Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Dream of Bacon....


This morning , I was walking passed a restaurant and I could smell bacon cooking. Mmmm.... I used to love bacon. Never thought the word could ever be so cruel to force me to give it up. But I did. Not specifically for this lifestyle, but when I became a vegetarian a decade ago, I couldn't rationalize eating swine. I tried, but couldn't. I loved it all too... chopped bbq, hash on rice with mustard, blood pudding, pork chops, ham hocks, bone-in ham smothered in Dr. Pepper, brown sugar and honey, RIBS! You name it. I even have a pig on my charm bracelet. Porky Pig would not have had to bring an armed entourage to E25th street!

Folks in our Nation act the the consumption of swine is one of the nastiest things you can eat, and I don't dispute that. In fact, I advocate that sentiment. But I, also remember how much I loved pork. I mean I LOVED it. My favorite pre-vegetarian breakfast was a Kaiser roll, toasted in butter, with a fried egg, a slice of cheese and bacon, ham and sausage... and a fruit salad. ****sigh**** I was telling the God recently how I requested chitterlings for a graduation meal from my moms. And she cooked them... in May... in NJ! She had to get them fresh, meaning they weren't pre-cleaned. They don't call them 'shitlins' for nothing!

I cried when I realized that Jiffy cornbread had swine in it. I can make a vegetarian and even vegan version that is still good (the secret is extra Brown sugar) but Jiffy was part of my childhood and I hated to see it leave.

I also really like gospel music. Not the contemporary music, but the traditional Black big choir sound with at least three part harmony. You know the kind of music that gets you to shouting, rocking and crying. Love it. I still love singing it on Sundays while I make my vegan version of sausage biscuits. Yes, I keeps it Kountry.

I neither attend church (at will) or eat swine. But I don't get why Gods and Earths have such hostile attitudes towards folks that do. I see them as invalids in need of our understanding, compassion and assistance in transitioning from that lifestyle. When has aggressively judging someone who is not your child ever gotten them to reconsider their behavior? I know it never worked on me like that. In fact, the dietician who suggested that I decrease my meat consumption, initially got cursed out by me, and she didn't even come out all hardcore! But once I did the knowledge and actually gave it a shot, I realized that she was onto something and I apologized. But I did have a difficult initial reaction.

When I first accepted this lifestyle, it was difficult and frightening for me to leave the church. My 1st educator told me it was fine for me to still attend church. Because Church and Supreme Math would never peacefully co-exist. And sooner or later I would have to make a decision and whatever decision that was, would be right for me. And it was.

I still miss singing in the choir though. I was a good and strong alto. "....Allah U Justice, O---oh..."



Flying Mermaid said...

I, too, love bacon, but don't eat it. Being a Jew, I never gained much affection for too many other edible varieties of swine, but whosoever's mouth dost not water from said charred flesh?

I can't remember if you've remained a full-on vegetarian or are just not eating pig (and shellfish -- ohhh, I remember the day!) but here's a little secret for lending at least beans and cornbread that ham hock reminiscence. LIQUID SMOKE. Found in any supermarket (near the worcestershire sauce, etc.), the tiniest little drop will allow you to drool as you dream...

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Welcome Mermaid! Good to see that you have travelled. I adore liquid smoke. And imitation bacon bits in my greens. They give you the remembrance.....