Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creativity/Understanding Knowledge


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa principle: Creativity
Today's Mathematics : Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture

This Build was hard for me. I not a creative person. That may seem inaccurate if you know me because I'm a crafter, and a cook. But I'm not creative. I see something that I like and nigarig it. Rarely do I come up with original ideas of my own. If I can see it, I can recreate it. If I taste a recipe, I can figure out what's in it. But again... copying not creativity. Creativity is not my gift. But because I can craft, folks think of me as creative. I remember when I pledged AKA, I got real crafty with the projects we had to do. But it was craftiness and not creativity that drove me. One of the big sisters actually asked me to be on her committee because she thought I was creative. One of my line sisters piped up and said, “Angel is the go to person to get isht done. But she is dead with ideas.” If it wasn't true, I would have pinched her in the stomach.

The definition of creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. I might be artistic, but my ideas are NOT Original... But neither are a lot of folks. One of the things I ALWAYS say to G's and E's in person is that we cannot draw up folks the same way we used to. This is not the 1980's. In the 80's I was a teenager and there were Gods Building all over the place in various and sundry Ciphers. Looked like Parliaments popped up indiscriminately on any potential corner. Times have changed. And with those changes, we as righteous people need to change and be creative about how we reach folks. Ain't nobody just gonna see us in the streets and start adding on. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. I am saying it's unlikely. If you hand someone a flyer who doesn't know us what we stand for all they are gonna do is google us and find out that we are a prison gang who killed Michael Jordan's daddy. Is that how you want to be portrayed? I don't. My own cousin who has my cell in her phone decided to buy a book and make judgments regarding the Culture without EVER asking me 1 questions. Imagine us laughing and joking and she is harboring several misconceptions. IJS....

So what do we do to develop more creativity? We go back to the drawing board (31:40). We have to do the 1 and figure a venue for where we could reach people. And we need to release that mindset of only reaching the dregs of society. Not saying we shouldn't reach them, but we would do ourselves well reaching the moneyed and the educated. We need that balance. We shouldn't forget the past, but we shouldn't dwell in the past either. We need to do more to get more. It's Nation Building.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Purpose/Understanding Cipher


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Purpose
Today's Mathematics: Understanding Cipher abbt Understanding

Purpose is one of the most difficult thing for folks to come up on. I have lived all of these years and still am unsure about what my 'Purpose' is. There have been times where I was sure what it was and it changed.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. So what exactly is my purpose? Well to Understand that, you have to Understand who you are and where you are. And I suppose since a person changes, and their surroundings and situations change… their purpose will change.

When I was a child, my purpose was to learn life and get an education. When I was/am married, my purpose is to be a good wife. When I was single my purpose was to enjoy my singlehood to the fullest. My purpose also changes when I change environments. Some things I'm solid on regardless of whom or what. I'm Earth. In all environments. But I don't insist on using my righteous name in all situations. To be perfectly honest.... I've never changed my name so Serenity can't cash a check. So there's that... My mom is old. She calls me what she calls me. It is what it is. My purpose when I'm with her is to be a good daughter and a good care taker. As the God's Earth, my purpose is to care for him and look after his needs. As an employee it is my purpose to meet the expectations of my job descriptions.... You your purpose is really dependent on your Cipher.

But still.... I'd like to find my life's personal pupose.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cooperative Economics/Wisdom Born


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Cooperative Economics
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Born abbt Wisdom

Another Adult principle here..... Again, a family's finances are in the hands of the adults.

A co-op is defined as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. Sounds like Social Equality again does it not? People coming together for one common goal. In this case finances. Financial maintenance is always something that adults need to do, no matter how remarkable the child.

When I was 16, I got my 1st legit job at a clothing store. I really liked that job. But I didn't appreciate that I had to pay to cash my check. Woolworth's charged $5 flat rate to cash a check.... yes Woolworth's... google it.... I wanted ALL my money. Who wouldn't? Well I took my little $80 paycheck to the local bank to start an account. But guess what? My underaged self could not open a checking account on my own. Luckily my father's office was around the corner And he was there. I ran in there and asked him, “Daddy I need you to come with me and bring your wallet!” You had to know my dad to know how he would have responded. But he came and we ran around the corner and he backed my 1st bank account. Here is the thing. He, being an adult, knew how banks worked. He put me on my own account but linked me to his business that also held an account with that bank. He caught all the fees on my bank account. I can only guess at how the bank would have shafted me without my daddy.

And that is the essence of today's principle. We as a people have all we need to create our own Universe separate from the him/devil. If we would only trust each other. I know that is a hefty order. We don't trust each other and for good reason. WE are always looking for “hook ups.” You don't know how many of my personal friends want to come patronize the office where I work. I don't advise it. Not because I'm ashamed of the product we produce, but because I don't trust jokers to pay. They figure they can get a hook up from me... and they can't. I don't ask for hook ups... don't give them either.

When I used to go to church, I used to be a Steward. Which means in addition to looking after the pastor, his family, and the church we collected and counted the money on Sunday. A Destroy Power I was dating at the time used to want me to cash his personal checks on the money and “borrow” gold from the church's coffers. Wasn't his church. I would never do it and we stopped dating. Another dude looking for a hook up.

We also drank the Koolaid and have come to think of the products that WE make as inferior to him/devil. I do a lot of things.... When I'm in seamstress mode. Folks don't want to pay me for the same work they will pay the cleaners for. And I have to wonder why. I have been sewing 30 years. I make nearly everything I wear. Folks can't tell either. So clearly I know what I'm doing. But if I didn't have a day gig... Sewing wouldn't feed me.

I have just been using me as my examples. I am the best Knower of my life and situations. But we as a people need to put that slave mentality to bed once and for all. Because it's kind of crazy to patronize a business where all the employees are Original but the owner is devil and be cool with the product and service you receive but you wouldn't trust those same Original people without the overseer.

I was really encouraged by the push this year to support Black-owned businesses through the holidays. I wonder if folks really did only spend green with Black? Probably not. But it sounded good.

We could do it if we wanted to. There have been several instances of us in the past doing our own thing. There were Black Wall Streets and prospering all Black communities in states all over this country. Back in the Jim Crow era... and be mindful, JC Era wasn't that long ago. My 60+ year old coworker was old enough to participate in that whole separate-but-equal bullshit.... We HAD no other choice but to practice cooperative work with each other. But integration ended that. Black folks were free to take their money to the devil and did. Now the only Original businesses we still patronize are the hair salons/barber shops, funeral homes and churches. The other stuff has not real permanence. Non-Black people have taken over businesses that used to be ours.... When was the last time you saw a Black corner store? Or gas station? Or Liquor store? Even soul food is a front. Asians got that now. Hell, Asians are cheaper than the shade tree mechanics.

The reason why Black owned businesses have to charge more than the other folks is because we don't have access to the networks they do because we haven't developed them yet. Asian people have cornered the market on Beauty Supply Stores. Those stores cater to Black women. It would seem to reason that Black people would have a better Understanding of what our needs are. B.U.T. Asians have cornered the market on the stock. Black people cannot stock stores at the same prices as Asians can. And we will not pay $15 for a product that costs $5 in another store. It's crazy to even ask. I do my own nails... long story. But I go to Sally's to by my supplies. There is an Asian super store that sells nothing but nail products, but when I tried go there to get my supplies, no one wanted to help me and when I tried to interact with the staff, they refused to speak English to me. So I pay 5x as much for my stuff as I would in the Asian place... it's still cheaper than going to the nail salon.

With regard to Today's Supreme Mathematics, the power to make our desires into a reality lies in our own actions. If we want to see Black business prosper, them we have to support them. No matter how you feel about it, we are the only ones who will. And it's not that we don't have money, we make all the other folks rich, but for some reason we refuse to support Each other.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Collective Work & Responsibility: Wisdom Build/Destroy


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Collective Work and Responsibility
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Build abbt Knowledge

This is one of those adult principles. By and large.... Children don't work. If they are supporting a family... you have bigger problems than 7 days of Kwanzaa can fix. IJS.... This is also a reason why I say that all holidays shouldn't be focused around children. Yes babies are the greatest, but they aren't the only greatest. Adults are pretty awesome too.

Collective work and responsibility screams to me “I am my brother's keeper.” And it's true... to an extent. Also true is Proverbs 18:24, "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." which is ironic since I don't have many friends! But trust me, there is nothing more I hate than people in my business, but I get that in order for folks to have a community.... You must commune with others. If you have issues with something that's going on in your neighborhood, you probably can't fix it by yourself. You must have all the neighbors add on. Same as with a Nation. I know this is a foreign idea to a lot of Gods and Earths... But Nation includes more than just you and the way you Cee things. I get by the force of your will you can make folks do what you want, and/or effect change.... but how often can you do that? And that's not really a community as it is a dictatorship.

When I was a 14, my church was running a bus to Action Park. They wanted to leave at 10 am. It was 3 hours just 1 way! I knew they had to have the bus back by 6 so we would have to leave the park by 3. If we left at 10 that would only give us 3 hours in the water park. That was unacceptable to me. I worried the trip leader so much. I said we should leave at 7 am. Finally, he said if I could get all the people to the church by 7 we would leave then. Everybody was there by 6:45 including the bus driver and the pastor. Everybody but the trip leader. My mother called him because she thought something happened to him. he was always super prompt. He came right away. When we got to the park the leader held my face, looked me in the eye and shook his head. He didn't think I could persuade folks to be at the church that early. My mother actually woke him up when she called. He reminded me of that incident until he died. I still remember him saying, “Don't sleep on Angel. She will have exactly what she wants in this life.” So I get that 1 person can bend a community to their will. (Y'all thought I was gonna give a different example, didn't you....)

Even in the above example, I could not have pulled that off without the help of that community. My mother was scary and folks knew if I was calling she was on board. Once I convinced all the parties that it would be a waste of time, money and energy to only spend 3 ours in the park. No one lives on a island all by himself. No one could be successful like that despite what the movies say. Everybody ain't good at everything. Some folks are good at cooking, then they are the cooks. Others are good at hunting then they are the hunters. Some folks make the clothes and that's their job. In order for us to succeed as a community we must work as a community.

I look at all these preppers who are self sustainable but not interested in folks outside their families being part of their communities. Oh they will survive the apocalypse... for about 50 years. Unless they go all Xfiles.... But then their family will die off and eventually strangers will roll up on their homestead and live off all that which they put in play. It's a Universal law that things will work out a certain way. We can vary the route to the destination.. but the destination is always the same. No matter how much one strays from the plan, it's gonna work out how it works out. And one of the Universal laws is that humans are community beings and we have a responsibility to each other. It's how it works.

The bottom line is we aren't going to prosper as a group/species/Nation/etc if we can't learn to work together.

Take that how you want to....


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Self Determination/Wisdom God


What's the science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Self Determination
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom God abbt Born

The 1st four principles/days of Kwanzaa relate to our interaction with others and the last 3 days refers to how we deal with ourselves. This second principle Can be seen as a combination of both.

The definition of self determination is the process by which a person controls their own life. That definition is today's math. Our actions (Wisdom) controls our lives. And who is the sole controller? God. Now... All you misogynistic Gods out there do NOT like to see the Earth use God in any way other than to refer to her man.... Get over yourself. Earths get to be sole controllers. We aren't children. We get to make decisions that will affect our lives. 1st of all we CHOOSE to be Earth, just as y'all CHOOSE to be God. We choose the God from whom we receive light. We choose how to properly execute the 14th degree of the 1:14. We make a lot of choices. But in said choices we need to choose the best choice for ourselves personally and the relationships we find ourselves in. That is what this degree and this principle is all about. Making the best choices possible to comfortably live out your Mathematics. It affects you... and those in your Cipher.

When I think of self determination I think of my experiences with dental school. It was one of the hardest things I've ever dine in my life. It was a fight from the 1st day until the last. I'm still not over it. College wasn't hard. My parents are college grads and I attended the same college they and most of my family attended. So they were able to guide me in what to do, what to expect, etc. A lot of people don't have this kind of mentoring and tend to flounder. Mentoring is so important. But when I went to dental school..... yikes.

My mother attained a masters degree, but she did it the way folks do it... while working and raising children. So she wasn't any real help. She actually didn't think I needed help because I had no distractions, like she did. I didn't know any Black dentists who could give me some help, or dentists period. I got hold of some directions and made it in the best I knew how. My teachers at college, bless their hearts, were confused about what the actual differences between medical and dental school were. Let me tell you this.... the MCAT is vastly different from the DAT. VASTLY. Dentistry is a spatial thing. My ability to sew helped me more than the training I got at school. And nothing against SCSU. They did what they could.

I got in and I fought tooth and nail to stay there. Professional PWI's are not the same as HBCU's. Not at all. They give no fux about you.... at all. They want you to get in to satisfy their quotas, but once you are in there, you are a statistic. And they mean for you to be a bad stastic. They don't help you even though they say they will. Racism is alive, well and OPEN in grad school. If you call them on it, YOU are the trouble. And I can't even say that they were personally trying to attack me. Because they weren't. It is just institutionalized. Professors lie and play favorites. Professors do INCREDI BLY inappropriate activities with students. And my personal opinion... Black students become shellshocked at PWI's and develop PTSD. The swag of a student from a Black college is completely different than the zombies that comes out of a PWI with dark skin. Coming from a warm caring college... I wasn't ready. But... I finish what I start. And I finished that bitch.... a little worse for wear but on time. I got through on the mere force of my will.

Self determination.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Kwanzaa!!!!!

Unity/Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy


What is the Science?
Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Unity – Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Equality abbt Build/Destroy

To day is the 1st day of Kwanzaa. I hop y'all got everything you needed to do done. Wit it being the day after xmas, for a lot of people this day gets lost or is anti climatic. I mean if yesterday you ate a big meal, saw all your peeps and opened and/or gave a ton of presence you are probably exhausted. But this is the perfect time for contemplation because now you get to relax and enjoy your time off.

We love xmas. We get paid to not go to work on a day we don't observe. SWEET! I take my laziness to another level and I get Chinese on xmas eve. Life is good. And the God and I enjoy our Mathematics together.

Today's Kwanzaa principle is Unity. I see that correlating to the 8:14. Unity = Social Equality. People coming together together for a common cause. The only way to get something accomplished is for all parties to do their share of the work. Think about it... when your at the workplace, does everyone do everything? No. Folks are assigned their roles. When it works... harmony reigns (Build) If someone drops the ball for whatever reason, and no one picks of the slack... chaos. (Destroy)

So my see on this degree and this Kwanzaa principle is actions must be based in Equality. When you do this the proof is Building and when your actions are NOT based in Equality, you are destroyed.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

They Tried.....


Christmas almost got me!

Damn Serenity! You is a true and living Earth... How dat happen?

All jokes aside... In this wilderness It is easier to lay down and let the okey doke wash over you than to stay vigilant and fight. All those good holiday sales... why not buy some things? My mother would like that. The God would look good in this outfit. Oooh Trinity would look so cute dressed up like a reindeer. That little live xmas tree plant would look darling on my desk! Does any of this sound familiar?

I bought “Holiday” cards. Not xmas cards. I had to search for a card that didn't have (a) a nativity scene (b) say “Merry xmas” or (c) have any of the religious trappings that cards have on them this time of year. I actually wanted to get Kwanzaa cards but I would have had to order them and that would have required me to remember to do that before Thanksgiving and I didn't. But... My “Holiday” cards should NOT reach their destination before xmas. If they do then they become xmas cards and not “Holiday” cards. I felt.. and still feel... pressured to get them in the mail before xmas. They are still in my car waiting to be mailed on the 26th.

The only xmas gift I send is to my mother. And I have been working on her bit by bit since I went under instruction.... She no longer sends me a gift. That's the way I want it. So she doesn't expect gifts from me. But when she does receive one and it says Happy Kwanzaa, she will then be relieved and tell her friends about the xmas present I sent late. This year it was harder to not send her a xmas gift. My brother would send her a gift for xmas and then I would after. But my brother died in May and she won't be getting that gift from him. I was tempted to send her one just so she wouldn't be sad... But my boss decided to pay me late this pay period and I missed the xmas cut off for gifting. I refuse to pay extra for overnight shipping that gets there standard time anyway. So that situation worked itself out.

Also... I don't like to travel on a holiday. I don't work for a company that closes through the holidays. Legally they have to close for xmas, but I work the Monday after and the Wednesday before. Hell I'm at work right now! I don't travel on holidays. I learned that lesson the hard way. I once traveled from NJ to GA on 7/4 and my car let me down in Fancy Gap, NC. No repair people were willing to come out and see about me. AAA hung up on me.... twice. I would have had to spend the night there if an old dude hadn't offered to help me. He also made a power move....

But Mommie laid it on thick... “You're my only living child.... Come for xmas.” You know what xmas at her house looks like? Church, church and more church with a side of pork. She is an evangelist and so are 2 of my cousins. So if they don't go to a service,they will have one at the house. Ham and chitterlings are the xmas entrees and everything else is dressed in meat. I've been a vegetarian for 16 years.... this is not new to them. They just don't care. One xmas the 7 and I went to visit them and we sat at a table full of food and the only thing we could eat was the cake I brought. We were so hungry. We left early (I heard about that later) because we were striving to get some food but nothing was open on xmas day. We ate gas station nuts and chips. Took us 5 hours to get home... that's just how far we had traveled to be with these people. Them jokers talked much shit about us. Saying that all we wanted was attention. We no longer visit. For kicks and giggles, I asked my mother and some relatives to come down for the Father's degree celebration. I don't have to tell you....

I work with a chick who claims religiousness by association. Her husband is a preacher, but she knows little about how xianity works or even what's in her bible. But she is all over the It's Merry Xmas and not happy holidays gripe. Okay. That's fine, but keep that shit in your cubicle. She wants to do a secret santa. I'll only participate if it falls after xmas. I ruined her life. I'm not a total grinch I will give out holiday gifts... Just not before xmas.

We as righteous non-xian people have to stand firmly on our square when it seems like the world is trying to persuade us differently. The USA might claim freedom to practice whatever you're into, but what it has evolved to mean is freedom to be a xian. If you aren't a xian or do xian type things, then you are considered a heretic that must be put down. It reminds me of an episode to Twilight zone where children when they reach puberty have to choose 1 of 3 faces. You can't keep your own.

If I was a weaker person, I would allow and join in all the xmas merriment. But I'm not. And I'm pissed that folks expect me to play in their reindeer games just so they can feel good about themselves without regard to MY integrity..


P.S. If I celebrate anything on 12/25 It will be that I earned my flag on 12/25/2009

Thursday, December 17, 2015



Kwanzaa is a made up holiday. So what. All Holidays are made up. The Father's degree day wasn't significant to anyone in 1947. And probably not to you, until you got Knowledge of Self. So I hate when folks use that argument to slam Kwanzaa. I think the reason why people don't get into the observation is because no one has ever told them how to celebrate it. And I find a lot of people are too lazy to figure out things for themselves.

It actually reminds me of a recent episode of The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs, are clearly Jewish, and celebrate Hanukkah, but there friends and neighbors celebrate Christmas. So the mother decided to co-op a lot of Christmas traditions and make a new holiday for her and her family. It didn't work out, but it was funny to watch. The message about the dangers of appropriating another's Culture will be lost on the masses, but I appreciated the effort. Back to Kwanzaa....

Lots of G's and E's hate on Kwanzaa and I don't get why. It's not a religious holiday. Yes it was made up; but by an Original man to celebrate our historical contributions and to give us some guidance on how to deal in Equality with eat other. All the principles are about do-for-self and upliftment of or community. So the hate is confusing. In this wilderness we celebrate Memorial Day, Labor Day, MLK Day, President's day, thanksgiving, etc. And all of this has nothing to do with religion. So I don't really get what the problem is.

I got my 1st and only Kinara from my father. I remember he got gung ho to celebrate, bought all the stuff to go on the alter and...... just burned candles. The last day of Kwanzaa, or New Years Day someone is always giving a party somewhere. So He went with that. He eventually gave up and gave his stuff to me and said, “You figure this one out.” My 1st time celebrating was a bust. I was in dental school and my roommate and I had a hard time finding appropriately colored candles. We gave up and used what we could find. Every day we went to light candles we just looked at each other and said the principle.

I've bought books. Gone to other people's celebrations. Nobody has a consistent handle on this Kwanzaa thing. But that's no reason to abandon it. Every year I still set up my Kwanzaa display even if I don't light the candles. So if you come to the Peace Realm... expect to see it.

But it occurred to me that I could personalize the celebration/observance to reflect my Cee and my Culture. This light bulb hit me because of the way my biological family celebrated xmas. When I was a small child we had a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings. But as I got older.... eh. I'm the baby and when I got grown... Christmas, the way it's celebrated in this country, is for children. So when the children age out... you have nothing left. Hopefully you have grandchildren. We'd put up a tree because that was visible from the outside and appearances count. Everyone's presents were put in a designated spot in the living room. I had he chair by the door. Clarence had the chair by the dining room. Mommie had the sofa. Daddy had the coffee table. You'd check your spot throughout the day. That tradition spilled over to other gifting holidays. It may sound crazy, but it worked for us. So why can't I make Kwanzaa work for me?

I think one way Kwanzaa gets derailed is folks treat it like a kids holiday. I know it's near xmas, but if you look at the principles, those are for grown people, not kids. When was the last time a child had work or control of economics? I'm not saying exclude them. I am saying it's okay to have a grown up celebration.

One thing I am adamant about is the use of English. It 's the only language I speak. I don't engage in activities where folks are speaking a language I don't speak. Why? For the same reason I don't have a Chinese character tattooed on my body. Folks could be trying to gaffle you or you may be making crazy ass vows without Knowing. It's synonymous with fine print. Nope. When I do Kwanzaa I consider the principles in English. So Unity... Self determination...collective work and responsibility.... cooperative economics.... purpose.... creativity..... and faith. The only moderately spooky one is faith and that is a Build for another time.

I don't do the trinket gifts for Kwanzaa. If I wanted to get the God a trinket I would just give it to him. I'm not saying we don't get each other anything. I'm saying I don't see that a primary reason. If it was about the presents, then that would make it xmas. We essentially light the candles, eat a meal in front of the display and Build on that day's math as it relates to the principle. When we finish, we snuff the candles. Whether we eat at the kitchen or dining room table has everything to do with where I set up the display. Could be either or. This year... probably the kitchen. Now like a lot of American Black people, I do the beans-and-greens thing on New Years Day. That happens to be the last day of Kwanzaa so it works out. I send out Kwanzaa cards if I can find them. Otherwise I'll send out holiday cards to my 85er friends. I make sure they don't say Christmas or any spooky stuff like that.

Now if you can't find a kinara... and that is a weak sauce excuse because they out there... get a log and drill 7 candle sized holes. That's really all you need. But if you want to be more true to the event, you need a straw mat, a goblet a stalk of dried corn for every person in the house, gift boxes, some cowrie shells, fruit and flowers.

Do I decorate outside of the display? I'd like to. But when have you seen red, black and green xmas lights? I have green lights. But they are inside and not outside lights. Mmmmm.... I suppose I could order some red ones and use Black ribbon..... I'd want a banner to explain to passers by and neighbors wth is going on. I wonder where I can get an all weather banner...... You know what would be cool? And electric kinara with the lights! Or 7 of those big candle lights. Can I rig that?????

White people are trying to steal Kwanzaa. Every year I see more and more white people telling ME about this holiday. I don't do what him/devil suggest. They hate to be left out, don't they? Do you know they came up with a 'Kwanzaa Cake'? White people try to ruin everything. It's a chocolate and peanut butter abomination. Kwanzaa ain't for them. No matter what they tell you. But they out here in these streets just celebrating and telling us how we should be getting down. Ah.... no.

So you see... you can do Kwanzaa if you want to. Make it your own. And if you don't... That's cool to. As NeNe Leaks would say, “Be the right type of bitch and say, 'I don't celebrate Kwanzaa because I don't want to!' ”


Thursday, December 10, 2015



Is it just me, or do y'all get angry when you review the English Lesson #C-1?

Oh it truly pisses me off. I am not ashamed to be descended from people who where brought to this country to be enslaved. Not at all. My ancestors did nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am, however, angry at the people involved with my ancestors abduction. ALL OF THEM.

him/devil is grimy. We all Know and Understand that. He's weak and wicked... He's a snake.. he's a traitor... he's savage...He's unclean, actually he's filthy and all the other disparaging, though accurate comments made in 120. So we are clear the devil cannot be trusted. But when you get to the bottom of the lesson... the other untrustworthy parties become identified.....

So I always get tuned up when considering this lesson, BUT WHEN I GET TO 33-36:36.... I GET PISSED. If anyone says there were inaccuracies in 120... this is where they are.

Why did T.H.E.M. go easy on the Africans that betrayed our ancestors? devils didn't just go over there and help themselves to our ancestors. It wasn't like he picked a bushel of apples off trees in a deserted orchard. They were aided by our skin-folk. Original people that were greedy and hateful. Thems the bitches I have issues with. him/devil is trifling by nature. Nobody is surprised when a wasp stings you. You don't' sit there like, “I'm amazed this insect with a stinger stung me.” Original people are supposed to know better. And because I know our capabilities; I'm clear they knew EXACTLTY what the fuck they were doing. These 4 degrees act like the Original betrayers were confused about what was going on.

I've seen the documentaries, read the accounts... some of these traitorous people said they were coerced into helping the white people. With what? Gold? Others say they they didn't know how the white man was going to treat the enslaved. Well why didn't you send your own children if you thought it was going to be a transatlantic luxury cruise? Our own people knew where we were. They were complicit in us getting here. And what did they do when they found out? They follow us around in their sock stores because they think we are going to rob them.

Get the fuck out of here....

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fine Mist


I had a thought.... and I'd like an honest and interactive Build.... But... Do you hide this Culture when amongst the 85 and him/devils?

The reason I ask, is I have noticed that when I'm working I downplay my affiliation. Seriously. I work in a dentists office. I will use 'Nation Speak' around the 85ers and devils in my Cipher... some of them have started using the lingo... but I know they don't Understand. As an Earth, I'm always 3/4ths... in the mind as well on my body. (LOL!!! if you get that). In addition to 3/4thing... I wear a Universal flag on the lapel of my coat. Patients never really see me from the waist down. But they see my headwrap. I get asked if I'm a Rastafarian everyday. EVERY DAY. But I'm polite when I say no. I suppose it's the locs. I was a vegetarian before I acknowledged Earth so folks don't think anything odd about my not eating pork. Basically when at work... I hide in plain site.

One of the patients came in the office and asked me dead plain, with no provocation, what I was. I was offended at her directness. How do you ask someone a question that is clearly not your business and expect to be answered? I didn't answer. And I'm not sure why I didn't answer. I've had the experience of telling a patient I was an atheist and them quitting the practice. I could have just said, “I'm a 5%er” and let it go. But her question made me feel some kind of way. I'm not ashamed of being a 5%er. So why the hesitancy?

I know I don't like explaining my actions to other when it's none of their business. I mean that's one of my pet peeves. I REALLY don't like explaining myself. For real. And When you say I'm a 5%er, the next question is, “what is that?” Especially here. All the explanation in the world is not going to make folks get me. And it is the getting of me I'm talking about. Our Culture is a legitimate entity. Folks understand that. But what folks want to know is why I'm a part of it and that makes the questioning entirely too personal. So it seems. These jesus freaks will attack you; and if I'm at work, I cannot return their hostility without risking my job. These additional questions sound offensive to my ear. But all of this is not a reason, just and excuse and I know it.

When I'm around my family... and this was super obvious over the holidays... I still don the external of Earth... I still don't say grace or go to one of their churches unless something major happens.... But I don't discuss it with them either. My family is convinced I'm a Muslim because my mother is convinced I'm a Muslim. Even though I tell them I am not a Muslim they don't believe me. So I get really bad Muslim greetings from them. They also point out mosques to me.

My cousin is a Moor. He knows the difference between 5%ers and other folks. He has done SEVERAL bids. What brought this to mind was he whipped out his fez and was wearing it at the dinner table. Yes the family got quiet and did everything humanly possible to NOT speak on it. We were sitting next to each other and chatting while everyone else there stared. It was surreal. But he didn't say anything and neither did I. Later on I could hear folks talking about how the 2 of us were only after attention.

Around my family, I don't use my righteous name. They wouldn't call me that even if I insisted. I got married in 1998, changed my last name and they still insist on using my maiden name. At my job I don't use on my righteous name either. Because Serenity cannot cash a check.

It must be different for the Gods. When y'all go out into the world, you look like every other Original man. Do you wear your Universals everyday? Do you spark conversations with 85ers? Do you do identify yourself in every non-righteous Cipher you enter as a 5%er? Are there levels?

So here is my question... And I'm really looking for your answers. When you are out and about do you mention your Nation affiliation? If so, how?