Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's Mathematics: Understanding Knowledge

I have a Halloween costume on. I am dressed as a Queen of Egypt. With the Eye of Horus and the whole born yards! I look good, yet 3/4. Folks have mentioned that dressing for Halloween is uncivilized and is a trapping of the devil. I say, since I'm enjoy the process, it is a requirement of my job and y’all ain’t paying one of my bills, my suggestion is that you shut the f@ck up! Was that lady like?

Let’s understand the knowledge…. Though the costume is a requirement, I was allowed to choose whom/what I wanted to be. There were plenty of slutty, degrading and expensive options that I could have chosen. But I chose to embody an Original Queen. And I have said ability to sew (according to the 14*1:14). It cost me less than $10 for the fabric. The wig was the most expensive part at $20, but my locs aren't long enough to play the role. A slutty version of my costume that wasn't as elaborate, in a thin fabric, cost $95! So how is my costume not right and exact?

One of the aspects that I have noted during my tenure in this wonderful nation is that god/earth bodies are lacking the fun gene. Ciphers are intolerably serious. I know that they are supposed to be, but I never really witness gods and earths just letting their hair down and having just some good clean fun. I had more fun when I went to a Christian church. Laughing and joking are always prefaced with the idea that it must end if someone comes amongst us. And to hear folks dis holidays/birthdays/observances that have evolved into meaningless fun, is sad. Even the father had his fun. And according to some sources, he threw a Christmas party for his nation family.

Lighten up People!

Happy Halloween!