Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dead or Alive


Today’s degree in the 1:14 is one that has been lingering in my mental for a few days. Luckily, today gives me the opportunity to build on it. Not that I couldn’t just build on it whenever I felt like it, but for reasonable orderliness I will leave it there.

Many see that degree to mean that you need to keep your word. I don’t disagree with that. When I was a girl, my father instilled in me that a man was only as good as his word. And he always kept his word with me. Whether good or bad, wrong or right, even if it hurt him to. I used to joke and say that I’m not a man, nor would I ever be. His response was, “This is how you recognize a real man, because real men keep their word.” He also said that I should always keep my word too. Because if I didn’t no one would want to be bothered with me. And I think that is the essence of this degree in this form.

But as I was rolling the words around in my mind, I got to thinking…. Word =Bond and Bond=Life. So Word=life. OK. That makes sense. Knowledge Knowledge borns Wisdom. OK. Wisdom is wise words ways and actions; actions rooted in Knowledge. OK So…. Word = Wisdom. And when you look at it actions like movement, thought, consciousness, breathing are all prerequisites of life. If you can’t do all of those things, you have returned to the essence. If you aren’t living your dead. So therefore righteous people who are true and living and fully manifest this culture are displaying “Wisdom.” So if you die, your word/life has failed or simply stopped manifesting Wisdom. Said either way, you’re buried/cremated. And not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing. Because all born owe a death.

Also, what happens when G’ and E’s purposefully decide to leave a cipher? They become dead to said cipher. It is a common adage in our nation that one needs to be “seen and heard” to be taken seriously. Seen and heard are manifestations of Wisdom. Therefore if no one knows you, you don’t exist and you are essentially dead.

I love it when you can draw up multiple builds on one degree. And frankly, isn’t that the purpose of the degrees in the 1st place?