Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's Mathematics: Happy Halloween

Two little Black siblings (boy and girl) were dressed up and trick or treating on
Halloween. They walked up to a racist white lady’s home and rang the bell.
When she opened the door she asked the children who they were supposed to be.
The children said, “Jack and Jill.” The racist lady said, “No. You need to find
another idea before I give you some candy. The siblings went home thought of a
new idea, changed their clothes and went back to the racist lady’s door. When
she opened it she asked them again who they were supposed to be. The siblings said, “Hansel and Gretel.” The racist white lady said, “Your not getting it. You
are little Black children. You need to be something Black. Jack, Jill, Hansel and Gretel…. Those are white. Figure it out and I’ll give you some candy.” Well!
The children went home and thought about it. Then they went back to the white lady’s house, got in the bushed and took off ALL their clothes. They stood there
Buck naked and rand the doorbell for the last time. When the racist white lady answered the door she was shocked. She then asked, “Who are you?” The children answered, “Hershey bars. One with nuts and one without!”

Peace Y’all!

It’s that time of the year…. Halloween. I dress. If you consistently follow me, you already know that. When I was a child, I went to a school that had a tradition of having the students choose a character from history make a report, give a speech and wear a costume. My mother… being as militant as she could conceive, always dressed me for someone out of Black History, and made sure that the testimony I had was powerful and my costume was on point. No poor wretched looking broke down slave wenches for me. And she made sure I had a POWERFUL speech. There was an evening assembly to go along with the promenade and she made sure all the devils in attendance learned something. She also found folks with vans and bussed in a bunch of my friends and church people to the festivities. That school that had a total of maybe 20 Black people (and that included pre-school to 12th grade) would be inundated that night. I continue the tradition.

Meet Lt. Nyota Uhura from the USS Enterprise --- Original series. Uhura means ‘Freedom.’ Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture/Freedom. I chose to be that embodiment of Today’s Supreme Mathematics….


Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 AF: Hunters Moon


This is it and I’m caught up until next month. Whoo hoo!!!!

October’s Full moon is called the Hunter moon and the corresponding Actual Fact is The Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun.

I have been giving the concept of ‘hunting’ a lot of thought lately. Hunt is defined as Pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food. I’m a vegetarian and I’d like to stay one for the rest of my life. But others aren’t. In the past folks had to ‘hunt’ for their food. This time of year marks hunting season. I have a godmother, whose old man was a hunter. This time of year you couldn’t find him. He’d be hold up in the bush for months. He had a cabin out there and everything. He would resurface every now and then with dear meat or some other type of game. One of my father’s employment incarnations was a butcher. So Daddy would sometimes dress a dear with him. SMH. Yuck. Liquor was involved. They were old men. He would hunt and prepare, dear, bear, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit and all kinds of stuff. They wouldn’t tell us what the food was until we had taken a few bites. The things they do to children….

As a vegetarian the Harvest of crops is the important thing for me. But what happens if crops fail? They can you know. With global warming things are changing. And have you noticed that the new focus on television is prepping for disaster? Is the TV world telling us the bottom is about to fall out? Might we need to rely on the old ways to survive? Do we even know old ways? Suffice to say, if folks loose electricity tomorrow, unless you’re a prepper or Mormon, we will be out there looking for squirrels to eat to stay alive.

The Earth is the planet that we all live on. And where as I see that humans are playing very light and loose with environmental responsibility. But the Earth is a big girl. She will shake us off when she is done with our antics. Of that I’m sure. You know why? I’m Earth; the planet is a reflection of me. And I will only take so much bullshit before it’s on. That being said…..

Just because we have a peaceful existence right at this present moment. Doesn’t mean that we should get comfortable and stop acquiring knowledge. We need to keep bring new information on board. We need to Born new Understanding of the whats and how to do things. So that we are never caught wanting when the bottom falls out.

And for real that is not going to happen to me. I KNOW how to garden. I Know how to sew and cook. I can make alcohol. I have a small book on foraging and I know the general rules. I do not know how to hunt. The 7 can do that. But I have seen animals dress and my aunt taught me how to kill and dress a chicken. I won’t starve.

Will you?


9:AF - Harvest Moon


I swear… When I think I’m caught up I slip out. Got to be more careful about making these challenges too myself. Let’s get it started…..

September’s full moon is called the Harvest Moon and the corresponding Actual Fact is Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

Light travels faster than sound. And a harvest is ghetto-forically defined as cashing in on effort previously put out. Religiously, you reap what you sow. No attempt made to sow, no harvest forthcoming.

What I get when I add these concepts together is…. I doesn’t matter what is said. It matters what is seen.

I have had the opportunity to work on several boards through the course of my life, and some constants exist no matter the cipher. You cannot jaw jack if you want to be taken seriously. There is nothing wrong with making plans. But plans don’t count. What counts is the work on the table that can be seen by other people. That will be the ruler that you will be measured.

And harvest is a magnification. Just as the speed of light is a large and fast number, so is harvest. Think about it. From 1 small seed one grows multiple fruit which will yield thousands of seed. For perennial plants the seeds yield will last for many years to come. Harvest is the shit! It’s the reason for the effort.

So what does that mean for AWM? There is nothing wrong with planning. Having Ideals (HA!) is wonderful and necessary. That is the gestation process. But it’s just jaw jacking if you don’t put them in action. At some point Knowledge must be put with wisdom to manifest a result (Understanding) And the harvest comes when Understanding is multiplied upon itself 3*3=9.


Dead or Alive


Today’s degree in the 1:14 is one that has been lingering in my mental for a few days. Luckily, today gives me the opportunity to build on it. Not that I couldn’t just build on it whenever I felt like it, but for reasonable orderliness I will leave it there.

Many see that degree to mean that you need to keep your word. I don’t disagree with that. When I was a girl, my father instilled in me that a man was only as good as his word. And he always kept his word with me. Whether good or bad, wrong or right, even if it hurt him to. I used to joke and say that I’m not a man, nor would I ever be. His response was, “This is how you recognize a real man, because real men keep their word.” He also said that I should always keep my word too. Because if I didn’t no one would want to be bothered with me. And I think that is the essence of this degree in this form.

But as I was rolling the words around in my mind, I got to thinking…. Word =Bond and Bond=Life. So Word=life. OK. That makes sense. Knowledge Knowledge borns Wisdom. OK. Wisdom is wise words ways and actions; actions rooted in Knowledge. OK So…. Word = Wisdom. And when you look at it actions like movement, thought, consciousness, breathing are all prerequisites of life. If you can’t do all of those things, you have returned to the essence. If you aren’t living your dead. So therefore righteous people who are true and living and fully manifest this culture are displaying “Wisdom.” So if you die, your word/life has failed or simply stopped manifesting Wisdom. Said either way, you’re buried/cremated. And not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing. Because all born owe a death.

Also, what happens when G’ and E’s purposefully decide to leave a cipher? They become dead to said cipher. It is a common adage in our nation that one needs to be “seen and heard” to be taken seriously. Seen and heard are manifestations of Wisdom. Therefore if no one knows you, you don’t exist and you are essentially dead.

I love it when you can draw up multiple builds on one degree. And frankly, isn’t that the purpose of the degrees in the 1st place?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Understanding


The God Application Latik Seymou Allah offered this story at the last Universal Parliament. It is a perfect illustration of today's math…..

Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding were walking down the street when they came upon a dead rottweiler. Knowledge proclaimed, “I have all the INFORMATION needed to put this dog back together and bring him back to life!” Wisdom proclaimed, “I know how to DO all that is necessary to put this dog back together and reanimate him!” So Knowledge and Wisdom got down to work.

Right before 1 and 2 were done with their project; Understanding interrupted them and asked if they could stop until he climbed up a tree. 1 and 2 didn’t question him but did as he bid. Once comfortably in the tree, 3 called down to his comrades, “Carry on.”

1 and 2 got the dog reanimated and found it to be ferocious. The dog killed 1 and 2 tearing them into pieces. But understanding was safe in the tree.

Take the best part.