Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's Mathematics: Happy Halloween

Two little Black siblings (boy and girl) were dressed up and trick or treating on
Halloween. They walked up to a racist white lady’s home and rang the bell.
When she opened the door she asked the children who they were supposed to be.
The children said, “Jack and Jill.” The racist lady said, “No. You need to find
another idea before I give you some candy. The siblings went home thought of a
new idea, changed their clothes and went back to the racist lady’s door. When
she opened it she asked them again who they were supposed to be. The siblings said, “Hansel and Gretel.” The racist white lady said, “Your not getting it. You
are little Black children. You need to be something Black. Jack, Jill, Hansel and Gretel…. Those are white. Figure it out and I’ll give you some candy.” Well!
The children went home and thought about it. Then they went back to the white lady’s house, got in the bushed and took off ALL their clothes. They stood there
Buck naked and rand the doorbell for the last time. When the racist white lady answered the door she was shocked. She then asked, “Who are you?” The children answered, “Hershey bars. One with nuts and one without!”

Peace Y’all!

It’s that time of the year…. Halloween. I dress. If you consistently follow me, you already know that. When I was a child, I went to a school that had a tradition of having the students choose a character from history make a report, give a speech and wear a costume. My mother… being as militant as she could conceive, always dressed me for someone out of Black History, and made sure that the testimony I had was powerful and my costume was on point. No poor wretched looking broke down slave wenches for me. And she made sure I had a POWERFUL speech. There was an evening assembly to go along with the promenade and she made sure all the devils in attendance learned something. She also found folks with vans and bussed in a bunch of my friends and church people to the festivities. That school that had a total of maybe 20 Black people (and that included pre-school to 12th grade) would be inundated that night. I continue the tradition.

Meet Lt. Nyota Uhura from the USS Enterprise --- Original series. Uhura means ‘Freedom.’ Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Knowledge abbt Culture/Freedom. I chose to be that embodiment of Today’s Supreme Mathematics….



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