Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creativity/Understanding Knowledge


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa principle: Creativity
Today's Mathematics : Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture

This Build was hard for me. I not a creative person. That may seem inaccurate if you know me because I'm a crafter, and a cook. But I'm not creative. I see something that I like and nigarig it. Rarely do I come up with original ideas of my own. If I can see it, I can recreate it. If I taste a recipe, I can figure out what's in it. But again... copying not creativity. Creativity is not my gift. But because I can craft, folks think of me as creative. I remember when I pledged AKA, I got real crafty with the projects we had to do. But it was craftiness and not creativity that drove me. One of the big sisters actually asked me to be on her committee because she thought I was creative. One of my line sisters piped up and said, “Angel is the go to person to get isht done. But she is dead with ideas.” If it wasn't true, I would have pinched her in the stomach.

The definition of creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. I might be artistic, but my ideas are NOT Original... But neither are a lot of folks. One of the things I ALWAYS say to G's and E's in person is that we cannot draw up folks the same way we used to. This is not the 1980's. In the 80's I was a teenager and there were Gods Building all over the place in various and sundry Ciphers. Looked like Parliaments popped up indiscriminately on any potential corner. Times have changed. And with those changes, we as righteous people need to change and be creative about how we reach folks. Ain't nobody just gonna see us in the streets and start adding on. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. I am saying it's unlikely. If you hand someone a flyer who doesn't know us what we stand for all they are gonna do is google us and find out that we are a prison gang who killed Michael Jordan's daddy. Is that how you want to be portrayed? I don't. My own cousin who has my cell in her phone decided to buy a book and make judgments regarding the Culture without EVER asking me 1 questions. Imagine us laughing and joking and she is harboring several misconceptions. IJS....

So what do we do to develop more creativity? We go back to the drawing board (31:40). We have to do the 1 and figure a venue for where we could reach people. And we need to release that mindset of only reaching the dregs of society. Not saying we shouldn't reach them, but we would do ourselves well reaching the moneyed and the educated. We need that balance. We shouldn't forget the past, but we shouldn't dwell in the past either. We need to do more to get more. It's Nation Building.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Purpose/Understanding Cipher


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Purpose
Today's Mathematics: Understanding Cipher abbt Understanding

Purpose is one of the most difficult thing for folks to come up on. I have lived all of these years and still am unsure about what my 'Purpose' is. There have been times where I was sure what it was and it changed.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. So what exactly is my purpose? Well to Understand that, you have to Understand who you are and where you are. And I suppose since a person changes, and their surroundings and situations change… their purpose will change.

When I was a child, my purpose was to learn life and get an education. When I was/am married, my purpose is to be a good wife. When I was single my purpose was to enjoy my singlehood to the fullest. My purpose also changes when I change environments. Some things I'm solid on regardless of whom or what. I'm Earth. In all environments. But I don't insist on using my righteous name in all situations. To be perfectly honest.... I've never changed my name so Serenity can't cash a check. So there's that... My mom is old. She calls me what she calls me. It is what it is. My purpose when I'm with her is to be a good daughter and a good care taker. As the God's Earth, my purpose is to care for him and look after his needs. As an employee it is my purpose to meet the expectations of my job descriptions.... You your purpose is really dependent on your Cipher.

But still.... I'd like to find my life's personal pupose.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cooperative Economics/Wisdom Born


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Cooperative Economics
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom

Another Adult principle here..... Again, a family's finances are in the hands of the adults.

A co-op is defined as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. Sounds like Social Equality again does it not? People coming together for one common goal. In this case finances. Financial maintenance is always something that adults need to do, no matter how remarkable the child.

When I was 16, I got my 1st legit job at a clothing store. I really liked that job. But I didn't appreciate that I had to pay to cash my check. Woolworth's charged $5 flat rate to cash a check.... yes Woolworth's... google it.... I wanted ALL my money. Who wouldn't? Well I took my little $80 paycheck to the local bank to start an account. But guess what? My underaged self could not open a checking account on my own. Luckily my father's office was around the corner And he was there. I ran in there and asked him, “Daddy I need you to come with me and bring your wallet!” You had to know my dad to know how he would have responded. But he came and we ran around the corner and he backed my 1st bank account. Here is the thing. He, being an adult, knew how banks worked. He put me on my own account but linked me to his business that also held an account with that bank. He caught all the fees on my bank account. I can only guess at how the bank would have shafted me without my daddy.

And that is the essence of today's principle. We as a people have all we need to create our own Universe separate from the him/devil. If we would only trust each other. I know that is a hefty order. We don't trust each other and for good reason. WE are always looking for “hook ups.” You don't know how many of my personal friends want to come patronize the office where I work. I don't advise it. Not because I'm ashamed of the product we produce, but because I don't trust jokers to pay. They figure they can get a hook up from me... and they can't. I don't ask for hook ups... don't give them either.

When I used to go to church, I used to be a Steward. Which means in addition to looking after the pastor, his family, and the church we collected and counted the money on Sunday. A Destroy Power I was dating at the time used to want me to cash his personal checks on the money and “borrow” gold from the church's coffers. Wasn't his church. I would never do it and we stopped dating. Another dude looking for a hook up.

We also drank the Koolaid and have come to think of the products that WE make as inferior to him/devil. I do a lot of things.... When I'm in seamstress mode. Folks don't want to pay me for the same work they will pay the cleaners for. And I have to wonder why. I have been sewing 30 years. I make nearly everything I wear. Folks can't tell either. So clearly I know what I'm doing. But if I didn't have a day gig... Sewing wouldn't feed me.

I have just been using me as my examples. I am the best Knower of my life and situations. But we as a people need to put that slave mentality to bed once and for all. Because it's kind of crazy to patronize a business where all the employees are Original but the owner is devil and be cool with the product and service you receive but you wouldn't trust those same Original people without the overseer.

I was really encouraged by the push this year to support Black-owned businesses through the holidays. I wonder if folks really did only spend green with Black? Probably not. But it sounded good.

We could do it if we wanted to. There have been several instances of us in the past doing our own thing. There were Black Wall Streets and prospering all Black communities in states all over this country. Back in the Jim Crow era... and be mindful, JC Era wasn't that long ago. My 60+ year old coworker was old enough to participate in that whole separate-but-equal bullshit.... We HAD no other choice but to practice cooperative work with each other. But integration ended that. Black folks were free to take their money to the devil and did. Now the only Original businesses we still patronize are the hair salons/barber shops, funeral homes and churches. The other stuff has not real permanence. Non-Black people have taken over businesses that used to be ours.... When was the last time you saw a Black corner store? Or gas station? Or Liquor store? Even soul food is a front. Asians got that now. Hell, Asians are cheaper than the shade tree mechanics.

The reason why Black owned businesses have to charge more than the other folks is because we don't have access to the networks they do because we haven't developed them yet. Asian people have cornered the market on Beauty Supply Stores. Those stores cater to Black women. It would seem to reason that Black people would have a better Understanding of what our needs are. B.U.T. Asians have cornered the market on the stock. Black people cannot stock stores at the same prices as Asians can. And we will not pay $15 for a product that costs $5 in another store. It's crazy to even ask. I do my own nails... long story. But I go to Sally's to by my supplies. There is an Asian super store that sells nothing but nail products, but when I tried go there to get my supplies, no one wanted to help me and when I tried to interact with the staff, they refused to speak English to me. So I pay 5x as much for my stuff as I would in the Asian place... it's still cheaper than going to the nail salon.

With regard to Today's Supreme Mathematics, the power to make our desires into a reality lies in our own actions. If we want to see Black business prosper, them we have to support them. No matter how you feel about it, we are the only ones who will. And it's not that we don't have money, we make all the other folks rich, but for some reason we refuse to support Each other.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Collective Work & Responsibility: Wisdom Build/Destroy


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Collective Work and Responsibility
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Build abbt Knowledge

This is one of those adult principles. By and large.... Children don't work. If they are supporting a family... you have bigger problems than 7 days of Kwanzaa can fix. IJS.... This is also a reason why I say that all holidays shouldn't be focused around children. Yes babies are the greatest, but they aren't the only greatest. Adults are pretty awesome too.

Collective work and responsibility screams to me “I am my brother's keeper.” And it's true... to an extent. Also true is Proverbs 18:24, "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." which is ironic since I don't have many friends! But trust me, there is nothing more I hate than people in my business, but I get that in order for folks to have a community.... You must commune with others. If you have issues with something that's going on in your neighborhood, you probably can't fix it by yourself. You must have all the neighbors add on. Same as with a Nation. I know this is a foreign idea to a lot of Gods and Earths... But Nation includes more than just you and the way you Cee things. I get by the force of your will you can make folks do what you want, and/or effect change.... but how often can you do that? And that's not really a community as it is a dictatorship.

When I was a 14, my church was running a bus to Action Park. They wanted to leave at 10 am. It was 3 hours just 1 way! I knew they had to have the bus back by 6 so we would have to leave the park by 3. If we left at 10 that would only give us 3 hours in the water park. That was unacceptable to me. I worried the trip leader so much. I said we should leave at 7 am. Finally, he said if I could get all the people to the church by 7 we would leave then. Everybody was there by 6:45 including the bus driver and the pastor. Everybody but the trip leader. My mother called him because she thought something happened to him. he was always super prompt. He came right away. When we got to the park the leader held my face, looked me in the eye and shook his head. He didn't think I could persuade folks to be at the church that early. My mother actually woke him up when she called. He reminded me of that incident until he died. I still remember him saying, “Don't sleep on Angel. She will have exactly what she wants in this life.” So I get that 1 person can bend a community to their will. (Y'all thought I was gonna give a different example, didn't you....)

Even in the above example, I could not have pulled that off without the help of that community. My mother was scary and folks knew if I was calling she was on board. Once I convinced all the parties that it would be a waste of time, money and energy to only spend 3 ours in the park. No one lives on a island all by himself. No one could be successful like that despite what the movies say. Everybody ain't good at everything. Some folks are good at cooking, then they are the cooks. Others are good at hunting then they are the hunters. Some folks make the clothes and that's their job. In order for us to succeed as a community we must work as a community.

I look at all these preppers who are self sustainable but not interested in folks outside their families being part of their communities. Oh they will survive the apocalypse... for about 50 years. Unless they go all Xfiles.... But then their family will die off and eventually strangers will roll up on their homestead and live off all that which they put in play. It's a Universal law that things will work out a certain way. We can vary the route to the destination.. but the destination is always the same. No matter how much one strays from the plan, it's gonna work out how it works out. And one of the Universal laws is that humans are community beings and we have a responsibility to each other. It's how it works.

The bottom line is we aren't going to prosper as a group/species/Nation/etc if we can't learn to work together.

Take that how you want to....


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Self Determination/Wisdom God


What's the science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Self Determination
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom God abbt Born

The 1st four principles/days of Kwanzaa relate to our interaction with others and the last 3 days refers to how we deal with ourselves. This second principle Can be seen as a combination of both.

The definition of self determination is the process by which a person controls their own life. That definition is today's math. Our actions (Wisdom) controls our lives. And who is the sole controller? God. Now... All you misogynistic Gods out there do NOT like to see the Earth use God in any way other than to refer to her man.... Get over yourself. Earths get to be sole controllers. We aren't children. We get to make decisions that will affect our lives. 1st of all we CHOOSE to be Earth, just as y'all CHOOSE to be God. We choose the God from whom we receive light. We choose how to properly execute the 14th degree of the 1:14. We make a lot of choices. But in said choices we need to choose the best choice for ourselves personally and the relationships we find ourselves in. That is what this degree and this principle is all about. Making the best choices possible to comfortably live out your Mathematics. It affects you... and those in your Cipher.

When I think of self determination I think of my experiences with dental school. It was one of the hardest things I've ever dine in my life. It was a fight from the 1st day until the last. I'm still not over it. College wasn't hard. My parents are college grads and I attended the same college they and most of my family attended. So they were able to guide me in what to do, what to expect, etc. A lot of people don't have this kind of mentoring and tend to flounder. Mentoring is so important. But when I went to dental school..... yikes.

My mother attained a masters degree, but she did it the way folks do it... while working and raising children. So she wasn't any real help. She actually didn't think I needed help because I had no distractions, like she did. I didn't know any Black dentists who could give me some help, or dentists period. I got hold of some directions and made it in the best I knew how. My teachers at college, bless their hearts, were confused about what the actual differences between medical and dental school were. Let me tell you this.... the MCAT is vastly different from the DAT. VASTLY. Dentistry is a spatial thing. My ability to sew helped me more than the training I got at school. And nothing against SCSU. They did what they could.

I got in and I fought tooth and nail to stay there. Professional PWI's are not the same as HBCU's. Not at all. They give no fux about you.... at all. They want you to get in to satisfy their quotas, but once you are in there, you are a statistic. And they mean for you to be a bad stastic. They don't help you even though they say they will. Racism is alive, well and OPEN in grad school. If you call them on it, YOU are the trouble. And I can't even say that they were personally trying to attack me. Because they weren't. It is just institutionalized. Professors lie and play favorites. Professors do INCREDI BLY inappropriate activities with students. And my personal opinion... Black students become shellshocked at PWI's and develop PTSD. The swag of a student from a Black college is completely different than the zombies that comes out of a PWI with dark skin. Coming from a warm caring college... I wasn't ready. But... I finish what I start. And I finished that bitch.... a little worse for wear but on time. I got through on the mere force of my will.

Self determination.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Kwanzaa!!!!!

Unity/Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy


What is the Science?
Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Unity – Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy

To day is the 1st day of Kwanzaa. I hop y'all got everything you needed to do done. Wit it being the day after xmas, for a lot of people this day gets lost or is anti climatic. I mean if yesterday you ate a big meal, saw all your peeps and opened and/or gave a ton of presence you are probably exhausted. But this is the perfect time for contemplation because now you get to relax and enjoy your time off.

We love xmas. We get paid to not go to work on a day we don't observe. SWEET! I take my laziness to another level and I get Chinese on xmas eve. Life is good. And the God and I enjoy our Mathematics together.

Today's Kwanzaa principle is Unity. I see that correlating to the 8:14. Unity = Social Equality. People coming together together for a common cause. The only way to get something accomplished is for all parties to do their share of the work. Think about it... when your at the workplace, does everyone do everything? No. Folks are assigned their roles. When it works... harmony reigns (Build) If someone drops the ball for whatever reason, and no one picks of the slack... chaos. (Destroy)

So my see on this degree and this Kwanzaa principle is actions must be based in Equality. When you do this the proof is Building and when your actions are NOT based in Equality, you are destroyed.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

They Tried.....


Christmas almost got me!

Damn Serenity! You is a true and living Earth... How dat happen?

All jokes aside... In this wilderness It is easier to lay down and let the okey doke wash over you than to stay vigilant and fight. All those good holiday sales... why not buy some things? My mother would like that. The God would look good in this outfit. Oooh Trinity would look so cute dressed up like a reindeer. That little live xmas tree plant would look darling on my desk! Does any of this sound familiar?

I bought “Holiday” cards. Not xmas cards. I had to search for a card that didn't have (a) a nativity scene (b) say “Merry xmas” or (c) have any of the religious trappings that cards have on them this time of year. I actually wanted to get Kwanzaa cards but I would have had to order them and that would have required me to remember to do that before Thanksgiving and I didn't. But... My “Holiday” cards should NOT reach their destination before xmas. If they do then they become xmas cards and not “Holiday” cards. I felt.. and still feel... pressured to get them in the mail before xmas. They are still in my car waiting to be mailed on the 26th.

The only xmas gift I send is to my mother. And I have been working on her bit by bit since I went under instruction.... She no longer sends me a gift. That's the way I want it. So she doesn't expect gifts from me. But when she does receive one and it says Happy Kwanzaa, she will then be relieved and tell her friends about the xmas present I sent late. This year it was harder to not send her a xmas gift. My brother would send her a gift for xmas and then I would after. But my brother died in May and she won't be getting that gift from him. I was tempted to send her one just so she wouldn't be sad... But my boss decided to pay me late this pay period and I missed the xmas cut off for gifting. I refuse to pay extra for overnight shipping that gets there standard time anyway. So that situation worked itself out.

Also... I don't like to travel on a holiday. I don't work for a company that closes through the holidays. Legally they have to close for xmas, but I work the Monday after and the Wednesday before. Hell I'm at work right now! I don't travel on holidays. I learned that lesson the hard way. I once traveled from NJ to GA on 7/4 and my car let me down in Fancy Gap, NC. No repair people were willing to come out and see about me. AAA hung up on me.... twice. I would have had to spend the night there if an old dude hadn't offered to help me. He also made a power move....

But Mommie laid it on thick... “You're my only living child.... Come for xmas.” You know what xmas at her house looks like? Church, church and more church with a side of pork. She is an evangelist and so are 2 of my cousins. So if they don't go to a service,they will have one at the house. Ham and chitterlings are the xmas entrees and everything else is dressed in meat. I've been a vegetarian for 16 years.... this is not new to them. They just don't care. One xmas the 7 and I went to visit them and we sat at a table full of food and the only thing we could eat was the cake I brought. We were so hungry. We left early (I heard about that later) because we were striving to get some food but nothing was open on xmas day. We ate gas station nuts and chips. Took us 5 hours to get home... that's just how far we had traveled to be with these people. Them jokers talked much shit about us. Saying that all we wanted was attention. We no longer visit. For kicks and giggles, I asked my mother and some relatives to come down for the Father's degree celebration. I don't have to tell you....

I work with a chick who claims religiousness by association. Her husband is a preacher, but she knows little about how xianity works or even what's in her bible. But she is all over the It's Merry Xmas and not happy holidays gripe. Okay. That's fine, but keep that shit in your cubicle. She wants to do a secret santa. I'll only participate if it falls after xmas. I ruined her life. I'm not a total grinch I will give out holiday gifts... Just not before xmas.

We as righteous non-xian people have to stand firmly on our square when it seems like the world is trying to persuade us differently. The USA might claim freedom to practice whatever you're into, but what it has evolved to mean is freedom to be a xian. If you aren't a xian or do xian type things, then you are considered a heretic that must be put down. It reminds me of an episode to Twilight zone where children when they reach puberty have to choose 1 of 3 faces. You can't keep your own.

If I was a weaker person, I would allow and join in all the xmas merriment. But I'm not. And I'm pissed that folks expect me to play in their reindeer games just so they can feel good about themselves without regard to MY integrity..


P.S. If I celebrate anything on 12/25 It will be that I earned my flag on 12/25/2009

Thursday, December 17, 2015



Kwanzaa is a made up holiday. So what. All Holidays are made up. The Father's degree day wasn't significant to anyone in 1947. And probably not to you, until you got Knowledge of Self. So I hate when folks use that argument to slam Kwanzaa. I think the reason why people don't get into the observation is because no one has ever told them how to celebrate it. And I find a lot of people are too lazy to figure out things for themselves.

It actually reminds me of a recent episode of The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs, are clearly Jewish, and celebrate Hanukkah, but there friends and neighbors celebrate Christmas. So the mother decided to co-op a lot of Christmas traditions and make a new holiday for her and her family. It didn't work out, but it was funny to watch. The message about the dangers of appropriating another's Culture will be lost on the masses, but I appreciated the effort. Back to Kwanzaa....

Lots of G's and E's hate on Kwanzaa and I don't get why. It's not a religious holiday. Yes it was made up; but by an Original man to celebrate our historical contributions and to give us some guidance on how to deal in Equality with eat other. All the principles are about do-for-self and upliftment of or community. So the hate is confusing. In this wilderness we celebrate Memorial Day, Labor Day, MLK Day, President's day, thanksgiving, etc. And all of this has nothing to do with religion. So I don't really get what the problem is.

I got my 1st and only Kinara from my father. I remember he got gung ho to celebrate, bought all the stuff to go on the alter and...... just burned candles. The last day of Kwanzaa, or New Years Day someone is always giving a party somewhere. So He went with that. He eventually gave up and gave his stuff to me and said, “You figure this one out.” My 1st time celebrating was a bust. I was in dental school and my roommate and I had a hard time finding appropriately colored candles. We gave up and used what we could find. Every day we went to light candles we just looked at each other and said the principle.

I've bought books. Gone to other people's celebrations. Nobody has a consistent handle on this Kwanzaa thing. But that's no reason to abandon it. Every year I still set up my Kwanzaa display even if I don't light the candles. So if you come to the Peace Realm... expect to see it.

But it occurred to me that I could personalize the celebration/observance to reflect my Cee and my Culture. This light bulb hit me because of the way my biological family celebrated xmas. When I was a small child we had a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings. But as I got older.... eh. I'm the baby and when I got grown... Christmas, the way it's celebrated in this country, is for children. So when the children age out... you have nothing left. Hopefully you have grandchildren. We'd put up a tree because that was visible from the outside and appearances count. Everyone's presents were put in a designated spot in the living room. I had he chair by the door. Clarence had the chair by the dining room. Mommie had the sofa. Daddy had the coffee table. You'd check your spot throughout the day. That tradition spilled over to other gifting holidays. It may sound crazy, but it worked for us. So why can't I make Kwanzaa work for me?

I think one way Kwanzaa gets derailed is folks treat it like a kids holiday. I know it's near xmas, but if you look at the principles, those are for grown people, not kids. When was the last time a child had work or control of economics? I'm not saying exclude them. I am saying it's okay to have a grown up celebration.

One thing I am adamant about is the use of English. It 's the only language I speak. I don't engage in activities where folks are speaking a language I don't speak. Why? For the same reason I don't have a Chinese character tattooed on my body. Folks could be trying to gaffle you or you may be making crazy ass vows without Knowing. It's synonymous with fine print. Nope. When I do Kwanzaa I consider the principles in English. So Unity... Self determination...collective work and responsibility.... cooperative economics.... purpose.... creativity..... and faith. The only moderately spooky one is faith and that is a Build for another time.

I don't do the trinket gifts for Kwanzaa. If I wanted to get the God a trinket I would just give it to him. I'm not saying we don't get each other anything. I'm saying I don't see that a primary reason. If it was about the presents, then that would make it xmas. We essentially light the candles, eat a meal in front of the display and Build on that day's math as it relates to the principle. When we finish, we snuff the candles. Whether we eat at the kitchen or dining room table has everything to do with where I set up the display. Could be either or. This year... probably the kitchen. Now like a lot of American Black people, I do the beans-and-greens thing on New Years Day. That happens to be the last day of Kwanzaa so it works out. I send out Kwanzaa cards if I can find them. Otherwise I'll send out holiday cards to my 85er friends. I make sure they don't say Christmas or any spooky stuff like that.

Now if you can't find a kinara... and that is a weak sauce excuse because they out there... get a log and drill 7 candle sized holes. That's really all you need. But if you want to be more true to the event, you need a straw mat, a goblet a stalk of dried corn for every person in the house, gift boxes, some cowrie shells, fruit and flowers.

Do I decorate outside of the display? I'd like to. But when have you seen red, black and green xmas lights? I have green lights. But they are inside and not outside lights. Mmmmm.... I suppose I could order some red ones and use Black ribbon..... I'd want a banner to explain to passers by and neighbors wth is going on. I wonder where I can get an all weather banner...... You know what would be cool? And electric kinara with the lights! Or 7 of those big candle lights. Can I rig that?????

White people are trying to steal Kwanzaa. Every year I see more and more white people telling ME about this holiday. I don't do what him/devil suggest. They hate to be left out, don't they? Do you know they came up with a 'Kwanzaa Cake'? White people try to ruin everything. It's a chocolate and peanut butter abomination. Kwanzaa ain't for them. No matter what they tell you. But they out here in these streets just celebrating and telling us how we should be getting down. Ah.... no.

So you see... you can do Kwanzaa if you want to. Make it your own. And if you don't... That's cool to. As NeNe Leaks would say, “Be the right type of bitch and say, 'I don't celebrate Kwanzaa because I don't want to!' ”


Thursday, December 10, 2015



Is it just me, or do y'all get angry when you review the English Lesson #C-1?

Oh it truly pisses me off. I am not ashamed to be descended from people who where brought to this country to be enslaved. Not at all. My ancestors did nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am, however, angry at the people involved with my ancestors abduction. ALL OF THEM.

him/devil is grimy. We all Know and Understand that. He's weak and wicked... He's a snake.. he's a traitor... he's savage...He's unclean, actually he's filthy and all the other disparaging, though accurate comments made in 120. So we are clear the devil cannot be trusted. But when you get to the bottom of the lesson... the other untrustworthy parties become identified.....

So I always get tuned up when considering this lesson, BUT WHEN I GET TO 33-36:36.... I GET PISSED. If anyone says there were inaccuracies in 120... this is where they are.

Why did T.H.E.M. go easy on the Africans that betrayed our ancestors? devils didn't just go over there and help themselves to our ancestors. It wasn't like he picked a bushel of apples off trees in a deserted orchard. They were aided by our skin-folk. Original people that were greedy and hateful. Thems the bitches I have issues with. him/devil is trifling by nature. Nobody is surprised when a wasp stings you. You don't' sit there like, “I'm amazed this insect with a stinger stung me.” Original people are supposed to know better. And because I know our capabilities; I'm clear they knew EXACTLTY what the fuck they were doing. These 4 degrees act like the Original betrayers were confused about what was going on.

I've seen the documentaries, read the accounts... some of these traitorous people said they were coerced into helping the white people. With what? Gold? Others say they they didn't know how the white man was going to treat the enslaved. Well why didn't you send your own children if you thought it was going to be a transatlantic luxury cruise? Our own people knew where we were. They were complicit in us getting here. And what did they do when they found out? They follow us around in their sock stores because they think we are going to rob them.

Get the fuck out of here....

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fine Mist


I had a thought.... and I'd like an honest and interactive Build.... But... Do you hide this Culture when amongst the 85 and him/devils?

The reason I ask, is I have noticed that when I'm working I downplay my affiliation. Seriously. I work in a dentists office. I will use 'Nation Speak' around the 85ers and devils in my Cipher... some of them have started using the lingo... but I know they don't Understand. As an Earth, I'm always 3/4ths... in the mind as well on my body. (LOL!!! if you get that). In addition to 3/4thing... I wear a Universal flag on the lapel of my coat. Patients never really see me from the waist down. But they see my headwrap. I get asked if I'm a Rastafarian everyday. EVERY DAY. But I'm polite when I say no. I suppose it's the locs. I was a vegetarian before I acknowledged Earth so folks don't think anything odd about my not eating pork. Basically when at work... I hide in plain site.

One of the patients came in the office and asked me dead plain, with no provocation, what I was. I was offended at her directness. How do you ask someone a question that is clearly not your business and expect to be answered? I didn't answer. And I'm not sure why I didn't answer. I've had the experience of telling a patient I was an atheist and them quitting the practice. I could have just said, “I'm a 5%er” and let it go. But her question made me feel some kind of way. I'm not ashamed of being a 5%er. So why the hesitancy?

I know I don't like explaining my actions to other when it's none of their business. I mean that's one of my pet peeves. I REALLY don't like explaining myself. For real. And When you say I'm a 5%er, the next question is, “what is that?” Especially here. All the explanation in the world is not going to make folks get me. And it is the getting of me I'm talking about. Our Culture is a legitimate entity. Folks understand that. But what folks want to know is why I'm a part of it and that makes the questioning entirely too personal. So it seems. These jesus freaks will attack you; and if I'm at work, I cannot return their hostility without risking my job. These additional questions sound offensive to my ear. But all of this is not a reason, just and excuse and I know it.

When I'm around my family... and this was super obvious over the holidays... I still don the external of Earth... I still don't say grace or go to one of their churches unless something major happens.... But I don't discuss it with them either. My family is convinced I'm a Muslim because my mother is convinced I'm a Muslim. Even though I tell them I am not a Muslim they don't believe me. So I get really bad Muslim greetings from them. They also point out mosques to me.

My cousin is a Moor. He knows the difference between 5%ers and other folks. He has done SEVERAL bids. What brought this to mind was he whipped out his fez and was wearing it at the dinner table. Yes the family got quiet and did everything humanly possible to NOT speak on it. We were sitting next to each other and chatting while everyone else there stared. It was surreal. But he didn't say anything and neither did I. Later on I could hear folks talking about how the 2 of us were only after attention.

Around my family, I don't use my righteous name. They wouldn't call me that even if I insisted. I got married in 1998, changed my last name and they still insist on using my maiden name. At my job I don't use on my righteous name either. Because Serenity cannot cash a check.

It must be different for the Gods. When y'all go out into the world, you look like every other Original man. Do you wear your Universals everyday? Do you spark conversations with 85ers? Do you do identify yourself in every non-righteous Cipher you enter as a 5%er? Are there levels?

So here is my question... And I'm really looking for your answers. When you are out and about do you mention your Nation affiliation? If so, how?


Thursday, November 26, 2015



Now you know I don't blog when I'm at home. I'm just not set up comfortably to type like that. Since I'm getting my Build on, you know I must be feeling some type of way....

It's 10:30 am on Thanksgiving morning. I have already baked my pies, started my yeast rolls made my dressing and fed the God his breakfast. I'm taking a mid morning break to tidy, wash the morning dishes and sort my tablescapes for dinner. Cise is already gearing up for sports-watching. I got up early... like my mother used to. Normally, I cook all week so that I don't have a marathon cooking session on Thursday. I haven't felt well since before Monday. I left work early yesterday to cook and only managed to sleep. I'm okay.... for now. So the meal prep is in full force. I even have a special meal planned for the cat. I spoke to my cousin who is traveling this morning with his family to see how he was faring. And it occurred to me, that I had joined the tradition of countless American women, past, present and future who rise early on the 4th Thursday in November to make a meal.... one of the most basic displays of love... for their families.

I guess I really am grown.

I hate when folks wish Happy Holidays on my blog roll. It is soooooooo CORNY!!! I scroll right on by. B.U.T. this morning I'm going to do it too. And I have plans to go shopping at 6 am tomorrow.

I know a lot of 5%ers don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They opt to protest or treat it like another day. We, in the Realm of Peace, celebrate. We are thankful for each other, our health and our Culture. You don't have to if you Cee it differently.... Self-styled Culture and everything.

Enjoy your Mathematics!


Thursday, November 19, 2015



Everyday I hear myself say... “You need to take the devil off your plant.” Of course it's my voice saying it. I live In Allah's Garden. And I don't run into many 5%ers in my daily travels. Outside of Precise. But you know...

39:40 has so many cures for what ails Original people. I'm not going to tarry long here. I'm a drop my Build and go back to work. Original people need to take the devil off their planet.

My Cee on the problems Original people have in this Wilderness of North America, Europe and some places in Africa, is that they care too much about what the devil likes/wants/ is into. Original people look for validation from the devil not for an actual job, but just to live. We do this to the detriment of ourselves (We doesn't me I do it. We means I'm Original.) If we stop giving a fuck... we can be free.

#Blacklivesmatter. It is a great movement and I wholeheartedly support. But the I support it in the premise that Black live DO matter. This is a message that BLACK people need to ingest. I don't care if white people think Black lives matter because.. well... I don't care what they think. I've stopped being concerned about their feelings. Took that devil off my planet.

Dartmouth... an ivy league university... have you ever wondered why no HBCU is considered “ivy league?'... has denied that anything racist occurs at their institution. And when the Black students called them on it. The school blamed the students for their own discomfort. You know why that's bullshit? Any time you have Original people and devils in close proximity, devils will do something to Original people to let them know that they believe themselves superior to Original people. That always causes a rash. Now I have matriculated from both HBCU and PWI schools. I know the difference. I've even taught white students. I PROMISE you... All white people think they are superior to all Original people. Yes. I'm speaking for ALL white people. Once you stop caring what white folks think and stop wanting to be their besties... You sleep better at night.

The media lies daily about Original people. They claim we are the reason for violence... racism... unemployment... and all the crime that happens in this country. Many Original people take this personal and get all up in arms about the disparagement. By letting that upset you, you have shown and proven you care about what the devil is all about and allowing him free residence on your planet.

Here is the thing... you can do some legislation... but you can't legislate everything. Original people want to envision an ideal society of neighborhoods completely mixed, Neighbors having cookouts and their children all going to the same school and equally excelling. Everybody having the same job opportunities and even intermarrying with one another. Well I'm a be brutally honest with you.... That shit ain't never gonna happen. Not ever. devils ain't built like that.

You move in... they move out. They will move away from you at their detriment. They will sell their houses for thousands of dollars below market just to get away from your Black asses. They are not going to break bread with you unless they are hungry and have NO other options. You know what makes the devil's blood boil? Seeing Original people doing better than themselves.

They aren't going to tell you this.... But Black people are some of the most statistically college educated people in this country. There are more white folks than Black. So numerically more of them go to college simply because more of them exist. Say you have 100 rabbits and 20 bears. Say 18 of the bears can climb a ladder and say only half of the rabbits manage. If you just state it in pure numerical terms, then it looks like the rabbits are superior because 50 is greater than 18. But when you look at statistically, 90% of the bears excelled to only 50% of the rabbits. We are more educated therefore... we are doing better. Better than they are.... we still have statistic generational growth. They don't.

Anywho.... Black folks been getting educated. So much in fact they've limited student loan money and encourage high school graduates to learn trades rather than go to college. You ever see the face of student loan debt? It's a white one. Only white faces garner sympathy. That's why folks are like we should change it. Yes I have student loan debt. But because I'm so highly educated, I can get a job to pay it. Think about the foolishness you hear before you internalize it. Take that shit off your planet.

The thing I care about when it comes to devils, is what are their laws doing to and for me. Are they passing rules and regulations to make Original people's lives difficult? Because, if so, we need to fight that shit until it's dead. But other than that I don't give 2 or more fux.

Alright.... bitch session is over. Now we come to how exactly does one accomplish this devil removal. Does the exterminator handle this? Nope you do. I would suggest you become a 5%er. KOS and our curriculum SHOULD make you more reasonable. And reasonable people make better choices. But we don't proselytize. Pity. A lot of y'all could benefit from our teachings and Culture.

The 1st step is acknowledgment. You must be able to separate bullshit from truth. Don't just believe what you are told no matter who tells you. Don't believe... Know. The 2nd step is make your own choices and don't let folks make choices for you. That's hard at the beginning. But once you start making authentic choices, you will see how devil has been, through his nurses and cremators, controlling you (and your ancestors) your entire life. That should piss you off. I didn't like it when I realized how my mama had been mistreated and marginalized. The 3rd step is to recognize that because of where we live... and choose to live... we must interact with devils. Don't let familiarity breed acquiescence. Just because you work with/for devils doesn't mean you have to be on board with their program. For all you xian bible thumpers, Romans 12:2...

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
The will of God corresponds to your own authentic will.

My own personal example... I work for and with devils. To be perfectly honest, working for Original people is exhausting and you normally won't make the money that you want. Plus most of us do not have KOS and it is exhausting to deal in a 85 cipher for 8 hours and be the only righteous person there. I come to work with a smile on my face. I do what is in my job description. No more, no less. And I am validated twice a month via paycheck. I give my boss no reason to fire or even question me. I need currency of this country and that's how I get it. My devil coworker tries oh so hard to dominate me. But I see/Cee it and squash it before she can pull it off. Thanks to personal KOS, my past experiences and the media, I know that she is filthy in all her affairs. And when I go home... I GO HOME. No phones. Not on call. I don't share social Equality with them, unless I'm forced to. Nothing. And I live and spend my gold as much as possible with Original people. I sleep well at night.

You got it? Good!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What You Owe....


Jesus died for your sins....

Really? I've read the xian bible cover to cover many times. I've read all the red letter verses in the New Testament and guess what? Jesus never said he was dying for your sins. Take off your spooky glasses and put on the lens of Supreme mathematics and all your lessons.

Jesus was a martyr. Simple as that. He no more died for your sins than Allah, or MLK Jr. or Malcolm X, or Medger Evers, or etc.

Who told you Jesus died for your sins? Your religions did, that's who. They had to rope you in some kind of way. If he did you the solid by giving up his life, then you owe him service and protection money. One of the things I think the followers forget, is that Jesus was a Jew. Actually a very good Jew. And his movement was aimed TO/FOR Jews. It wasn't aimed at gentiles. Paul, a person who was part of the Hebrew group (Pharisees) that called for Jesus' assassination, came up with the idea to take the religion to the gentiles. Why? My Cee on it comes from the facts that he portrayed Jesus as a lowly and poor individual. (There is no evidence of Jesus' and his family being broke) There are more gentiles than Jews and there are always more poor people than rich. Paul knew that if Jesus appeared to be well off he'd alienate the people he wished to control. If you read your bibles, the epistle of Peter is a back and forth between Peter and Paul arguing about the inclusion of gentiles in their movement. Peter said no. Paul said yes. I guess Paul won.

Basically it's a gaffle. Jesus no more than saved you than Beyonce' or Barack Obama.

Stay woke.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Today's Degree in the English Lesson


“He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.”

More and more these days, Original people are equating him/devil with the police. And we know that there are Original officers who are just as grimy as anyone else. I got a BS ticket from an Original female with an African name! So I, and a lot of people, don't give passes for police officers just because they are Original. That blue makes them him/devil.

But lately, and by lately I mean since 2009, I have been getting a LOT of attention from the police. I have no idea why. I would feel more warmly towards the police if they would stop fucking with me. Instead of giving me grief... leave me alone. I am currently the epitome of this degree!

But that has me wondering.... The English Lesson is all about how the devil compelled the Original people into submission. Does the fact that I wish for the devil to leave me alone mean that I have fallen victim to this indoctrination? Does it??????

I'm going to be paying closer attention. I'm all about evolution and not revisiting the past.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Have you ever had a coworker that treats you like you're part of the furniture? Like you owe them something? I have one that sits less than 15 feet away from me. She eavesdrops on my calls.... offers her opinions unsolicited.... tries to be the boss of me.... but mostly she is fully disrespectful to me and other people who look like me if you know what I mean......

She makes 6:14 come alive for me. Seriously. When she opens her mouth, that's what I hear over and over like a broken record “...So that she can use them as a tool and also a slave....” But the degree also gives the solution. I am FAR from ignorant.

I've had bad coworkers before. This ain't my 1st cookout. I am way smarter than this person. I have more education than she does (which I don't mind advertising). I speak better. I dress better. I'm well read and well traveled. Which again I don't have a problem reminding her. And she tries... she went to a Caribbean island and asked me if I had gone. I said no. She got excited until I mentioned the places I have gone that her paygrade will never allow. I read every day in front of her. I use words I know she doesn't understand. (A dictionary has appeared amongst her belongings) I discuss concepts that she can't grasp in front of her to other people who look like me. She needs to know that I am not only literate, others are literate; but most importantly... she is stupid. It ruins her day....

Most folks would tell me to ignore her. I can't. When she doesn't do her job, I have to. You know how Black tax works. have to work 2x as hard to not be seen as lazy. But the thing is this.... Having to be terr... makes me better. I was already well read before this trick. I'm even more well read now because I continue to read. I was already fly before her, but I'm even better now. in her weakness and wickedness she has made ME a better person. And I am here for that. I'm not saying that I'm happy that she is part of my Cipher. No... I wish she would quit. But I am satisfied that I am a better Serenity Earth than I was before she started.

But here is the most important thing.... I don't do her work for her. Nor do I help. She is they type to seduce folks into doing her work. My motto is... and I'm vociferous about it.... I don't do other people's work, because I don't get their paycheck. She often doesn't know what she's doing and I make sure folks know who is dropping the ball. That may make me T.O. here... And I absolutely don't care.


Monday, October 5, 2015

32:40... Understanding wisdom abbt Power


32:40 is one of them degrees (a) folks don't build on because it falls outside daily mathematics and (b) the folks use to disprove the validity of 120.

Th way they TRY to disprove the degree is to line up an Original man who is say 110lbs soaking wet next to Lou Ferrigno (I'm old) looking devil monster and say who do you think will win a brawl between the 2. That doesn't disprove the degree because there in no Equality in the comparison. For the comparison to be fair, the men have to be the same size, age with the same experience. And then we shall see what's what.

Merryweather is a boxer who has been fighting devils all along his way to the undefeated top. And because of the industry he is in, he must fight people who are similar to him in build, weight and experience. And then what happened. Tyson, Ali, Louis and my personal favorite... Jack Johnson... all showed and proved 32:40's physicality.

Now the mental powers..... My people are so much smarter than we are given credit. The educational system is not set up for our children to thrive mentally. So using that as a benchmark is flawed from the beginning. We don't learn like devils learn. For example, I remember anything set to music. But none of my lessons ever were. You give an Original child a shot and we will transform it into nothing like you've ever seen. Ever been in one of their churches? Dry white toast. Ever been in ours? Ever eat dinner at their homes? Seasonless, thoughtless swill. But the flavor in our foods make you just have breakdowns. Ever been to one of their parties. Pure savagery. But we get down with class and style. You ever see how they dress? Whether casual or dressy it's the same... ridiculous. They either go too casual bordering on homeless chic or they look constipated in their dress up clothes. Us.... you don't even want to go there. We get dressed up for no good reason and with half the money. I'm not saying this is a good thing. But you can't outdo Black people. We are better in every way possible and we get no credit. The only people who can give us credit is ourselves, but that's another Build.

At the end of the day... we need to stop the comparisons. We already know how this ends. The degree says it. We win. Chris Rock said his father taught him this.... “You can't beat the devil by decision. You gotta knock him out.”


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge God


Today's Supreme Mathematics Is Knowledge God. In the Supreme Alphabet it is Queen. And no... this is not a repeat of last months Build... though I know a lot of G's and E's have only the 1 Build per day... 17:40 As the question What is the meaning of civilization. I don't think it is a coincidence that these degrees share a coordinate.

This is not self serving when I say that women drive civilization. I grew up in a home with mostly men. There was Mommie and me holding down the female energy. Then there was my father, brother, and 2 uncles... all of which were older than I. My mother got off on working and shopping so I was more often than not left to the responsibility of men... Men. Are. Different. Simple as that. I can fight. I know more sports than I'm comfortable knowing. I know how to behave in a man's environment to elicit a response that I want.

For a lot of people the only difference between men and women as being their genitals. That's not the case. Men have one part of the vision and women the other. Just as it is imbalanced for a woman to raise children without a father... it's equally imbalanced for a father to raise a child without a mother. Both energies need to be present for a balanced Universe. What exactly do you call a sun without satellites? They are out there... but exactly what do they do? They have no universe... But they are amenable to a larger entity.....

Men may provide food clothing and shelter... But he does so in deference to a woman. Precise is the head of my Universe. He makes sure everything runs in a God Orderly Direction. I, however, am clearly in charge of our home. I plan the meals. I keep the house clean. I make sure his clothes are logical (You have to be a fly on the wall to Understand that) I add all the things that make our life comfortable. In hence... I am the manifestation of Civilization. Precise is the Civilizer... I am the Civilization.

And this is a natural organization. I ain't hating on it trying to step out of my lane to do what he does. I don't want the responsibility. Let me give you an example from my parents...

In 2002 I had to have surgery. Not same day surgery... Not be off work for a week surgery. I got cut open, had to recuperate in hospital for 8 days and be off work for 2 months kind of surgery. I told both parents. At the time I was married so neither of them really needed to be involved. But you know parents... you gotta keep them in the loop. My parents reacted to the news in 2 different ways. Mommie flipped out and told me she would come and be there for every gruesome moment and she was. Daddy said... “You gonna miss 2 months of work?” and then sent me 6 weeks worth of salary to cover my expenses. He knew I had 2 weeks of vacation. Who did more? And be mindful... had neither had done a thing, I would still be alright. Knowing I needed the surgery, I had put money aside; plus, I was married to man who had a full time job working with a Fortune 500 company. We would have been good if all we got from them were cards. If could pick one over the other, you did so based on your gender. They both did what they were supposed to. Daddy provided, Mommie nurtured. Even my in-laws prepared themselves to float us a loan or visit if they needed to. That is the balance.

So Gods..... don't act like your Earths don't bring anything to the table. She is a public manifestation of your ability to civilize. And Earths.... Don't be mad when your God is giving you Good Orderly Direction. It's what he's supposed to be doing.


Friday, August 28, 2015



A lot of people... G's & E's included... See these degrees as allegories. As something that isn't quite real but the meaning is still accurate. I Cee that and I don't Cee that. I Cee where they are coming from. But the longer I live with these degrees the more truth I see in them and that's what makes 120 alive for me. One of the degrees that folks call allegory but rings with so much truth is 28:40.

The God has been having health challenges lately. And He has been given meds, tests, and instructions. I'm a health care professional; I don't just blindly listen to physicians because I know they can be full of shit. I knew at least 5 people who died in that last 5 years of lung cancer that wasn't diagnosed until it was too late. They went to the dr, but the doctors kept giving them all manner of drug cocktails. None of which addressed their actual illness. People listen to drs and do what they say without ever giving it a 2nd thought. My mother is on so many meds when she takes them it looks like she's eating a pack of skittles. And she's proud that she had the insurance to cover it all. When my father was dying my sil and brother were in the room when the drs were talking but the only take away they got was the instructions.

Preachers get this pass too. In no other vocation is pedophilia so widespread. You would think teachers would make good pedophiles but they get caught. Not these damn preachers. They feel up on the babies and never lose their pulpits. The congregants just pray for their souls and their superiors move them to a new congregation without ever mentioning why. I Build in Allah's Garden and here..... we have megachurches buy the ton! One pastor informs his congregation... not asks... that he needs a new $65 million jet.... and gets it with no questions asked. Yes he has a jet... I guess you can trade them in?.. bit I guess he needs an upgrade. And another Bishop settled out of court for molesting some boys. Hmmm....

Cops are just now coming under scrutiny. But for the majority of the population, folks believes the pins that the media puts in our heads. Mike Brown was shot down like an rabid dog in the street. And the cops offer no restitution. Same with so many hashtags out there. If it wasn't for social media, we'd have no idea that cops are this grimy yet nonstick. Judges, politicians, cops all of the criminal justice system are big crooks. I suppose there are some nice ones. There always are. But looking the other way and not saying something makes you equally as culpable.

Used to be teachers had this type of carte blanche. But they have lost it. Oh well..... I remember being put on a serious punishment for the entire summer for calling my chemistry teacher a faggot. It wasn't until 20 years later that my mother inquired why I said it. It was because he slapped me with an open hand to the floor. The insult came from my laying position on the floor. He was having a bad day, took it out on me, and had the nerve to be offended when I insulted him. I sincerely hope he's dead now. His feelings were hurt. But my head was pounding. He called my mother... him not the administration.... and only told her his side. My mother never asked me mine. Back in those days it didn't matter.

So you have here doctors (and nurses), Ministers and Cremators..... all people who we NEVER question. They get to do the most damage to us and we allow it. Why? Because we are still manufacturing devils. All day, every day. And we pay for the pleasure.

Next time you go to the drs office, take someone knowledgeable with you, or tape your conversations. They shouldn't have a problem with it if they are on the up and up, right? Then google every damn thing they say to you. I know folks that have looked up in dictionaries every single word of 120 but you can't google prevacid? Everybody has smartphones so there is no excuse.

If your preacher tells you the only way to the mystery gods graces is on your back or on your knees.... get the fuck out of his office. If he tells you you need to give more to get more, give it somewhere else and see how he feels about that. If it's the giving the provides grace then WHERE you give it shouldn't make a difference. But you know that's bullshit right? Your pastor doesn't know more than you do. And you can pray for your own damn self. Stop being an infant waiting for Daddy or Mommy to tell you what to do with your life.

And if you get to the point where you gotta deal with the criminal defense system... you're on your own. I don't do police. So I can't advise you. But our nation is full of people who do know the what's and hows of that system. So find a competent God or Earth and consider their advice.

Stop being a punk bitch.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge God


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge God. In the Supreme Alphabet it's Queen. That standard Ebonic Build for today is a Queen is a female who Knowledges God. The non-Ebonic Build is a Queen is one who Acknowledges the Black man is God and no one else. Here is my question.... Is that just for women? Meaning is a woman the ONLY being that acKnowledges that the Black man is God? Doesn't say anything else in 120, SM & SA that there is another who can do this for the Black man. So if a Black man does not have a Queen then is he not God?

I'm putting this down because I have had the occasion of being told I'm not a true Earth because I don't have children. If my “Earthdom” can be quantified on those terms... then why shouldn't a Black man's God-liness be qualified the same way? If our Culture is communal like that....

So if a god has no Queen to qualify him as God.... then what?

Teehee.... I have my Cee on this, but I'd really like to hear yours... Add On!


Friday, July 31, 2015

31:40 Going Back to the Source


First things 1st, I Pappa (or I Mamma)... 2 different songs, but within the same family....

I used to find it funny that on Facebook, seems like folks will Build like crazy on all degrees Knowledge. But by the end of the month all that Building fades. Why aren't people dying to post their Build on the 23rd or the 15th? IJS.....

Today's degree in the 1-40 ask how to do a thing. And it doesn't matter what said thing is. The answer is always the same.... You start from the beginning. You get lost... you go back to where you started. You get separated form your party... you go back to the car. Anytime you get confused or lost you rectify that by going back to the source.

We live in a challenging era. Things are changing at terrific speeds. But if you find yourself about to lose it. Go back to the beginning. Go back to knowledge and work your way to Pluto. I promise you you will get right back on track


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've got a New Name


Not sure I mentioned this... But I changed my name a little....

I know it's common for righteous folks to touch their names here and there. And I'm no different. I really think folks choose their names initially too quickly. Part of the I know the “cool part” of the Nation is getting your righteous name... But get your feet wet 1st before you make such a big decision. Once you choose a name and get known, it takes some doing to change that and get used to answering to something different. An Earth in this Cipher COMPLETELY changed her name when she started adding on with a new God and I saw the labor she went through trying to get folks to honor the change. She's not here anymore. I really think that men should wait until they Knowledge 120 before choosing a name. And women, once they decide how they plan to manifest their Earth-dom... then change their names at the completion. Cause y'all know not all Earths learn 120.

I do remember when I was new in the Culture I was dragging my feet about my name. I just didn't hear anything that resonated with me. My 1st educator was in NY, so he wasn't really caring what my name was and I was cool with that. But when I tried to come amongst the righteous people with my given name, I was met with quite a bit of suspicion.

This is actually not the 1st time I changed my name. My original righteous name was “Serenity Love Divine Earth.” This website reflects that. I have adjusted my name here and there. When I became part of Precise's Universe I adjusted my name to his. I added in “Peace” because that was his chosen surname. But that made my name super long. And OH... I clown earths with them LOOOOOOONG righteous names! 'Cise also thought I should add the attribute “Sincere” because he says that I am am really Sincere about living out the Culture. I thought that was sweet. So my attribute was.... “Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.” I know... Long.

Well..... I'm now taking out the “Love” and replacing it with “Angel.” Not because I'm no longer Loving, but because Angel is more of who I am. My nickname is Angel. My legal name is NOT Angel. (You'd be surprised at the shitload of righteous stalkers out there with intent on finding out folks legal names so that they can out them. Why? I don't know. But I don't make it a habit to know folks legal names.) There are people who won't recognize me if I send correspondence with my legal name. Even my parents use/d my nickname so much that my brother once forgot my actual name. I don't think my sister-in-law or my nephew know my name is not Angel. When I got married and sent out wedding invitations, my parents got phone calls from people asking if they had another daughter.

Also.... Angel is in 28:40. So funny.... my mother had a long term boyfriend who used to call me “Angel Baby.” I really don't think he was righteous because (a ) he was really old and (b) an active Jehovah's Witness. So the 1st time I came across the phrase in the 1-40, finally I had a name that resonated with me. B.U.T.... I had already chosen my name and had gotten used to answering to it.

The definition of Angel includes....

a being that acts as an agent of God.
Ok. I act many times on Precise's behalf. More of definitions...
conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
Sounds like 3/4ths. And finally an alternate dictionary definition...
A person of exemplary conduct or virtue.
Yes that's me. Angel Baby is an accurate description of my life. I'm dark skinned. My mother considered aborting me by sticking a pin in my head. And she expects me to do do more than a grown sentient woman should expect from their child.

So I'm doing it again. My new name is Serenity Angel Sincere Peace Earth! The Serenity doesn't change. And people only call me Serenity. Took 7 years.... but I think this is it.


Monday, July 6, 2015

33:36 --- No, No, No, No


I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm referencing degrees, but it's an opinion post. Opinions are based in FACTS but they are opinions all the same.

I took a road trip recently. I don't know if y'all are like me with a road trip, I have playlists ready that will make the trip seem shorter and more enjoyable. But every now and then a song will play that I will resonate with me for whatever reason, and then I keep playing it over and over again until I tire of it. For this last trip it was P.E.'s Cant Truss It. 3 days later, I'm still playing it. Getting back to the source which in Supreme Math, Alphabet and 120 the 33:36 degree seemed to jive with the P.E.'s jam.

If you aren't paying attention the song may not seem like the important historical lesson that it is. It could be an alternative version of the English Lesson. The song is a chronicle of how African Original people got to this wilderness. Since this is the internet... I thought I'd post the lyrics....

Bass in your face
Not an eight track
Gettin' it good to the wood
So the people
Give you some a dat
Reactin' to the fax
That I kick and it stick
And it stay around
Pointin' to the joint, put the Buddha down
Goin', goin', gettin' to the roots
Ain't givin' it up
So turn me loose
But then again I got a story
That's harder than the hardcore
Cost of the holocaust
I'm talin' 'bout the one still goin' on
I know
Where I'm from, not dum diddie dum
From the base motherland
The place of the drum
Invaded by the wack diddie wack
Fooled the black, left us faded
King and chief probably had a big beef
Because of dat now I grit my teeth
So here's a song to the strong
'Bout a shake of a snake
And the smile went along wit dat
Can't truss it
Kickin' wicked rhymes
Like a fortune teller
'Cause the wickedness done by Jack
Where everybody at
Divided and sold
For liquor and the gold
Smacked in the back
For the other man to mack
Now the story that I'm kickin' is gory
Little Rock where they be
Dockin' this boat
No hope I'm shackled
Plus gang tackled
By the other hand swingin' the rope
Wearin' red, white and blue Jack and his crew
The guy's authorized beat down for the brown
Man to the man, each one so it teach one
Born to terrorize sisters and every brother
One love who said it
I know Whodini sang it
But the hater taught hate
That's why we gang bang it
Beware of the hand
When it's comin' from the left
I ain't trippin' just watch ya step
Can't truss it
An I judge everyone, one by the one
Look here come the judge
Watch it here he come now
I can only guess what's happ'nin'
Years ago he woulda been
The ships captain
Gettin' me bruised on a cruise
What I got to lose, lost all contact
Got me layin' on my back
Rollin' in my own leftover
When I roll over, I roll over in somebody else's
90 Fuckin' days on a slave ship
Count 'em fallin' off 2, 3, 4 hun'ed at a time
Blood in the wood and it's mine
I'm chokin' on spit feelin' pain
Like my brain bein' chained
Still gotta give it what I got
But it's hot in the day, cold in the night
But I thrive to survive, I pray to god to stay alive
Attitude boils up inside
And that ain't it (think I'll every quit)
Still I pray to get my hands 'round
The neck of the man wit' the whip
3 months pass, they brand a label on my ass
To signify
I'm on the microphone
Sayin' 1555
How I'm livin'
We been livin' here
Livin' ain't the word
I been givin'
Haven't got
Classify us in the have-nots
Fightin' haves
'Cause it's all about money
When it comes to Armageddon
Mean I'm getting mine
Here I am turn it over Sam
427 to the year
Do you understand
That's why it's hard
For the black to love the land
Once again
Bass in your face
Not an eight track
Gettin' it good to the wood
So the people
Give you some a dat
Reactin' to the fax
That I kick and it stick
And it stay around
Pointin' to the joint, put the Buddha down
Goin', goin', gettin' to the roots
Ain't givin' it up
So turn me loose
But then again I got a story
That's harder than the hardcore
Cost of the holocaust
I'm talin' 'bout the one still goin' on
I know
Where I'm from, not dum diddie dum
From the base motherland
The place of the drum
Invaded by the wack diddie wack
Fooled the black, left us faded
King and chief probably had a big beef
Because of dat now I grit my teeth
So here's a song to the strong
'Bout a shake of a snake
And the smile went along wit dat
Can't truss it

This song is damn deep! With a crazy assed bass line that straight hypnotizes you. I have always said that the African drum beat has been housed within Hip Hop. That's why it appeals to us so much and him/devil cannot replicate the essence. Oh, they try. They just aren't successful. I think that is something that I always liked about the song. I like the video too, but it's not an exact manifestation of the song. If you know what I mean.

Anywhoo.... 27-36:36 makes reference to that part of our history that occurred in Africa prior to us coming to the country. How we were tricked by they devil and such. And I'm not making excuses for the devil in any form or fashion... but he had help. He always has help. No matter where he goes in the world Original people jump to their aid. I mean are there any Original people who look at these pale faced jokers and be like, “Nah shawty. They gotta die!” Apparently we are too trusting when it comes to the machinations of the devil. But here is my thing..... why did Africans aid the devil and sell their skin folk off?

That is some shit I cannot forgive.

Americans, Black and white, who visit Africa often come back and say. They are glad Black folks got here rather than stay there. I wonder how the ancestors feel about that? You know the ones who were cargo in the hold of a slave ship. The ones who were enslaved, beaten and raped. The ones who had to endure substandard food and accommodations. The ones that were deprived education. The ones who endured Jim Crow. The ones bitten by dogs and hosed down to the ground demanding to be respected. The ones who had their families sold off so that the him/devil could buy a new sofa or chandelier. No. Africans ain't getting a pass.

I know not all Africa is in tatters. (ever consider the parts that are are reeking the karma from the shady treatment of MY people?) I just have no interest in going there... And I have traveled all over the world. Not because there aren't sites I want to see, but because I don't respect the descendants of the people who sold my people into a horror for what? Trinkets? Liquor? Guns? Sheeeeeit!!! Not none of the shit they received was worth MY OWN people. Fuck em. Africans are not MY OWN people anymore. they lost that designation when they trapped and sold my ancestors like livestock. My gold stays in MY OWN pocket.

The Africans who come here.... Can't truss it. I won't support your businesses... If I was single, I wouldn't date you.... I won't interact with you.... BECAUSE I DON'T TRUST YOU. Once a sell out... always a sellout. That kind of thinking travels generations. And truth be told, they don't want to come amongst us either. When they come around us, its because they want something. Not because they are interested in reconciliation. They participate with him/devil I Black American profiling and strive to subjugate us. I ain't the one.

Here is the thing. Africa is a continent not a country. When slaves were brought here, we didn't all come from the same country. And when were were dispersed for the most part, we weren't dispersed in tribal groups. (They did in the Gullah Islands, but that's because they wanted Negroes who already knew how to grow rice.) So when we produced more Black people, it's not like we did so from the same country. Nigerian slaves procreated with Congo Slaves and they in turn procreated with Cameroon slaves and they in turn procreated with Sierra Leone slaves, and so forth. Even if we did the genetic testing, we will get several different country hits. Which one to choose? You can't. So I say fuck it. We have 500 years of history right here in this country. that's longer than this country has been a sentient country. And we have established our own Culture here that is in some ways American, in other ways African but in all ways OUR OWN. I don't need Africa for that. When you see me wearing Ankara... and I do... And only Brown people should wear it... I don't see it as misappropriating a culture. It says I recognize where I come from. But I don't live there anymore.

Our own people never came to get us, not because they didn't know where we were. They sold us here. They didn't come because they don't give refunds.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Rest in Power.....


My brother died last month. It came unexpectedly. I didn't know he had been sick. We live in different states, nearly 1000 miles apart. And even though I hadn't heard from him in a minute... that wasn't unusual. We often went months without speaking. We weren't not cool... It's just how we loved each other. One day my mother called and said he was in the hospital the next day he was gone. Let me tell you.... I have not been doing well with this. I have gotten spooked out....

Death of a loved one is the thing that separates the 5% from the 85. When folks die it is so damn hard to accept that that's it. It's hard to let go. It's hard to not to want to blame and/or question a mystery god. I thought I had this down packed after my father's death in 2008. I was newly righteous and when he died I was just like ok. But Daddy had cancer and had been sick a long time. I saw him suffering. He died in a hospice. So I was just waiting on the phone call. Clarence was completely different.

So I went through all the stages of grief.... Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I'm not quite sure if I have fully accepted it. I found myself doing something very 85, 2 weeks ago. But I caught myself. But it was there. Another reason I feel like I haven't fully accepted it is because I'm not out of the depression phase yet. This sadness is palpable.

I realized that it had been awhile since I traveled from Knowledge to Pluto so I decided to get back to the basics. What caught my eye is, “...When a man dies dies, he does not come back...” and “... there is no mystery god....” Who said 120 can't bring comfort.

I said this earlier in the build, death is a defining moment for 5%ers. We have to walk into death with an acceptance level that religious people don't have. We don't pray to mystery god for comfort. There are no masses or services said for us. No songs sung. No easy afterlife to look forward too. Dead means gone. I've witnessed other Gods return, and the people around them were acting more than grief stricken.

When I 1st found out, I said to the God, “Well he's with Daddy.” And the God said gently... yet firmly... “No he's not. He's dead, baby. They both are.” Yes it was harsh... but necessary. I'm an Earth not a xian. That doesn't mean be savage and act like I'm unaffected, but it does mean that I have to be clear on what has happened. Clarence existed and now he's gone. And we all have to go eventually. Death wins every time.. and by knockouts not decisions.

I know as I have always known (just because I grieve doesn't mean I've lost my faculties) that last time I will see my brother physically... was right before they closed his coffin. I will never see him again. He's dead and not coming back. He's not chilling with other dead people on a cloud having a drink and playing the harp. And when I dream about him or think about him, that's just me and my imagination. He's gone and not coming back.

Study your lessons.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today's Math: Knowledge Knowledge


“Does that have anything to do with the above question number 10?”

I absolutely HATE when folks count 120 all together. When folks be like, “Whats the 42nd degree?” I will physically wince. I mean I really hate that shit. It implies the way the asker got his/her is the only way 120 gets disseminated. And we know there are different ways of teaching for every different teacher. B.U.T..... that's another Build....

I am of the opinion that the above referenced degree is referring to 10:10 and 10:14. You don't have to agree with me... This ain't your blog or your Build.

I've mentioned that I had 2 different educators at different times. My 1st educator gave me SM, SA, 1-10, 12 Jewels, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40 then the AF &SF together. My 2nd educator gave me SM, SA, 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, AF & SF order. (See why I hate that add-em-all-up isht???)

Both 1-10 and 1-14 have “question number 10s” the 10:10 seems more logical to me at times. But both could apply. That's why I said my opinion. One could also infer that since the coordinate in the 1-36 is 11, you could use 1 from each... So I will take the best part.

Back to Today's Mathematics.... the 1-36 deals with how the devil made a black man out of God. him/devil gave us everything that was the antithesis of who we were. Different physical food than was healthy for us. Different mental food than we were originally taught. He took away our history and sense of self. Different names... Different languages... and most dangerous.... his religion. None of this is good for us. Him/devil drowned us in all that bullshit and if we wanted to live... and that is the most basic of ALL needs.... we had to swallow this foulness and what emerged from the cesspool was this version of black man.

10:10 refers to the man made mystery gods of Buddha and Jesus 10:14 refers to the bad habits we pick up in this wilderness. Abdicating the inherent Power that we possess to an inferior being is the beginning of our undoing. And that is mostly done through learning to submit. And you know where most of our submission taught???? Yep... In Sunday School! Where we learn how wonderful it is to be an eternal child to white Jesus or Allah. How we can give over all responsibility and monies to a mystery who will provide for our food, clothing and shelter. But we aren't even good enough to speak his name or question it. Yeah... sounds familiar? Everythign good that happens comes form him and everything bad that happens we did to ourselves. That Earthquake or tornado is proof that we wasn't living right. Submission is what we have learned through the English lesson process. The Lost Found lessons further adds on by showing us that we have developed some destructive habits... probably to cope with what we've been through, or to navigate this wilderness.... that we need to let go of if we want to exit this jungle existence. We cannot escape AND maintain at the same time. Both degrees work and work together....

So what's my point? Wake the fuck up please. I said please because I'm not above begging. Some of y'all need to be begged to do what's right. Everyday, they are out there killing our babies and getting away with it. I do not see how things are different/better today than they were in the 50's. Schools are segregated. When you go pick up your babies... if you do that.... what do the other babies look like? Chances are they are all the same color. White folks have the means to get what they want because y'all still sleeping. Schools are just as segregated today as they have ever been. Rich white folks send their children to expensive schools and the poor ones are the ones calling the police on you when your babies show up in their neighbor hoods. And parents now have to pay for the schools supplies? That's for you Black parents. You think them white folks in them white schools are antying up for school supplies?

Super duper private schools discriminate not on the color of your skin, but by the fullness of your wallet. Blue Ivy and North West gonna go to whatever school they want to. Doesn't matter the color of their skin, what matters is their parents are wealthy. Should something happen and them jokers go broke... Nobody is gonna care who they once where.

You ain't doing as well as you think you are.

Start the process of coming back to yourself. There are many pathways that will bring you back home. Pick one and keep it moving.


Monday, June 1, 2015

The Best Knower....


This is a rant... You've been warned.

I am sick... Super Sick..... EMPHATICALLY SICK... of people who know very little of 5% Culture throwing me shade. It happens more than I'm comfortable with.

I live in Georgia. For the most part the only people who Know anything about 5% Culture are adherents and people from up top. ANYBODY else who feels confident in the small amount of Knowledge they have need to shut the fuck up. Case closed.

I am wearing a skirt and a shirt. The shirt is sleeveless and the skirt is a midi. (mid leg for you men reading). Why did a coworker ask me if I was 3/4ths? Really? I'm at work, so I bottled my enthusiasm over slapping her in the mouth or at least cursing her out and asked her why did she think I wasn't 3/4ths. She said because of the sleevelessness. I wish you could have seen my face.... But this is a teaching moment. Or is it? This chick is firmly entrenched with her white Jesus and ain't about to let him go. So why should I cast my pearls before swine and make Knowledge born? I re-explained (for the umpteenth time) what 3/4ths was. And she was oh ok. Did she think she had a valid argument? (a) I could science up a bikini to have her confused for years, months and days. And (b) I have a man at home who sees me before I go to work. Did she think he would let me out of the house with exposed hills and mountains?

I was invited to the home of a coworker for a fight party. Now... at work... my given name is used because, (a) I had the job before I had my righteous name and (b) only my legal name can cash a paycheck. But... we don't use our legal names in non-work settings. So I asked her to introduce me to her people as Serenity. She had a problem with that. Got all Cassius Clay on me. (“Your mama named you Cassius....”) I was like then we won't come. She was cool with initially that but then recanted. So we went and every time she introduced me to someone... including her husband... she said it in a way that made me want to slap her. She even prefaced it with, “That ain't her real name but that what's she wants to be called....”

Another one of my friends had an uncle who got Knowledge in jail. But returned here when he got out. I say here, because unless you affiliate with a cipher here, it is hard to maintain 5% on your own if you don't know better. A lot of what he was taught once here, has been mixed diluted and tampered with. She will tell me something that he told her (he's dead now) and it will be completely wrong and when I gently explain the error she'll get mad and tell me that she was gonna take his word over mine. This dead man who wasn't trying to teach her 5% Culture but was trying to manifest his Understanding. Well what the fuck did you bring it up for? I damn sure didn't ask. But don't tell me you are the best knower of MY CULTURE when you don't know jump from your dead uncle. Hell she doesn't even know his righteous name. She actually told me he didn't have one. He was just “Junior”.

The 7 and I have always said if we had children, we'd give them righteous names. Non-righteous people will say, "Why would you do that to your children?" I ask them would a name like Absalom be better? (that's a heavily christian/Jewish name) Or Muhammad? In every single instance the person who isn't minding their own business says yes? And when I say... "so it's cool to give children religious names if that's their culture but not for us?" They try to make it sound legit but the answer is always the same. And I'm like mind your own fucking business!

I don't proselytize like a christan or a jehovah's witness. I live my Mathematics. If you wanna know more, I can aid you with that. But if you love Jesus and are fully satisfied with that... I'm good with that too. All my friends don't have to be righteous, but you must respect my Culture and my right to exist unmolested as I respect yours. Understand you are not bringing me back to the fold. I have no problems maintaining my boundaries. The issue I am willing to scrap to get you off my back.

Maybe it it the nature of the people here. They really do think they know more than they do. And they cannot recognize when things aren't there business. They often speak super confidently about issues that eventually they make clear that they know nothing about or have no experience with. And then want to tell you about you.



Thursday, April 30, 2015

Who are the 5% on the poor part of the planet Earth?


I went to the gas station this morning and I got $15 worth of gas. I always prepay inside the store. I had a previous situation where I was on a road trip and paying at the pump tapped my debit card out in the middle of my trip. They were holding $100 every time I stopped to get gas. It was a 15 hour road trip! Luckily I had another credit card and some cash plus I was only really a serious full tank from home; that allowed me to make it home. Otherwise I would have had to wait at the gas station until 2 am when the charges were released. I always go inside now.

This morning I asked for $15, paid $15 and got a prepaid amount of $18 worth of gas. I went back inside to pay the other $3. It's not like I could unpump it. Why did I do that? Because it was the right thing to do. I didn't know the chick who I bought the gas from. I wasn't scared that someone would arrest me because I bounced with $3 of their gas. I didn't fear retribution from the mystery god, nor did I do it to build up a credit of good karma somewhere.

The man offered me free coffee, I declined. I had already purchased coffee. It freaked him out that I didn't need an incentive or a reward.

I say all this to say, that I am a civilized person. I m not so civilized that I'm a punk. There is a time and place for everything under the sun. If I needed to steal for some reason.... and it would have to be a helluva reason.... I would. If I needed to lie, I would. But I don't need to steal $3 worth of gas. And thankfully my life is such that I have no reason to commit crimes.

Folks like to think that folks won't do right without threats. And those people earn my pity because they are telling on themselves. That's what they need to do right. They also earn my avoidance because I no longer trust them.

Folks don't need religion to be good people. Everyone is calling Muslims dangerous right now because of Isis. But Christians have committed atrocities in their own god's name. Look at the colonization of North and South America. All indigenous people with the slavemaster's tongue in their mouths, worshiping the slavemaster's god. Jews are committing them right now, but folks act like that's okay. They went over there stole the land from the occupants who lived there for generations and that's cool? Al because they owned it a milenia ago? Not that it makes an ounce of difference, but can they even prove that they are descended from the same people who lived there so long ago? I guess since the Muslims are doing their shit currently, they are the ones earning all the angst.

But what of us non-religious people? We can't be trusted because folks don't know what we are thinking. I have come to learn that when folks cannot instantly categorize you, they get uncomfortable. That feeling of discomfort then leads to hostility. I wrap my head so folks instantly think I'm a Muslim, but I might have a long skirt on with a sleeveless shirt... or a knee length skirt with long-3/4 sleeve top. Now what am I? I cover my head everyday, but... I may not cover all of it. Some might dangle out. What am I now? Folks assume I smoke ganja because I have dreads. Nope. Never touched the stuff or any drug in my life. The God wears a crown, but our crowns have a tassel. Who is he now? When some pseudo-enlightened person greets us with a Muslim greeting and we say, “Peace” they are confused. And by the end of the event they are ready to fight us. What did we do wrong? We didn't satisfy their expectations.

Goods and Earth go on being the good people we are. Someday.... folks will get it.


Monday, April 20, 2015

The "Lord's" Day.....


I left the Xian church when I went under NGE instruction. Where as I don't ever regret that decision, there are some things that I miss about the church. I miss all the extra things you “learn” being in that particular environment. It's like how you learn and do things in college other than the scholastic things. I miss the fellowship of the saints. I had some... what I thought... were good friends. I REALLY miss singing in the choir. NGE has nothing to replace that. But most of all I miss how my Sunday and therefore my week, was organized.

Back in the day, Sundays were “Holy Days.” My grandmother didn't cook, iron, ride in the car, shop, or anything that looked like work on Sundays didn't allow us to on Sundays either. So that meant Everything was done the night before so that we could spend the day basking and considering the mystery god's holiness. My mother wasn't quite that strict with Sundays. But there was an Understanding that the primary thing that Sundays were for was for the church and family. So.... That meant a big breakfast and a big Sunday dinner. My mother would fry chicken or salmon croquettes on Sunday mornings and finish off my hair. She washed and pressed my hair the night before. But her curling iron still went in stove fire. We would be in church from Sunday school until the morning service was over. No matter how long it took. If we didn't eat at the church, then there was big dinner at home unless we went out. And... we had to dress for Sunday dinner.

Homework had to be completed prior to Sunday. The biggest way to get in trouble was to be caught doing homework on a Sunday. In her defense, you did have 2 other days where it could have been done. Sunday was a day where if we weren't doing something church related, I could do fun/social things like go to the movies or bike riding or skating, etc. Saturday was dedicated to Sunday prep; cleaning the house, homework, laundry, etc. If I wanted to be social, then all my chores had to be done 1st.

When I slipped into adulthood, I realized that my mother had organized the weekend right and exact. There was no telling how long you could end up in church. As I got older and more involved in church auxiliaries, I would find myself in church until 8pm or later. After all that, there is no time to get ready for the rest of the week that financed church activities. And after I got married..... YEESH! If I wasn't in church all day on Sunday, I was at a family member's home. Sundays were always a day of full downtime.

But nowadays.... I find myself on “grind” all weekend. Seriously. I need Monday and Tuesday at work to relax and take it down a notch. All 3 days of my weekend are pure work. Friday I can clean the house without the 7 interrupting since he's at work. Saturdays find me running my errands and Sundays find me doing any leftover housework, shopping and cooking for the week. And the 7 chills for 2 days. To be honest... and I know he reads this... I get a perverse pleasure from watching him do yard work. He only needs to consider the yard 2x/month from April-October, where I'm cleaning that dustbox every damn weekend and the kitchen every day. But.... he does have more pressure to get his part right. We have shitty neighbors who call the law on us about the yard and house.

One of those 3 days of my weekend, I need to truly decompress. I'm thinking since I start my work week on Mondays, it will fall back on Sundays. Big breakfast, big dinner and nothing that isn't pleasurable in between. That way I'll start my work week relaxed. But that means I'll either need to pump up Fridays and Saturdays or just decrease the amount of activities I do on the weekends.

A cause for pause....