Thursday, February 27, 2014

How I Cee 14-16:40


The way I Cee it is…..

There are only 2 kinds of people on the planet. (And I use the term ‘people’ loosely) Original people and him/devils.

Of Original people… they are broken down into 3 divisions: 85%, 10% and the 5%.

I don’t care about the him/devil. Oh! And female devils are ‘she-devils’ and still not included in the Original breakdown.

How do you Cee it?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!


To day is Valentines Day and over at Facebook, the hate has been brewing. It seems like folks have issue with the day. Righteous people in particular. That really just cracks me up. I have noticed that Righteous people have a problem with most holidays that are communal for Americans… Memorial Day, Columbus Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. And the argument is always the same…. “Black folks with KOS ain’t got no business celebrating the master’s holiday…” or something like that. Let me tell you something… I’m an educated Black Earth with 120 and my own 3 on it… I indulge in the holidays and I ain’t mad. NOR… will I let other jokers tell me how I’m supposed to feel or do.

Memorial Day… A day commemorating those who died in this country’s wars… Black people died in this country’s wars just like white people. Labor Day… A day when people with jobs get to take a breather. Black folks have jobs contrary to what the devil would have you believe. Thanksgiving… A commemorating thankfulness and family… Black folks are grateful and have families too. And those other days that are paid holidays…. HELL YEAH! But today….

It’s Valentines Day!!!! I like it. Now folks want me to think that I am wrong for asking the 7 to buy me some candy today because he can buy me candy any day of the year. That is true. It’s also true that I can buy me candy too. But that heart is only available at this time of year and I wants it! Folks would want me to think that the 7 is cultivated if he buys it for me. He’s not. Folks would also want me think that I am prostituting myself for candy, by implying that 7 is gonna get lucky tonight because he hooked me up. Y’all are stupid.

I love my man everyday of the year including leap year. He is a wonderful God who truly treats me and the cat like blood relatives. He doesn’t have to do anything but be himself, but he does things for me that make me feel happy and special. Like Buy Me Candy in a Heart Shaped Box. What the hell is wrong with that????

I think haters hate because they don’t understand the dynamics of functional relationships or just don’t have one. For that, I feel sorry for them. So what it’s a manufactured holiday… Aren’t they all? If you are too cheap to buy your woman a teddy bear and a $9 box of candy… you deserve to be alone.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Born


On this day of Birth, I need to make a bit of Knowledge Born…. Parents do NOT conceive their children. Yes they provide the raw materials and mothers in particular provide a location. But children conceive themselves….

Just because sperm is in proximity of an egg does not mean that the sperm WILL fertilize said egg. Think about this… on ejaculation, millions of sperm are released. If an egg is present, conception should occur every time, but it doesn’t. Not all sperm are viable. And occasionally women’s bodies are too acidic for sperm to live inside them for as long as it takes for the sperm and egg to meet. There even instances when the sperm makes it to the egg and the egg just rejects sperm efforts. Like I said…. When conception happens, it is a joint decision between egg and sperm.

Also be mindful that the egg is unattached to anything while in the uterine apparatus. Its in there just flipping and bouncing around. It is entirely free…. As is the sperm. Imagine yourself swimming around in a pool of water and meeting something or millions of somethings you have never seen before. What do you do? You can’t get out of the pool. So you either fight it, commit suicide or you allow it/them to share your moment. Those decisions are not made by the parents. They are made by the components.

So next time you look at your children, anyone or any living thing on the planet…. Be mindful that you/they made the choice to be here. And just as you choose to be here and create yourself… you can create other realities in your life.