Thursday, November 21, 2013

My A-likes/Brothers.... NOT


This Build is sparked from a Build at our most recent Parliament. A God was Building about the relationship between Gods and how he was closer to the Gods than he was his own siblings. The term ‘brother’ and occasionally ‘sister’ was bandied about for awhile in reference to how he felt about some non-related people, but it got me thinking…..

Gods use the term “Alikes” or “A-Alikes” to indicate a strong fraternal feeling towards another God. It means they share the same views on this nation and life in general. I’m not saying that one God is a parrot of the other but these 2 or more share a great deal and they feel kindly towards each other.

Alikes aren’t brothers/sisters.
(My 7 says that the term, Alike should only be used amongst The Gawds because of the A. No comment from me at this moment)

When it comes to fraternal feelings…. My Cee is Love which you have for folks outside your family can be a stronger bond than within. Follow me on this…. You cannot choose your family. You do however choose your friends. I’m not saying your mother, father, brother, sister and assorted relatives cannot be your bestie. But your friends are always in your life because of your choice. Is that true of your family? I love my family, but had I been able to choose.....

What if your brother molested you as a child… Your sister is a clepto…. Your brother is a thieving crackhead…. Your sister slept with your husband and is having his baby….

Because you are related by blood to these people chances are you can’t just cut them off. Trust me on this, I know. I’m a cutter-offer. Your parents and family members will remind you of them unless you cut them off too. next thing you know you have NO family. But… if a friend did these same things to you… you can cut them and cut them off and never see or be bothered by them again. See where I’m going? The people who you invite into your life often mean more to you than you own peeps. So for you to call a non-relative your ‘Alike’ means more than calling them your brother or sister.

This is why it’s important to watch the words you choose.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today's Mathematics: God


I decided to go back to school and become a certified midwife. Yo… school is for the young for a reason…. I finish what I start so I’m not worried about that. I just want to finish on top like I used to when I was younger. It is the midwifery process that has sparked this Build along with a few others. Be prepared to see more midwife inspired observations….

There are multiple ways to become a midwife. You used to be able to apprentice in. Most places want you to become a nurse 1st then specialize in midwifery. There are precious few programs that teach you the craft only. You can be a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. And if you have the time and inclination you can become an obstetrician. But at the end of the day….. all the above deliver babies. Why is it they want you to think one is superior to another????

I question the need for certain certifications. I find a lot of things that used to be just done now being certified. Like dance and music teachers. Used to be if you had been a professional artist, you could hang a shingle and become a teacher. Not anymore. In GA if you want to open a dance school, you need to have some sort of degree. Used to be if you got a calling to preach, you just could be a preacher. Not anymore. You have to get a degree 1st. Even being a root doctor needs a certification. It doesn’t improve your abilities. It just makes the schools and the boards rich. Midwifery is much the same way. I’m not saying one shouldn’t train and learn how to be proficient. I am saying that a lot of this isn’t necessary.

I bet you can guess what degree I’m referring to. 7:14. When I was a newborn in this nation getting my degrees. I likened this degree to mean how American Black folks don’t like to be called African. And we don’t. Just as Africans don’t claim us, but that’s another Build…. But initially I saw that degree to mean how the devil likes to keep track and pit against each other. And that Cee hasn’t changed but the 3 of the degree has grown.

I suppose having us infighting amongst ourselves isn’t enough for the devil. He also alienates his own people. He can’t help himself. It’s his nature. Wicked is defined as evil or morally wrong. Pushing midwifery as something that only doctors can do, not only alienates granny midwives… but it puts a premium price on having a baby. Women without insurance can’t afford to birth babies in hospitals, what are they suppose to do? Not get pregnant? You and I know that is very difficult for a lot of people. Black or white. So now folks are in bondage over birthing. All because the devil is greedy and wants it all the money and glory for himself. If a mother wants to deliver her baby by herself that is completely okay. But if she gets help and has it at home… in GA that is illegal and the professional who aids her will go to jail. What happens if that mother is a midwife?

The devil isn’t just out to get Original people. He’s out to get everybody including his family members. He desires to make slaves out of all he can and rob them and live in luxury; not just Original people… all people! It’s like the game Monopoly and Highlander. There can only be 1 winner. Screw your mama.