Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 AF: Hunters Moon


This is it and I’m caught up until next month. Whoo hoo!!!!

October’s Full moon is called the Hunter moon and the corresponding Actual Fact is The Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun.

I have been giving the concept of ‘hunting’ a lot of thought lately. Hunt is defined as Pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food. I’m a vegetarian and I’d like to stay one for the rest of my life. But others aren’t. In the past folks had to ‘hunt’ for their food. This time of year marks hunting season. I have a godmother, whose old man was a hunter. This time of year you couldn’t find him. He’d be hold up in the bush for months. He had a cabin out there and everything. He would resurface every now and then with dear meat or some other type of game. One of my father’s employment incarnations was a butcher. So Daddy would sometimes dress a dear with him. SMH. Yuck. Liquor was involved. They were old men. He would hunt and prepare, dear, bear, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit and all kinds of stuff. They wouldn’t tell us what the food was until we had taken a few bites. The things they do to children….

As a vegetarian the Harvest of crops is the important thing for me. But what happens if crops fail? They can you know. With global warming things are changing. And have you noticed that the new focus on television is prepping for disaster? Is the TV world telling us the bottom is about to fall out? Might we need to rely on the old ways to survive? Do we even know old ways? Suffice to say, if folks loose electricity tomorrow, unless you’re a prepper or Mormon, we will be out there looking for squirrels to eat to stay alive.

The Earth is the planet that we all live on. And where as I see that humans are playing very light and loose with environmental responsibility. But the Earth is a big girl. She will shake us off when she is done with our antics. Of that I’m sure. You know why? I’m Earth; the planet is a reflection of me. And I will only take so much bullshit before it’s on. That being said…..

Just because we have a peaceful existence right at this present moment. Doesn’t mean that we should get comfortable and stop acquiring knowledge. We need to keep bring new information on board. We need to Born new Understanding of the whats and how to do things. So that we are never caught wanting when the bottom falls out.

And for real that is not going to happen to me. I KNOW how to garden. I Know how to sew and cook. I can make alcohol. I have a small book on foraging and I know the general rules. I do not know how to hunt. The 7 can do that. But I have seen animals dress and my aunt taught me how to kill and dress a chicken. I won’t starve.

Will you?