Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Religious People


I feel drawn to build on religion this day. I don’t think people get what religion is or how it works. The dictionary definition is… The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal god or gods. The word belief and worship are more important than the word god. Belief implies a mystery and worship implies actions taken in response to said mystery. But folks treat many things as religions. The “According to Serenity” definition is believing (there goes that word again) and/or doing something without knowing and/or understanding the reason why. And this is the definition that many people… Gods and Earths included…. Fall victim to.

Now the reason I feel drawn to this particular build is because I keep seeing examples of people, sometimes righteous people doing shit that is at its core religious. And it needs to stop. It’s not in line with what we teach.

We know we don’t do belief. But the 95 (85 + 10) always try to discredit this policy with mass foolishness. Saying shit like, “You can’t not do belief.” And then throwing up some stupid example like, “How do you know the bus will come?” or “How do you know you know you will get paid on payday?” Previous experience is knowledge so those really aren’t valid questions. And there is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know if it’s followed with “I’m doing the knowledge.” We don’t profess to know everything. Be we do profess that we will 15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.16 But shun profane and vain babblings, for they will increase unto more ungodliness (2 Tim 2:15). Yes I can step in all ciphers!

Example 1: A God’s brother had a headache and the 7 suggested that he do fire breaths to relieve the pain. The brother did it and it worked. Did either one of them understand why it worked? No. But the fact that it worked was enough for them. Well, you may say Serenity what’s the big deal. The big deal is now there is mystery cure. Why not claim that lord god almighty from the planet Risk cured the brother from head pain? Why not give up some protection money to the local church/temple/mosque for the healing? You get gaffled by not doing the knowledge. Now what happens when the dude who suggested the fire breaths makes another suggestion? It will get attention and consideration no matter how far fetched. And I ain’t mad at the suggestor. He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s up to the individual to do the knowledge for self. I’m quite sure the suggestor knew the physiology behind the therapy.

IMO religion got started with this type of unsubstantiated belief system. There was some nugget of information that got passed down through generations without anyone substantiating the necessities and eventually it became spookism. This is how 28:40 got to work. Folks were just doing stuff because. You acquire enough beliefs, you have a religion full of crazy assed dogma.

Example 2: When I was in college I had an apartment with 4 other roommates. We went grocery shopping as a house 1 damn time. You know why we couldn’t come together on one accord for the long haul? Because of acquired beliefs. One big argument in the grocery store was over what type of dish detergent to buy. Each of us wanted to buy a different detergent but we couldn’t say why one was better than the other. Eventually we realized… after a long, loud and public argument that almost got us expelled from the Piggly Wiggly…. That the reasons we had these allegiances to dish detergent was because our parents used said detergent. That’s a dumb assed reason to be attached to a detergent. As many people are attached to their mystery belief systems.

Example 3: I used to keep packs of Kool-Aid in the drawer with the cutlery. I had no reason why I did it. I just used to take it out of the grocery bag and put it in there. That’s where my mother kept it, that’s where I kept it. I came home one day, mouth fixed UP for some purple… yes purple… Kool-Aid. It wasn’t in the drawer. Unbeknownst to me, my roommate had moved it to be where all the non-perishable beverages were located. She wasn’t home and I couldn’t reach her to find out where the Kool-Aid was. I had to go to work unsatisfied. But when I got home…. I ripped her a new asshole for moving my Kool-Aid. It wasn’t pretty. Fast forward 5 years. The same roommate was helping me wash dishes at my mother’s home. She opened the cutlery drawer and found packs of Kool-Aid sitting there and shrieked. I laughed. My mother was sitting at the table confused. Roommate asked Mommie why she kept Kool-Aid in the drawer. She said I was about 3, she came into that same kitchen and found me perched precariously on the counter trying to reach the Kool-Aid. She said she knew eventually I would hurt myself so she moved the packs to a safer location. I was flabbergasted. But… I was free of that bit of religion.

Do you follow a particular sports franchise because that is what your forbears followed? You have religion. Do you shop at the same stores because that’s where you mother or some other entity said you should shop there? Then you have religion. Do you wear certain types of garments because you were told that’s what you should wear? (This, too applies to Earths who wear a head wrap without true understanding what 3/4th is or why)You have religion. Do you drive the same route someplace even when you are aware and assured that there is a quicker, shorter, less expensive routes; but you won’t consider it? You have religion. Do you take medicine from your doctor without knowing exactly how it works? You have religion.

Another danger of religion is that it always gets violent. It has to. If folks are holding on to bullshit with a thread, they must fight to prove that the bullshit is worth it. Otherwise they are the fool. And who wants to be a fool?

Religion isn’t always about a mystery god. But it is always about a mystery. It is our responsibility as righteous people to always be doing the knowledge. “… By not letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value.” That is a very real part of one of our degrees. As is what is the duty of a civilized person? This culture is not easy, but it’s just and true. Now if you can’t deal with that and you need your mysteries to keep you warm at night go get them. But you aren’t my brother or sister when you do that.


PS: I still keep Kool-Aid in the cutlery drawer. I like it there. It reminds me that my mother was once concerned about my well being.

Monday, July 16, 2012

6 AF : Strawberry Moon


The full moon in June is called the Strawberry moon and the AF it corresponds to is the Equality degree: Deserts are 14 Million square miles.

Strawberries are a fruit that has been grafted to be available year round. But the grafting process is not perfect. The weakness there in is Strawberries found off season are not as sweet as the ones you find in season. Personally, I find that my Original mouth is sensitive to off season strawberries. I have a slight allergic reaction to grafted, off season strawberries. Combined with the actual fact I draw it up this way….

There are people who haves knowledge of our culture. I’m speaking not of the 5% but of others. I live build born culture miles from the root in the Bible belt. I wasn’t righteous when I lived closer, but I was well versed with the Nation. I didn’t say stupid things to the Gods and Earths. I didn’t make ridiculous assumptions about the culture. Now that may have everything to do with the way northern folks are socialized in comparison to southern people. But there is a strong possibility that because of my previous proximity, there is a higher concentration of affiliated individuals.

I’m not going to pretend that I adore Atlanta. I consider this location a “grafted strawberry.” I t looks like a strawberry, but it’s out of place and when you taste it, it disappoints you. Folks here do not have a true knowledge of our culture.

Here are some examples of how a little bit of Knowledge about our Culture can be a dangerous thing…

Example 1: I have a patient (who is also a bootleg evangelist) who asked me why I cover my head. I said I was a citizen of the Nation of Gods and Earths. This man did a bid and claimed he knew all about the God and proceeded to give me erroneous information. When I, a true and living Earth with 120 on cap, corrected him, he went apeshit. Telling me that he didn’t need me to tell him nothing about my Nation because he knew everything already. I thought maybe he didn’t want to be corrected by a woman… then why did he come into my office????... so I gave him the God’s math so he could build with Precise. He didn’t want that either. Then I ever so gently reminded him why he was in my presence in the 1st place and we went back to business.

Example 2: One of our brothers recently returned to the essence. The organizers of his memorial wanted to have the service in a church (you already know how I feel about that). The church had no knowledge of our culture, but said they would get back to the organizers. When the church responded, it was negative. They googled us, decided we were a gang and we were denied their facility. They didn’t want to build with us. They just made the call.

Now here is a pleasant example of in season strawberries….

Example 3: The God and I used to participate in the neighbor association at our previous address. Monthly we would walk the subdivision with our neighbors. Many of the people in the subdivision relocated from NY-NJ area. Once we told them our righteous names (Because that is what we use in casual ciphers) they knew we were different. We told them we were 5%ers and many of them recognized us. We were greeted warmly by them. And those that didn’t know were in a comfortable place to learn.

Example 4: I have a patient from Brooklyn. On maybe her 2nd to last appointment we were joking around and she confirmed that I was from up top. Then she said, “You remember this? What’s to day’s mathematics?” and laughed. I smiled and gave it to her. Then I proceeded to build on the math. She looked at me, then my headwrap, then my clothes and screamed, “Peace Earth!” She scared my coworkers. Then she told me that she was from ‘Medina” and she used to be Earth back in the day and so on so forth. She asked my righteous name (I use my given name at work, because Serenity can’t cash checks). I gave it to her and from that day to this one that’s what she uses. When my coworker asked her why she called me Dr. Serenity, she said it was out of respect.

I have the stray person see me at work and ask where the parliaments are. Men have asked me for the Gods math. They know how they should behave in the presence of the Earth.

Now what does this have to do with deserts? A lot. Do you want to live in a desert? I do. Atlanta is a dessert. A whole bunch of crap you cant use to feed yourself. Historically only crazy folks, extremists and criminals live in deserts willingly. There isn’t enough food in the desert for humans to survive on. The desert is dry and the desert forbiddingly hot. Very little grows in the desert. There are dangerous snakes and scorpions in deserts. If you’re in there too long you go crazy from dehydration and start hallucinating. That is Atlanta to me. But our cipher is the Oasis, blessing the ATL with knowledge. But our cipher here is small. Eventually we will expand it to the point that folks will not just associate us with a prison gang but with the positive builders that we are.

At least that is my goal.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge.

Cipher is the only Supreme Mathematical coordinate that must be paired with another coordinate. Think about it. There is no date that’s just 0. “Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Cipher…” No. It can’t happen. But that says something about Ciphers…. My initial definition of Cipher that was given to me by my very 1st educator was, “A person place or thing complete unto itself.” But I no longer agree with that. Person place and thing are singular in form. Ciphers are communal. They need to be shared. You cannot give an example of a cipher that has just 1 life attached to it.

When righteous people hear the word Cipher, they instantly think of the local area or the human circle with within the Gods Build. That is not incorrect but it’s not complete either. Ciphers exist everywhere. Your family is a cipher. Work is a cipher. Friendships are Ciphers. Hell, the people you commute with to work is a cipher. We drift in and out of Ciphers all day, every day. Some are pleasant. Some are not. It is what it is.

When I hear do the Knowledge to the Cipher I take that to mean, pay attention to what is going on around you in a respectful manner. Because the definition of Knowledge is to look, listen, pay attention and respect. The addition of respect is not a submission. People frequently eff up the definition of respect. Respect means that I acknowledge your cee on a particular subject and will not take steps to shit on it. Respect doesn’t mean I agree or will participate.

So when you do the Knowledge to a Cipher you are taking in all the information that is available so that you can make your own unique determination about whether you wish to add on with that cipher. Adding on is doing something and action is Wisdom. Then once you have done the knowledge and added on, you can truly understand what that particular Cipher is about. But if you skip a step, or go out of sequence you will never have accurate understanding. And isn’t understanding the best part and the goal? Otherwise why did you expend the effort?

I know that this is a simple build, but my duty is to share/reflect (not bring) my light with those who don’t know. And your duty as experienced civilized siblings is to add on.

Love y’all!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

God's Culture

Peace Y’all,

Today is the day after Independence Day, a National holiday in the USA. But this build could go for ALL the national holidays in this country…. I get Sooooooo tired of seeing folks on the social networks belly aching and cutting a damn fool about how Black people have no business celebrating the him/devil’s holiday. That level of foolishness is based on a miniscule amount of information and a tremendous amount of ignorance. And when I hear these people I just know that it is because of something they heard from another rather than something they drew up on their own…. Easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction. Either your ignorant or unemployed.

Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, New years Day, Presidents Day, Flag Day and a whole bunch of other National Holidays are ALL applicable to the citizens and residents of this country.

Contrary to what you have been fed; I am a citizen of the United States. I was born here, as were 10 generations of my ancestors. I pay taxes here. This is where my addresses are, this is where I earn my gold and more than likely this is where I will die and be buried. I already have my cemetery plot. I am a damn citizen regardless to how I came to be here. I am subject to all the rules and regulations of this country. And more than likely you are too.

Folks act like they don’t want to pledge allegiance to this country. Really? What country do you want to pledge allegiance to? Most folks saying that bullshit have never been out of the country. I have traveled all over this planet. The US is a wonderful country. Seriously. Think about this…. No matter how poor folks are in the US, they still have cable. In other countries poverty looks like what it is... Shack living drinking dirty water with no food and no access to it. Rampant disease and flies without energy to wipe them off their faces. Homeless people eat better than poor folks of other countries. There is a level of courtesy that people in the US are used to that doesn’t exist in other countries. The words, “Excuse me” are a concept that doesn’t exist in other countries. And even in many ‘developed’ countries, they lose water, heat, electricity at certain hours of the day. Nope. I like… dare say… LOVE the good old US of A. I don’t want to live anywhere else. Each time I leave the US I am happy to return. Hell, I break out into a happy dance when I see the sign welcoming me back to the delight of the customs agents right before they strip search me and x-ray my colon. For some reason when I come back from ‘brown’ countries, they just don’t want to believe that I am from here.

Fourth of July celebrates independence of the United States from England. Black folks, some of them free, existed in this country at that time. And Black folks died in the Revolutionary war. It doesn’t matter whether we were enslaved or not, we will still have been affected by the English throne had we remained a ward of that country. Because there are many locales still shaking off the shackles of English occupation and colonialism like Hong Kong, Ireland, India, just to name a few.

Memorial Day is a day to honor the dead of all our nation’s wars. Black people served and still serve in the military. Black folks died and are still dying in this nation’s conflicts. So we have every right to celebrate that holiday. Veteran’s Day too. BTW the Father was a veteran. So was my biologic father as well as many of my relatives. So were yours. Had I not had a physical deformity, I would be a service person. When these same veterans die folks expect there to be a flag draped over their coffins, but when the holiday comes they talk shit.

I can’t see why anyone would refuse to celebrate Labor Day unless you don’t have a job. Most folks work and it’s a day to relax and get paid to not work. I like it. Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday. Yes him/devil did the Native Americans dirty. But they do that to everybody. It’s part of the dues all ethnicities and nationalities pay to be considered Americans. Ask Black folks. Ask Italians and Irish. Ask Middle Eastern folks, Muslims and Asians. Him/devil is just that way.

Columbus Day is to Italians what MLK Day is to Black folks. Either way, I’m off and paid for each of those days. You see the trend.

When it comes to Christmas I see the point. I don’t celebrate that holiday as it is… Meaning, I don’t put up a tree and buy gifts for people other than my mother. But I do appreciate the energy of people at this time of year. I accept ALL fruitcakes (you can do some things with them jokers) and I share that time with my family because that is the only time they will all come together under 1 roof. And regardless of their allegiance to the mystery god, they are still my people and I love them.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with New Years. It’s a good drinking and party holiday and for some reason that appeals to people of all levels of KOS. SMH. I usually bring it in sleeping. That’s what I do best and consistently.

But let’s take this to the Math… The fourth of July is a set holiday; like Christmas. It always falls on the same date. So 7/4 reads God’s Culture to me. So instead of being salty about being part of the wilderness of North America, you celebrate the culture of the Gods and our chosen way of life. Let’s be real, I don’t expect to see a lot of him/devils at Original people’s celebrations. You may see 1, but you won’t see a bunch. Original people just have never learned to relax in their presence and 8:14 will come through. And I ain’t mad about that. You have the ability to shape your reality to what you want. Make your celebrations match what is going on in your mental.

And if that still doesn’t suit you, go to work. More than likely you will get paid time and a half for the pleasure and you will celebrate on payday. Now stop hating on bullshit.