Monday, May 31, 2010

She's Crazy.....

I love my mother. I really do. But I gotta accept that she is crazy and keep it moving.

I don't have that warm fuzzy relationship with my mother that other folks do. My realtionship with my mom is so off, when I see other people having great relationships with their mothers I think something is wrong with them! I'm not placing all the blame at her feet (although.... who's fault could it be?) I suppose I could have been a better daughter. But I'm thinking that she, a trained educator, should have had the skills to deal with it.

Anyway... My mother is crazy. And I have to find a way to deal with it and not lose my mind and myself in the process.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Philosophy

I meditate most mornings. My meditation includes physical activity and 120. While focusing on the degrees a blog idea came to the forefront of my thoughts. That's usually how it works. The idea was to do some housekeeping and set some ground rules for this blog.

I blog a lot. I have 7 blogs out in the blogosphere. I have 4 right here. I have had this particula series of blogs for 2 years. I have never needed to formally post any ground rules. I believe that people have an innate sense of propriety. But that innate unconscious sense can be manipulated because it is unconscious.

I'm only posting this philosophy on this blog because this is the parent blog to all the blogs in blogspot.

So here goes....
I. This is my blog. That means this blog is attached to Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth's email address and password. Therefore I will make the determination of content in any of my bogs.

II. I will not debate people in the comment section of my blog. Everyone is welcome to comment. But If I find the content of your comments inflammatory or incendiary, I will delete it. You know why? Refer to I. If you want to discus anything I have said in debate form, email me. You can hit me at facebook. I have not blocked my page there and you don't have to friend me to leave a message. Same with myspace. Like I said a lot of people already know and do this, but it bares repeating.

III. This is the most important rule.... Pay very close attention.... If you don't like my blog.... it's content, it's layout, music, anything.... Then don't read it!

I blog because it's cathartic. I don't blog to make friends and be popular. I have friends and I'm beyond needing the validation of popularity.

It's a shame it has to come to this. It's Leviticus all over again.


Monday, May 17, 2010

I Wonder.....

There are some Somalians who work the parking deck at my job. My mother told me that it doesn't cost a thing to speak to people and that there are no invisible people in this world and I ought to be cordial to everyone.

Every morning I pass like maybe 5 of them standing outside. I used to speak to them. I say 'used' to because I no longer speak to them because they never spoke back. They don't smile they don't even move out of the way. I have hit a few of them before because they will stand in the walkway in bulk and no move when they see me coming. I ain't stepping in the street because they won't move. But I have witnessed them move for men, black and white.

Did you wonder how I knew they were Somalian? There is a woman who works in the parking booth who told me that they were Somalian. When I speak to her, she speaks back. She told me their ethnicity. She also told me to not be too concerned about their rudeness its just how they are. How they are? They aren't used to the way women exist in this country. And they weren't socialized to interact with women. So how can they be valet parkers? They interact with women all day long.

But the big question for me is..... I wonder what women in other countries think of themselves when their men don't think highly of Women?


Monday, May 3, 2010

True and Living Earth

Peace Y'all,

You know, it has come to my attention that I am not a "traditional" or "conventional" Earth. Hmmmm.... Who knew?

Why do I say this? Because it's true. And I have noticed that I get a high level of suspicion for other righteous people. And I have always wondered why it is like that. Some friends cleared it up for me this weekend. Notice I said friends and not righteous people.

There are loads of people who have accurate information regarding our culture who aren't necessarily a part of our culture. Living in Georgia for so long I had forgotten that. I'm originally from NJ and I knew about this culture before I added on. Most of my NJ friends don't need the orientation I give GA people when I speak with them. All of them know G's and E's. A few of them were once G's and E's. I found out that my own brother flirted with this nation 20 years ago. These people can offer a unique perspective on this Culture since they are half in, half out, if you can recognize the best part. So here Goes...

I have no children. I know babies are the greatest. But I don't have any. Some would argue that I am not a true Earth without them. I would disagree. I'm not getting into why I don't have children. I have alluded to it in previous blogs. But I am not going to allow that fact keep me from professing and living out my "Earthdom". Just because someone has children does not mean that they are not savages.

A lot of Earth behaviours, I had before I began adding on with this Nation. I swore off meat 10 years ago. I stopped perming my hair around the same time. I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago. I had already read many of T.H.E.M.'s books, along with several conscious books that G's and E's advocate. I was already "conscious" and had been so for a minute. My parents were relatively conscious for being born when they were. My mother was a librarian and brought me any book that I asked her to bring. And when I gave it back to her, I had to demonstrate my comprehension of said books or I'd have to read them again. She would bring me books that she thought I should read with the same rules applied to it. I didn't need this Nation to prompt me to do the Knowledge on myself and original people.

I have a square job. For real. Not a hustle, not off the grid. I am a tax payer with no police record. I have 2 educational degrees. I'm even in a sorority and my parents were/are masons. I'd say I'm a productive member of society. I follow the rules and I vote at every election. All BEFORE I began to add on productively with this Nation.

I make a lot of my own clothes. And I always have. My sewing machine is 26 years old. The clothes I choose to make are not African inspired clothing. They are actually modest versions of everyday clothing. I love Vogue magazine and rely on it for inspiration. Apparently that's un-Earth-like. Folks praise Earths that rock heavy print and Marge Simpson sized headwraps. That's not always me. I like to look good yet ordinary. I tell people who have known me for years that I don't wear pants, at first they seem surprised then they think about it and go. "You sure don't wear pants, do you!" Now am I blending in on purpose? I suppose. I wear the clothes I like, and it just so happens that what I like is Ordinary. So what?

Do I feel like I need to be like the other Earths I come in contact with? Emphatically No! I have worked years to become comfortable with who I am and how I do. I ain't about to let other folks ruin that for me. Especially when I am suspicious about their motivation. This ain't a religion. We don't have to all look alike. But more and more I see that people want us to conform to images and roles that have been traditional in the history of this Nation.

I'm not about to do that!

The issue is this... Why is there only one way to be an Earth? It's the old argument of there is more than one way to be Black. I grow tired of hearing our people say, "Black people don't do that!" What they are really saying is I don't do things that way, nor do I know people who do things that way. Do you know all Black people? I feel like Original people, especially in this country, limit themselves too much. We place ourselves in narrowly prescribed boxes so we can quickly and easily point the finger at folks. Telling them wheter their behavior is right or wrong. That is wrong! Folks get to be themselves and there is nothing wrong with pushing outside the grid.

I'm not a true and living Earth? Show and prove, dammit!