Monday, December 28, 2015

Collective Work & Responsibility: Wisdom Build/Destroy


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Collective Work and Responsibility
Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Build abbt Knowledge

This is one of those adult principles. By and large.... Children don't work. If they are supporting a family... you have bigger problems than 7 days of Kwanzaa can fix. IJS.... This is also a reason why I say that all holidays shouldn't be focused around children. Yes babies are the greatest, but they aren't the only greatest. Adults are pretty awesome too.

Collective work and responsibility screams to me “I am my brother's keeper.” And it's true... to an extent. Also true is Proverbs 18:24, "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." which is ironic since I don't have many friends! But trust me, there is nothing more I hate than people in my business, but I get that in order for folks to have a community.... You must commune with others. If you have issues with something that's going on in your neighborhood, you probably can't fix it by yourself. You must have all the neighbors add on. Same as with a Nation. I know this is a foreign idea to a lot of Gods and Earths... But Nation includes more than just you and the way you Cee things. I get by the force of your will you can make folks do what you want, and/or effect change.... but how often can you do that? And that's not really a community as it is a dictatorship.

When I was a 14, my church was running a bus to Action Park. They wanted to leave at 10 am. It was 3 hours just 1 way! I knew they had to have the bus back by 6 so we would have to leave the park by 3. If we left at 10 that would only give us 3 hours in the water park. That was unacceptable to me. I worried the trip leader so much. I said we should leave at 7 am. Finally, he said if I could get all the people to the church by 7 we would leave then. Everybody was there by 6:45 including the bus driver and the pastor. Everybody but the trip leader. My mother called him because she thought something happened to him. he was always super prompt. He came right away. When we got to the park the leader held my face, looked me in the eye and shook his head. He didn't think I could persuade folks to be at the church that early. My mother actually woke him up when she called. He reminded me of that incident until he died. I still remember him saying, “Don't sleep on Angel. She will have exactly what she wants in this life.” So I get that 1 person can bend a community to their will. (Y'all thought I was gonna give a different example, didn't you....)

Even in the above example, I could not have pulled that off without the help of that community. My mother was scary and folks knew if I was calling she was on board. Once I convinced all the parties that it would be a waste of time, money and energy to only spend 3 ours in the park. No one lives on a island all by himself. No one could be successful like that despite what the movies say. Everybody ain't good at everything. Some folks are good at cooking, then they are the cooks. Others are good at hunting then they are the hunters. Some folks make the clothes and that's their job. In order for us to succeed as a community we must work as a community.

I look at all these preppers who are self sustainable but not interested in folks outside their families being part of their communities. Oh they will survive the apocalypse... for about 50 years. Unless they go all Xfiles.... But then their family will die off and eventually strangers will roll up on their homestead and live off all that which they put in play. It's a Universal law that things will work out a certain way. We can vary the route to the destination.. but the destination is always the same. No matter how much one strays from the plan, it's gonna work out how it works out. And one of the Universal laws is that humans are community beings and we have a responsibility to each other. It's how it works.

The bottom line is we aren't going to prosper as a group/species/Nation/etc if we can't learn to work together.

Take that how you want to....