Friday, August 28, 2015



A lot of people... G's & E's included... See these degrees as allegories. As something that isn't quite real but the meaning is still accurate. I Cee that and I don't Cee that. I Cee where they are coming from. But the longer I live with these degrees the more truth I see in them and that's what makes 120 alive for me. One of the degrees that folks call allegory but rings with so much truth is 28:40.

The God has been having health challenges lately. And He has been given meds, tests, and instructions. I'm a health care professional; I don't just blindly listen to physicians because I know they can be full of shit. I knew at least 5 people who died in that last 5 years of lung cancer that wasn't diagnosed until it was too late. They went to the dr, but the doctors kept giving them all manner of drug cocktails. None of which addressed their actual illness. People listen to drs and do what they say without ever giving it a 2nd thought. My mother is on so many meds when she takes them it looks like she's eating a pack of skittles. And she's proud that she had the insurance to cover it all. When my father was dying my sil and brother were in the room when the drs were talking but the only take away they got was the instructions.

Preachers get this pass too. In no other vocation is pedophilia so widespread. You would think teachers would make good pedophiles but they get caught. Not these damn preachers. They feel up on the babies and never lose their pulpits. The congregants just pray for their souls and their superiors move them to a new congregation without ever mentioning why. I Build in Allah's Garden and here..... we have megachurches buy the ton! One pastor informs his congregation... not asks... that he needs a new $65 million jet.... and gets it with no questions asked. Yes he has a jet... I guess you can trade them in?.. bit I guess he needs an upgrade. And another Bishop settled out of court for molesting some boys. Hmmm....

Cops are just now coming under scrutiny. But for the majority of the population, folks believes the pins that the media puts in our heads. Mike Brown was shot down like an rabid dog in the street. And the cops offer no restitution. Same with so many hashtags out there. If it wasn't for social media, we'd have no idea that cops are this grimy yet nonstick. Judges, politicians, cops all of the criminal justice system are big crooks. I suppose there are some nice ones. There always are. But looking the other way and not saying something makes you equally as culpable.

Used to be teachers had this type of carte blanche. But they have lost it. Oh well..... I remember being put on a serious punishment for the entire summer for calling my chemistry teacher a faggot. It wasn't until 20 years later that my mother inquired why I said it. It was because he slapped me with an open hand to the floor. The insult came from my laying position on the floor. He was having a bad day, took it out on me, and had the nerve to be offended when I insulted him. I sincerely hope he's dead now. His feelings were hurt. But my head was pounding. He called my mother... him not the administration.... and only told her his side. My mother never asked me mine. Back in those days it didn't matter.

So you have here doctors (and nurses), Ministers and Cremators..... all people who we NEVER question. They get to do the most damage to us and we allow it. Why? Because we are still manufacturing devils. All day, every day. And we pay for the pleasure.

Next time you go to the drs office, take someone knowledgeable with you, or tape your conversations. They shouldn't have a problem with it if they are on the up and up, right? Then google every damn thing they say to you. I know folks that have looked up in dictionaries every single word of 120 but you can't google prevacid? Everybody has smartphones so there is no excuse.

If your preacher tells you the only way to the mystery gods graces is on your back or on your knees.... get the fuck out of his office. If he tells you you need to give more to get more, give it somewhere else and see how he feels about that. If it's the giving the provides grace then WHERE you give it shouldn't make a difference. But you know that's bullshit right? Your pastor doesn't know more than you do. And you can pray for your own damn self. Stop being an infant waiting for Daddy or Mommy to tell you what to do with your life.

And if you get to the point where you gotta deal with the criminal defense system... you're on your own. I don't do police. So I can't advise you. But our nation is full of people who do know the what's and hows of that system. So find a competent God or Earth and consider their advice.

Stop being a punk bitch.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge God


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge God. In the Supreme Alphabet it's Queen. That standard Ebonic Build for today is a Queen is a female who Knowledges God. The non-Ebonic Build is a Queen is one who Acknowledges the Black man is God and no one else. Here is my question.... Is that just for women? Meaning is a woman the ONLY being that acKnowledges that the Black man is God? Doesn't say anything else in 120, SM & SA that there is another who can do this for the Black man. So if a Black man does not have a Queen then is he not God?

I'm putting this down because I have had the occasion of being told I'm not a true Earth because I don't have children. If my “Earthdom” can be quantified on those terms... then why shouldn't a Black man's God-liness be qualified the same way? If our Culture is communal like that....

So if a god has no Queen to qualify him as God.... then what?

Teehee.... I have my Cee on this, but I'd really like to hear yours... Add On!