Monday, August 17, 2015

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge God


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge God. In the Supreme Alphabet it's Queen. That standard Ebonic Build for today is a Queen is a female who Knowledges God. The non-Ebonic Build is a Queen is one who Acknowledges the Black man is God and no one else. Here is my question.... Is that just for women? Meaning is a woman the ONLY being that acKnowledges that the Black man is God? Doesn't say anything else in 120, SM & SA that there is another who can do this for the Black man. So if a Black man does not have a Queen then is he not God?

I'm putting this down because I have had the occasion of being told I'm not a true Earth because I don't have children. If my “Earthdom” can be quantified on those terms... then why shouldn't a Black man's God-liness be qualified the same way? If our Culture is communal like that....

So if a god has no Queen to qualify him as God.... then what?

Teehee.... I have my Cee on this, but I'd really like to hear yours... Add On!