Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Purpose/Understanding Cipher


What's the Science?
Kwanzaa Principle: Purpose
Today's Mathematics: Understanding Cipher abbt Understanding

Purpose is one of the most difficult thing for folks to come up on. I have lived all of these years and still am unsure about what my 'Purpose' is. There have been times where I was sure what it was and it changed.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. So what exactly is my purpose? Well to Understand that, you have to Understand who you are and where you are. And I suppose since a person changes, and their surroundings and situations change… their purpose will change.

When I was a child, my purpose was to learn life and get an education. When I was/am married, my purpose is to be a good wife. When I was single my purpose was to enjoy my singlehood to the fullest. My purpose also changes when I change environments. Some things I'm solid on regardless of whom or what. I'm Earth. In all environments. But I don't insist on using my righteous name in all situations. To be perfectly honest.... I've never changed my name so Serenity can't cash a check. So there's that... My mom is old. She calls me what she calls me. It is what it is. My purpose when I'm with her is to be a good daughter and a good care taker. As the God's Earth, my purpose is to care for him and look after his needs. As an employee it is my purpose to meet the expectations of my job descriptions.... You your purpose is really dependent on your Cipher.

But still.... I'd like to find my life's personal pupose.