Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Dream of Bacon....


This morning , I was walking passed a restaurant and I could smell bacon cooking. Mmmm.... I used to love bacon. Never thought the word could ever be so cruel to force me to give it up. But I did. Not specifically for this lifestyle, but when I became a vegetarian a decade ago, I couldn't rationalize eating swine. I tried, but couldn't. I loved it all too... chopped bbq, hash on rice with mustard, blood pudding, pork chops, ham hocks, bone-in ham smothered in Dr. Pepper, brown sugar and honey, RIBS! You name it. I even have a pig on my charm bracelet. Porky Pig would not have had to bring an armed entourage to E25th street!

Folks in our Nation act the the consumption of swine is one of the nastiest things you can eat, and I don't dispute that. In fact, I advocate that sentiment. But I, also remember how much I loved pork. I mean I LOVED it. My favorite pre-vegetarian breakfast was a Kaiser roll, toasted in butter, with a fried egg, a slice of cheese and bacon, ham and sausage... and a fruit salad. ****sigh**** I was telling the God recently how I requested chitterlings for a graduation meal from my moms. And she cooked them... in May... in NJ! She had to get them fresh, meaning they weren't pre-cleaned. They don't call them 'shitlins' for nothing!

I cried when I realized that Jiffy cornbread had swine in it. I can make a vegetarian and even vegan version that is still good (the secret is extra Brown sugar) but Jiffy was part of my childhood and I hated to see it leave.

I also really like gospel music. Not the contemporary music, but the traditional Black big choir sound with at least three part harmony. You know the kind of music that gets you to shouting, rocking and crying. Love it. I still love singing it on Sundays while I make my vegan version of sausage biscuits. Yes, I keeps it Kountry.

I neither attend church (at will) or eat swine. But I don't get why Gods and Earths have such hostile attitudes towards folks that do. I see them as invalids in need of our understanding, compassion and assistance in transitioning from that lifestyle. When has aggressively judging someone who is not your child ever gotten them to reconsider their behavior? I know it never worked on me like that. In fact, the dietician who suggested that I decrease my meat consumption, initially got cursed out by me, and she didn't even come out all hardcore! But once I did the knowledge and actually gave it a shot, I realized that she was onto something and I apologized. But I did have a difficult initial reaction.

When I first accepted this lifestyle, it was difficult and frightening for me to leave the church. My 1st educator told me it was fine for me to still attend church. Because Church and Supreme Math would never peacefully co-exist. And sooner or later I would have to make a decision and whatever decision that was, would be right for me. And it was.

I still miss singing in the choir though. I was a good and strong alto. "....Allah U Justice, O---oh..."


Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Destroy him in 1 Day..... Toodles

Peace Y'all,

I did the Knowledge to the Dr. Laura Sclessinger (sp? I don't care really) Nigger-Rant. For those of y'all that haven't heard of it, I will explain.... Dr Laura was on a radio call in show... she is a colored woman that gives advice to people, not unlike Dr. Phil. She has been doing it for a hot second too. I have heard of her before, but not really. You feel me?..... Any who.... A woman who identified herself as Original called in and stated that she was married to a devil and that his friends and family constantly made racist comments to and about her. ***sigh*** Before the Black woman could finish her tale of woe, Dr Laura started niggering up the advice she gave. Nigger flew off her tongue like she was just waiting for an opportunity to use it in public. She used it 11 times and rationalized it, with the Original woman saying she couldn't believe what she was hearing, by saying that Black comedians, rappers and HBO regularly used the word, why shouldn't she. She ended her bit of advice by saying if she didn't want to deal with people like this then she should not have married outside her race.



OK, again.

When I found out about this latest insult to Black folks as a whole, I wasn't really all that moved by it. I mean the standard punishment was issued out. Folks was on their job. She lost her job and Sharpton was at his post. The colored man consistently shows and proves that his/her ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type. I am not ever surprised when the devil shows himself to be devilish. That's what he's supposed to do. But what always intrigues me is why white folks want to use nigger anyway. Why does that word elicit a lust and carnal desire to slip past their lips? Do they gain super powers and brownie points for every use?

White folks invented the word nigger. And they used it up! That word, in their incarnation, was never meant for anything other than a derogatory insult (is that redundant?). So why are they dying to use it? As always, Original people have the Power to take the best part and make lemonade out of lemons and we have sweeten the word, but for our own use. Now white folks want to use this word and it's wholly inappropriate. And the only argument they have is we use it. Idiotic.

If I lived in a home that I bought from white people, and decorated to be useful to me, the people that used to own it do not have the right to come back and put me out of it just because they want to use it too.

Also, I find interesting that Black folks are starting to not care about white folks opinion. Meaning, that step-and-fetch-it attitude that Black folks used to have is now outdated. We don't give a fuck about what the white man wants and what they do. AND.... they know this. Follow me....

My parents were born in the 1930's south, right in the heart of Jim Crow. They matriculated in segregated schools all the way through college. My mother integrated the public NJ school system that she worked in for 40 years. My parents are of that generation where they dislike yet admire the white man. They can bear witness to the brutal treatment of Black people at the white hand. Yet they admire all the lifestyle and material possessions that the white man has and wants it for themselves. My mother has secretly attended a Klan rally and my father was nearly lynched by the police in his home town. But... My mother will be quick to say, "Do it this way because this is how crackers do it." Like everything the white man does is perfect. Auntie Ruckus.

I was born in the 1970's (yeah, I surprised them) north and my experience with the devil was completely different than my folks. By the time I got here, folks had marched, been hosed down and died so that I could have the opportunity to do as the devil did. And I did precisely that. But I never experienced the overt unbridled racism that my parents did. I didn't even expect it. That is a big generational change. But the thing I learned from my parents was never to trust the devil, because they still deal in foolishness. I have seen white folks do shit and get away with it, by blaming it on us. i.e Tawana Brawley, them Duke strippers, and so forth. And they never let you forget that they are white and I am Black. To what end?

The devil's time is past and they know this. This is why they honor these devils that give birth to litters of babies. This is a new generation, and they/we no longer fear the devil like there fore parents. 32:40 describes the difference between Original and devil. And 39:40 outlines their future. One day, Y'all! I see this 1 day as coming into Knowledge of Self. It may be a process, but the day of acceptance is just that 1 day. As Oprah puts it, and "Aha moment." When you know and accept the truth and it governs your journey from there on out. Black folks now know better, and that Knowledge borns you to do better. The new generation is not going to stand for bullshit. And all the folks who are forecasting a return to 17th-19th century slavery can hang that shit up. If that's the America that you want back, you will be sorely disappointed.

Dr, Laura apologized the next day. Really? She said that she was going to take a hiatus to get back her 1st amendment rights back. That's a hollow insulting apology if I have ever heard one. She is going to work on her constitutional right to call Black people nigger? Let me know how that works out for you. You will need the President (a Black man) and/or 3/4th of the Senate to ratify that babes. (I got an A in civics, y'all) Not a good look in any direction. Why the Boondocks had to end before this?

Fuck her.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Peace Y'all,

Almost every time I go through 120 I always get hemmed up on the word "discovered." In the 2 degrees where it appears it doesn't really follow the standard definition.

The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines discover as a verb and as being the first to acquire knowledge or sight by effort or chance. In both cases (3:14 and 22:40) the people in question did not discover anything. In fact, in the 3:14 The sentence after dicovered invalidated the claim. So why did T.H.E.M. use this word and why did Allah keep it?

I don't have an answer, nor am I offering one. I am just making a few reasonable observations that help me to sleep at night.

This is how I see it.... Clearly discovered is not meant to be used in obvious definition. Columbus did not discover North America because Indians were already here. How could they be here but not be aware that they are here? And Yacub discovered magnetism? I think not. The Asiatic Black Man already had this concept. He created it so Yacub would not be the 1st to discover it. What Yacub is good at is tricknology and devilshment (4:14). He is the father the the devil and taught him how to roll. Folks usually want to think of devilishment as lying, stealing, manipulating and such. Things that are easily identifible as negative. But this use of 'discover' is a different perspective on an old theme.

Think about this... When a person discovers something, they can lay claim on it like it's theirs. For possible no effort an individual can come into something of value. Finders keepers. That's some bull shit right there. And the devil used that concept of 'discover' to dominate the planet. By saying that folks that exist some where don't have rights outside what is best for the devil. And no effort on their part is neccessary to achieve this other than making a claim on it.

If I come to your home and say, "I live here. Either get out or serve me" That might get me arrested, put in a mental instiution or at least cursed out and/or laughed at. But that is precisely what the devil did all over this planet. And when he tells his-story, he comes out smelling like a rose. SMH.

What I am going to take as the best part is to always, ALways, ALWAYS pay attention to his wording. It's with his words (interorientation) that he takes advantage of people. It reminds me of some wisdom my moms and aunt used to drop. They would say that men are too stupid to lie. But women are too gullible to believe the truth. Basically the devil says what we want to hear my manipulating the truth. And we lend him our power.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wilderness of North America.....

Peace Family,

I did not have an easy time walking through 120. My 1st educator went missing here and there. And the last one was hard on me. Real hard. He made me do all kinds of external projects and such. One of the things he did that used to truly piss me off, was to ask a question that I am CERTAIN he knew I didn't have an answer to. While we were doing the big "discussion" of the 1-14, the God asked me how I saw "Wilderness". He has a talent for asking me questions that I would have thought were obvious; yet, I didn't have an answer. I came up with some superficial bullshit because I'm good at thinking on my feet. I'm certain he knew it was a jenky reply, but let me go on.

As is my habit, I never let an unanswered question go. When something stumps me, it will stay with me until I can mentally resolve it. I am convinced that's why people become distracted and forgetful when they get older. They just have too much stuff rolling around in their mental minds. While walking and meditation on 120, I realized that in the Understanding degree of the 1-14, I have been focusing on who the 'Indians' were (and subsequently why they were singled out in the Understanding degree of the 1-10) and why they were singled out in number and what they did in India that got them exiled. And not so much on the Wilderness of North America.

The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines 'wilderness' as: n. desert (6:AF), uncultivated (therefore uncivilized) region, confused assemblage of unheeded advocate of reform. I will put my spin on said definition... unwanted, unnecessary location or situation.

If theories of plate tectonics are to be accepted, then at one point in time all of the continents were one big land mass. There were probably land masses that were present then, that are currently submerged. The root of civilization is in Arabia. "Arabia" could be an Egyptian/Indian/Ethiopian/Iraqi combo spot. Plate tectonics does indicate that at one point all those locations were in the same mushed together. And it's not really hard to believe that since the indigenous people have similar ways and actions. If you look at indigenous practices all over the world it is easy to see a common root amongst the Originals. As my mother would say, "Everybody can't be wrong."

So if all the continents were populated while it was one big land mass, why didn't North America get populated? And why was NA a location for exiles like Siberia and Pelan/Patmos? Mmmmmm?

Archaeological data indicates that all of the other continents (with the exception of Antarctica) were populated thousands/millions of years before NA. Why is this? NA had mega fauna and mega flora (plants and animals). If animals could exist here, then so could humans. If the colored prehistoric theories are to be believed, humans generally follow animals to kill and eat them. There exists evidence that there were colored prehistoric seas in Kansas. So NA doesn't seem to be an inhospitable environment for people to live. So why was it the last continent to be lived in especially if folks could have gotten here by walking or sailing over like they did every other continent?

Was NA designed to be a prison colony?

I was doing the Knowledge to the Viking civilization (I like people who have a reputation for bringing the pain to colored people, even if they are colored themselves) and I came across a myth of Eric the Red. He apparently got into some trouble in own country and was banished. Know where he allegedly went? You guessed it. NA! Again, the Understanding degree of the 1-14 states that the people on this continent were exiled from India (part of the root of civilization). T.H.E.M. got that from somewhere. So there is evidence that this continent was designed for folks to catch hell (today's SA). And have you ever noticed that when people come to live in this country from every other place in the world except Canada, they have complaints? (Though they don't leave.) I know a few Canadians. They love it here. I suppose they would with Canada being cold for the better part of the year.

This place ain't friendly to anybody and it never has been. So how y'all see "Wilderness"? All of y'all... righteous, religious, e'rybody. I am very interested.