Friday, November 6, 2015

Today's Degree in the English Lesson


“He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.”

More and more these days, Original people are equating him/devil with the police. And we know that there are Original officers who are just as grimy as anyone else. I got a BS ticket from an Original female with an African name! So I, and a lot of people, don't give passes for police officers just because they are Original. That blue makes them him/devil.

But lately, and by lately I mean since 2009, I have been getting a LOT of attention from the police. I have no idea why. I would feel more warmly towards the police if they would stop fucking with me. Instead of giving me grief... leave me alone. I am currently the epitome of this degree!

But that has me wondering.... The English Lesson is all about how the devil compelled the Original people into submission. Does the fact that I wish for the devil to leave me alone mean that I have fallen victim to this indoctrination? Does it??????

I'm going to be paying closer attention. I'm all about evolution and not revisiting the past.