Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Destroy him in 1 Day..... Toodles

Peace Y'all,

I did the Knowledge to the Dr. Laura Sclessinger (sp? I don't care really) Nigger-Rant. For those of y'all that haven't heard of it, I will explain.... Dr Laura was on a radio call in show... she is a colored woman that gives advice to people, not unlike Dr. Phil. She has been doing it for a hot second too. I have heard of her before, but not really. You feel me?..... Any who.... A woman who identified herself as Original called in and stated that she was married to a devil and that his friends and family constantly made racist comments to and about her. ***sigh*** Before the Black woman could finish her tale of woe, Dr Laura started niggering up the advice she gave. Nigger flew off her tongue like she was just waiting for an opportunity to use it in public. She used it 11 times and rationalized it, with the Original woman saying she couldn't believe what she was hearing, by saying that Black comedians, rappers and HBO regularly used the word, why shouldn't she. She ended her bit of advice by saying if she didn't want to deal with people like this then she should not have married outside her race.



OK, again.

When I found out about this latest insult to Black folks as a whole, I wasn't really all that moved by it. I mean the standard punishment was issued out. Folks was on their job. She lost her job and Sharpton was at his post. The colored man consistently shows and proves that his/her ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type. I am not ever surprised when the devil shows himself to be devilish. That's what he's supposed to do. But what always intrigues me is why white folks want to use nigger anyway. Why does that word elicit a lust and carnal desire to slip past their lips? Do they gain super powers and brownie points for every use?

White folks invented the word nigger. And they used it up! That word, in their incarnation, was never meant for anything other than a derogatory insult (is that redundant?). So why are they dying to use it? As always, Original people have the Power to take the best part and make lemonade out of lemons and we have sweeten the word, but for our own use. Now white folks want to use this word and it's wholly inappropriate. And the only argument they have is we use it. Idiotic.

If I lived in a home that I bought from white people, and decorated to be useful to me, the people that used to own it do not have the right to come back and put me out of it just because they want to use it too.

Also, I find interesting that Black folks are starting to not care about white folks opinion. Meaning, that step-and-fetch-it attitude that Black folks used to have is now outdated. We don't give a fuck about what the white man wants and what they do. AND.... they know this. Follow me....

My parents were born in the 1930's south, right in the heart of Jim Crow. They matriculated in segregated schools all the way through college. My mother integrated the public NJ school system that she worked in for 40 years. My parents are of that generation where they dislike yet admire the white man. They can bear witness to the brutal treatment of Black people at the white hand. Yet they admire all the lifestyle and material possessions that the white man has and wants it for themselves. My mother has secretly attended a Klan rally and my father was nearly lynched by the police in his home town. But... My mother will be quick to say, "Do it this way because this is how crackers do it." Like everything the white man does is perfect. Auntie Ruckus.

I was born in the 1970's (yeah, I surprised them) north and my experience with the devil was completely different than my folks. By the time I got here, folks had marched, been hosed down and died so that I could have the opportunity to do as the devil did. And I did precisely that. But I never experienced the overt unbridled racism that my parents did. I didn't even expect it. That is a big generational change. But the thing I learned from my parents was never to trust the devil, because they still deal in foolishness. I have seen white folks do shit and get away with it, by blaming it on us. i.e Tawana Brawley, them Duke strippers, and so forth. And they never let you forget that they are white and I am Black. To what end?

The devil's time is past and they know this. This is why they honor these devils that give birth to litters of babies. This is a new generation, and they/we no longer fear the devil like there fore parents. 32:40 describes the difference between Original and devil. And 39:40 outlines their future. One day, Y'all! I see this 1 day as coming into Knowledge of Self. It may be a process, but the day of acceptance is just that 1 day. As Oprah puts it, and "Aha moment." When you know and accept the truth and it governs your journey from there on out. Black folks now know better, and that Knowledge borns you to do better. The new generation is not going to stand for bullshit. And all the folks who are forecasting a return to 17th-19th century slavery can hang that shit up. If that's the America that you want back, you will be sorely disappointed.

Dr, Laura apologized the next day. Really? She said that she was going to take a hiatus to get back her 1st amendment rights back. That's a hollow insulting apology if I have ever heard one. She is going to work on her constitutional right to call Black people nigger? Let me know how that works out for you. You will need the President (a Black man) and/or 3/4th of the Senate to ratify that babes. (I got an A in civics, y'all) Not a good look in any direction. Why the Boondocks had to end before this?

Fuck her.