Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge.

Cipher is the only Supreme Mathematical coordinate that must be paired with another coordinate. Think about it. There is no date that’s just 0. “Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Cipher…” No. It can’t happen. But that says something about Ciphers…. My initial definition of Cipher that was given to me by my very 1st educator was, “A person place or thing complete unto itself.” But I no longer agree with that. Person place and thing are singular in form. Ciphers are communal. They need to be shared. You cannot give an example of a cipher that has just 1 life attached to it.

When righteous people hear the word Cipher, they instantly think of the local area or the human circle with within the Gods Build. That is not incorrect but it’s not complete either. Ciphers exist everywhere. Your family is a cipher. Work is a cipher. Friendships are Ciphers. Hell, the people you commute with to work is a cipher. We drift in and out of Ciphers all day, every day. Some are pleasant. Some are not. It is what it is.

When I hear do the Knowledge to the Cipher I take that to mean, pay attention to what is going on around you in a respectful manner. Because the definition of Knowledge is to look, listen, pay attention and respect. The addition of respect is not a submission. People frequently eff up the definition of respect. Respect means that I acknowledge your cee on a particular subject and will not take steps to shit on it. Respect doesn’t mean I agree or will participate.

So when you do the Knowledge to a Cipher you are taking in all the information that is available so that you can make your own unique determination about whether you wish to add on with that cipher. Adding on is doing something and action is Wisdom. Then once you have done the knowledge and added on, you can truly understand what that particular Cipher is about. But if you skip a step, or go out of sequence you will never have accurate understanding. And isn’t understanding the best part and the goal? Otherwise why did you expend the effort?

I know that this is a simple build, but my duty is to share/reflect (not bring) my light with those who don’t know. And your duty as experienced civilized siblings is to add on.

Love y’all!