Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Yes this is another Build about 3/4ths! But not like you are expecting…

I LOVE and adore 3/4ths. And let me tell you why….

I must admit, like most women when confronted with a “requirement” to adhere, to become part of my beloved nation, I had issues. It’s a trigger for female 85ers in the wilderness of North America. We don’t like to be told what to do or what we can’t do. Women can have and do it all. And if we desire to be savage, that’s a choice we make…. Yada yada yada….. So I was a bit pissed going into this.

My educator at the time was a man. And unless a man is gay or in the women’s clothing business, he really isn’t going to have a True Understanding of female customs of haberdashery. Men know what they want to see on a woman, but not necessarily the whats and hows. I was having a conversation with the 7 about my cousin who wanted me to make her a pair of pants but claimed she didn’t know her measurements. Precise said, just look in the waist and that will tell you how big her waist measurement is. I just looked at him blankly. It took me a minute to realize that he didn’t know women’s clothes didn’t run that way. Yes he doesn’t have sisters or daughters, but he had a mother and women in his past. I’m certain he has purchased clothing for women before, but still he didn’t know. It’s crazy unrealistic to expect a man to understand certain aspects of womanhood because they don’t care. Even if they are God. Yes, I said it.

To bring degrees in this build, a portion of 3:14 that says God chooses for himself the part of the Earth that he wants and discards the part he doesn’t want. Just because the god discards it doesn’t make it Universal trash. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. You cannot expect for how you dress to be a priority to anyone but you. As are most things in life.

Once I realized that my at the time educator (not Precise) didn’t have a clue to what he was telling me with regard to my attire…. Advising me to develop a work uniform?.... I turned to the Earths. A lot of Earths don’t get this Culture. A lot of them only do this because of a man. So they dress how their man wants them to dress. Not necessarily displaying 3/4ths. OR… they are being taught by a man who is not their man who advises them to look like a hobo. What does he care? Being Earth is not synonymous with being bummy.

Since my hobby is sewing and I was already making most of my clothes, I just added an extra inch or two to whatever I was making. I’m short; most of my clothes need to be hemmed. A few inches is usually enough to make sure I’m refined; and sometimes not that. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not. Is it hard? Emphatically No. the only thing that draws questions is my headwrap. But again, since I make most of my clothes. I automatically make a headwrap to go with every outfit. When folks see you in a Top-to-Bottom matching outfit, they don’t think that I am different from them. So displaying 3/4ths is NOT hard. And if you think it is, you’re wrong. Folks find a way to do what’s important to them.

This is VERY important. Pay attention….. I still get as much attention now as I did when I was a savagely dressing 85er. And I use the word ‘savage’ loosely. I never really put my goodies out there like that. Though now I get BETTER attention. Men still tell me they find me attractive. But instead of them yelling it from across the road with the “Hey mama you looking good” or “Walk that walk baby” or making some kind of vulgar offer…. I get “Ma’am you look really nice today” and “I wanted to let you know that you are very attractive.” Who wouldn’t prefer that to the former? There is not a day that someone... male and/or female… doesn’t compliment me.

So for you ladies who claim that 3/4th is impossible and incompatible with your lifestyle….. You’re full of it.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Philipians 4:7


Yesterday I was riding behind a car and I its bumper sticker read… “Let go and let God.” Then it went on to list a scripture. Philippians 4:7. Well I decided to Google that script. “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” And I remembered…..

When I was a Xian… before KOS… I remembered the feeling of standing free in the church with problems over my head and on my shoulder and allowing myself to “Give them to the Lord.” I remember how free and good I felt. I would leave the building feeling uplifted, happy and tired from holy ghost dancing. Would my problems go away? No. But I had the feeling everything was gonna be alright.

Coming into KOS, you have to put that foolishness aside. And it IS foolishness. But it is a seductive foolishness. When you have KOS you know that it is impossible to give your problems away. You don’t have $$$ to pay a bill, just because you give it away doesn’t mean the bill will get paid by the mystery god. Folks say my heavenly father has many mansions on a hill in glory. Well my physical father had money, but that was his money and it didn’t mean I was going to get any. My mother has money and I KNOW there is no way I can put my hands on that. So what exactly do folks mean when they say that? You can call on All the jehovas you want…. Jirrah, nissi, tsidkenu, shalom, rappha, etc. nothing going to change until YOU do something. It’s just the way it is.

I suppose the reason I am so salty is because I am currently going through some personal challenges. And I would like to just give my problems to the mystery god and have him write a check for it. But I KNOW THAT IS AN ILLUSION!!!!!! 10 years ago while a devout, tithing xian I watched my husband, who I had finally got him broken in to where I wanted, deteriorate and die, literally, before my eyes. No amount of praying, tithing, fasting, anointing him with oil, touching the hem of the preacher’s garment, touching and agreeing kept him from dying. “Well,” everyone said, “it must have been God’s will.” That was the beginning of the end for me. There weren’t any more born again moments for me. His parents were super religious too. So I guess Psalm 37:25 didn’t work either.

Folks don’t want the responsibility of anything. My husband had an illness and he died from it. That’s it. My father had an illness and died from it. That’s it. People die from illnesses don’t they? In either situation there was nothing I could do to aid them. But religion has a plan… Blame your faith for what ever happens. Had they gotten better… gods will. But they died… my lack of faith or maybe I wasn’t in communion with the mystery god. Does that make any kind of sense to you?

“The Peace that passes all human understanding.” Peace is calmness. And we know Understanding to mean a clear picture in your mind based on information and personal experience. So let me get this…. Calmness is enough to allow an individual to transcend a result of which they have knowledge and experienced. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results???? I actually only hear that definition from churches. But Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So hoping and expecting something different to happen from a situation where you have seen the outcome is somehow NOT insane??? REALLY?

Hoping and Expecting is the flip opposite of Knowledge and Wisdom. That is your definition of trick-knowledge right there...
Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding.
Hope + Expectation = Faith.

I suppose if you look at the verse… Philippians 4:7…. Paul (a man who is chiefly responsible for xianity as we know it, and who btw NEVER MET JESUS) (5:14) was interacting with a church that he started in Greece. You know Paul was a great delagtor. He ran all his churches from jail with letters. (And you thought criminal king pins were doing something new. I guess there isn’t anything new under the sun….) If you do the Knowledge, that church was in a prosperous area. Philippi literally means a friend of horses. And that was the industry there. Paul was receiving “gifts” from them. (Player Player!) I draw this up to mean that one must understand the Culture of the mystery God.

That is how the 10% rolls. They sell hope; plain and simple. And whether they deliver is something that CANNOT be determined. But the hope is NOT free. And the 85 is happy to spend their hard earned gold, (28:36) on the pipe dream. (30:36) The only thing they get is the good feeling that makes no sense.

I’m angry because my own people perish because of a lack of Knowledge of self. And they move through this existence like a ship without a sail. Folks think that because I have Bible Knowledge that I am going to come back to the fold. But it ain’t going to happen. I have 120 on cap; that doesn’t mean I’m going to join the NOI and apply for my X.

Maybe changing your mindset is the key to problem elimination. Whatever. But I can bare witness to this fact… Problems ALWAYS eventually work themselves out. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Problems are ALWAYS temporary. B.U.T. Religions capitalize on that fact and make it sound like their mystery god is the reason why the problems resolve. GTFOOH

If you read this far, I’m proud of you.

It’s nature not religion.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Why do we fast?


It is a tradition in our nation that right before a person goes under instruction; they do a 3-day water only fast. I did one. I also wore no make-up. I felt like I was mini-pledging. I have heard some say they fasted for 7, 10 or 30 days on just water. I’m not saying I don’t believe that… I am saying sounds far fetched. VERY far fetched. Like having to walk to school with no shoes… for 10 miles… up hill… both ways… while it snowed in July….

I was about to take on a student a few months ago and I let her know that she needed to fast. She asked me why and I gave her the standard answers that one gives a student, but I don’t really think she got it. I must admit that the answers did sound a bit pre-prepared, even to my ears. I was sharing this with another of my friends who is currently under instruction. She was Earth back in the 80’s (she broke up with her 7 and that was a rap for being Earth) and has never been asked to fast. Her God said he didn’t fast either. Hmmm…. My prospective student refused and that was that for me. Her reasons for refusal also sounded pre-prepared; so I feel there was Equality about the transactions. But since then I was waiting for inspiration to write this Build. And I got it. So let me get it out…

Why do we fast?

I have heard some say, “It gets the pork out of your system.” On some level I agree with that. The metaphorical level. I on that level, I Cee pork as bullshit. It’s cleansing.

I have taught other women this culture and I have taught in general. I earned gold teaching adult learners for 5 years and babies for 2 years. I Know how to teach. Teaching adults is different than teaching children because adults recognize that they are adults and put limits on how they will be taught. A teacher can tell a child to do something and the child will do it; no questions asked. When teaching adults you have to compel them to do what you ask. Adults will tell you what they are and aren’t going to do and proceed that way. They don’t accept because I say so. So in order to effectively teach an adult you have to meet them where they are.

Fasting does a lot of things.
(1) It mentally prepares you for what’s to come. When I was in grad school, if I had a test I would fast before and eat after it was over. It gave me a clear sharpness that I needed. When I’d eat before a test, I’d come down with ‘itis.’ And possibly fall asleep.
(2) It makes you empathetic towards people who don’t have what you have.
(3) It binds you to your educator. Educators tend to stay close during this time. The student feels a closeness to the person who is about to walk them through 120
(4) It breaks down the will of the student. But not in a bad way. By choosing to give up a basic need because another person said to, you start the process of humbling yourself to your teacher.

Now someone might read this and say, “Fasting is for punks” or Fasting is going to make me a punk.” I say no it won’t. You can’t learn anything if you don’t humble yourself. Fasting opens you up to be receptive. And the final reason why I find fasting important, is (6) it’s is an important hurdle to overcome and a powerful tradition within our Nation. When you are Building with the older Gods and Earths, when they start talking about their fast… and they all have a story… you can add yours and feel included.