Monday, July 16, 2012

6 AF : Strawberry Moon


The full moon in June is called the Strawberry moon and the AF it corresponds to is the Equality degree: Deserts are 14 Million square miles.

Strawberries are a fruit that has been grafted to be available year round. But the grafting process is not perfect. The weakness there in is Strawberries found off season are not as sweet as the ones you find in season. Personally, I find that my Original mouth is sensitive to off season strawberries. I have a slight allergic reaction to grafted, off season strawberries. Combined with the actual fact I draw it up this way….

There are people who haves knowledge of our culture. I’m speaking not of the 5% but of others. I live build born culture miles from the root in the Bible belt. I wasn’t righteous when I lived closer, but I was well versed with the Nation. I didn’t say stupid things to the Gods and Earths. I didn’t make ridiculous assumptions about the culture. Now that may have everything to do with the way northern folks are socialized in comparison to southern people. But there is a strong possibility that because of my previous proximity, there is a higher concentration of affiliated individuals.

I’m not going to pretend that I adore Atlanta. I consider this location a “grafted strawberry.” I t looks like a strawberry, but it’s out of place and when you taste it, it disappoints you. Folks here do not have a true knowledge of our culture.

Here are some examples of how a little bit of Knowledge about our Culture can be a dangerous thing…

Example 1: I have a patient (who is also a bootleg evangelist) who asked me why I cover my head. I said I was a citizen of the Nation of Gods and Earths. This man did a bid and claimed he knew all about the God and proceeded to give me erroneous information. When I, a true and living Earth with 120 on cap, corrected him, he went apeshit. Telling me that he didn’t need me to tell him nothing about my Nation because he knew everything already. I thought maybe he didn’t want to be corrected by a woman… then why did he come into my office????... so I gave him the God’s math so he could build with Precise. He didn’t want that either. Then I ever so gently reminded him why he was in my presence in the 1st place and we went back to business.

Example 2: One of our brothers recently returned to the essence. The organizers of his memorial wanted to have the service in a church (you already know how I feel about that). The church had no knowledge of our culture, but said they would get back to the organizers. When the church responded, it was negative. They googled us, decided we were a gang and we were denied their facility. They didn’t want to build with us. They just made the call.

Now here is a pleasant example of in season strawberries….

Example 3: The God and I used to participate in the neighbor association at our previous address. Monthly we would walk the subdivision with our neighbors. Many of the people in the subdivision relocated from NY-NJ area. Once we told them our righteous names (Because that is what we use in casual ciphers) they knew we were different. We told them we were 5%ers and many of them recognized us. We were greeted warmly by them. And those that didn’t know were in a comfortable place to learn.

Example 4: I have a patient from Brooklyn. On maybe her 2nd to last appointment we were joking around and she confirmed that I was from up top. Then she said, “You remember this? What’s to day’s mathematics?” and laughed. I smiled and gave it to her. Then I proceeded to build on the math. She looked at me, then my headwrap, then my clothes and screamed, “Peace Earth!” She scared my coworkers. Then she told me that she was from ‘Medina” and she used to be Earth back in the day and so on so forth. She asked my righteous name (I use my given name at work, because Serenity can’t cash checks). I gave it to her and from that day to this one that’s what she uses. When my coworker asked her why she called me Dr. Serenity, she said it was out of respect.

I have the stray person see me at work and ask where the parliaments are. Men have asked me for the Gods math. They know how they should behave in the presence of the Earth.

Now what does this have to do with deserts? A lot. Do you want to live in a desert? I do. Atlanta is a dessert. A whole bunch of crap you cant use to feed yourself. Historically only crazy folks, extremists and criminals live in deserts willingly. There isn’t enough food in the desert for humans to survive on. The desert is dry and the desert forbiddingly hot. Very little grows in the desert. There are dangerous snakes and scorpions in deserts. If you’re in there too long you go crazy from dehydration and start hallucinating. That is Atlanta to me. But our cipher is the Oasis, blessing the ATL with knowledge. But our cipher here is small. Eventually we will expand it to the point that folks will not just associate us with a prison gang but with the positive builders that we are.

At least that is my goal.



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Earth,

"I will give all I have and all within my power to see this day in which I have waited 379 yrs for." The culture of the cipher says it all Queen :o). Keep buildin' because the prescribed law of Islam shows and proves that you can reverse polarity on the current of air in that cipher and civilize the 85. Peace!