind. And I do my duty as a righteous person and teach those willing to be taught by me.

So for Gods to say that their white woman is Earth, when clearly the 2:10 says they aren’t… pisses me off. When I labor to keep swine out of my life in all ciphers, and this so called Earth is eating Doritos, gummy bears and washing it down with an orange soda… I have a problem with that. If she isn’t your woman but God is just fucking her and giving her the same 2 degrees in the Supreme Alphabet and you call her Earth. I don’t like that, and will make knowledge born. If she has a righteous name because her father was God, but she knows NOTHING about my culture. She ain’t Earth.

I am not about bestowing a title that I earned and continue to earn on just anyone. So if you bring your chick around me calling her Earth, y’all both better be prepared to be tested. Her to determine her status; and you to determine your integrity.



Craig Whitehurst said...

peace ... I'm currently building with a God and amwilling and wanting to learn .....problem is I get told something and if I don't agree or understand fully at that moment I get told its actual facts nothing more or less stop trying to make it more than what it is....huh????? I have questions concerns sometimes I don't speak because all I say is wrong now keep in mind I feel as though I have no voice here most of the time I am Suzie homemaker he never has to ask me to do anything I'm an amazing woman I guess my real question to you is how much and what kinda BS is an earth suppose to live with

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

The phrase "Actual Fact" is often used in our nation to mean that is an irrefutable fact. It is also a lesson set in 120. But all of the degrees are Earth degrees because they have to do with dimensions of and on the Earth.

SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Earth,

That's the truth on the square word is bond! As you know via our builds, I consider my self to be a progressive God in many ways. I love and hold dear many of our traditions, but the contrarian in me causes me to do away with ideas that I find to be counter-intuitive, or out of rhythm with the way I live mathematics. That being said, let me add on. I'm in full agreement that Earth is not a title to be taken lightly. Since I've had K.O.S. I've been in wisdom relationships, the current one being my third. My current Queen does knowledge God in that she knows what I deal with, accepts that willfully and gives me no grief about it. She no longer deals with poison animal and has her M.G.T. and G.C.C. in tact. She's an amazing wisdom with whom I will probably spend the rest of my life...but guess what...she's not Earth! She ain't got no degrees on cee allah power and isn't striving to get them and that's fine, that's her choice. I don't advocate forcing my culture upon anyone and just by living with me she's living mathematics and being exposed to 120. I'm honest with my self and bear witness to the fact that she's not even ready to be Earth if she wanted to be. Now, that doesn't detract from my love for her nor does it devalue her in any way. However, I don't and never have slapped that Earth title on any wisdom who is not said person of that ability to live it out. Let's be real, a lot of Gods teach and advocate bullshit to use others for a tool and also a slave. I would never withhold 120 from my Queen and would love to teach her if she was striving to learn. But since I deal with life as it is I build with her based on where she's at mentally and I pick my spots. Remain a powerful Earth and keep showing and proving self to be the best part Queen.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

That is Peace Supreme. And that's exactly what I'm talking about. I just wish there was an easier way to determine whether a female is Queen vs. Earth. The builds are entirely different.

Lauren Neal said...

Peace. I do not claim to be an Earth. But I do want to knowledge as much as I can and possibly become Earth one day. I am 23 and have never known anyone in the NGE. I grew up as a Christian but always felt something about it was not right and I completely let that go years ago. Since 18 I have been searching for truth. I have looked for truth in many places and only within the past three months found any information about NGE. I have been searching for knowledge in any place I can find it (this is how I came across your blog), but for me it seems to still be elusive. I have read a few books and searched for knowledge online but from what i cee thus far knowledge is better received from an actual God or Earth. For those of us who do not know anyone with the knowledge, what can we do to gain knowledge?