Thursday, November 26, 2015



Now you know I don't blog when I'm at home. I'm just not set up comfortably to type like that. Since I'm getting my Build on, you know I must be feeling some type of way....

It's 10:30 am on Thanksgiving morning. I have already baked my pies, started my yeast rolls made my dressing and fed the God his breakfast. I'm taking a mid morning break to tidy, wash the morning dishes and sort my tablescapes for dinner. Cise is already gearing up for sports-watching. I got up early... like my mother used to. Normally, I cook all week so that I don't have a marathon cooking session on Thursday. I haven't felt well since before Monday. I left work early yesterday to cook and only managed to sleep. I'm okay.... for now. So the meal prep is in full force. I even have a special meal planned for the cat. I spoke to my cousin who is traveling this morning with his family to see how he was faring. And it occurred to me, that I had joined the tradition of countless American women, past, present and future who rise early on the 4th Thursday in November to make a meal.... one of the most basic displays of love... for their families.

I guess I really am grown.

I hate when folks wish Happy Holidays on my blog roll. It is soooooooo CORNY!!! I scroll right on by. B.U.T. this morning I'm going to do it too. And I have plans to go shopping at 6 am tomorrow.

I know a lot of 5%ers don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They opt to protest or treat it like another day. We, in the Realm of Peace, celebrate. We are thankful for each other, our health and our Culture. You don't have to if you Cee it differently.... Self-styled Culture and everything.

Enjoy your Mathematics!


Thursday, November 19, 2015



Everyday I hear myself say... “You need to take the devil off your plant.” Of course it's my voice saying it. I live In Allah's Garden. And I don't run into many 5%ers in my daily travels. Outside of Precise. But you know...

39:40 has so many cures for what ails Original people. I'm not going to tarry long here. I'm a drop my Build and go back to work. Original people need to take the devil off their planet.

My Cee on the problems Original people have in this Wilderness of North America, Europe and some places in Africa, is that they care too much about what the devil likes/wants/ is into. Original people look for validation from the devil not for an actual job, but just to live. We do this to the detriment of ourselves (We doesn't me I do it. We means I'm Original.) If we stop giving a fuck... we can be free.

#Blacklivesmatter. It is a great movement and I wholeheartedly support. But the I support it in the premise that Black live DO matter. This is a message that BLACK people need to ingest. I don't care if white people think Black lives matter because.. well... I don't care what they think. I've stopped being concerned about their feelings. Took that devil off my planet.

Dartmouth... an ivy league university... have you ever wondered why no HBCU is considered “ivy league?'... has denied that anything racist occurs at their institution. And when the Black students called them on it. The school blamed the students for their own discomfort. You know why that's bullshit? Any time you have Original people and devils in close proximity, devils will do something to Original people to let them know that they believe themselves superior to Original people. That always causes a rash. Now I have matriculated from both HBCU and PWI schools. I know the difference. I've even taught white students. I PROMISE you... All white people think they are superior to all Original people. Yes. I'm speaking for ALL white people. Once you stop caring what white folks think and stop wanting to be their besties... You sleep better at night.

The media lies daily about Original people. They claim we are the reason for violence... racism... unemployment... and all the crime that happens in this country. Many Original people take this personal and get all up in arms about the disparagement. By letting that upset you, you have shown and proven you care about what the devil is all about and allowing him free residence on your planet.

Here is the thing... you can do some legislation... but you can't legislate everything. Original people want to envision an ideal society of neighborhoods completely mixed, Neighbors having cookouts and their children all going to the same school and equally excelling. Everybody having the same job opportunities and even intermarrying with one another. Well I'm a be brutally honest with you.... That shit ain't never gonna happen. Not ever. devils ain't built like that.

You move in... they move out. They will move away from you at their detriment. They will sell their houses for thousands of dollars below market just to get away from your Black asses. They are not going to break bread with you unless they are hungry and have NO other options. You know what makes the devil's blood boil? Seeing Original people doing better than themselves.

They aren't going to tell you this.... But Black people are some of the most statistically college educated people in this country. There are more white folks than Black. So numerically more of them go to college simply because more of them exist. Say you have 100 rabbits and 20 bears. Say 18 of the bears can climb a ladder and say only half of the rabbits manage. If you just state it in pure numerical terms, then it looks like the rabbits are superior because 50 is greater than 18. But when you look at statistically, 90% of the bears excelled to only 50% of the rabbits. We are more educated therefore... we are doing better. Better than they are.... we still have statistic generational growth. They don't.

Anywho.... Black folks been getting educated. So much in fact they've limited student loan money and encourage high school graduates to learn trades rather than go to college. You ever see the face of student loan debt? It's a white one. Only white faces garner sympathy. That's why folks are like we should change it. Yes I have student loan debt. But because I'm so highly educated, I can get a job to pay it. Think about the foolishness you hear before you internalize it. Take that shit off your planet.

The thing I care about when it comes to devils, is what are their laws doing to and for me. Are they passing rules and regulations to make Original people's lives difficult? Because, if so, we need to fight that shit until it's dead. But other than that I don't give 2 or more fux.

Alright.... bitch session is over. Now we come to how exactly does one accomplish this devil removal. Does the exterminator handle this? Nope you do. I would suggest you become a 5%er. KOS and our curriculum SHOULD make you more reasonable. And reasonable people make better choices. But we don't proselytize. Pity. A lot of y'all could benefit from our teachings and Culture.

The 1st step is acknowledgment. You must be able to separate bullshit from truth. Don't just believe what you are told no matter who tells you. Don't believe... Know. The 2nd step is make your own choices and don't let folks make choices for you. That's hard at the beginning. But once you start making authentic choices, you will see how devil has been, through his nurses and cremators, controlling you (and your ancestors) your entire life. That should piss you off. I didn't like it when I realized how my mama had been mistreated and marginalized. The 3rd step is to recognize that because of where we live... and choose to live... we must interact with devils. Don't let familiarity breed acquiescence. Just because you work with/for devils doesn't mean you have to be on board with their program. For all you xian bible thumpers, Romans 12:2...

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
The will of God corresponds to your own authentic will.

My own personal example... I work for and with devils. To be perfectly honest, working for Original people is exhausting and you normally won't make the money that you want. Plus most of us do not have KOS and it is exhausting to deal in a 85 cipher for 8 hours and be the only righteous person there. I come to work with a smile on my face. I do what is in my job description. No more, no less. And I am validated twice a month via paycheck. I give my boss no reason to fire or even question me. I need currency of this country and that's how I get it. My devil coworker tries oh so hard to dominate me. But I see/Cee it and squash it before she can pull it off. Thanks to personal KOS, my past experiences and the media, I know that she is filthy in all her affairs. And when I go home... I GO HOME. No phones. Not on call. I don't share social Equality with them, unless I'm forced to. Nothing. And I live and spend my gold as much as possible with Original people. I sleep well at night.

You got it? Good!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What You Owe....


Jesus died for your sins....

Really? I've read the xian bible cover to cover many times. I've read all the red letter verses in the New Testament and guess what? Jesus never said he was dying for your sins. Take off your spooky glasses and put on the lens of Supreme mathematics and all your lessons.

Jesus was a martyr. Simple as that. He no more died for your sins than Allah, or MLK Jr. or Malcolm X, or Medger Evers, or etc.

Who told you Jesus died for your sins? Your religions did, that's who. They had to rope you in some kind of way. If he did you the solid by giving up his life, then you owe him service and protection money. One of the things I think the followers forget, is that Jesus was a Jew. Actually a very good Jew. And his movement was aimed TO/FOR Jews. It wasn't aimed at gentiles. Paul, a person who was part of the Hebrew group (Pharisees) that called for Jesus' assassination, came up with the idea to take the religion to the gentiles. Why? My Cee on it comes from the facts that he portrayed Jesus as a lowly and poor individual. (There is no evidence of Jesus' and his family being broke) There are more gentiles than Jews and there are always more poor people than rich. Paul knew that if Jesus appeared to be well off he'd alienate the people he wished to control. If you read your bibles, the epistle of Peter is a back and forth between Peter and Paul arguing about the inclusion of gentiles in their movement. Peter said no. Paul said yes. I guess Paul won.

Basically it's a gaffle. Jesus no more than saved you than Beyonce' or Barack Obama.

Stay woke.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Today's Degree in the English Lesson


“He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.”

More and more these days, Original people are equating him/devil with the police. And we know that there are Original officers who are just as grimy as anyone else. I got a BS ticket from an Original female with an African name! So I, and a lot of people, don't give passes for police officers just because they are Original. That blue makes them him/devil.

But lately, and by lately I mean since 2009, I have been getting a LOT of attention from the police. I have no idea why. I would feel more warmly towards the police if they would stop fucking with me. Instead of giving me grief... leave me alone. I am currently the epitome of this degree!

But that has me wondering.... The English Lesson is all about how the devil compelled the Original people into submission. Does the fact that I wish for the devil to leave me alone mean that I have fallen victim to this indoctrination? Does it??????

I'm going to be paying closer attention. I'm all about evolution and not revisiting the past.